Chapter 1066: Inescapable Bubbles

“Devil King Smeltgold?! According to the stories, he's a hybrid of a hell-born fiend-devil and a human. His cultivation base is incredible, and he's one of the top bandits from the ancient road, someone who specializes in murder. I can’t believe he’s working for the Genesis Sanctum. Maybe he didn’t officially join them, but he's definitely here on their behalf.”

“Well, he’s dead now.”

“I heard that Devil King Smeltgold has a whole bunch of clones, and nobody knows where his true self is.”

“Now he’s stuck in that bubble. And if you look closely, he's not here as a clone. That’s his true self! He’s really going to die!”

Everyone present was shocked by what they were seeing.

Trapped in the bubble, Devil King Smeltgold screamed miserably until he died. Then the bubble faded away and his corpse dropped to the ground. As everyone looked on, they saw what appeared to be golden leaves falling down around the corpse, which were Devil King Smeltgold’s clones.

In other words, the purrling had reached out and summoned all of his clones into the bubble with him.

What kind of divine ability was that?

It was unthinkable!


At this point, a speeding beam of sword light appeared, filled with lightning, wind, clouds, and rain. Although it was initially impossible to tell who this sword light belonged to, they were obviously so strong that they surpassed Devil King Smeltgold.

The sword light stabbed into the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect’s warding spell, devastating it so dramatically that it seemed the people inside would soon be under threat of attack.

“A consummate expert!”

“A boundless assassin!”

“It's someone from the Royal Palace of Assassins! I can’t believe they showed up! Everybody says they're a group of extremely mysterious assassins who can be hired to do any job, as long as you pay them enough godhood....”

“I heard that the Royal Palace of Assassins can even kill mid Terrifying experts!”

“No wonder they’re so strong. Did the Genesis Sanctum hire them?”

The sword light danced back and forth so quickly it was impossible to fully track its movement. Furthermore, no one could see who had sent the sword light. Without that person’s true self present, how could the sword light possibly be dealt with?

Yet the purrling still started purring.

Instantly, the sword light converged into the shape of a sword, floating in the middle of a bubble and incapable of moving.

At that point, cruel laughter rang out, accompanied by a voice that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. “The Royal Palace of Assassins has already accepted the job of killing everyone from the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect. We won’t stop until you’re all dead. Do you people really think some wild animal is going to save you?”


Another bubble shot out. Everyone watched as the bubble disappeared. Then, only a moment later, a scream rang out from off in the distance. The bubble reappeared and within it was an elite assassin, dressed in all black, with the word ‘royal’ embroidered on his chest.

“Impossible!” he shrieked, struggling. “My true self is in the Royal Palace of Assassins! How did you get to me? You’re not a human, you're a god!” His face a mask of disbelief, he continued letting loose screams that caused everyone’s skin to tingle.

Eventually, his screams stopped.

The bubble vanished, and his corpse dropped to the ground. Just like that, a top expert from the Royal Palace of Assassins had been killed. It was true that the Royal Palace of Assassins was a mysterious organization that would assassinate anyone for the right price. However, according to rumor, the King of Assassins, despite being a mid Terrifying expert, had failed to assassinate the emperor of the executors and was eventually killed. Afterward, no one heard anything about the Royal Palace of Assassins again.

But now, here they were, operating out in the open again.

What did that imply? All sorts of dangerous organizations were popping out of the woodwork now that this big sect assembly had been called.

All of a sudden, two streams of killing intent shot out from the void.

“How dare you kill someone from the Royal Palace of Assassins! You’ll all die for that!”

Two streams of sword light appeared, yet all that happened was that two purring sounds could be heard.

Two bubbles appeared, vanished, then reappeared. Inside them were two assassins, already dead. Those bubbles could find people no matter where they were hiding, leaving everyone present completely terrorized. Could people even hide in the god world? Apparently not.

The attacks of the purrling completely disregarded distance, and even the protection of spell formations.

No one could escape those bubbles.

In hardly a single breath of time, three top assassins had been killed, along with Devil King Smeltgold.

Not even having soul lamps or similar things hidden away in one's sect would do any good. Those things were also dragged out by the purrling’s bubbles.

Anyone who tried to harm the purrling would be snatched up by those bubbles, regardless of their status or identity.

That was what the invincible purrling was capable of.

“What the fuck!?” someone blurted. “It’s so strong!”

