Chapter 1028: You Wouldn’t Dare!

Two forces had just faced off in Junior Sectlord Hall. One of them was the duly appointed junior sectlord, who had rescued the sect from destruction. The other was an Inheritor of the Great Necropolis, favored by the heavens, who any sect would have loved to groom. And the two of them had clashed with countless disciples bearing witness.

Of course, the other two Inheritors, Zi Qiong and Xi Hua, had absolutely no qualifications to join the fight. Yang Qi disposed of them as easily as an eagle dealing with a baby chicken. They weren’t even on a level that could possibly defend against him.

Although Zi Qiong had very nearly passed out, she looked up, face contorted with rage, and said, “How dare you treat us like this! We’re Inheritors! Eternally indestructible! Do you really think you’re in charge here in the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect? If so, it shows that this sect is unfair and unjust. Maybe we’ll just leave and go join another sect, one that will give us the resources we require!”

“That’s right,” Xi Hua said, climbing to his feet. “You can’t kill us, Yang Qi, so you had better back off. Otherwise, we’re quitting this sect! Let me tell you, in our past year of training, even the Executors of the Ancient Road were trying to recruit us. Besides, there are thousands upon thousands of superpower sects that would love to have us. It’s not as if we have nowhere else to go.”

“So, you're saying you want to quit the sect?” Yang Qi said, calmly looking at Zi Qiong and Xi Hua.

Despite having been knocked to the ground, all it took was a moment before the godpower of the Great Necropolis was pouring into them, healing them and putting them back at their peak. That was one of the amazing qualities of the Inheritors. They truly seemed eternally indestructible, as long as they weren’t fighting other Inheritors.

And the effects were especially pronounced within the Great Necropolis itself. They were essentially impossible to kill, which was why everyone was so scared of them.

“That’s right,” Shi Yuan said, taking a step forward. “We're going to quit the sect. Look, enough with the tough talk. Let me put it plainly. Either you die, and I get the spot of junior sectlord, or we quit!” Greed flickered in his eyes as he glanced over at Zi Qiong and Xi Hua. If they were all kicked out of the sect, then there wouldn’t be anything preventing him from killing them.

By this point, he realized why Yang Qi had been appointed the junior sectlord. Obviously, he was very strong, with an unbelievable psychic scale and a boundless cultivation base.

Shi Yuan was now an Inheritor with Terrifying will, making him among the best of the best. Although he obviously couldn’t compare to people in the mid Terrifying level, he was definitely in a position to rival the sect leaders of superpower sects.

His plan all along had been to return to the sect, become the junior sectlord, then wait for a few years before stepping in as the sectlord. Then he would dominate all creation.

How could he have ever guessed that someone like Yang Qi would show up out of the blue, take his spot as the junior sectlord, unify the sect, and dash all of his hopes? Obviously, he was incensed, and immediately considered quitting the sect.

Ordinarily, a disciple would never dream of uttering the words he just had, but now that he was an Inheritor, he could act without the slightest scruple.

Furthermore, he was essentially asking the chief elders of the sect whether they would rather lose an Inheritor, or some random newcomer with an unclear background.

Nowadays, sects would fight bloody battles to get an Inheritor on their side, and wouldn’t just let go of them easily.

Similarly taking a step forward, Yang Qi said, “Just to make this very clear. You want to quit the sect?”

“That’s right!” Xi Hua said. “Unless you submit to us, we're leaving!”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Yang Qi said, ignoring Xi Hua and keeping his eyes fixed on Shi Yuan.

“Of course I would!” Shi Yuan shot back. “I'm an Inheritor of the Great Necropolis, so you can either submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish. If you dare to try pushing us around, you’ll end up dead. If the chief elders protect you, we’ll quit the sect. Of course, if the chief elders protect us instead, we’ll help boost the reputation of the sect. And how could they possibly be less interested in having three Inheritors around than some sketchy brat.”

“I imagine the chief elders will be coming out at any moment!” Zi Qiong called loudly.

However, in response to her words, not a single chief elder appeared. They were obviously waiting to see how things played out before making a decision.

“There’s no need to bother the chief elders with a minor matter such as this,” Yang Qi said. “I’ll handle it. Since you people want to bow out of the sect, then we don’t want you. By the way, are you really sure that you can’t have your status as Inheritors taken away? If so, then it’s going to be quite a shock to you when I strip your Inheritor status and give it to more loyal disciples!”

