Chapter 1005: Super-Powered Thug

The Wretch God Apostle had once been a superpowered individual. But after cultivating the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body, even only to the level of fifty tribulations, he had achieved progress that was in no way minor.

That said, even having roughly double the tribulations, the Wretch God Apostle was only about on the same level as Yang Qi. Although that might seem strange, to Yang Qi, the reason why was obvious. The combination of the technique with his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth led to godpower the likes of which surpassed what ordinary cultivators could achieve.

In fact, not even the creators of those two techniques could have imagined what would happen if they were cultivated together.

Yang Qi was truly treading a path that was completely unique unto himself.

The Wretch God Apostle exhaled, and a stream of fire appeared, wrapping around his body in a complex pattern before turning into a host of thread-like streams that entered his pores.

After the process was complete, black fur slowly grew out to cover his body, each strand of which was made of Wretch God Ultimate's Obsidian Flame.

Wretch God Ultimate's Obsidian Flame was so incredibly powerful that it could burn almost anything in existence into nothing, and anyone who worked with it had to be very careful.

But here it had turned into soft, glossy fur. What kind of level would someone have to reach to cause the flame to do that?

Not even Yang Qi knew the answer to that question.

But he did know that it was a representation of incredible power, and that once it was unleashed, most enemies would find it impossible to evade. With a full set of fur formed of Wretch God Ultimate's Obsidian Flame, the Wretch God Apostle had even stronger defenses than before. And the slightest effort on his part could cause the fur to be used in devastating attacks.

In fact, even a single strand could whip out and strangle an opponent to death.

Yang Qi looked him up and down, and knew that if he had to fight him he would probably lose.


The Wretch God Apostle suddenly struck Yang Qi with a palm, sending him flying backward. Glaring, he said, “So, you were using some kind of treasure to try to beat me. Sadly for you, I absorbed a lot of your power, and now my energy arts have advanced. Now I know how to vanquish your True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body. And nobody will possibly jump in to save you!”

Yang Qi forced himself to cough up a mouthful of blood. Then he snorted coldly and said, “You’re a lot weaker than before, Wretch God Apostle! My technique definitely damaged your sea of consciousness, so although you seem strong on the outside, you're actually weak. Come on, let’s join forces and break out of here! Quit trying to devour me!”

They were putting on quite the act.

“Hmph! I have an even more amazing technique I can use. I'm going to restore my energy, and then you’re dead!

Pop. Pop. Pop!

Even as the two of them put on their show, eight figures suddenly popped into being in the cell. Of course, it was the junior superintendent. Under the impression that the Wretch God Apostle and Yang Qi were both seriously injured, he smiled and said, “So, the two of you are fighting to the death right here in the prison?”

“What are you doing here, Junior Superintendent?” Yang Qi said, a look of shock on his face.

“Oh, nothing. Obviously, the Wretch God Apostle has defeated your energy arts. It seems my scheme is going just as I’d planned. What do you say? Not so arrogant now, are we? That said, I’m impressed that you managed to play the Wretch God Apostle. It seems you benefited from him as well. Don’t worry, I'm going to completely and utterly assimilate you.”

With that, he walked forward and grabbed Yang Qi as if to take him away.

“The rest of you, help out! Now's the time to act, when he's weak. And assimilate the Wretch God Apostle, too. Summon the formations and seal them both!”

“Yes sir!”

Everyone sprang into action, and god items and formations popped into being, surrounding the Wretch God Apostle. At the same time, the chains binding him began glowing with a bright light as the warding spells built into the prison cell were activated.

However, that was when the Wretch God Apostle suddenly threw his head back, laughed maniacally, and shouted, “Fooled ya!”

Bam. Bang. Boom!

The chains all exploded.

In the blink of an eye, the fur of Wretch God Ultimate's Obsidian Flame began glowing with dazzling light, then stabbed into the seven executors. Ghost Ace and his compatriots were all powerful experts, and although couldn’t possibly compare to the Wretch God Apostle, they should have been able to last in a fight for at least a few days. But right now, it didn't matter what defensive magical treasures or empyrean energies they threw up, nothing worked.

