Chapter 1007: Paying Respects

“He has the Engine of the One God? No wonder Peaklords Celestial and Memory seem so much stronger. And that must be how the sectlord reached the level of seven cauldrons, too. In the seventh division, he can absorb thousands of types of vital energy. In fact, he should be able to absorb the true energy of enemies to reach higher levels of power in a fight.”

“People say that our psychic scaling systems are only one part of the ancient Cruiser of Civilization, and that to unlock its true power, you have to use the Engine of the One God. That’s how you can use that secret magic of the psyche, the Civilization Founding Grand Magic. Once you start cultivating that, your psychic power will advance by leaps and bounds. No wonder the sectlord and two peaklords seem to have psychic power that’s so off the charts.”

“If we have the Engine of the One God, doesn’t that mean we’re invincible?”

“Exactly. This is really going to improve our Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.”

“But once word spreads, won’t we become a big target?”

“Who would leak the news? Someone feeling suicidal?”

“The fact that the sectlord is backing this Yang Qi indicates two things. One, Yang Qi has reached incredible heights of cultivation. Two, he helped the sectlord a lot. And if the sectlord approves of him, I don't see what the problem is with him being our junior sectlord.”

“That's right. His cultivation base is obviously incredible. With hardly any effort at all, he beat three peaklords nearly into unconsciousness.”

One stone creates a thousand ripples. All it took was one word from Peaklord Celestial, and everyone realized what was going on. Furthermore, his energy fluctuations made it more than evident that he had reached a very profound level of cultivation.

All of a sudden, the chief elders fell silent.

As for the chief elders who had just joined forces to attack, they already realized that Yang Qi’s level of strength surpassed ordinary Terrifying experts. And his fleshly body was so strong and tough that there was no way they could kill him. If their true energy was the equivalent of streams of water, his was an ocean. And how could streams do anything to an ocean?

The backlash they had sustained from attacking Yang Qi felt like the destruction of the universe itself.

He had obviously reached a completely unimaginable level.

“As many of you already know,” the sectlord said, “Yang Qi’s brother is the successor of King Immortal-Slayer and has the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. We live in chaotic times, and although our Will Manifestation Heaven Sect is strong, it could be wiped out in the blink of an eye if the right opponent came along. But with the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, not even the Executors of the Ancient Road can truly threaten us. We could easily escape into the chart if necessary. Other than gods, no one can truly cause problems for us now.”

Many of the chief elders were already nodding in agreement.

“What’s more, I've already made the decision,” the sectlord continued. “Yang Qi is to be the junior sectlord. So now, the lot of you will all pay your respects. Once Yang Qi reaches the Terrifying level, I’ll retire and go into seclusion to focus on my cultivation, and he’ll succeed me as the sectlord. You all just witnessed how strong he is, so if anyone has an objection to the arrangement, feel free to step forward and settle it by fighting him.”

Everyone could tell that the sectlord had made up his mind, and any disagreement would be pointless. And the fact that Yang Qi had so handily defeated three peaklords made it clear that no one present was a match for him.

Even the strongest old-timers present realized that he was unimaginably strong.

However, after a long moment, one of the old-timers stepped forward, a man whose entire person was the color of jade. “Sectlord Will Manifestation, I would like to try out his fist technique. If he can stand up to my energy arts, then I will support his claim to be junior sectlord.”

Frowning, the sectlord said, “Elder Brother Jade, don’t tell me you’re planning to use your Thirty-Six Jade-Tower Golden-Bell Subjugations?”

“That's exactly right, Junior Brother Sectlord. After years of cultivating in seclusion, I've succeeded in mastering the technique, and am very curious to see how he will stand up to it. If he can handle it, I won’t have a thing to say in opposition.”

“There’s no need to waste words,” Yang Qi said. “I’m happy to accept your challenge. However, please don’t blame me if you end up getting hurt.”

“You think you're going to hurt me?” Elder Brother Jade said with an odd smile. “Quite the boaster, aren’t we, boy? Fine. Brace yourself.”


Elder Brother Jade made his move, and in the blink of an eye, an enormous jade axe appeared overhead, which slashed down toward Yang Qi with such might and speed that there was no way he could dodge it.

“First move. Crush Jade!

Face completely calm, Elder Brother Jade then unleashed another palm strike with infinite variations. Shockingly, he was releasing an attack at Yang Qi’s back!

Yang Qi didn’t even look at either attack. He simply met each incoming attack with a palm strike of his own.

Crack! Snap! The two attacks were completely shattered.

“Hmph!” Elder Brother Jade wasn’t ready to give up yet, and continued unleashing a host of attacks, striking with lightning speed and sending golden-jade energy out to fill the area.

Wham. Bam. Smack. Pop.

