Chapter 1068: Grabbing from a Distance

Yang Qi had been watching closely as the purrling pierced through space to grab the experts from the Royal Palace of Assassins.

He had been involved with the purrling from the very beginning. After all, he was the one who had helped Jadefall break open the porcelain godspore that contained it, a process that had gone on for years. Obviously, the purrling recognized his aura and treated him like a friend. In fact, the only person it was closer to was Jadefall herself. Because of that, Yang Qi was confident that the purrling wouldn’t hurt or kill him. If anything, it enjoyed playing with him. Furthermore, his connection with the purrling had made it possible for him to gain deep enlightenment of the Purrfect God Art.

He was a Fateless One, and had also acquired Eternal and Fortuned blood. And during his time in the Great Necropolis, he had gathered blood from others among the three thousand constitutions, which he had also refined and added to his own blood. As a result, his blood was becoming more and more like the Blood of the One God.

Because of all of that, he was turning into something unique, something superior to all other beings. Not even King Immortal-Slayer had done anything like that.

Throughout all the years, there had never been a Fateless One like Yang Qi.

Of course, at the moment, it wasn’t known what kind of blood Proud Heaven had, or the bearer of the God Legion Seal from the Primeval Age.

As the power of his blood was awakened, Yang Qi was also gaining enlightenment of the Great Necropolis godpower, and in fact, had become an Inheritor. With the added powers of the Purrfect God Art, it was impossible to say exactly how powerful he was, or would become.

That was especially true if he could pierce through space the way the purrling could.

Yang Qi once again sank into a trance of enlightenment as he sought to improve his Purrfect God Art. Obviously, if he could master that ability, it would be vastly superior to Buddha Goes to a Strange World, or other such divine abilities. With it, and the powers of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, it was entirely possible that he could get his hands on the box with the eighteen godpower seeds in it.

If he consumed those seeds, his cultivation base would definitely reach the Terrifying level, and his psychic scale would reach at least ninety-nine. At that point, his fighting prowess wouldn’t just be equal to that of Bastard Seacliff, he would probably surpass him to the point where he could fight two people like that.

Of course, advancing his Purrfect God Art would also give him access to more of the godpower of the Great Necropolis.

‘I really do need to thank this imperial couple,’ he thought. ‘Without them adding fuel to the fire, the Royal Palace of Assassins wouldn't have gotten involved, and the purrling wouldn’t have used that ability. But now that I know about it, I can seek enlightenment and hopefully reach a higher level.’

Although his true energy was seething in transformation, it wasn’t possible to see that just by looking at him. Mu Yexi looked at him thoughtfully, unsure of exactly what he was doing. That said, she didn't dare to interfere, and simply focused on her own cultivation.

Although her mysterious arts were powerful, if she fought Bastard Seacliff, she would have to struggle to end the fight in a draw.

Of course, she could tell that Yang Qi was working on something profound, but thanks to the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth she had no way to get any more information.

As Yang Qi worked with the Purrfect God Art, he eventually reached a state of emptiness in which he felt completely omnipotent, like a god that had surpassed the god world. At that moment, his cultivation base reached an even more profound and invincible level.

At the same time, bubbles appeared within him.

His mind was filled with such immense power that, before he realized what was happening, his psychic scale climbed by five points. He was now at a total of thirty-five, which in turn allowed him to gain more enlightenment of space-time and its complexities. Instantly, his Civilization Founding Grand Magic and imperial-heaven pre-beginning powers reached a new level.

Five points on the psychic scale was nothing to look down on; some people would never improve their psychic scale by that much in an entire lifetime.

Those who did might spend fifty billion years before succeeding, but Yang Qi did it in the blink of an eye. As he did, the godpower seeds he possessed began melting even faster, and the godpower of the necropolis fused more fully with his true energy, all without impurities or side-effects.

By now, he could inhale the godpower of the Great Necropolis as easily as an ordinary mortal could breathe in the spirit energy of heaven and earth.

He was now stronger than even the other ordinary Inheritors, the reason being that he was founding his own system instead of just inheriting another.

