Chapter 1034: Superpower Assembly (Part 2)

The godpower of the Great Necropolis flowed without cease, its will shattering as it was transformed into pure psychic power. To Zi Qiong’s utter shock, Yang Qi was like a machine designed to crush the Great Necropolis. Any kind of foreign power that entered him would be as effective as a snowflake thrown at the sun.

Thus, Yang Qi redirected the power of the necropolis into Emperor Heart-Celestial, An Yiru, Eldest Brother, and Jadefall.

Suddenly, Yang Qi’s finger blurred like the wind, hitting acupoints on all four of them. As he did, he imbued them with godpower that contained the Seventy-Two Monarchs Energy Art, his two most powerful godly class energy arts, the genetic systems, power assessment systems, imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems, vivicreation systems, and psychic scaling systems.

They were becoming like melting pots of the top techniques in existence.

Yang Qi was changing them down to their very genes. Zi Qiong watched as countless streams of blood aura flowed out of him. The blood of Fateless Ones, Fortuned Ones, Eternal Ones, Past Ones, Future Ones, Fraudulent Ones, Inspiring Ones, Enlightened Ones, Reincarnated Ones.... Fully three thousand varieties merged, forming a very unique genetic structure.

Other than the blood of Eternal Ones, Fortuned Ones, and Fateless Ones, the blood of the three thousand special constitutions were actually not particularly difficult to come across either in the Great Necropolis or on the Ancient Road to the Gods. After all, when taking into consideration that immortal worlds in the rank of two hundred, three hundred, five hundred, or even a thousand existed, it could only be imagined how many living beings were present.

And all of them were immortals.

All such locations would give birth to beings with special constitutions. And considering that such worlds were being ejected into the immortal dao age, it was obvious that the special constitutions would become more common.

That said, Fateless Ones essentially didn’t exist. Other than Yang Qi, none had ever been seen. And that was the same for Eternal Ones and Fortuned Ones.

Eldest Brother Secundus had been an Eternal One and had supposedly been a representative of universal fortune. Unfortunately, he ran into Leaf Dao-Denier, who devoured him.

In an age like the present, people had to constantly be on guard, lest they end up dead.

Yang Qi was using every tool he had at his disposal to help these four, assisting them to alter their genes, and using the three thousand special types of blood to unlock their ultimate potential.

Empress Jadefall was the first to open her eyes. Within her, the porcelain godspore was now loudly thrumming and there were cracks all over its surface.

“I need more godpower from the Great Necropolis!” Yang Qi said, as he realized that the godspore was devouring everything he threw at it.

Grinding her teeth, Zi Qiong worked harder, using all of her mental dharmas to ensure that the godpower continued flowing like a massive river into Yang Qi, who converted it and passed it along to Jadefall.

An indeterminable period of time passed.


The porcelain godspore cracked open, and Zi Qiong sagged with such weakness that she dropped into a sitting position. She had drained herself so much that she couldn’t even lift a finger.

Meanwhile, a pink, furry creature emerged. It looked like a puppy or kitten, or possibly a baby qilin. It was immensely cute, as round and pudgy as a pig, and as it blearily looked around, it made constant purring sounds.

“What is this thing?” Jadefall murmured in confusion.

Yang Qi looked at it in shock, having no idea what it was. The porcelain godspore was immensely powerful, but after hatching, it had produced something like this? It was enough to leave someone right in the middle of laughter and tears.

Furthermore, it seemed completely powerless. Weak, even.

All it did was make purring sounds.

Apparently, it thought Jadefall was its mother, as it was already crawling all over her, tumbling about, and even blowing bubbles out of its mouth.

Jadefall’s expression softened into an expression of fondness as she took the thing in her arms and stroked its pink fur. It almost looked like a toy.

“I’ll call it a purrling,” she said. [1]

“Jadefall, your psychic power has reached the Terrifying level...” Yang Qi said. The moment the pink purrling had appeared, Jadefall’s psychic power had risen dramatically. Yet she didn’t seem to have even noticed.

Purr. Purr...” the purrling said.

Yang Qi reached out to try to pick it up, but the purrling noticed and shrank back defensively. Then it spat a bubble out of its mouth, roughly the size of a human hand. Before Yang Qi could react, the bubble expanded, sucked him in and sealed him tight.

“What a strong sealing!” he murmured. He struggled, but couldn’t free himself. In fact, his will seemed completely unresponsive. Not even his two major energy arts were enough to break him free.

