Chapter 102: Minorcosm World

Upon seeing that Yang Qi was hesitating, Yang Susu said, “Qi’er, you can trust my master. If you need to say something, just say it. Besides, whatever good fortune you came across can’t be that amazing. You might have reached the Lifeseizing level at nineteen, but my master did even better than that. She did it at age fifteen. She was at Nonary Lifeseizing at twenty-four, and now, she’s working on the dao of the Legendary level.”

Yang Qi was shocked to hear Holy Daughter Manyflowers’ background. Obviously, she was favored by the heavens. A Lifeseizer at fifteen? How was such progress even possible? It was hard for him to even wrap his mind around. After all, in the countryside Yanhaven, something like that was literally impossible.

As for reaching Nonary Lifeseizing by twenty-four, that was even more unimaginable.

She was obviously far more powerful than he was. Of course, that didn’t mean that he was willing to tell the truth about his godly-class energy art. If word got out about that, people in the Demi-Immortal Institute would likely faint from shock.

Besides, if he had been born with that technique, then he probably would have reached the Lifeseizing level as an infant. And how could Holy Daughter Manyflowers possibly compare to that?

“Grand Elder, the truth is that I was struck by lightning. It strengthened my meridians and expanded my sea of energy. My true energy is far more vigorous than an ordinary person in the same level as me, and my fleshly body is about ten times as powerful. It was for those reasons that I was able to smash Longxuan Ye.” At this point, he relaxed his Devil-God Seal a bit to reveal some of the faint golden color of his blood.

“Oh really? Struck by lightning? And you got that strong?” With that, she sent some true energy into Yang Qi, and immediately noticed the golden blood, his abnormally large meridians, and his sea of energy, which was roughly ten times as expansive as it should be. “Well, it seems you’re telling the truth. Although, a lot of people get struck by lightning, but don’t benefit in this way. There must be more to the story. Having some lightning elements to your energy arts will help, but not to the extent you’ve shown.”

Despite her suspicions, the Devil-God Seal ensured that she wasn't able to see anything that Yang Qi didn't want her to.

“During the lightning strike, I noticed a beam of light enter me that I'm fairly certain was Humanoid True Energy.”

Truth be told, the golden imp in his forehead only seemed to become active when it wanted to, and he still had no idea what exactly it was. Revealing a bit of the truth to Holy Daughter Manyflowers would be worth it if she could shed some light on the subject.

“Some Humanoid True Energy entered your body?” Holy Daughter Manyflowers was visibly shocked. “Ah, now I understand. Some powerful expert must have been going through an energy arts tribulation, and during the process, was killed by a lightning strike. In the last moments, he managed to save some of his life force quintessence, which was absorbed by that lightning. When it went on to strike you, the quintessence was passed on to you. Things like this don’t happen often, but aren’t unheard-of. The Lifeseizing level, Legendary level, and even the Great Sage level all involve tribulations. If you don't pass them successfully, your souls will disperse, and your life force quintessence will scatter. If another person can acquire that life force, then they can advance by leaps and bounds. It seems you really got lucky!”

At long last, Yang Qi understood what had happened.

Apparently, the lightning mammoth that had come to rest inside of him was pure life force quintessence. As for the golden imp, it was likely a fragment of the soul of some powerful expert, which had contained parts of a cultivation technique.

However, that didn’t answer the question of what type of person had been cultivating the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to begin with.

After all, Yang Qi had never even heard whispers of godly-class energy arts existing in the Rich-Lush Continent.

In fact, not even heavenly-class arts were seen, and even saintly-class arts were little more than the thing of stories. For all intents and purposes, imperial-class energy arts were the most heaven-shaking, earth-shattering things in existence.

For example, Gu Fenxian’s Five Volumes of Immortal Immolation were called imperial-class, but were actually incomplete. At best, they could probably count as royal-class.

“Not bad at all,” Holy Daughter Manyflowers said. “Not only did you encounter some good fortune, but you're also naturally talented. However, the next thing you have to worry about is the Lifeseizing level, in which you will be treading a thin line between life and death. As I'm sure you know, the Lifeseizing level features enormous tribulations. Sometimes the vital energy of heaven and earth takes the shape of terrifying monsters who try to wrest control of your body, causing you to turn into a depraved, murderous monster yourself.

“It will all come down to your hard work, wisdom, temperament and perseverance. If you break through all of the obstacles, you’ll eventually reach the Legendary level.”

By this point, Yang Qi could tell that he had earned Holy Daughter Manyflowers’ approval. “I understand, Grand Elder. I definitely won't slack off in my cultivation.” 