He went through several full cycles of the Purrfect God Art and found that both his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and Unspoiled Body were benefiting, just as yin and yang would interact.

The Great Necropolis godpower was turning out to be like the building block needed to construct the tower that was the Purrfect God Art.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi felt like the bubbles within him were reaching a state of initial completion. In fact, he realized he could use a bubble on the Heart-Linking Hex to completely destroy it if he wanted to.

He wouldn't, of course, considering that he could use that hex to spy on the imperial couple.

Mu Renwang and Su Xin were continuing their work with the eighteen godpower seeds, which had been almost completely cleansed of misfortune by this point, and were now thrumming with life.

When Yang Qi saw that, he began building up his psychic power.

His plans were now coming to fruition, and he was currently stronger than ever. It reminded him a lot of when he and Archmonk Dharma Treasury had stolen the Mahātmā Jade, except that he was now vastly stronger than before and didn’t need any outside help.

In the moment that he gained the enlightenment he needed from the Purrfect God Art, Yang Qi opened his eyes.

Sensing that something had happened, Mu Yexi looked over at him.

“What are you doing, Yang Qi!” she said in a tone of anger.

However, even as her words hung in the air, Yang Qi exhaled a bubble, which instantly surrounded her, locking her up and making it impossible for her to move.

In the secret chamber, Mu Renwang and Su Xin both shivered. “This is bad,” Su Xin said. “Did something just happen to Yexi!?”

Both of them shot to their feet, angry expressions on their faces as they abandoned their work with the eighteen godpower seeds.


The box dropped to the ground.


A vortex opened leading to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and a wild eruption of power slammed into the imperial couple. Given that they were both mid Terrifying experts, they immediately realized what was happening. “Someone is ambushing us? Who is it? Who’s looking to get killed?!”

“It’s the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!”

They both thrust out their palms and hit the vortex, completely dispelling it. Inside, the immortal-slaying clone was sent flying backward, blood spraying out of his mouth. Thankfully, he had the power of the chart itself backing him, otherwise he would have been crushed out of existence.

Mu Renwang and Su Xin obviously weren’t pulling their punches.

Unfortunately for them, the fight wasn’t over.

Two bubbles appeared, instantly shooting forward to entrap them.

“Purrling bubbles!?”

Their faces masks of fear and shock, they unleashed palm strikes to try to break the bubbles. To their surprise, they succeeded, and the bubbles faded out of existence before reaching them.

However, it was at that moment that they realized there was a third bubble present, and that it had already reached the jade box on the ground. Before they could do anything, the bubble vanished.


“How come those bubbles were so weak?”

“What exactly is going on here?”

“Wait, I know. It's that damned brat causing trouble!”


They were both enraged, neither of them having predicted that Yang Qi would have played them like this. And right now, the only thing they wanted to do was chop him to pieces.

They vanished, reappearing in the hall they had left Yang Qi in. There, they saw their daughter Mu Yexi in a bubble, with Yang Qi right next to her, one hand wrapped around her waist, the other holding the box of godpower seeds.

“Stay your hand, brat!” Mu Renwang shouted. “Do you know what you've done?!”

He chopped his hand out, but Yang Qi just shifted Mu Yexi in front of him, forcing Mu Renwang to pull his hand back. Before anything else could happen, Yang Qi popped the godpower seeds into his mouth.

Off to the side, Su Xin tried to activate the Heart-Linking Hex.

However, absolutely nothing happened.

“You think your Heart-Linking Hex is going to do any good?” Yang Qi said, chuckling, and a vortex appeared behind him that pulsed with immense power.

“You have the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!?” Mu Renwang said.

“Exactly. And I happened to acquire a new ability recently.” Flicking his finger, a bubble appeared, within which was the Heart-Linking Hex. “Considering how you've treated me, did you really think I would let you off the hook? What do you think? I just consumed the eighteen godpower seeds you worked so hard to cleanse. I'm already starting to get stronger, and I'm already at the point where you can’t kill me. And I have your daughter right here. If you want her dead, then go ahead and make a move.”

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