This purrling was turning out to be more freakish than anyone had imagined. After all, the Royal Palace of Assassins was known for its special abilities to kill people from afar. And they must have had the approval and help of the Genesis Sanctum to be able to carry out assassinations in Destructionless Castle.

But in the end, that approval and help had done them no good, and they were still slaughtered by the purrling.

“You just wait, Will Manifestation Heaven Sect....” The threatening voice seemed to fill the area, as though the words were being spoken by a host of people. Everyone present looked around fearfully. After all, it wasn’t a good thing to have the Royal Palace of Assassins back in business.

Purr. Purr. Purr....

The pink purrling stretched, then exhaled a series of bubbles that almost instantly disappeared.

A moment later a string of screams echoed out. “Don’t target that animal with killing intent!”

Unfortunately, the cry of warning came too late. The bubbles reappeared, filled with people that had targeted the purrling with killing intent. Those people struggled for a bit, but in the end, they all died. The bubbles faded and the corpses dropped to the ground.

Meanwhile, the purrling hardly seemed to be doing anything at all, other than wriggling and stretching in Jadefall’s arms. In fact, it looked quite happy. Everyone nervously edged away, not even daring to look at the purrling.

For all they knew, meeting its gaze could end up with them in a bubble.

When it was all over, there was a pile of corpses, mostly from the Royal Palace of Assassins. Zi Qiong flew out, waved her hand, and collected the corpses to make into puppets later.

At the same time, Sectlord Will Manifestation rose to his feet. Keeping his shock hidden, he said, “I don’t care what orders you received, Royal Palace of Assassins. If you don't learn your lesson, and insist on being stubborn, then all of you are going to end up wiped out of existence.”

His words, backed by the threat of the purrling, caused everyone to have an even higher opinion of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect than before. And no one from the Royal Palace of Assassins responded to the sectlord, which amplified the fear in the hearts of the onlookers.

Silence reigned.

No one dared to cause any problems for the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect. As far as they were concerned, the purrling might as well have been a mid Terrifying expert.



Back in the Genesis Sanctum, the junior pontiff’s wine cup shattered in his hand and a vicious expression appeared on his face. “How could this be happening? How could it be so strong? I spent ten pieces of godhood to hire the Royal Palace of Assassins. I can’t believe they failed. And look at how many of them died! I wouldn’t be surprised if they try blackmailing me over this! What do we do? Why is that little animal so unexpectedly fierce?”

Of course, he didn’t dare to make a move, as he was truly frightened by how things were playing out.

He knew that if he targeted the purrling with killing intent, he would be finished. No one would be able to save him. He also viewed it as a mid Terrifying expert, which meant that he wasn’t even sure if his father could deal with it.

“Are you starting to get worried, Junior Pontiff?”

The junior pontiff turned his head to find a young man approaching. Shocked, he said, “Who are you? I didn’t invite you here.”

The man smiled condescendingly. “I'm Bastard Seacliff. Heard of me?”

“So you’re Bastard Seacliff, junior houselord of the House of God Bastards. I thought you were on good terms with Mu Yexi. Didn't you attend her banquet? What, don’t tell me the House of God Bastards wants to oppose our Genesis Sanctum.”

“That’s not it,” Bastard Seacliff casually replied. “Mu Yexi from the Woodfern Couple Palace definitely doesn’t trust me, and is already working on contingency plans to oppose me. In fact, I could tell from the look in her eye that she’s plotting against me. Look, I didn’t come here to quibble. I want one thing: to be the league-lord. Do you have any problems with that?”

“You want to be the league-lord?” The junior pontiff snorted coldly. “Do you really think it's that easy?”

“What if I make it worth your while?” Bastard Seacliff said, smiling. “I’m definitely going to destroy the Woodfern Couple Palace, eventually. Mu Renwang is going to die, and I’ll throw his wife Su Xin and his daughter Mu Yexi in my harem. Considering that your Genesis Sanctum is full of men, I'm not particularly interested in you.”

The junior pontiff burst out laughing. “You’re crazy, Bastard Seacliff! The Woodfern Couple Palace isn’t going to go down that easily. That said, if you want to be the league-lord, I could give you my approval if you handle a matter for me.”

“Oh? What matter?”

“Go get that purrling for me.” The junior pontiff was obviously trying to lend someone a knife and have them do his dirty work.

Bastard Seacliff chuckled cynically. “I have no idea where that animal comes from. The god world doesn’t contain any information about it, and furthermore, it's mysterious and unpredictable. I don’t even know if my father could capture it without suffering a humiliating defeat. Sorry, your plan is too crappy to work.”

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