Chapter 1082: Beaten to Death

Yang Qi landed blow after blow, causing blood to spray from Bastard Seacliff’s mouth.

He, the junior houselord of the magnificent House of God Bastards, was completely powerless when dealing with Yang Qi. When Yang Qi truly went all out, he was definitely on the same level as a mid Terrifying expert.

However, at a certain point, Bastard Seacliff’s boundlessly vicious nature took over. After all, he was the son of a god, and his energy was steeped in enmity and sin. [1]

As that energy began to surge, Bastard Seacliff said, “You’re forcing my hand, Yang Qi. I won’t let you off the hook for this. In my efforts to become part of the legion of gods, I sealed the energy of enmity and sin within me. I'd hoped to negate my god bastard aura and my destiny of misfortune. But now I'm going to unseal that energy and use it to destroy you! In a moment, you’re going to see that I'm strong enough to destroy anything that gets in my path!”


All of a sudden, Bastard Seacliff was thrumming with destructive power the likes of which he had never revealed before, the kind that could destroy everyone in the world....

Suddenly, his clothing was ripped to shreds, revealing a complex sealing mark on his chest that seemed to be composed of numerous images of skulls, gathered together like a cloud of flies. The sealing mark wriggled, seemingly in concert with the beating of his heart, and a boundless energy of enmity and sin suddenly began thrumming within him.

Thump thump. Thump thump.

The skulls exploded, and the energy shot out. At the same time, something like a pillar appeared behind him, filled with countless ghosts and vengeful souls, making it seem like all of the sins from the god world were collected together in Bastard Seacliff.

It was the true aura of a god bastard.

The gods were so incredibly powerful that heaven and earth didn’t approve of them. Because of that, their children would often be cursed by the god world upon birth, and would thus find it impossible to become gods themselves. They were plagued by the misfortunes of the god world and cast down to the Ancient Road to the Gods, where they became outcasts. As a result, the god bastards hated heaven, earth, gods, and men, and sought to bring about the destruction of everything in existence.

Once their true power was unleashed, it would bring about destruction the likes of which the Executors of the Ancient Road couldn’t match up to.

Yet, many god bastards eventually came to the realization that their hatred was of little use. Therefore, they would use powerful methods to seal the energy of sin and enmity from the god world, allowing themselves to enter a state of nominal peacefulness. Although that act would lower their cultivation base, it also meant that they could theoretically reach godly ascension eventually. This was one of the big secrets of the god bastards.

In fact, that was one of the reasons that Bastard Seacliff always acted so cynical.

In the end, though, the god bastards still had that energy of sin and enmity hidden deep within them.

At this moment in which Yang Qi was beating him back with every blow, Bastard Seacliff finally decided to unseal that energy within him and draw upon his true strength. He was becoming so strong that not even mid Terrifying experts would be anything for him to worry about.


As the energy of sin and enmity rumbled out, the fighting platform trembled and all the onlookers’ faces flickered with shock. Many of them worried that the energy would seep out and harm them, but thankfully, Yang Qi was able to prevent that from happening.

“Do you know how many unforgivable sins you’ve committed, Yang Qi?” Bastard Seacliff said. As of this moment, he didn't look cynical at all. Instead, he was like a devil king whose every step caused the energy of hell to roil out. Obviously, he was the kind of person who wouldn’t show any mercy at all. “Prepare to die, Yang Qi. Get ready to face the first stance of my Godfist of Sin and Enmity: Myriad Ancient Injustices!


His hand shot forth, pitch black and surrounded by innumerable vengeful souls, all of them pulsing with the enmity and sin of the god world. As he attacked, heaven and earth filled with grief and indignation, closing in with such deadly force that Yang Qi immediately sensed himself coming under immense pressure.

“You think the sin and enmity of the god world can do anything to my energy arts?” Laughing, Yang Qi flew forward, throwing out both of his hands and summoning an enormous sphere that was none other than a bubble from the Purrfect God Art. Instantly, the sin and enmity was sucked inside, along with Bastard Seacliff himself. This was a combination of the divine abilities of the Great Necropolis and the Purrfect God Art!

