Chapter 1065: Eighteen Godpower Seeds

Mu Renwang pulled out a box and opened it, immediately causing the aura of the Great Necropolis to spill out. The box contained eighteen purified godpower seeds, which looked crystalline, beautiful, and without the slightest hint of impurity.

“Eighteen godpower seeds,” he breathed. “Incredible.”

“What do you think would happen if we gave all eighteen of these godpower seeds to Star Swordlife?” Su Xin said.

“The boy would instantly reach the mid Terrifying level,” Mu Renwang replied. “In fact, he would probably reach the ultimate heights of that level, making him capable of killing anyone else who wasn’t in a higher level than himself. But that’s never going to happen. After what happened with the Flower-Seizing Marauder, you can tell that he has a completely one-track mind. And that could lead to some big problems if he interferes when we need to kill someone. We’d be in huge trouble if he could defy us. Alright, that clinches it. If we help him, he won’t be grateful at all. He’ll claim that because he’s benevolent and generous by nature, the dao of heaven is taking care of him.”

“That’s right,” Su Xin growled. “The little bastard is horrible. If I had to choose between him and Yang Qi, I’d definitely go with Yang Qi. Star Swordlife is going to get killed eventually. There’s no way he can live with that attitude.”

“You’re right. Star Swordlife is horrible, and isn’t willing to play by the rules everyone follows. The best thing is to get him and Yang Qi to take each other out. That will get rid of two potential catastrophes. In any case, we definitely can’t waste these godpower seeds on him. We’ll need to use other means to get him ready to fight Yang Qi. Why don’t we invite him over for a chat, and if he’s obstinate, threaten to harm his sect? We can start that way.”

Su Xin nodded. “Good idea. Star Swordlife values life, so if he doesn't go along with us, we can start killing people from his sect. We have to seize the initiative in this situation! It’s imperative that we control the league-lord, and by extension, the Genesis Sanctum. And when our two sects ‘bless’ Yang Qi, we can filter the power through him and into our daughter. That way, she can reach the mid Terrifying level. And with the three of us all at the same level of power, there’s no way the Genesis Sanctum will be able to do anything to us. We’ll be the leader of all the superpower sects!”

“I never thought we would actually pull off this heroic undertaking. But if we can get Huangfu Genesis under control, it’ll all be worth it.” Mu Renwang frowned. “By the way, we need to think about how we're going to deal with the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect. Although no one in the sect is really worth worrying about, that bubble beast isn't anything to take lightly. What do they call it? A purrling.”

“That’s right!” Su Xin said, then thought for a long moment. “I wonder where the thing actually came from. Apparently, it killed the junior pontiff’s steward and all of his other subordinates. Not even his spell formation could stand up to it. I have the feeling that getting rid of the thing won’t be easy.”

“Let’s keep an eye on the beast. It might be strong, but it's just an animal. And it's not as if it’s the King of Godmammoths. If we could get control of it, it would be a huge benefit. The only question is how to do that. Perhaps we could lend someone a knife and have them do our dirty work for us. In other words, damage the Genesis Sanctum, and at the same time, find out how strong the creature really is.”

“Oh, you mean...? Frame the thing for killing people from the Genesis Sanctum? They would definitely seek revenge, and try to kill or take it. A fight like that would only benefit us.” Su Xin chuckled. “Not a bad idea at all. I doubt their junior pontiff wants to get in another fight with the purrling, but maybe if we add some fuel to the fire, we can get him to take action.”

“Yes, perfect. The stage is already set for a big fight, so let's see what the purrling can do. Maybe we can even get more information by getting Bastard Seacliff involved as well.”

“Yes, I agree!”

With that, they continued refining the details of their plot.

Some time before, Yang Qi had summoned his Wheel of Fate, causing an invisible stream of Fateless energy to swirl around him. That, in turn, allowed him to pick up on the fluctuations of the Heart-Linking Hex, which he analyzed with the Civilization Founding Grand Magic.

He had already cultivated the Civilization Founding Grand Magic to its limit, enabling him to pick up on even the slightest of energy fluctuations. Unfortunately, the Civilization Founding Grand Magic wasn’t enough for him to learn anything about two mid Terrifying experts.

However, thanks to the Godly Positioning System of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, he knew their general location.

