Chapter 1040: Shattering the Enemy Ranks

The enemy ranks had been completely shattered.

They were cleanly defeated, and hadn’t posed even the slightest threat. Yang Qi, Zi Qiong, and Jadefall hadn’t even lifted a finger. The purrling had simply used a few bubbles to devastate the enemy forces and destroy the formation. As for the junior pontiff, he just ran away, having no courage to stick around and fight.

The only enemy who might have dared to stand and fight would be a mid Terrifying expert, such as the pontiff himself.

That said, Yang Qi was fairly certain that not even the pontiff could overcome the purrling. He had seen mid Terrifying experts such as the Shepherd, and while he had to admit that they were formidable, at this point he was fairly certain that even he could beat one in a fight.

Now that he had the purrling on his side, there was definitely nobody who could cause problems for him. Although he wasn’t sure what the bubbles were, they were as impossible to escape from as the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was for ordinary people.

Thankfully, in the moment the purrling was actually born, Yang Qi had imbued it with his true energy, psychic power, and will, ensuring that it was very familiar with him.

In this fight, the purrling had shown what it was truly capable of. Countless experts had been felled, and an incredible spell formation had even ended up destroyed.

The purrling was incredible beyond measure.

It was little wonder that countless gods had once fought fiercely to gain control of it. Although, Yang Qi couldn’t help but wonder where it originally came from. And he wondered if it would grow to maturity. If it was this powerful after only a few days of being alive, what would it be like in a few years?

“Let’s go,” he said. “I'm not interested in bickering with the Genesis Sanctum right now. I doubt the junior pontiff will try to pull a trick like this again. What a complete joke.”

Off to the side, Zi Qiong’s heart was pounding in her chest. Before, she had feared Yang Qi, but now that she had seen what Jadefall’s purrling could do, she was far more fearful of it than of Yang Qi himself.

She knew that if she were to be caught in one of its bubbles, she would be completely helpless to do anything.

‘I wonder how the purrling compares to the Mahātmā Jade,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Could the jade actually absorb the purrling or its energy? Except, the purrling doesn’t actually have any true energy. Apparently, it has no use for power, which means it definitely can’t cultivate the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body.’

“Seems the junior pontiff is scared out of his mind,” he said. “Purrling, you really did well here. Is there anything I can give you as a reward? You took a lot of Great Necropolis godpower when you were born, but now it seems like you don’t need any other type of power. Is it that you want Great Necropolis godpower seeds?” All of a sudden, a godpower seed appeared in his hand.

However, the purrling didn’t even look at it, simply continuing to wriggle and roll about in Jadefall’s arms.

“The Great Necropolis godpower wasn’t sent into the purrling, we just used it to break open the shell,” Jadefall said. “I don’t think the purrling needs any type of power. I suspect it has its own power inside of it, similar to heaven and earth. It generates everything it needs, so it doesn't require external additions.”

Yang Qi nodded. “Truly spectacular. I wonder if we could use the purrling to defeat both the Genesis Sanctum and the Woodfern Couple Palace.”

“There’s no way our Will Manifestation Heaven Sect could lead the alliance, is there?” Zi Qiong asked.

“Would being the leader actually be a good thing?” Yang Qi said. He shook his head. “Although it would give access to immense universal fortune, it would put us right in the crosshairs of the Executors of the Ancient Road, the Fiend-Devil League, and the Future Age. And I'm not sure we have enough truly powerful experts to deal with a threat of that level.”

“You mean without the purrling?” Zi Qiong replied. “I would say it counts as a truly powerful expert.”

“It is, but I'm not sure we can rely on it. We can’t make all our plans based on the help of a godling, no matter how strong it is. But if I could break through to the Terrifying level and unlock the secrets of the Mahātmā Jade, then I might be in the position to fight the emperor of the executors.”

“Mahātmā Jade? What’s that?” Zi Qiong had never heard of such a thing, and couldn’t help but ask about it. However, worried that she might give the wrong impression by asking about such matters, she quickly added another question. “Junior Sectlord, do you think that if you became a Grand Emperor, it might make it easier to make your breakthrough to the Terrifying level?”

Yang Qi shook his head. “Unfortunately, no. Let’s go. We shouldn’t stay here any longer.”

Yang Qi waved his hand, summoning a vortex that they stepped into. Moments later, they were back with the forces of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect, who were currently in one of the main halls in Destructionless Castle, drinking tea with some other sect leaders. The other sect leaders sat at tables, flanked by the young ones from their various organizations, who all carried themselves with dignity and splendor.

When the sectlord and the others saw Yang Qi, Zi Qiong, and Jadefall returning, they reacted with visible surprise. Then they noticed the purrling wriggling in Jadefall's arms.

