Chapter 1029: Too Much To Take In

The events playing out now were just about too much to take in.

As the fight between Yang Qi and Shi Yuan played out, it was obvious that Yang Qi had the upper hand, causing many of the onlookers to nod inwardly as they were reminded of how impressive the junior sectlord was. He could actually keep a Terrifying Inheritor in check!

As for Zi Qiong and Xi Hua, nobody put much stock in them, as Yang Qi had already defeated them with a single blow each.

However, Yang Qi hadn’t sealed them, giving them free reign to do as they wish after having been defeated.

Therefore, it was to the utter shock of everyone present that Zi Qiong launched a sneak attack on Xi Hua, killing him and taking his godpower seed.


Yang Qi blocked Shi Yuan, which gave Zi Qiong the time she needed to consume the godpower seed. Instantly, she began thrumming with Great Necropolis godpower, causing the image of a God-Ordaining Dais to rise up behind her.


All of a sudden, her head erupted with intense psychic fluctuations that swept out in all directions.


The fluctuations were filled with terrifying power, indicating that her will convergence had improved. She was now in the Terrifying level! It was a level that countless top experts longed to reach, and she had done it!

Shi Yuan burst out laughing. “You’re quite the vicious schemer, Zi Qiong. Xi Hua really fell for it, didn’t he? You took advantage of the rarest of opportunities, and now you’re in the Terrifying level. Perfect. Now we can join forces and kill this shifty junior sectlord!”

Although Shi Yuan was smiling, it couldn’t have been more insincere and forced. Never would he have guessed that Zi Qiong would do something like this. She had struck with intense force, without any warning whatsoever, and in that moment, Shi Yuan realized that he had misread her. She was truly a dangerous schemer, and worse, now that she had one more godpower seed than he did, she was going to be stronger than him.

Unsurprisingly, he was filled with regret. If he had known how much of a boost an additional godpower seed would give him, he wouldn’t have held back. He would have just immediately killed the other two Inheritors. What did the rules of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect matter, considering the benefits to be had? Instead, he had always allowed himself to be won over by Zi Qiong’s gentle reminders. Little did he know that she had been playing him all along, doing everything to protect herself and just waiting for the chance to make her move.

That said, there was still time to try allying himself with her. And if she and Yang Qi wore each other out in the fight, perhaps Shi Yuan could stab Zi Qiong in the back, take both of her godpower seeds, and become completely unparalleled under heaven.

It was obvious how malicious he was, considering how quickly he came up with this vicious plan.

However, what happened next caused his jaw to drop in astonishment. Zi Qiong walked up to Yang Qi and gave him a long, respectful salute.

“I, Zi Qiong, offer my respects, Junior Sectlord. I'm fully aware that I said some very disrespectful and arrogant things just now. However, all of that was simply a ruse to lure the traitor Xi Hua into a vulnerable position. Junior Sectlord, I truly hope that you can forgive me for that. Were it not for your help, I would never have been able to slay Xi Hua. It was all because your consummate move injured him, and before he could recover I managed to swoop in and seal the victory. Furthermore, it was your psychic fluctuations that helped me assimilate the godpower seed so quickly. Your strategic skills are beyond compare, Junior Sectlord. Henceforth, you have my heartfelt endorsement.”

All of the onlookers were completely dumbstruck, and were staring at Zi Qiong with their eyes wide. Who could ever have guessed that things would develop in this way? Shi Yuan almost felt like passing out from disbelief that Yang Qi and Zi Qiong had apparently been working together to kill Xi Hua and take his godpower seed, then help Zi Qiong reach the Terrifying level.

Yang Qi nodded, making it clear that he viewed Zi Qiong with favor.

The truth was that in the moment he had struck her and Xi Hua, she had reached out with her will, connecting directly to his sea of consciousness to explain what she wanted to do, even asking for his help. She had said, “Junior Sectlord, I can tell that you’re strong, but I'm worried Shi Yuan will be able to escape. Can you help me kill Xi Hua and take his godpower seed? I’ll be able to achieve a breakthrough, then I’ll join you and we can work together to take down that traitor Shi Yuan!  As you probably know, we Inheritors can’t truly work together, so the only way for me to survive is to acknowledge allegiance to you.”

Yang Qi had replied, “Why should I trust you?”

