Chapter 1003: One Psychic Slave After Another

Sectlord Magic Saber had really experienced some incredible bad luck. After being imprisoned, he had worked hard cultivating a special technique in the hopes of using it to escape. But sadly for him, Yang Qi showed up and used the psychic scaling systems to turn him into a servant.

Sectlord Magic Saber was once a very domineering figure. Although he wasn’t quite on the level of the Wretch God Apostle or Sectlord Will Manifestation, he was definitely on par with Peaklords Celestial and Memory, or the old-timers from various superpower sects. But now he was doomed to serve. [1]

Sectlord Magic Saber gradually stopped struggling and went silent, and eventually, his eyes went slack.

“Greetings, Milord!” he said to the immortal-slaying clone. After all, it was the clone who had performed the final act of enslavement, not Yang Qi. That said, there was little difference. Although Yang Qi and his clone were now separate people, they were still connected by blood and always acted in unison.

“Alright!” Sectlord Will Manifestation said. “Now that we have Sectlord Magic Saber in our service, we can move on to the next expert. However, it was quite a drain on our psychic power. First, we need to go back to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to recuperate.”

“That’s fine,” the clone replied. “Going forward, the process will only go faster and faster. I’ll create a connection to each of the new servants, linking them to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Then, I can draw on their godpower to subdue subsequent victims.”

With that, Yang Qi led the group back into the chart, leaving Sectlord Magic Saber behind to wait for the moment when Yang Qi released everyone, destroyed the prison, and caused a huge scene.

As they rested, the clone continued his work. Waving his hands, he summoned an enormous spell formation that contained two projections, which were none other than the Wretch God Apostle and Sectlord Magic Saber.

The clone waved his finger, and a blackish violet glow rose up from the Wretch God Apostle, while something like a full moon appeared behind Sectlord Magic Saber. The two types of light rose up and began to intertwine, then settled down onto the clone, giving him an added measure of protection equal to one third of the full power of the two experts.

Some time later, the clone activated other formations in the chart, causing a mirror to appear, which revealed another prisoner, this time a rather fat monk.

Peaklord Memory instantly recognized him. “That’s Fiendmonk Phantasea, who wreaked havoc on the Ancient Road to the Gods years ago. He’s the epitome of wretched evil, and specialized in capturing female disciples and draining them of all their power to bolster his own yin and yang. It would be a big injustice to not enslave someone like him.”

Not a single person in this prison was a weakling. All of them had once been domineering people, otherwise the Executors of the Ancient Road wouldn’t have taken an interest in them.

As for weak and unimportant people, they were usually just killed.

“Begin the process!”


The clone leaped into action, heading right into the cell and attacking the monk with the two streams of light he had just taken.


Before the monk could react, Yang Qi’s hand landed on his back, sending a stream of true energy into him that caused blood to spray out of his mouth.

A moment later, the psychic enslavement was finished and Fiendmonk Phantasea joined the Wretch God Apostle and Sectlord Magic Saber in servitude. Dropping to his knees, he said, “Greetings, Milord.”

This time the process had gone incredibly quickly.

Now, a red buddhist glow appeared behind the immortal-slaying clone as he gained a third of the power of Fiendmonk Phantasea.


The clone vanished, then reappeared in yet another cell, this one occupied by a man so burly he almost looked like an ape, and radiated an incredibly mighty and intimidating aura.

“That’s the Ape Hegemon of the Apemen!” Sectlord Will Manifestation said. “He's a very vicious character!”

Despite his warning, the clone didn’t pause for a moment. Before anyone could even take a breath, he was next to the Ape Hegemon, launching a vicious attack.

“What fool is attacking me!?” the Ape Hegemon growled, rising to his feet and causing the chains and fetters to clank loudly. He definitely looked a lot more intimidating than Fiendmonk Phantasea.

However, his intimidating nature did him little good. Three streams of power slammed into him, and he could hardly defend himself. Not even he could stand up to the combined powers of the Wretch God Apostle, Sectlord Magic Saber, and Fiendmonk Phantasea.

