Chapter 1096: Begging for Mercy is also Useless

As of this moment, Houselord God Bastard, Mu Renwang, Su Xin and Huangfu Genesis felt their hearts sinking in their chests. All of them realized that they had completely fallen for Yang Qi’s ruse, and there was little hope of them getting out of the situation alive.

If nothing else, Doom from the Primeval Age with his God Legion Seal was enough to strike terror in their hearts. It was bad enough for one bearer of the seal to exist in any particular age; it was a given that a person like that would have an invincible cultivation base and be impossible to fight.

But here they were facing two people with God Legion Seals; just what level of power would they be capable of unleashing? No one knew.

What they did know was that, with a single God Legion Seal, Proud Heaven had shaken the Ancient Road to the Gods to the point where no one had been able to fully defeat him.

In an ice-cold voice, Doom said, “Houselord God Bastard, Mu Renwang, Su Xin, Huangfu Genesis, do you people really think that Yang Qi and I won’t be able to kill you?”

With the help Yang Qi had recently provided, Doom’s cultivation base had grown significantly stronger. And of course, Yang Qi had benefited as well.

Although this was currently a standoff of four against four, it was obvious that Yang Qi’s side had an advantage.

“I concede that you have the upper hand,” said Houselord God Bastard. “Bearers of the God Legion Seal are incredible. However, don’t forget that” —his eyes glimmered with sinister light— “the two of you are fundamentally enemies! Don’t you understand that? In the end, there can only be one person with the full God Legion Seal. Why don’t you work with us to kill Yang Qi? Then you can have his God Legion Seal! With it, you would be the ultimate force under heaven, able to dominate the ancient road. And we could be your subordinates....”

“Yes. Yes! That's right!” Su Xin said. “Compared to the possibility of getting another God Legion Seal, what do we matter? We’re nothing! Nobodies! Sir, if you get the God Legion Seal, I’ll even agree to be your woman! I’ll wait on you hand and foot. Mu Renwang won’t care!”

Obviously, she had taken note of what Doom had said moments ago about taking her as his woman.

“I’ll be a servant too!” Huangfu Genesis said. “With us on your side, it’ll be easy to take down Yang Qi!”

They had already offended Yang Qi past the point where they could possibly be forgiven, so right now, sowing dissent seemed like their best option.

All of a sudden, Proud World burst out laughing. “You people really are idiots. Yang Qi and Doom are both men with outstanding abilities, and grand vision. Do you really think they would be affected by slippery words from nobodies like you? Fools!”

“Sire, are you from the future world?” Su Xin asked. “Don't you know that Yang Qi specializes in killing people from the future? If you follow him, you’ll end up dead sooner or later. He's a contemptible, treacherous bastard! He's killing us today, how do you know he won’t kill you tomorrow? Think about it!”

Yang Qi suddenly laughed involuntarily. “With death at hand, you really have sharp tongues.” He looked at Doom. “Brother Doom, they’re obviously trying to drive a wedge between us. What do you think we should do?”

“Simple,” Doom said. “Kill them.”

His cold tone showed that he wasn't feeling the slightest hesitation at all. In fact, he began thrumming with an explosive killing intent, a golden light so powerful that it spread out and dissipated the rancorous energy of the Cursed Bastard Mountain.

Houselord God Bastard’s face fell. “Your energy arts... they’re so strong! How could you be so powerful?” He had previously assumed that the ancient aura of sin and enmity inherent in Cursed Bastard Mountain would actually protect him. After all, it originated in the god world. Yet a bit of golden light shining from Doom was enough to absolutely destroy that aura.

In fact, everyone the light touched felt like they were on fire, and might melt into liquid at any moment.

Every beam of light was like a needle stabbing into them, making it obvious that Doom’s cultivation base was vastly superior to theirs.

Considering that Doom alone was this strong, what would it be like dealing with him along with Yang Qi, the Shepherd, and Proud World?

They would be invincible.

“Spare us, Yang Qi!” Houselord God Bastard begged. “Don’t kill us. We really understand the error of our ways. We won’t ever betray you again. The four of us are all top experts! It's not easy to reach this level of cultivation. After all the years we spent on the Ancient Road to the Gods, you can’t just let us die for nothing. As long as you spare us, we’ll do anything you ask!”