Even back when Wretch God Ultimate's Obsidian Flame had been in the form of a black dragon, it had been unstoppable, much less now when it was like a dazzling needle.

Flip. Flop.

The seven powerful executors were instantly slammed to the ground, their energy fading away as all of them were seriously injured. In fact, they were already bereft of their nascent divinities and seas of consciousness. Their wills were fading and their essences were being sucked into King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans.

Moments later, they were dead.

“What...?!” the junior superintendent blurted in shock and fear. In the initial moment, he wondered if he was dreaming, but he recovered quickly. “Not good!”

Keeping his grip on Yang Qi, he turned to flee. Unfortunately for him, the Wretch God Apostle’s hand snaked out and latched onto him. “Unbeknownst to you, I already absorbed all his techniques and energy! And I've already started cultivating the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body!”

The Wretch God Apostle poured energy into the junior superintendent, instantly killing him. Then he quickly searched him and excitedly said, “Milord, he has the Three Lives Stone!”

“Really? Let me see! With this, my fleshly body will be much less difficult to work with!”

He sent the stone into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, along with the corpses of the eight executors.

“Let’s go!” The Wretch God Apostle waved his hand and vanished, along with the more than twenty recently-created puppets in the prison.

Just like that, the junior superintendent was killed and the Wretch God Apostle escaped.

Later, when the other Executors of the Ancient Road realized what had occurred, they would assign all the blame to the Wretch God Apostle and wouldn't even think to check on the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.

After they were back in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and everything was confirmed to have been a success, Yang Qi laughed heartily. “Now I don’t have to worry about anything, and can focus on turning the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect into the strongest organization possible. Although, I’d hate to leave that treasure storehouse full. Clone, can you check to see if that Gate to the Gods actually works? If it does... then maybe I should risk going through it.”

“Of course.”

The clone activated some formations in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and they were connected to the location they had learned of thanks to Yuan Dongqing within moments.

The executors’ headquarters was huge, but at the same time, almost seemed to be in an embryonic stage, and was constantly moving and growing. Yang Qi had no interest in exploring it, but thankfully the clone could easily use the Godly Positioning System to lock down onto the specific location of the storehouse. Inside, there really was an enormous gate, seemingly carved from stone and covered with the markings of age. A faint mist surrounded it, and upon looking inside the portal, it seemed to stretch on forever and ever.

On the steps leading up to the gate sat several old men, whose hair and beards were so long and full that they almost looked like blankets covering their body. The entire group sat with their eyes closed, making it seem like they had passed away in meditation.

Obviously, they were the old-timers that had been tasked with guarding the treasures there.

All of a sudden, a few of the old-timers opened their eyes and looked around, as if they could sense that they were being watched.

“Hmm?” The clone quickly deactivated the spell formation. “They’re no slouches. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to get into that storehouse for now. Those guards are extremely formidable experts. I'd say it’s highly likely they’re all in the mid Terrifying level.

“The mid stage?” the sectlord said, visibly surprised. “People like that can survive in the god world. Reaching a will convergence of that level is very difficult. They must have psychic scales of a hundred or more!”

“I'm certain of it,” the clone said. “We can’t break in there for now, that much is obvious. However, if I can push my psychic scale past a hundred, we might stand a chance of sneaking in with the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. For now, the best thing would be to return to the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.”

“What do we do with the junior superintendent’s corpse?” the sectlord asked. “The executors will eventually realize he’s missing, and if they find out we’re responsible for killing him, it could provoke a major catastrophe. Furthermore, word of Yang Qi’s escape could also cause problems.”

“Don’t worry,” the clone replied. “Word never really spread that the junior superintendent took Yang Qi. Only those seven experts were in the know, and now they're all dead. And we can have the Wretch God Apostle shift blame to some other powerful organization. For example, the Doom Sect. Also, remember that Yang Qi is going to be the junior sectlord, so there’s no way he’ll let down the sect.”

“Right. In fact, I need to make the arrangements for the banquet to announce his appointment....”

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