Chapter 1042: Bowling Over the Heroes (Part 2)

The onlookers were abuzz after watching the match between Yang Qi and Houselord Martial Buddha.

“Brother Wang, what do you think of the boy’s cultivation base?”

“Incredible. Simply incredible. Houselord Martial Buddha’s eighty-one fist stances are all viciously powerful, so much so that they can easily destroy virtually anything in existence. I can’t believe the boy was able to stand up to them.”

“Is he really just the junior sectlord of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect? What if he’s the child of a god, who was somehow banished down into the mortal world? Look, he’s not even in the Terrifying level yet!”

“You’re right, he's not. And he's this strong? That’s even more terrifying than the actual Terrifying level! Just imagine what he’ll be like after he breaks through! You know, I couldn’t even see his true energy flows when he used that movement technique a moment ago.”

“Houselord Martial Buddha is a fierce fighter, but he backed down from the fight, just like that! And if the junior sectlord really was holding back, doesn’t that mean that he’s actually beyond the level of Houselord Martial Buddha? He’s stronger than a sect leader of a superpower sect from the Ancient Road to the Gods?! This is amazing!”

More and more experts were beginning to gather in the meeting hall. This assembly of sects was to be attended by hundreds of thousands of superpower sects, which gave an idea of just how many top experts would be attending. In fact, although it wasn’t common knowledge, there were also going to be experts from the new immortal worlds, places that ranked a thousand or higher. They were people who had long existed in the Great Necropolis, but had only recently become part of a larger collection of immortal worlds.

The sect assembly was sure to have fierce fighting and plenty of killing intent. Before an alliance was formed, blood would flow as the ultimate league-lord established authority.

In fact, it would be similar to how Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven had seized control of the Dao Defense League, although compared to the people who would be attending this meeting, the Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven of that time would be little more than an ant.

Shortly after Yang Qi achieved his victory over Houselord Martial Buddha, a new voice rang out as a large group of people entered the hall.

“Well done, boy!”

The members of this group were all wearing sackcloth garments and had faces so sallow they seemed like they hadn’t been out in the sun for a very long time.

Apparently, the man who had spoken was the leader of the group and his eyes were fixed on Yang Qi, his gaze as sharp as if it were made of lightning.

Unexpectedly, no one present recognized who these people were.

“Where did this group come from?”

“Who are these people?”

There were so many superpower sects from the Ancient Road to the Gods that it was impossible for most people to instantly identify all of them, much less recognize every single expert. That said, it seemed impossible for a powerful sect to exist that nobody was familiar with.

The man in sackcloth laughed heartily and said, “So, everyone here is an expert from the Ancient Road to the Gods? Sadly, I don’t think any of you can measure up to the natives of the Great Necropolis.”

Someone wearing the uniform of the Woodfern Couple Palace stepped forward and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is an expert from a two thousandth ranked immortal world, who we from the Woodfern Couple Palace invited to attend the assembly. He’s from the Sackcloth Cathedral.”

“What? An immortal world with a rank of two thousand? I didn’t even realize there were worlds that ranked that high!”

“The furthest we’ve gone into the Great Necropolis are places where the worlds rank around a thousand, or a little more. I even saw one once that ranked fifteen hundred, but I had no idea there were two thousandth ranked immortal worlds.”

“How deep in the Great Necropolis does he come from? I don’t think any of us could go that far in.”

“These people look strong, but they’re definitely too arrogant. What did he mean when he said we can’t measure up to experts from the Great Necropolis?”

Many of the old-timers present were so angry that they rose to their feet in a fury.

“Sackcloth Cathedral?” one of them said. “And you’re actually wearing sackcloth? Why? Did someone in your family just die? We’ve only just met and you’re already being rude? You people look more like frogs in a well to me.” This particular old-timer wore a flame-colored robe and seemed to be surrounded by projections of fire and smoke. Flying out into the open, he said, “If your Sackcloth Cathedral is really superior to the sects of the Ancient Road to the Gods, then why not give us a demonstration of what you're capable of?”

“He’s the houselord from the Immortal House of Raging Infernos,” Sectlord Will Manifestation said. “His personality is as fiery as the name of his sect, and he’s known for being hard and unyielding. I’d bet he recently mastered that top martial art he was working on. That said, these people from the Great Necropolis really are being too arrogant. If it weren’t for us, they’d still be stuck in their immortal worlds, unaware of the immensity of the Great Necropolis.”

“They're definitely too arrogant,” Peaklord Memory said. “But the rank of their immortal world is incredible. If thousandth ranked immortal worlds can produce Terrifying experts, then what kind of people should you expect from worlds with a rank of two thousand? They must have more experts than the sky has clouds. And it makes you wonder if there are worlds ranked three thousand. What would they be like?”