“Ape-Devil’s Heaven-Dissolving Fist!” he shouted, going all out. Unfortunately, he didn’t even get halfway through the move before Yang Qi met it with his fist. The Ape Hegemon’s fist energy swept through Yang Qi, yet it actually felt pleasing to him.

Taking advantage of the moment, the clone started the psychic enslavement process, sending a stream of power into the Ape Hegemon’s sea of consciousness. A moment later, the Ape Hegemon was on his knees calling the clone “milord”.

A stream of bright yellow light was added to the halo behind the clone.

In almost no time at all, the clone had the power of the Wretch God Apostle, Sectlord Magic Saber, Fiendmonk Phantasea, and the Ape Hegemon, making him almost completely invincible.

The next goal was to take down the person in the prison whose power index was second only to the Wretch God Apostle. Shockingly, that person wasn’t an ordinary individual, but was actually one of the executors!

He looked insane, with disheveled hair, sitting there with legs spread wide as he muttered to himself. However, as soon as the passageway into his cell opened, he looked up with shining eyes. “The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? Interesting. It's hard to believe you can actually pierce through the defenses of the prison to get in here.”

“You have sharp eyes,” the clone replied. “You're an executor, right? What are you doing here?” The clone could sense that this executor had royal blood, which was a rarity. Of course, that would make him an excellent servant.

“I can sense King Immortal-Slayer’s aura on you, young man.” Then he noticed the four-colored halo, and his eyes widened in shock. “You've enslaved the Wretch God Apostle, Sectlord Magic Saber, Fiendmonk Phantasea, and the Ape Hegemon! Oh. So you must be here to do the same to me.”

“Very perceptive. In that case, you must realize that it's useless to fight back. Just accept the enslavement, and you won't feel any pain.”

“Aren’t you worried I might call for help?” the executor said with a smile. “You see, I'm from the royal clan. All I have to do is activate my bloodline ability, and before you could do a thing, the guards outside would be alerted. Then your entire plan would be ruined. Instead, why don’t we make a little deal? You get me out of here, and I’ll keep your secret. There are hundreds of other experts in this prison, you’re not really going to ruin your entire mission just because of me, are you?”


Even as the executor chuckled coldly, someone appeared behind him and struck him in the back so quickly he had no chance to react.

Howling with rage, he spun to find Yang Qi behind him, true energy pouring from his fist.

The sneak attack worked!

“You talk a lot of crap,” Yang Qi said as he unleashed his Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning. “Go ahead and use that bloodline ability. Do it! Come on!”

“You!” the executor growled. Unfortunately, by this point, it was too late, and he was powerless to fight back.

“No! I have royal blood! And I was framed! I'm not supposed to be here. Let me out! You can’t enslave me!”

In the end, his cries weakened, and after a day passed, he was ready to submit.

After it was over, Yang Qi and the immortal-slaying clone were both feeling very tired. Obviously, this executor was almost on the same level as the Wretch God Apostle.

“What’s your name?” Yang Qi asked.

“Milord, your servant is named Yuan Dongqing from the royal clan. I was supposed to become a real prince, but was framed and thrown into prison.” [2]

With that, Yuan Dongqing went on to explain everything about himself.

“Hey, do you know where the treasure storehouse is?” Yang Qi suddenly asked.

1. Just a note here to point out that one of the common bits of filler is to remind the audience of how Yang Qi is doing certain seemingly impossible things. For instance, in the recent chapters, there have been many, many reminders that he is using the psychic scaling systems with the Engine of the One God, backed by the godhood stars, the clone’s Terrifying cultivation base, and whatnot. Seriously, this aspect gets brought up over and over again. I'm cutting out these things unless they are absolutely necessary for the plot. I don’t feel there is a need to be constantly reminded about things that have already been well-established in recent chapters.

2. Yuan Dongqing: Yuan is a surname that has many other definitions that I won’t go into here. Dong means “east” and Qing means “green, blue, cyan, azure”. At this point in the novel, many people have contrived names, but there are still some that, at least to me, come across as being just normal names. For the most part, my criteria for translating versus transliterating comes down to whether it’s a contrived name designed to match an organization, or an actual “birth name” connected to a family.

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