“What happened?” Sectlord Will Manifestation asked, eyes flashing. “Why are you back so early from the dinner with the junior pontiff? Did something happen?” The sectlord was a clever and experienced individual. Because of that, not only did he fear the Genesis Sanctum, but he had also been aware that something fishy was going on with the junior pontiff.

Yang Qi nodded. “Don’t worry, Sectlord. We took care of things.”

The sectlord immediately felt relieved; he had the utmost faith in Yang Qi’s ability to handle matters. After all, he had run circles around the Executors of the Ancient Road, and had even snuck into the Hell of Sages and Mahātmās to steal some treasure. Obviously, there were few people who could match up to him. Although, in this situation, he didn't make the connection that it was actually the purrling who had taken action, and not Yang Qi. If he knew the truth, he would likely have been stunned into silence.

The sectlords seated nearby were all friends of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect from various superpower sects on the Ancient Road to the Gods. They and the young elite disciples flanking them were visibly taken aback to see someone who wasn’t even in the Terrifying level talking so casually with Sectlord Will Manifestation.

“And this is...?” one of them said.

“This is the junior sectlord of our sect, Yang Qi. Yang Qi, why don’t you offer greetings to the various sectlords?”

“Yes sir!” he replied, and offered polite, formal greetings, being neither servile nor overbearing.

In response, some of the sectlords clicked their tongues in admiration, while others were clearly not convinced that the situation was appropriate.

If the junior sectlord had been Jadefall with her purrling, or Zi Qiong the Inheritor, they might have found it easier to accept. But for someone without Terrifying will to have such an important position seemed inappropriate. On the Ancient Road to the Gods, power reigned supreme, so even if Yang Qi had been the son of Sectlord Will Manifestation, it wouldn’t have been enough to earn him the position of junior sectlord.

Yang Qi could immediately tell what they were thinking.

Before he could do anything, one of the sectlords said, “Sectlord Will Manifestation, although this junior sectlord of yours doesn’t have a very high cultivation base, there must be some reason you appointed him to the position. Although this assembly is primarily being called to select a league-lord, there will surely be some competition amongst the members of the younger generation. Standing behind me is the junior pontifex of our Church of Righteousness. Although he and the younger ones like him are generally inexperienced and immature, I'm still curious to see how they match up to each other. What do you say he and your junior sectlord have a little match-up?”

Standing behind the pontifex of the Church of Righteousness was the junior pontifex, who held himself tall and straight, with his hands clasped behind his back, making him look as imposing as a mountain. At first glance, everyone was struck by the fact that he was the picture of a top expert.

“I agree!” he said. Clasping hands to Yang Qi, he continued, “Junior Sectlord, why don't we compare fighting tips, being careful to hold back and not inflict serious injuries?”

Yang Qi waved his hand dismissively. “Compare fighting tips? There’s no need.”

“What?!” Quite a few looks of contempt appeared on the faces of the sect leaders and junior sect leaders. They might be considered friends, but even they would despise someone who shrank from a fight. The challenger had even openly said he would hold back, yet Yang Qi still was afraid to fight? That seemed to call into question his qualifications to be the junior sectlord. If word of this spread, it would definitely lead to widespread contempt of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.

In response, Sectlord Will Manifestation didn’t say a word; obviously, he knew that Yang Qi had a plan in all this. By now, he had come to view Yang Qi, not as someone from the younger generation, but rather as a vicious and merciless figure who could rebuke heaven and earth.

“I said I would hold back,” the junior pontifex said. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, Junior Sectlord. The Church of Righteousness is friends with the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect. Besides, although this sect assembly has been called to select a league lord from among the sect leaders, there will also be plenty of chances for interaction amongst us sect successors. How could we advance the interests of our sects without such interaction?”

“That’s right,” another junior sect leader said in a mocking tone. “What’s the big deal about comparing fighting tips? In fact, I think I’d like to have a little competition with the junior pontifex. I’ll even ask for advice from all the onlookers too.”

“Yeah, we younger ones have to have some fun somehow.”

“I can't believe this guy doesn’t even dare to participate in some play fighting. How could he possibly be qualified to lead a sect?”

Quite a few of the younger ones present were openly laughing.

All of them seemed interested in “comparing fighting tips”, and anyone who refused to do so would be held in contempt.

“My point wasn’t that I didn't want to fight,” Yang Qi said. “I just meant that it’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll win.” Jaws dropped, and everyone looked at Yang Qi as if he were crazy.

“What do you mean?” Zi Qiong said. Not even she was sure of exactly what Yang Qi meant.

“Come on, Junior Sectlord,” the junior pontifex said. “Are you really that deluded?”

In response, Yang Qi extended his hand, within which was a glistening, thumb-sized sphere. “Isn’t this your Righteous Śarīra?”

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