Chapter 1060: Help (Part 3)

Mu Renwang and Su Xin were mid Terrifying experts, with psychic scales of over a hundred, putting them on roughly the same level as the Shepherd. There was no way that Yang Qi would be able to flee from them. If he tried, he would only become like a fish on the chopping block.

Therefore, he was pretending to wholeheartedly agree with whatever suggestions they made.

It didn’t matter how much they called him “Dear Nephew”, he wouldn’t trust them at all. They wanted him to be their puppet, and he knew that defying them would bring catastrophic consequences. These two were not some kind-hearted couple who cared about traditional virtues like compassion, duty, propriety, and integrity. If they were, they wouldn’t have survived to this point.

Besides, they might have the Mahātmā Jade now, but he would eventually get it back.

Even if they had demanded the psychic scaling systems, he would have handed them over without hesitation. If he could do without the God Legion Seal, then he could obviously sacrifice any other external object.

Right now, his biggest trump card was his immortal-slaying clone in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, although there was no reason to use that now. After all, it wouldn’t be easy to pull the wool over the eyes of two top experts like this. Instead, he would wait patiently and see how the situation developed.

Besides, he was curious what secrets they had unlocked regarding the godpower seeds. Considering how powerful they were, it was entirely possible that they had learned something important and simply wanted to experiment on him.

It would be dangerous, but he had little choice.

“Dear Nephew,” Mu Renwang said, “you really need to think this through carefully. We’ve done some experiments on other experts, but they ended up dying. Some we were able to resurrect, but afterward, they slowly petrified and became like the Great Necropolis itself, with their nascent divinities stuck inside, unable to move, think, or even absorb energy. In some ways, ending up like that is worse than dying.”

“Um... well, now I'm not so sure,” Yang Qi said with a wry smile.

“You should probably give it a try, Dear Nephew,” Su Xin said. “We’re fairly confident, and think it's worth the risk. That said, if you prefer not to, we won’t force you. But considering you need to face Bastard Seacliff soon, we really hope you’ll live up to our expectations.”

The true meaning of her words were: you’re going to go through with this whether you want to or not.

After all, if he failed to live up to their expectations... he knew exactly what would happen.

“That’s right!” Mu Yexi said. “Young Sir Yang Qi, you should definitely give it a shot. Given your amazing destiny, I'd say you’ll definitely succeed.” Obviously, she was going to side with her parents in everything; to her, Yang Qi was little more than a pawn.

“In that case, I’ll put my life in your hands,” he said. Of course, he had made the decision much earlier and was acting wishy-washy on purpose.

Mu Renwang laughed heartily. “You’re truly frank and straightforward, Dear Nephew,” he said. “Don’t worry, in a short while, you will also be an Inheritor of the Great Necropolis. Now, why don’t you bring out that godpower seed you acquired?”

In his heart, Yang Qi was chuckling coldly.

‘Fuck,’ he thought. ‘This guy really is stingy. If he killed so many Inheritors, why can’t he provide the godpower seed? Instead, he’s making me use my own?’

Mu Renwang took the Flower-Seizing Marauder’s godpower seed and inspected it closely. “An excellent godpower seed. The Flower-Seizing Marauder killed two other Inheritors, making his seed particularly large. Very well, the time has come to begin. This divine ability of ours can exorcise devils, crush wretches, and exterminate evil. By connecting to the legacy, we will expel the vile energy!”

“Let’s start,” Su Xin echoed.

“Dear Nephew, please pour your true energy into the godpower seed,” Mu Renwang said.

“Yes sir!” Yang Qi replied respectfully, and immediately complied. As soon as his true energy entered the seed, it flew up into the air and began pulsing with a stone-colored light. The light immediately flowed back through the true energy into Yang Qi, as if to petrify him.

The godpower seeds were terrifyingly powerful, and anyone who tried to assimilate them incorrectly could easily detonate or be turned to stone.

However, Mu Renwang and Su Xin really did have a special technique to deal with the situation.


Yang Qi suddenly felt himself filled with a sound like stone grating on stone, as a stone-like true energy entered him, encasing his body in layer upon layer of rock.

“Dear Nephew, quickly absorb the vital energy of the godpower seed. Send it into your meridians.”

“But...” Yang Qi said, “Seniors, if that energy enters me, I’ll turn into stone! I’ll become nothing more than a statue!”

“Cut the crap!” Su Xin barked. “We can obviously handle the situation. There’s no time for jabbering. Absorb that energy!” Killing intent flickered in her beautiful eyes as she thrust her palm out, using some unknown technique to strike the layers of rock surrounding Yang Qi.

Instantly, the stone shell cracked and became true energy that poured into Yang Qi. However, as a result, it looked as though his skin, flesh, and blood were about to turn into stone.

Face falling, he said, “Seniors... I....”

Because of his throat turning into rock, his voice sounded like stone scraping against stone.

“Your body is strong!” Mu Yexi said. “You can still talk after turning into stone. Excellent constitution! Mother, Father, remember that most of the other people we experimented on all turned to stone almost instantly, with even their souls vanishing. Considering how strong Yang Qi is, we can definitely move onto the next phase.”

“Well that’s only natural,” Mu Renwang said. “If he didn't succeed, he would simply die for the cause. Yang Qi, hurry up and send your true flame into your dantian region. Use it to assimilate the stone power of the Great Necropolis, and at the same time, cling to consciousness. Your level of success will determine how things conclude here. In a moment, Su Xin and I will use our boundless energy arts to cleanse the godpower seed. As long as you can stay awake, you’ll survive!”

Yang Qi needed no urging from them; he was already doing exactly that. Years ago, he had done a lot of research with the imprisoned Profound Valor and had used the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems to break down the godpower of the Great Necropolis, shattering its will. Although he hadn’t been able to fully succeed, he had gained valuable experience in resisting the Great Necropolis.

Of course, he wouldn’t foolishly reveal what he could do.

Even so, the little he did let on astonished Mu Renwang and Su Xin. Even the most elite experts they had experimented on were almost instantly petrified. That was what happened when someone challenged the majesty of the Great Necropolis.

As Yang Qi broke down the petrifying power of the Great Necropolis and defended himself with his true energy, his enlightenment grew. Suddenly, he gained new understanding of his Purrfect God Art.

When one is focused and works hard, good fortune is sure to follow. All of a sudden, he realized that the Great Necropolis itself was actually structured like a bubble.

Obviously, that meant that it corresponded to the Purrfect God Art!

Great Necropolis godpower built up in him, and his meridians were slowly being turned to stone. However, as he assimilated the godpower, he realized more and more truths about both the Great Necropolis and the Purrfect God Art.

Slowly but surely, the structure of the Great Necropolis became clearer and clearer in his mind, making it more and more obvious that it was like a bubble.

Truth be told, his previous mastery of the Purrfect God Art was so insignificant it was almost like he couldn’t use it. It was only by studying the structure of the bubbles created by the purrling that he had made even the slight progress he had. But right now, he was wondering why it had never occurred to him that the Great Necropolis was like a bubble.

And if it was a bubble, just exactly how strong was it in the end?

The Great Necropolis ejected immortal worlds, and he could eject the Great Necropolis.

The Great Necropolis was more powerful than the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and had been used to block the Ancient Road to the Gods.

If Yang Qi could combine the Purrfect God Art bubbles with the Great Necropolis, then he could pass this dangerous hurdle.

Of course, he didn’t reveal that openly.

Instead, he made it seem like he was struggling to deal with the invasive power of the godpower seed, and was slowly being turned into the same stone as the Great Necropolis. Soon, his skin was stone, then his hair, and then even his eyes.

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