And although he couldn’t physically observe them, thanks to the fluctuations, he was able to do some spying. This was the same thing he had done with Archmonk Dharma Treasury when he spied on the Shepherd, and it was all thanks to the Heart-Linking Hex.

He almost felt like history was repeating.

It was by means of this that he eavesdropped on the imperial couple’s entire conversation.

‘Eighteen godpower seeds?’ he thought. ‘These two people killed eighteen Inheritors! Wow. This might be the perfect opportunity for me. Back when Archmonk Dharma Treasury and I were dealing with the Shepherd, he used that technique called Buddha Goes to a Strange World, which was how we ended up getting the Mahātmā Jade. My cultivation base is far beyond that now. Maybe I should try to get those seeds. Considering they’re already purified, I could assimilate them immediately.’

All of a sudden, a new plan began forming in his mind.

He was completely convinced that if he could get those eighteen godpower seeds, he would be able to reach the Terrifying level. The only problem was that he wasn't sure if he could withstand the Great Necropolis godpower that would come with them.

‘They want to use Star Swordlife against me, huh, that stubborn ass. Well, hopefully he pisses them off to no end. In the end, it doesn’t matter, I’ll kill him if I have to. And I’ll use those eighteen seeds to get stronger. Now that I know about their existence, there’s no way I’ll let them be used by someone else. Hmm. They want to set the Genesis Sanctum against my sect to figure out more about the purrling? That would take care of two birds with one stone. Not a bad idea, but sadly, I'm on to them. And I'm interested in seeing what the purrling is capable of, too.’

Of course, Yang Qi was keeping some divine will focused on the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect at all times.

Meanwhile, more and more people were gathering for the assembly. Many were forming smaller groups and factions, and there were even groups that were made up of thousands of sects. Most people were sitting around discussing Daoist techniques and cultivation methods while they waited for the assembly to begin.

At the same time, the young elites who had attended Junior Empress Mu Yexi’s banquet had begun spreading word about the news. Soon, everyone was talking about how the two main sects wanted to have a young one become the league-lord, then subsequently bless that person with power.

Although most people had initially found the idea farfetched, as they thought about it in detail, they realized it was actually a very good idea. It would end the friction between the two biggest sects, and give hope to the masses. Everyone was getting excited at the prospects.

Of course, the House of God Bastards had become a big unknown factor. A lot of people were dead set against the idea of Bastard Seacliff becoming the league-lord and having authority over all the sects.

Overall, the mood was one of tense excitement.

It was around this time that a hot rumor began spreading about the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.

The rumor was about how the junior pontiff of the Genesis Sanctum had invited Jadefall to a banquet, but ended up having all of his men killed by her purrling.

The news was quite explosive. After all, Yang Qi had only just recently killed the Flower-Seizing Marauder. And now another dramatic event related to the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect had occurred. Some people even suspected that the rumor wasn’t true. But regardless, it put the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect even more in the spotlight.

Eventually, Sectlord Will Manifestation set aside an area in the main hall where he set up warding magics to keep people out and allow those on the inside to focus on cultivation.

Zi Qiong and Jadefall were kept inside to avoid any problems.

Of course, there were a lot of people who wanted to have a look at the purrling.

Considering that there were hundreds of thousands of sects already present, and countless experts, it was obvious that there was plenty of spying going on. It was a hodgepodge of good and bad people, and no one knew what unexpected events might play out.

“The Dharma Sect has come for a formal visit!” All of a sudden, a group of monks from the Dharma Sect appeared; considering that they were frequent guests, the sectlord quickly opened a small doorway in the shield he had created.

That was when a cruel voice spoke. “How dare you, Will Manifestation Heaven Sect! You actually set yourself in opposition to the Genesis Sanctum!? Although I personally am not from that sect, I can’t bear to see behavior such as yours. And I don't believe the rumors about how powerful that bullshit creature of yours is. Bring it out for me to see!”


In the blink of an eye, an enormous hand was rumbling toward the opening Sectlord Will Manifestation had created, and the monks of the Dharma Sect were forced to scatter to avoid it!

Purr. Purr....

Suddenly, a bubble appeared and completely surrounded the hand.

Then, another bubble appeared in a far corner of the hall, where it surrounded what appeared to be nothing more than a random, low-level disciple. However, as soon as the bubble surrounded him, he suddenly transformed into a hulking devil king.

“That’s Devil King Smeltgold! A top expert of the wretched dao!” People began shouting in shock.

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