Thirty-six banging sounds rang out as he attacked numerous acupoints on Yang Qi’s body.

Afterward, Elder Brother Jade’s momentum seemed to be waning, whereupon Yang Qi looked over and said, “Finished yet, old man? If so, then it's my turn.”

“What?!” Elder Brother Jade blurted. He had distinctly sensed the power of his thirty-six attacks pouring into Yang Qi, which should have severely injured him. But in the end, he didn’t seem hurt at all.


Before Elder Brother Jade could decide what to do next, Yang Qi lunged forward like a godling attacking from within primal-chaos. His fist rocketed forth, carrying with it an energy field that instantly enveloped Elder Brother Jade. In fact, from Elder Brother Jade’s perspective, everything in existence faded away, leaving him staring at nothing but the enormous fist.

Sever Gold!” Smiling viciously, Elder Brother Jade chopped out both of his hands toward Yang Qi’s arms, clearly intending to sever them.

Yang Qi’s arms trembled, and then...


Elder Brother Jade's arms snapped and he was thrown backward. Meanwhile, Yang Qi pressed the attack, unleashing a torrent of fist strikes.

“First fist. Crush Jade! Second fist. Sever Gold! Third fist. Split Rock! Fourth fist. Shatter Soil!

You used your Thirty-Six Jade-Tower Golden-Bell Subjugations on me, so I’m going to use the same thirty-six moves on you. That’s only fair, right?”


Elder Brother Jade was sent flying through the air like a kite with its string cut. Every fist strike caused blood to spray out of his mouth, and the agony he was experiencing was obvious to everyone.

All onlookers were struck with dread by Yang Qi’s viciousness.


Eventually, Yang Qi reached the last move, which was Melt Ice. With that move, he slammed Elder Brother Jade onto the pile of three peaklords, then dropped onto him, planting his foot on his chest. “You might be the Elder Brother of the sectlord, but why exactly were you trying to kill me just now?”

“If you’re going to kill me, just kill me,” Elder Brother Jade growled. “There’s no need to jabber.”

“Enough, Yang Qi,” the sectlord said. “Elder Brother Jade used to be very close with Peaklord Grand Might, so it’s only to be expected that he would want to kill you. Since you defeated him, it’s obvious that no one can stand up to you. The position of junior sectlord belongs to you, and now you need to treat your defeated foes.”

“But will they accept me?” Yang Qi said. “If they voice their support for me as junior sectlord, I’ll heal them. But if they refuse... well, what do you say, Sectlord. What should I do then?”

“I appointed you as junior sectlord, so anyone who refuses to accept you will be defying my authority. In that case, they’ll be expelled from the sect.” Although the sectlord spoke casually, his tone of voice was harsh and even severe.

Looking over in surprise, Elder Brother Jade said, “Junior Brother Sectlord, you—”

“Elder Brother Jade,” the sectlord interrupted, sounding even harsher than before, “I suggest you not obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way. With Junior Sectlord Yang Qi on our side, good times are in store for the sect. Don’t tell me you really want to make yourself a criminal and an enemy of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect?”

At that point, Elder Brother Jade looked down in resignation and said, “Fine. I accept you, Junior Sectlord.”

“Excellent!” Yang Qi said. With that, he sent numerous streams of life force energy into Elder Brother Jade, who subsequently leaped to his feet, looking just as energetic as before.

“What?!” Numerous onlookers uttered exclamations of shock at how Yang Qi could restore Elder Brother Jade to his peak level with such casual ease.

The injuries he had sustained were not the kind that should have been so easy to negate.

“Congratulations, Junior Sectlord,” the sectlord said. “You obviously gained further enlightenment of the genetic systems of the Cruiser of Civilization. Assuming you made similar progress with the vivicreation systems and power assessment systems, your energy arts should be even more unmatchable than before.”

At this point, everyone realized that Yang Qi actually had multiple fragments of the Cruiser of Civilization. And it was now even more obvious why the sectlord was convinced Yang Qi would bring new glory to the sect.

“I’d prefer not to heal these three peaklords for now,” Yang Qi said. “I’d rather lock them up until they’re truly repentant. Then I’ll heal them. Do you have any objections, Sectlord?”

“That’s fine. Men, take away Peaklords Grand Might, Spiritwall, and Nāropa. Lock them up. And go arrest their sons, too. We want to make sure they’re truly repentant!”

“Yes sir!”

Streams of light shot forward and dragged the three peaklords away. It was now abundantly clear to everyone present that the face of heaven and earth were changing.

Sitting back down in his throne, the sectlord said, “And now, everyone, hurry up and pay respects to the junior sectlord. He now acts on my full authority. Of course, Yang Qi, I hope that you continue to act with caution and do everything in your power to advance the interests of the sect.”

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