Chapter 1062: It Actually Worked?

“Don’t tell me something different happened this time!”

Both experts were shocked, and were forced to continue unleashing immense amounts of true energy. These two were so powerful that few people from the Ancient Road to the Gods could possibly withstand a barrage of true energy from them. Despite that, it was taking a significant amount of effort to break this stone.

After a moment, the stone collapsed, revealing a perfect body with smooth, sleek skin. It almost looked like the finest of jade, with every pore exuding the most natural and pure energy possible.

Of course, it was none other than Yang Qi.

Then, the God Legion Battle Robe flowed out to cover him and he stepped out from the rubble.

“What? You’re alive?!”

The two experts immediately activated a spell formation to lock down the hall, fearing that Yang Qi might run away.

Then they realized that Yang Qi’s psychic scale and aura didn't seem much different from before, and they breathed sighs of relief. If he was simply an Inheritor now, but hadn’t achieved a major breakthrough in his psychic scale, then they obviously had nothing to fear from him. But the unexpected development from moments before left them unsure of what position he was in now.

“What happened, Yang Qi?” Mu Yexi asked.

“I'm not sure,” he replied, looking down at his hands, a look of confusion on his face. “I guess I'm an Inheritor now.”

Of course, the truth was that he knew exactly what had just occurred.

Just when he entered the zen samādhi trance earlier, the godpower seed unleashed its most powerful assault on him.

As a result, he was shaken out of his trance.

The true energy in his dantian region began to petrify, with some of it even turning into stone. Meanwhile, in his sea of consciousness, his nascent divinity also began petrifying as the will of the Great Necropolis filled him.

However, in that critical moment, his will connected to the will of the Great Necropolis, causing the god arts of the necropolis and the Purrfect God Art to experience strange transformations.

The truth was that the assault of the Great Necropolis had actually had a profound effect on the structure of the necropolis within him.

At that moment, his will became like an incarnation of the necropolis, like a bubble.

Before, his nascent divinity had been transforming to become like the God Legion Seal. But now, it was experiencing even more dramatic transformations, and had become a bubble like the necropolis. It was as if he was the necropolis, and the necropolis was him.

In that brief moment, he felt as if millions upon millions of years passed. Then, his nascent divinity grew clear and he woke up. Meanwhile, his Purrfect God Art grew more marvelous, wrapping up the godpower seed, pulling it into his nascent divinity, and filling it with power.

His nascent divinity was the Great Necropolis, and it was a bubble that contained a seed. And as the seed slowly melted, his will and the Great Necropolis grew ever more connected.

At the moment, the Great Necropolis bubble that was his nascent divinity wasn’t perfectly complete, but it would become so over time. Eventually, his will would become the same as the Great Necropolis’, whereupon he would come to control it. He was different from the other Inheritors, as he had true control over the powers of inheritance. In fact, he was actually creating his own version of those powers.

It was similar to how, when someone succeeded an emperor in the mortal world, they would have many restrictions limiting their actions. In contrast, someone who created a new empire could change the face of the world, slaughter their way to power, and do anything they wanted. That was the difference between a successor and a creator.

The Inheritors were successors, but Yang Qi was a creator.

He was creating his own version of the Great Necropolis godpower. As he breathed in, Great Necropolis godpower rushed into him, filled with martial disciplines like the God Tombstone Palms, God-Ordaining Incantation, God-Burying Finger, and so-on. Although he could tell that his psychic scale and power index hadn’t increased, his compatibility with the Great Necropolis was vastly superior to before.

Given some time, the godpower seed would truly fuse with his own will, whereupon his psychic scale would increase dramatically.

Meanwhile, his fighting prowess was such that he sensed he could now put up a good fight if the imperial couple tried to take him out. However, he didn't intend to let them know that.

He circulated his true energy, and it flowed more freely than ever. As of this moment, if he went back and fought the Flower-Seizing Marauder again, he would beat him with hardly any effort at all.