Then, Yang Qi flicked his sleeve.

These three had openly said in front of hundreds of thousands of elite disciples that they wanted to leave the sect. Therefore, Yang Qi had no choice but to punish their excessively rebellious talk with deadly force. Any disciple who spoke such words would be executed.

Yang Qi’s Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth had reached a higher level recently, so his God Legion Battle Robe had improved. Its sleeve was now like a world unto itself, within which lurked deadly killing intent.

That sleeve was now bearing down on Shi Yuan.

In response, Shi Yuan chuckled coldly, grabbed Zi Qiong and Xi Hua, and turned to leave.

However, that was when Yang Qi spread his hand wide, causing immense power to flow out, power that could destroy the heavens and crush the earth, or cause suns and moons to fall out of the sky.

All of a sudden Shi Yuan found, to his utter astonishment, that his Great Necropolis godpower was flowing relentlessly toward Yang Qi’s palm. Tossing Zi Qiong and Xi Hua to the side, he spun in place, launching a fist strike with all his might. At the same time, stone-colored armor spread out to cover his body.

When Yang Qi’s palm hit Shi Yuan’s fist, two energy shockwaves blasted out, passing through the greyspace of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect and heading out into the Great Necropolis at large, destroying worlds along the way, and even damaging immortal worlds ranked two or three hundred.

God-Ordaining Nine Transformations. First Transformation: Origin-Beginning Transformation!

A vicious grin could be seen on Shi Yuan’s face as he unleashed a marvelous ability derived from the Great Necropolis itself. All of a sudden, his body twisted and distorted as he moved with incredible speed, taking three steps and appearing behind Yang Qi, where he stabbed out with his finger.

Yang Qi didn’t even look behind him, but simply met the finger attack with his own finger, which shoved Shi Yuan back three steps.

Second Transformation: Heavenly-Gentleman Transformation!


He switched to a knifehand, chopping it out with incredible force and sending a streak of golden light piercing through Yang Qi’s defensive empyrean energy.

The attack slashed across Yang Qi’s skin, but although it left a mark, it didn’t actually cut him. How could an attack like that actually damage his Unspoiled Body?

“Let’s join forces to kill him!” Zi Qiong shouted. She and Xi Hua both lunged forward to attack. As for Xi Hua, he sent a sword stabbing toward Yang Qi, a sword covered with an exterior shell of stone, which was of course created by the godpower of the Great Necropolis.

The sword moved so fast that, in the blink of an eye, it was about to hit Yang Qi.

“Screw the hell off!” Yang Qi said, waving his sleeve. A blast of wind shot out, slamming into the sword. Instantly, Xi Hua was sent tumbling backward through the air, blood spraying out of his mouth before he flopped onto the ground, where the Great Necropolis godpower immediately began healing him.

Rushing forward, Zi Qiong said, “I’ll help you, Elder Brother Xi Hua!”

A moment ago, she had actually hesitated, and hadn’t unleashed an attack, which was why Yang Qi hadn’t hit her.


All of a sudden, Zi Qiong launched an attack right at Xi Hua’s head!

The vicious expression on Xi Hua’s face suddenly turned to a look of terror. “No! Junior Sister! Why are you attacking me? How could you be so treacherous! We were supposed to work together to take down Shi Yuan! You promised to be mine for all time! Why? Why are you doing this!?”

“Be yours for all time? You're quite the dreamer, aren’t you? In the end, there can only be one Inheritor of the Great Necropolis. I've been on my guard against you and Shi Yuan this entire time, just waiting for the right moment to make my move. Now die!” A triumphant expression appeared on Zi Qiong’s face as she thrummed with the godpower of the Great Necropolis and pushed her attack.


Xi Hua exploded like a crushed rock. Then a godpower seed emerged from his head, and Zi Qiong grabbed it and immediately began absorbing it.


When Shi Yuan saw this development, his face became a mask of shock and alarm. However, he was quick to react, sending a palm strike flying toward Zi Qiong in the hopes of grabbing the godpower seed.

Unfortunately for him, he was fighting Yang Qi, an opponent one couldn't afford to fight while distracted. Yang Qi blurred into a series of afterimages as he slapped a palm onto Shi Yuan’s back, causing him to vomit blood, which turned into stone as it fell, crashing onto the ground below.

Clearly, he had just sustained a deep injury.

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