Chapter 1095: Cleaning House

“That’s Yang Qi’s voice!”

“He’s somehow gotten into a big fight with the Shepherd, and now he wants our help! He wants to puppetize the Shepherd!”

“Heaven is really helping us! This Yang Qi isn’t gonna be alive for much longer! We just swore a blood oath to kill him, and then he delivers himself up right to us! It’s like someone handing you a pillow just when you’re about to take a nap. If we don’t kill him right now, how can we get our revenge? First, we’ll take care of the Shepherd, then we’ll take down Yang Qi!”

“Right! First the Shepherd, then Yang Qi. There’s no way Yang Qi can escape this time. He really got unlucky to run into the Shepherd! How can he possibly beat an opponent like that?  There’s no way! What a better way to take care of Yang Qi than to use the help of the Shepherd?”

“The Fiend Devil League has a lot of experts now, and considering the level of the Shepherd’s cultivation base, he won’t be easy to deal with. And didn’t Yang Qi say that the Shepherd has some mysterious expert on his side? It's two against one. That’s fine though. Worst case scenario, we might have to join the Shepherd and his ally to kill Yang Qi.”

“Let’s go. When we arrive, we can initially just wait off to the side and see how things play out. Maybe we can learn a thing or two about Yang Qi’s techniques.”

The four experts were visibly delighted by the fact that they already had an opportunity to take down Yang Qi.

“Go! I’ll bring Cursed Bastard Mountain with us!”

The immense mountain emitted intense rumbling sounds as it flew out of the spell formation and went with the four experts as they flew toward the area where Yang Qi was fighting.

As they headed deeper into the Great Necropolis, they saw immortal worlds with ranks of two thousand, then eventually three thousand.

In fact, there were three such three thousandth ranked immortal words, grouped into a formation that resembled the character 品. The formation caused rippling power distortions that kept Yang Qi trapped in the middle of them. At the same time, Yang Qi was facing two people, one of them the Shepherd, the other a mysterious man. The two of them were battering him with numerous attacks that left him trembling weakly.

When the Shepherd saw the four newcomers, backed by the Cursed Bastard Mountain, he said, “Are you Houselord God Bastard? Don’t tell me you’re here to save this brat? It wasn't easy to use the Three Worlds, Three Thousand Great Daos technique to trap this kid and make sure he can’t flee to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. The punk stole my piece of the Mahātmā Jade, so don’t even think of trying to help him!”

“It doesn’t matter what you say,” Houselord God Bastard said, “he’s still our league-lord. Why not have your Fiend-Devil League team up with the Sage Monarch League to fight the Executors of the Ancient Road? The knot of enmity should be untied, not tightened, right?”

Although Houselord God Bastard spoke words of conciliation, he didn’t actually make any moves to help Yang Qi.

When the Shepherd saw that, he burst into hearty laughter. “I know full well that your House of God Bastards has been put on a short leash by this brat. He stole the position of league-lord and has been lording it over the four of you, forcing you to suffer in silence. We already have him locked down, so why don’t the four of you simply help us kill him, right here and now?”

“Hurry up and help me, Houselord God Bastard!” Yang Qi shouted. “Just kill the Shepherd, and I can escape this trap. We can wipe out the Fiend-Devil League and take their resources. And as the league-lord, I can even turn the Shepherd into a puppet. With that added strength, I can definitely take control of the Great Necropolis and reach the god world!”

Houselord God Bastard gave a cold harrumph. Furious that Yang Qi was still referring to himself as the league-lord, he said, “The league-lord should be a mighty and impressive individual. We’ll just wait off to the side and watch you take care of the Shepherd. You see, we still haven’t recovered from blessing you as the league-lord. Forgive us, League-Lord, but we really aren’t in the position to get in a big fight with the Shepherd.”

“You!” Yang Qi shouted angrily. “I can’t believe you’re disobeying my orders. I'm the league-lord! You're part of the Sage Monarch League! Fine. Just wait until I'm out of this situation, I’ll slaughter all of you and destroy your organizations!”

The Shepherd burst into another round of laughter. “Did you hear that? Did you? Once he gets out, he’s going to kill all of you!”

“I can’t believe that, as the league-lord, you actually want to kill us!” shouted Houselord God Bastard angrily. “You can’t blame us for this, Yang Qi. Alright Shepherd, we’ll help you kill him!”

“I knew that's what you would do,” the Shepherd said. “I’ve long since known that you wanted to kill Yang Qi. I would’ve made contact with you before, but you’ve been under his watch for the past ten years. Hurry up and make your move. Get inside the spell formation and launch your attacks!”

“Hold on, Shepherd,” said Huangfu Genesis. “Joining forces to kill this brat won’t be that easy. What happens if we get hurt while trying to kill him? Then you could swoop in and kill us. There’s no way we’ll just throw ourselves into a trap.”

