Chapter 1087: One Stroke

Yang Qi knew that Mu Renwang and Su Xin were profoundly sinister and vicious, and wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of any situation to their benefit. And that included killing him. Reaching a true compromise with them wasn’t an option; therefore, the best option seemed to be to turn the Mahātmā Jade on them.

In the blink of an eye, over a dozen of their subordinates were killed.

The entire group was made up of people very close to being Terrifying experts, with psychic scales over ninety. Mu Renwang and Su Xin had expended countless resources over hundreds of millions of years to groom this group of people and have them fully under their control. Although they would instantly sacrifice themselves to protect Mu Renwang and Su Xin, it could only be imagined what an immense loss it would be considered to have just one of them die, let alone more than a dozen in the same moment.

Yang Qi didn’t seem anywhere near the point of being ready to stop. More and more people from the three sects were dying, despite the fact that they seemed to be struggling to stop the blessing process.

As the Mahātmā Jade absorbed their souls, it was impossible for them to even rise to their feet, let alone flee.

“How dare you betray us, Yang Qi!” Mu Renwang shouted in rage.

“Betray you? When did I do that?” Yang Qi chuckled. “I'm in charge now, which means that your lives are in my hands. You’ll do as I say, no matter what. And right now, I'm going to assimilate you to establish my authority.”

“You might as well quit dreaming!”

Filled with fury, the imperial couple attacked, joined by Houselord God Bastard and Huangfu Genesis. They hated Yang Qi so much that all the water in the rivers of heaven couldn’t wash it away. He was wiping out their people, and it had already put them at the point of wanting to exterminate his people down to the ninth generation.

The four of them simultaneously attacked, burning their life force power and quintessence-blood in a way that sent burning flames out to fill the area.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi shivered as he unexpectedly realized that the Mahātmā Jade was about to break loose of certain constraints. After all, these people were all roughly on the same level as the Shepherd, and all of them had spectacular energy arts to utilize.

Without hesitation, Yang Qi summoned the God Legion Seal into himself. As he did, the Mahātmā Jade tried to grab ahold of the seal. However, the two items were roughly on the same level, so there was no way that would happen easily.

The two of them quickly began fighting each other.

In turn, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering transformations occurred outside.


To the shock of the onlookers, numerous experts on the fighting platform were deeply shaken. As for the four mid Terrifying experts, all of them coughed up mouthfuls of blood, clearly having sustained serious injuries. Meanwhile, Yang Qi slowly rose to his feet and apparently began unleashing some sort of energy art.

In the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, the Mahātmā Jade and the God Legion Seal were struggling, and at the same time, the quintessence of the godpower seed of the Great Necropolis appeared. Yang Qi thrust his hand out, sending the true energy of his Unspoiled Body into the Mahātmā Jade.

The power going into the Mahātmā Jade instantly increased by tenfold until, finally, it stopped trying to absorb the God Legion Seal. Instead, it rejected it, even sending an immense outflux of power rushing outward.

“It finally worked!” Yang Qi exclaimed. Clasping the immortal-slaying clone on the shoulder, he said, “Our blood is the same. You’re my clone, so let’s work together to absorb the backlash from the Mahātmā Jade. We’re really going to benefit this time. The jade absorbed the energy of those four experts, plus more than a hundred people with psychic scales of over ninety. That’s nothing to take lightly. If we absorb it, our psychic scales will probably surpass a hundred! Maybe even two hundred! What will that even be like?”

This had been Yang Qi’s plan all along. Ever since he had gained enlightenment of the Purrfect God Art, his abilities had all reached profoundly higher levels. And considering that he was fully aware of how the so-called ‘blessing’ from the other sects was merely a way to turn him into a puppet, he had decided to use them to help unlock the secrets of the Mahātmā Jade.

Without their power to feed into the jade, how could he receive benefits from it?

Normally speaking, because they didn’t cultivate Unspoiled Bodies, there shouldn’t have been any way for the Mahātmā Jade to absorb their energy. But because they were pouring power into Yang Qi, he could use his Wheel of Fate to fool the Mahātmā Jade into thinking that the power came from him.

It only took a short moment for him to suck a third of the power out of the four mid Terrifying experts.

And that wasn’t to mention the well over one hundred experts with psychic scales over ninety. Regardless of whether it was their energy arts, magical treasures, quintessence-blood, vital energy, psychic power, or souls, it was almost impossible to imagine how much power it involved. It simply defied imagination.