“Ranked three thousand?” Peaklord Celestial replied nervously. “I’ve never heard of any such place. I would bet they’d have at least a couple of mid Terrifying experts. I wonder if people like that will show up.”

Meanwhile, Houselord Raging Inferno was facing off with the people from the Sackcloth Cathedral, who were apparently also interested in fighting for the spot of league-lord.

One of the men in sackcloth stepped forward and said, “So, you want your head to be the first on the chopping block? Fine!”

“You savages really come up with a lot of arrogant claptrap, don’t you?” Houselord Raging Inferno said. “Do you really think that there are no experts from the Ancient Road to the Gods?”

The man in sackcloth shook his head. “The same lines from before, eh? Look, old man, if you insist on being stubborn, I guess I have no choice but to teach you a lesson. Before coming here today, we formed an alliance with numerous other top experts from two thousandth ranked immortal worlds. We’re interested in seeing what you outsiders from the Ancient Road to the Gods are like. We’re the natives here, and pretty soon we’ll be kicking you out of our home!”

“Is that so? Fine, let's see what you've got.”

Truth be told, Houselord Raging Inferno was actually feeling a bit nervous.

It was the same for many of the other old-timers, as well. None of them had ever even considered that the natives of the Great Necropolis would create some sort of an alliance. And apparently, the people from the Sackcloth Cathedral were only the tip of the iceberg. If more Great Necropolis natives showed up, it meant that the fighting would probably be even more intense than anyone had anticipated.

No one even knew how many two thousandth ranked worlds existed in the depths of the Great Necropolis. However, one thing was for sure: they would surely have just as many experts as existed on the Ancient Road to the Gods.


The man from the Sackcloth Cathedral didn’t hesitate for a moment. He immediately launched a fist strike, causing the image of an enormous gravestone to appear, much to the shock of Zi Qiong. ‘That’s the God Tombstone Palms! It's supposed to be the legacy art for the Inheritors! But this guy definitely isn’t an Inheritor, so how does he know it? What’s going on here? Don’t tell me that people from two thousandth ranked immortal worlds are naturally born with godpower seeds! Although, it looks like this version of the God Tombstone Palms is a bit different from mine....’

The two parties clashed, forcing Houselord Raging Inferno back again and again. At a certain point, his fiery robe was shredded to bits, revealing his powerful physique. Clearly, he wasn’t faring well in this fight.

The God Tombstone Palm was the quintessential energy art of the Great Necropolis, a boundless technique that could bury gods, bury immortals, bury humans, bury heaven, and bury earth.

As they fought back and forth, the onlookers could see Houselord Raging Inferno getting more desperate. Eventually, he staggered backward, pale white, blood spraying out of his mouth.

The man in sackcloth snorted coldly. “Piece of trash. I can’t believe you would dare to fight me. Are you looking to die? My God Tombstone Palms are the quintessence of the Great Necropolis! You know, if you had used some strategy to fight, I might’ve had a harder time beating you. Alright, the time has come to end your life.”

Eyes flashing with fierce light, he lunged forward, this time summoning the projections of five tombstones!

Numerous cries of alarm rang out as everyone realized how deadly the tombstones were, yet no one could possibly be fast enough to interfere.

“That’s the Five Tombstones stance from the God Tombstone Palms!” Zi Qiong said, amazed. “I only just started to practice with them, but this guy’s obviously mastered them already. Bury Gods. Bury Heaven. Bury Earth. Bury Immortals. Bury Humans. Five Burials, Five Fists. Fists to Slaughter All!”


When Yang Qi saw that Houselord Raging Inferno was about to be killed, he blurred onto the battlefield to meet the incoming five fist strikes. He extended a palm, causing his vital energy to create something like a porcelain bubble that surrounded the five tombstones. Then, the bubble popped, completely negating the incoming attacks.

The man in sackcloth took three steps back, his eyes flashing. Obviously, he had never encountered anyone who could negate his Five Tombstones stance with such ease.

“Are you alright, Senior Raging Inferno?” Yang Qi asked. “Remain still while I expunge the Great Necropolis godpower from within you!”

Yang Qi placed his palm on Houselord Raging Inferno’s back and sent true energy streaming into him. After three breaths of time passed, the Great Necropolis godpower was gone from within him. Not only was Houselord Raging Inferno completely healed by the process, he actually felt that he had somehow reached a higher level of enlightenment.

Clasping hands respectfully, he said, “You’re a truly righteous individual, Junior Sectlord, and you’re vastly stronger than me. You saved my life! From here on out, the Immortal House of Raging Infernos will follow any order given by the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect!”

“You’re too polite,” Yang Qi replied. “And there’s no need for such an offer. Our two sects can work together as allies, that’s more than acceptable. Obviously, these Great Necropolis natives came here with ill intent, and I won’t stand for that!”

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