By now, he could actually release the full level of his strength, and as long as he didn’t actually reveal the true form of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, no one would suspect that he had a godly-class energy art.

Most likely, not even the founders of the Demi-Immortal Institute had ever seen such an art.

“Very well. Considering that Susu has asked me to find a master for you, and that you’re talented enough for some of the old-timers to take an interest, I’ll take you to see some of them. As for whether or not they end up taking you in, that will depend on you.”

With that, she waved her hand, causing millions upon millions of flower petals from throughout the mountain to swirl together into the shape of an enormous lotus throne. Yang Qi and Yang Susu joined Holy Daughter Manyflowers on the throne, which then began to fly through the mountains.

Yang Qi couldn’t help but nod in admiration at how perfectly she controlled her energy arts.

In fact, he couldn’t even sense any energy fluctuations from it, as though it existed in perfect harmony with nature, its true energy one with heaven and earth. Even the flower petals seemed to thrum with intelligence, and move of their own accord.

As the lotus throne sped through the clouds and mountains, Yang Qi looked over the edge at the scenery. There were simply too many mountain peaks to count, some of them sharp, jagged, and sinister looking. Others were covered with massive trees, and looked ancient to the extreme. Others featured flowing streams and waterfalls, making them look very elegant. Some rose so high they seemed to connect with the sky itself.

According to the rules of the institute, it was only after performing five lifeseizings that one could take up residence in the Heaven Lode Mountains. This was where most conclave students practiced their cultivation.

“This mountainous area is actually just the periphery of the Demi-Immortal Institute,” Holy Daughter Manyflowers explained. “Deep in the Heaven Lode Mountains, there is a unique dimension set up by the founders, a place called the Minorcosm World. It is the true core of the institute. Only people in the Legendary level can go there, for example, my own master. Susu, you’ve been here for ten years, and yet, I’ve never had a chance to take you there. Well, keep your eyes open. This could be of great benefit to your cultivation.”

Eventually, Holy Daughter Manyflowers waved her hands, causing the mist and clouds up ahead to part. Then, the lotus throne flew higher and higher until it rose over a crest of mountains, revealing a sea of clouds.

The mere sight of it caused Yang Qi’s eyes to widen.

There, in the middle of all the clouds, was a massive stone gate. It was fully three thousand meters tall, and dozens of kilometers wide, and stood completely alone among the sea of clouds.

Compared to that gate, Yang Qi felt like he was an ant, or even smaller, like a grain of sand.

“This door leads to the Minorcosm World. Come on, let’s go.” Holy Daughter Manyflowers didn't seem impressed at all by the gate as she led them onto the sea of clouds. “This stone gate is called the Mysterygate of Heaven and Earth, an incomparably powerful magical item that controls the destiny of the Demi-Immortal Institute, and also contains a unique world inside….”

The gate was closed tight, giving Yang Qi a perfect view of the complex designs that covered its surface. Although he couldn't tell what it was constructed of, it was obviously some sort of divine stone that pulsed with the power of heaven and earth.

The designs were so profound that Yang Qi could tell they contained mysteries within mysteries.

Furthermore, the clouds beneath his feet thrummed with a powerful energy that would be too much for a Master of Energy to fly over safely. Only Lifeseizers could possibly do so, and even that, with much difficulty.

The slightest misstep would obviously lead to one's bones being crushed to dust.

Because of the effects of the ancient stone gate, whatever dangerous powers in the sea of clouds were negated, and they were transformed into a solid form, almost like white jade.

Each step they took across the clouds caused muffled rumbling to echo out.

From what Yang Qi could tell, there was no way his sword energy could possibly penetrate those clouds.

Never before in his life had he seen something like this.

Guarding the gate was a legion of giants, each of them dozens of meters tall, with razor-sharp weapons in hand. All of them had Lifeseizing cultivation bases, and were clearly the most elite troops of the Demi-Immortal Institute.

At the very bottom of the enormous stone gate was a little door that was also tightly sealed. Obviously, that was the most commonly used entrance. The entire gate itself would only be opened on extremely important occasions.

When the leader of the giants caught sight of them, he stepped forward with a slight smile on his face. Then, he dropped to one knee, showing just how much his position in the institute differed from Holy Daughter Manyflowers. 

“Well, if it isn’t Holy Daughter Manyflowers. What brings you here today? Visiting friends in the Minorcosm World? You’re nearly in the Legendary level, aren’t you? Fairly soon, you’ll be able to come here at will to practice cultivation.”

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