Now that Yang Qi had a greater understanding of the God Legion Seal and the quintessence of the Great Necropolis, he could use those two immense powers to force the Mahātmā Jade to finally begin spitting power back out. Thankfully, he had his immortal-slaying clone here to help share the load.

Almost immediately, Yang Qi could tell that the clone was on the verge of breaking through to the mid Terrifying level and quickly stabilized his soul in preparation, even consolidating his karma.


As expected, Yang Qi and his clone sensed that within the eruption of psychic power, there was a godpower seed that the Mahātmā Jade had previously absorbed. Now, it shot out into Yang Qi, completely cleansed and as pure as crystal. It had no sin or enmity, and looked exactly as it did when it had first emerged from the Great Necropolis.

Yang Qi immediately devoured it, pushing himself all the way to a psychic scale of one hundred. Cracking sounds rang out inside him, like magical laws breaking. Unfortunately, he still wasn’t in the mid Terrifying level.

Just as he had guessed, not even pushing his psychic scale to one hundred was enough to achieve his breakthrough. However, his clone was also undergoing heaven-shaking, earth-toppling transformations. His psychic scale went from eighty to ninety, and then, a hundred.

Heavenly tribulations arrived.

They were great tribulations of magical laws from the god world, and within them, godly figures trampled everything in their path. However, none of the tribulations had any effect. They were like dragons that slammed into the clone, bored into him, then were subsequently assimilated, and the karma within them expelled.

The clone was feeling very pleased with himself. The karmic power he was building up would be of much use when it came time to resurrect King Immortal-Slayer himself.

By now, the clone’s soul was shockingly pure.

Psychic flames raged, destroying all impurities and pushing his psychic scale higher and higher, until it reached the point of one hundred fifty. Only then did it cease its climb.

At the same time, Yang Qi’s psychic scale also reached a hundred fifty.

The main difference between the two was that the clone was now in the mid Terrifying level, whereas his true self was not. Of course, in terms of strength and energy arts, he now had absolutely nothing to be terrified about when facing Terrifying experts.

In fact, Yang Qi was fairly certain that if he and the clone worked together, they could probably kill the Shepherd.

As for Houselord God Bastard, the imperial couple, and Huangfu Genesis, they would be easy to take care of.

As Yang Qi stood on the fighting platform, he threw his head back and laughed uproariously. Everyone could sense what was clearly the aura of the mid Terrifying level emanating from the vortex that spun around him. However, the vortex soon winked out, taking that mid Terrifying aura with it.

Everyone assumed that he had achieved his breakthrough, but was hiding his true strength. It wasn’t a rare thing for people to dress up as a pig to kill and eat a tiger.

Thanks to the aura roiling around him, everyone was convinced that he definitely deserved to be the league-lord. After all, he had just thrashed the three major sects, even killing many of their top experts.

It was a major shift in attitude, and as all the heroes present acknowledged him, destiny flowed to him like raging fire. Yang Qi was very pleased with his gains, and was confident that if he encountered Proud Heaven now, he could at least fight him fairly.

“Yang Qi, you scoundrel!” Su Xin cursed. “You killed so many of our people! Betrayal and treachery like this will ensure that you meet a grisly end eventually!”

“Hmph! Betrayal and treachery? You tried to use the pretext of a blessing to take control of me. Sadly, you got a taste of your own medicine. Now I'm the league-lord, and you’re nothing but chief elders who have no choice but to obey my commands. No doubt you can see that my cultivation base has surpassed yours, yet you’re still being disrespectful? Don’t force me to execute you!”

Houselord God Bastard and Huangfu Genesis both looked on with flickering expressions. Although it might not be impossible for them to kill Yang Qi, they knew he was a vicious and merciless person that wouldn’t show any kindness to people who acted against him.

Furthermore, if they got seriously injured and ran, it would be much easier to fall victim to the Executors of the Ancient Road.

Clasping hands and formally bowing at the waist, Houselord God Bastard said, “I, Houselord God Bastard, bow in salute to you, League-Lord. You’re a rare genius in heaven, and with your grand magics, you can bring security and manifold blessings. I hope you can forget about any times I offended you in the past. I'm more than happy to be one of your subordinates, and will follow your every order.”

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