“Tribulation!” Yang Qi used hosts of energy arts until, finally, a pop rang out and the bubble burst, sending him tumbling out into the open with a look of shock on his face. It had taken a huge amount of power to break free of that seal. Who could have guessed that the bubbles spat out by the purrling would be so incredibly strong. Although they might not be able to do anything to someone in the mid Terrifying level, they would definitely be very effective against people with psychic scales of thirty or forty.

Besides, the purrling seemed to be a juvenile, which begged the question of just how strong it would become when it got older.

“Incredible!” Jadefall said in amazement. Unfortunately, she didn’t even know what this ‘purrling’ actually was. It looked almost like a toy that a child would play with. And all it seemed interested in doing was purring and crawling around. However, when she picked it up, it would settle down in her arms and just sit there, purring.

One strange thing was that it didn’t seem interested in food. Usually, when a godling was born, it would be hungry and try to find sustenance, or power to absorb. But the purrling wasn’t doing that.

‘Very strange,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘That porcelain godspore existed in the primal-chaos of the distant past, where countless gods fought over it. Eventually, it escaped from them. So it stands to reason that it's incredibly powerful, and should get even stronger in the future.’

Although they only had three days on the outside, that could easily be a thousand years in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Unfortunately, the session of cultivation ended with only Jadefall reaching the Terrifying level. Eldest Brother and An Yiru both failed, although they did make progress, strengthening their true energy and getting closer and closer to the point of a breakthrough.

Upon finishing the session of cultivation, Yang Qi consulted with his immortal-slaying clone and made a series of arrangements. Then he returned to the main hall to meet with the sectlord and Peaklords Celestial and Memory, then headed out into the Great Necropolis to Destructionless Castle.

This wasn’t an assembly to which the sects would bring large numbers of people. Only the top experts would attend. That included Peaklords Memory and Celestial, both of whom had used psychic enslavement to turn some top experts into out-of-body incarnations.

In terms of disciples, the attendees were Junior Sectlord Yang Qi, Zi Qiong, Jadefall and Emperor Heart-Celestial.

Neither An Yiru nor Eldest Brother had achieved breakthroughs to the Terrifying level, which meant that if they tagged along and got in trouble, the results could be deadly.

Numerous pathways in the Great Necropolis led to Destructionless Castle. At first, such pathways had immortal worlds in the rank of two hundred. But then, worlds appeared in the rank of three or four hundred. Then five or six hundred. Then seven or eight hundred....

There were plenty of dangers to be found in locations like this, but a group of top experts like them didn’t need to worry about such things. Eventually, they found themselves in front of a thousandth-ranked immortal world. Every living being on that world emanated immensely powerful auras, to the point that if the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect tried to invade it, they might succeed, but only after suffering heavy casualties. If there could ever be an alliance of hundreds of worlds like this, or even just dozens, they would be nearly invincible.

Alternatively, an immortal world with a rank of two thousand would definitely be an even match for the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.

And one with a rank of three thousand would easily destroy the sect.

However, not even the Executors of the Ancient Road would attempt to invade an immortal world with a rank of three thousand. Besides, no one knew what such worlds were like, as they were too far in the depths of the Great Necropolis.

Destructionless Castle was located within a cluster of thousandth ranked immortal worlds. In fact, there were some that were in the rank of twelve hundred, thirteen hundred, or even fifteen hundred. It was truly an impressive and awe-inspiring sight.

At a certain point, Yang Qi reached out and grasped a stream of energy, which condensed into the form of a crystalline powder. Absorbing it, he suddenly felt like he was eternally indestructible, and in a state of being both lifeless and destructionless. His psyche suddenly felt cleansed, as though all banal longing had been removed from him.

He nodded. “What a great place to practice cultivation. That said, it's not as amazing as the Engine of the One God, nor as profound as the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems. Once we're inside the castle, I should be able to study the spell formation and then reproduce something like it back in the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.”

“You really are our lucky star, Yang Qi,” the sectlord said.

“Look, a lot of people are going in,” Peaklord Memory said. “Let's go; we don’t want to be late.”

Yang Qi had never seen so many Terrifying experts in one place.

1. By way of explanation, the “purring” sound the creature makes in Chinese is an onomatopoeia that can be interpreted a few different ways. There is wordplay later on related to the sound it makes and the name of the creature that factored into my decision to go with this name. I guarantee you will roll your eyes when you see that wordplay. In Chinese, the name of the creature sounds silly and cute, and I think my English version carries the same feeling.

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