Stone-like streams of energy flowed out of Yang Qi. The bubble was the Great Necropolis, and the Great Necropolis was the bubble!

Purr. Purr....

Off to the side, the purrling bore a surprised and confused expression as it watched Yang Qi’s performance. Apparently, it didn’t understand how its own consummate technique could possibly be used by someone else. Furthermore, it had been combined with elements of the Great Necropolis. No one really knew what the Great Necropolis was, but one thing was certain: it surpassed the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and was either on the same level as the God Legion Seal, or even beyond it.

It looked as though the Great Necropolis itself had surrounded Bastard Seacliff, completely suppressing his energy of sin and enmity. Then, even as Bastard Seacliff unleashed his most vicious and brutal reserves, Yang Qi flew into the bubble with him.


The two of them began to fight, and while at first they seemed evenly matched, the bubble that was the Great Necropolis soon began spinning, negating the energy of sin and enmity.

“Godfist of Sin and Enmity, second stance. Plagued by Misfortune!

As Bastard Seacliff howled, it almost looked like hosts of immortal worlds were falling around him and shattering from the force of his voice.

More energy of sin and enmity erupted, turning into a dragon that shot toward Yang Qi and swirled around him.

However, Yang Qi seemed like a god from heaven that had descended to the mortal world. Punching out, he shattered the dragon and destroyed the energy that made it up.

Then he unleashed a palm attack. “Hand of the One God!

The blow slammed into Bastard Seacliff, who by this point wanted to flee, but was completely trapped by the Great Necropolis bubble. Every time he tried to fight back, Yang Qi would just hit him again. The combination of the Hand of the One God and Unspoiled Body gave birth to a fire the likes of which had never existed before, a fire that could immolate gods and destroy devils. Everyone looking at it knew that they wouldn’t possibly be able to stand up to it.

Feeling trapped, Bastard Seacliff tried to unleash all the potential of his Godfist of Sin and Enmity. After all, the Great Necropolis was a burial place for fallen gods, which meant that the energy of sin and enmity was rife there.

Purr, purr....

A hair-raising noise thrummed out of Yang Qi, provoking another look of surprise on the face of the purrling. In fact, its eyes seemed to be saying, “Don’t tell me this is my brother or something?”

Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack!

A host of bubbles shot out, slamming into Bastard Seacliff, and although he managed to use his Godfist of Sin and Enmity to smash them, he was obviously being rapidly drained of energy.

Dozens of bubbles hit him, and his energy of sin and enmity was already starting to dry up.


Yang Qi’s fist was like a god from primal-chaos, slamming into Bastard Seacliff's face. Before, Bastard Seacliff had looked like a condescending and cynical god, but now he looked like a devil.

“How dare you strike my face!” he shouted in furious disbelief. He lunged toward Yang Qi, but before he could do anything, was struck in the chest with a fist.

Devil-God Seal!” Yang Qi said, quickly sealing the energy of sin and enmity within him, returning him to his previous state.

At that moment, everything changed.


Yang Qi kicked Bastard Seacliff, sending him tumbling across the fighting platform with blood spraying out of his mouth. Then, Yang Qi punched him in the chest, causing the cracking sounds of breaking bones to ring out. Of course, people at this level of cultivation didn’t have actual bones, but rather magical laws. So the cracking sound was actually that of magical laws being broken.


The next sound that rang out caused many of the experts to rise to their feet as they realized that Yang Qi had damaged Bastard Seacliff’s essence, which would make it impossible for him to control true energy. Apparently, Yang Qi was planning on beating him to death!

“Stop! Stop hitting me!” Bastard Seacliff coughed up more blood. “Do you really want to be damned by myriad tribulations, Yang Qi? If you offend the House of God Bastards, not even being the league-lord will do you any good!”

“I don’t care. Prepare to be beaten to death!”

Then Yang Qi unleashed more punches.

1. In Chinese, the character I'm translating as “bastard” has multiple meanings, and when combined with another common character, creates the word for “enmity and sin”, which in Buddhist terms involves deeds from a previous lifetime.

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