“Simple. I’ll just explain how our spell formation works.” The Shepherd quickly sent a stream of will into Cursed Bastard Mountain, imparting all of the information about the spell formation. “With only the two of us controlling the three immortal worlds, we weren’t able to actually kill Yang Qi. The slightest slip-up and he would’ve fled to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.”


Yang Qi suddenly began to cackle madly within the formation. “You think you can trap me? I'm the league-lord! I know all kinds of profound mysteries. When I break free, I'm going to slaughter every one of you! Cut you down! How dare you betray me, Houselord God Bastard! I’ll give you one chance here to do the right thing. If you don't, I'm going to wipe out your sect down to the chickens and dogs!”

“Damn you!” Houselord God Bastard growled. “I'm going to kill you, Yang Qi! Go ahead and show us what you can do to us. Once we kill you, we’re going to exterminate your sect!”

“Dammit. Be broken!” Yang Qi unleashed a fist strike that could destroy the heavens and crush the earth, and turn everything into nothing but powder! The spell formation trembled, and the Shepherd’s face fell. “Not good! Hurry up and attack. Use the third immortal world, the one with no one controlling it! Send your power into it according to the spell formation chart I just gave you. If you don’t hurry, he’s going to escape. I never would’ve guessed that Yang Qi was this strong!”

The four experts were suddenly struck with a sense of extreme urgency. They knew that if Yang Qi got out into the open, they would be in big trouble. Therefore, it was without hesitation that they joined forces and shot toward the third immortal world.

However, the instant they were inside, intense rumbling sounds could be heard as all three immortal worlds began changing position and a new spell formation popped up, trapping them inside.

Even the Cursed Bastard Mountain was locked in place.

“This is bad! He tricked us!” Houselord God Bastard and the others immediately realized what was happening. “We have to break free. Hold nothing back! What exactly is the Shepherd trying to pull here?”

Even as the words left his mouth, he drew on the powers of the Cursed Bastard Mountain, trying to break free. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain, as the mountain was stuck in place as surely as if it were sinking into a bog.

“What the hell are you doing, Shepherd!?” Houselord God Bastard shouted. “Don’t tell me you think you’re trying to destroy the Sage Monarch League? I have to admit, you’re very daring to try to trap both Yang Qi and us.”

The Shepherd burst out laughing again. As he did, Yang Qi, Doom, and Proud World all appeared next to him. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have no desire to destroy your Sage Monarch League. In fact, I’ve already reached an agreement with you people. I'm helping League-Lord Yang Qi to clean house a bit and get rid of the traitors. I honestly can’t believe you people would betray your league-lord in open rebellion. The Fiend-Devil League, the Great Necropolis Alliance, and the future world are now working together with Yang Qi.”

Stepping forward, Doom said, “I am the bearer of the God Legion Seal from the Primeval Age. My name is a single word: Doom. As in Doomsday.” When he spoke, he smiled, yet everyone could sense the profound coldness in his voice. “I've seen the four of you before on the Ancient Road to the Gods. You’re very famous. Sadly, you decided to betray your league-lord, which means that the only thing left for you to do now is die.”

Also smiling, Proud World introduced himself. “I am your humble servant Proud World, mid Terrifying expert. I cultivate the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, imparted to me by Proud Heaven himself. I've also chosen to help League-Lord Yang Qi clean house and make the Sage Monarch League stronger than ever. Scum like you needs to be expunged, otherwise, how could the alliance face the Executors of the Ancient Road?”

When Houselord God Bastard saw Yang Qi standing there, his expression turned extremely unsightly. “So that's what’s going on. This was all a ruse; a trap to lure us in!”

“No!” Su Xin cried.

“Yang Qi,” Mu Renwang said, “I can’t believe you would be so treacherous. Don’t tell me you really want to kill us all! We’re all members of the Sage Monarch League! Do you really think you can kill us all and hide the truth from the alliance?”

“Yes, I will hide the truth,” Yang Qi said, clasping his hands behind his back. “From what I can tell, you lot actually swore a blood oath to work together against me. Am I right? Did you think I wouldn’t know? If I didn’t get rid of you people, if I let you just continue to grow more powerful, you would eventually bring the Sage Monarch League to ruin.”

“No!” Su Xin said. “We wouldn’t do anything to hurt the Sage Monarch League. From here on out we’ll be even more loyal to you than ever, Yang Qi. If you kill us, you won’t be able to run the Sage Monarch League. Besides, the four of you together aren't strong enough to actually kill us. We’ll fight back with everything we have, and probably take some of you with us. Shepherd, don’t tell me you’re really going to risk your life for Yang Qi?”

“How impudent!” Doom said. “You think you qualify to talk about fighting to the death with us, Su Xin? You think you’ll ‘take some of us with you’? I command the God Legion Seal! Can you people really handle something like that? Yang Qi, I want this woman for my own. She’s mine. I'm going to puppetize her and show her what true humiliation is!”

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