“That’s right, Yang Qi!” Su Xin said. “We followed you faithfully for ten years! Don’t tell me that doesn't count for anything? Besides, you needed our help to assimilate those godpower seeds. That’s the only way you became an Inheritor!”

Yang Qi snorted coldly. “You’re going to die today, no matter what. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d mastered my Purrfect God Art, you would’ve killed me long ago. Begging and pleading won't do you any good. You’re going to become puppets today, and nothing will change that.”

Any scrap of hope that had remained in the hearts of Houselord God Bastard and the others was now gone.

Begging for mercy wouldn't help them.

Sowing dissent wasn’t an option.

The only thing left was to die.

“Fine,” Houselord God Bastard said. “There are four of you and four of us. I refuse to believe you’re that strong. Either the fish dies, or the net splits. Maybe you’ll kill us, but we’ll at least take two or three of you into death with us!”

“Very arrogant!” said Doom, thrusting his hand out to summon a golden whip that resembled a dragon emerging from the sea, or the twisting trunk of a mammoth. He cracked the whip, and golden light shone out, further suppressing any aura of sin and enmity from Cursed Bastard Mountain.

The mountain had numerous warding magics in it, and their combined power was formidable. Sadly, in the face of an indestructible whip like this that was powered by the God Legion Seal, they immediately shattered.

And the mountain shook so violently that Houselord God Bastard, Mu Renwang, Su Xin, and Huangfu Genesis all flew off of it involuntarily.


Never could any of those four have possibly guessed that Doom’s abilities would be this powerful.

“Everybody pick someone to fight!” Doom said. “Let’s see which of us can be the first to come out victorious. Mammoth King’s God Whip!

Without hesitation, he sent his whip snaking toward Su Xin.

As for Yang Qi, he headed toward Huangfu Genesis, hoping to get his hands on the Book of Genesis. With his left hand, he drew on the powers of his Unspoiled Body, and with his right hand, he used the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

“Don’t hold anything back!” Huangfu Genesis shouted, and he began glowing with a dazzling preheaven godlight that could pierce through anything and everything. Then he shot forward to start fighting Yang Qi.

“You think you have what it takes to fight me single-handedly?” Laughing, Yang Qi threw out a punch that slammed into Huangfu Genesis and forced him to cough up several mouthfuls of blood. Huangfu Genesis drew on some sort of movement technique to begin stepping back and forth, with every footfall conforming to a position within the eight trigrams. Then he threw out a fist strike that summoned an enormous eight trigrams image.

The wails of ghosts and gods filled the air as Yang Qi launched another vicious attack in response. He held nothing back, attacking with the ultimate level of domineering strength and cruelty, causing the light of the Book of Genesis to shatter. With one blow, Yang Qi totally demolished Huangfu Genesis’ defensive empyrean energy.

“Genesis Godfist!” Huangfu Genesis shouted, unleashing millions upon millions of fist strikes, all of them strong enough to topple mountains and drain seas. Then, he spun as if to flee.

Sadly for him, Yang Qi’s Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was now a combination of the versions from the Future Age, the Primeval Age, and the Immortal Dao Age.

There was simply no way anyone could possibly evade his strikes.

When the Genesis Godfist hit Yang Qi’s attack, Huangfu Genesis felt like his nascent divinity and sea of consciousness were being crushed by a mountain. Blood sprayed out of his mouth and he suffered instant internal injuries.

“Dirty little swine! How could you be so strong! I should have killed you the moment I met you! But I bet you have no idea there’s still one more move I have that can save me. I have three hundred and sixty pieces of godhood to power the Book of Genesis! That will be like unleashing the power of a Lesser God, and it’ll definitely be enough for me to escape. Nobody can kill Huangfu Genesis! None of the top experts from the Executors of the Ancient Road could ever kill me, much less you. I'm leaving, and when I come back, I’ll definitely get my revenge. You just wait!”

With that, Huangfu Genesis unleashed his ultimate move.

Burning all of the pieces of godhood, he summoned an ancient tome, whose cover had text written in blood, each character containing an entire world.

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