Of course, at the moment, he couldn't do anything to further his cultivation, lest the imperial couple discover. However, as long as he had enough time to stabilize his cultivation base, he wouldn't be defeated in a fight against Bastard Seacliff.

Defeating the man would be a different story, but that was only in a situation in which Yang Qi didn’t have the time to become fully stabilized. If he could get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and spend a thousand years in contemplation, his psychic scale would improve dramatically, and his nascent divinity would become like a reflection of the Great Necropolis.

Then, killing Bastard Seacliff would definitely be within the realm of possibility.

Furthermore, Yang Qi had Shi Yuan’s godpower seed waiting to be used, which would definitely be enough to reach the Terrifying level.

With that level of power, he could kill Bastard Seacliff and also defend himself against the Woodfern Couple Palace. Then he could be a true league-lord, not just a puppet.

But for now, he needed to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

“Many thanks to you, Seniors,” he said respectfully. “Now that the Great Necropolis godpower seed is in my nascent divinity, the two are combining, and my energy arts are improving.”

“What?!” Mu Renwang said. Sending some true energy into Yang Qi, he examined his nascent divinity and was shocked to find that it was true. The godpower seed was no longer visible, and instead, the will of the Great Necropolis was present, giving Yang Qi constant access to the godpower of the necropolis.

Mu Renwang looked completely shocked at this unexpected development. Usually, Inheritors could have their godpower seeds taken away, but in this case it seemed as though the seed had become a part of Yang Qi’s nascent divinity, making it impossible to remove.

It was just like if a mortal ate a food item; that food item would be digested. At that point, even if you killed the person, the most you could find of that food would be fecal matter in the digestive system.

A variety of expressions flitted across Mu Renwang's face, from killing intent to thoughtfulness. Then he exchanged a look with Su Xin, and both of them were obviously trying to figure out what to do with Yang Qi.

It only took a moment, and they didn't speak out loud, but Yang Qi could obviously tell what they were thinking. “All I need is some time to practice cultivation,” he said to them, “and I can champion your cause and defeat both the House of God Bastards and the Genesis Sanctum.”

“Very good,” Mu Renwang said. Convinced that Yang Qi was still valuable to them, he continued, “This location is secure, so feel free to work on your cultivation here. Mu Yexi will accompany you. You might as well use the time to get to know each other a bit better in the few days before the assembly starts. Meanwhile, the two of us will go into seclusion to study the Mahātmā Jade.”

Obviously, the point was for Mu Yexi to keep an eye on Yang Qi.

“Yexi,” Su Xin said, “send orders to have the experts of the Woodfern Couple Palace keep the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect safe. We don't want anyone using them to threaten Young Sir Yang Qi.”

“Yes, Mother,” Mu Yexi replied. Of course, she knew that her mother was actually doing this to make sure they kept Yang Qi in check. Although she made it seem like they were protecting his sect, they were actually doing the opposite. If he didn’t obediently act as their puppet, his sect would be in grave danger.

Killing intent flared in Yang Qi’s heart, but he kept it covered up.

Thankfully, because they needed to focus on the Mahātmā Jade, they wouldn’t be very focused on him. Later, when he wasn’t as valuable, and after he had secured the position of league-lord, that was when he would truly become their puppet.

Yang Qi had long since come to the realization that Mu Yexi and the imperial couple were definitely not good people.

Everyone was plotting and scheming, and in the end, whoever was the most ruthless would come out on top. Yang Qi had to be patient. Thankfully, the Mahātmā Jade ensured that the imperial couple wouldn’t immediately kill and study him.


They disappeared to parts unknown. Thankfully, Yang Qi had a connection built with the Mahātmā Jade, allowing him to sense its general location.

He was now trapped with Mu Yexi watching over him. So the question was, would he be able to create an opportunity to achieve the breakthroughs that he needed?

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