And she had said, “Junior Sectlord, I'm sure you realize how dangerous we Inheritors are once we reach the Terrifying level. Although Shi Yuan might not be able to kill you, he could easily escape. And then he could become a huge problem for the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect. Besides, considering how amazing you are, are you really worried about a puny little girl like me? Furthermore, I'm willing to give you my pure and chaste body if you agree to my suggestion. I’ll be yours!”

Yang Qi had immediately been impressed by the fact that this was obviously not a woman to take lightly. However, her plan was a good one and what she said was correct; the Inheritors would inevitably have to fight each other to the death. Of course, Yang Qi was already coming up with a whole set of plans in case she turned on him.

After dealing with Profound Valor, he had come up with many ways of dealing with Inheritors. Everyone had weaknesses, even them.

Thus, he and Zi Qiong reached an agreement in the time it took a spark to fly off a piece of flint, which led to the current situation.

“Y-you...” Shi Yuan stammered, “you bitch! I can’t believe you’re siding with him! You malicious villain! I should have killed both of you when we were out training!”

Shi Yuan was grinding his teeth with regret.

Turning to look at him, Zi Qiong said, “I've been fearing for my life since the moment you reached the Terrifying level, Shi Yuan. Worrying every moment that you might kill me. That’s why I seduced Xi Hua, to get him to help me fight you. At the same time, I manipulated your weaknesses to keep myself safe. Did you ever think I would really work with you? This junior sectlord is a man of great talent and bold vision. Everyone can see that the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect has reached new heights of glory after he took charge. With the two of us working together, the sect will be safe, and at the very least, my godpower seed will be safe. After all, he has no use for it. As for working with you, wouldn’t I just be sticking around waiting to die? Now, the junior sectlord and I will work together to crush you. And when I take your godpower seed, I’ll reach a higher level of enlightenment and acquire an unfathomable cultivation base!”

“You think that if you kill me, this junior sectlord is just going to give my godpower seed to you?”  Shi Yuan said, obviously not willing to just give up. “He’s in charge now, and you're already strong enough to be a threat to him. And that means that with my godpower seed, you’d be far stronger than him! Why would he possibly allow you to get strong enough to keep him in check? He’ll definitely put you in your place!”

“Who cares? Once I become his woman, none of that will matter.” She laughed. “After all, I'm still chaste and pure!”

“You bitch!” Shi Yuan growled. “On the path of cultivation, the self is the only important thing. Who cares about lovers? Even parents and children can be discarded! Anything that gets in the way of profit and improving the cultivation base should die. That’s the path to staying around forever, and it's a kind of competition that surpasses anything from the mortal world.”

“As long as our interests align, it doesn’t matter,” she replied. “He and I can work out all the details after we kill you. I don’t even expect him to give me the godpower seed right away. But he will, eventually. I'm the only Inheritor in the sect, so as long as I remain loyal, it makes sense for me to have it. The interests of the sect are our main bond.” Glancing over at Yang Qi, she said, “Am I right, Junior Sectlord? That’s what we originally said. Even if I don’t initially take the godpower seed, it will eventually become mine. And I’ll use it to further the interests of our sect.”

“That’s right,” Yang Qi replied. “What you say makes sense. Furthermore, Shi Yuan just threatened to leave the sect, which is a horrendous crime punishable by death. And it's enough for a sect to have one Inheritor; that way, infighting can be avoided. Obviously, allowing Shi Yuan to live isn't an option. That said, I think we should give him a chance to turn over a new leaf.”

Looking at Shi Yuan he said, “If you get on your knees and swear an oath to acknowledge allegiance to me and serve the sect faithfully, I can place a warding spell on you that will make you a thrall for a thousand years. After you help a hundred disciples reach the Terrifying level, then we can say you've atoned for your sins.”

“What?!” Shi Yuan said, his face falling. The ‘offer’ Yang Qi was making seemed ridiculous and impossible. “You... you savage! How about instead, I go for broke and make sure I cause as much destruction as possible in the sect! You really think it's going to be that easy to stop me!?” Killing energy surged within him as he said in a bone-chilling voice, “You’d better let me go, Yang Qi. Otherwise I’ll take at least half of the elite disciples of the sect with me to the grave!”

It was no empty threat. As a Terrifying Inheritor, he was definitely strong enough to follow through.

In response, Yang Qi looked at him with narrowed eyes.

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