Chapter 1002: The Experts in the Prison

There were many Terrifying experts locked up in Heaven Penitentiary; they were fierce, unreasonable, and even insane, and if there was no doubt that getting them under his control would be very profitable. Furthermore, inciting them to revolt would bring explosive results.

This plan had long since been simmering in the back of his mind, and everyone present was fully on board.

By now, they fully trusted Yang Qi. Besides, he was to be the junior sectlord and would be looking out for the interests of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect as a whole. The prisoners were all domineering figures from the Ancient Road to the Gods, which meant that if he could force them to submit, one by one, and make them loyal believers, they would become an army that would be his biggest trump card.

“Now that we’ve taken care of the Wretch God Apostle, our biggest task is complete,” the immortal-slaying clone said. Looking at the sectlord and peaklords, he continued, “If you’re interested, you can stay here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart for a while to work on your cultivation. I’d be happy to provide some tips to help out.” Now that the clone was in the Terrifying level, he was actually far stronger than even the sectlord, and could obviously provide some very helpful cultivation assistance.

Thus, the three of them stayed in the chart to further their cultivation. Time could operate differently in the chart. Ten thousand years inside could be like an hour or two outside, which made the place extremely useful for cultivation purposes.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi returned to the outside, where he put the Wretch God Apostle’s will back into his body. Then he began refining his psychic scaling systems and improving the Civilization Founding Grand Magic that he had gained enlightenment of.

With the Civilization Founding Grand Magic, he would definitely be able to reach the level of fifty tribulations. Unfortunately, the stronger he got in that regard, the more difficult it would be to control his body. Right now, he had the perfect combination of might and agility.

He really needed to get that Mahātmā Jade if he wanted to further his cultivation without worrying about such matters. Right now, he was able to treat the symptoms, but not the root cause.

“Little punk!” the Wretch God Apostle shouted. “You’re plotting against me! I'm gonna kill you!”

Of course, it was an act, as he was now a loyal servant. However, Yang Qi needed to keep up the act in case the junior superintendent was watching.


A mass of blood erupted from Yang Qi’s mouth. “You want to possess me, Wretch God Apostle?! Well, it’s not going to be that easy. I'm not afraid of you!”

A heated scuffle then broke out.

Meanwhile, in a secret location outside, the junior superintendent and eight other experts were working on their cultivation in a spell formation. The junior superintendent had a magical possession technique at the ready, and as soon as the Wretch God Apostle and Yang Qi wore each other down, he planned to swoop in and use it on Yang Qi.

All of a sudden, Ghost Ace opened his eyes and asked, “Junior Superintendent, what happens if the Wretch God Apostle and Yang Qi actually join forces?”

“You really think those two are going to work together?” the junior superintendent replied with a cold smile. “Don’t you know what kind of person the Wretch God Apostle is? He’s extremely selfish and cares only about power. Furthermore, he’s very distrustful and will take advantage of anyone, as long as he benefits as a result. He would betray his own friends, let alone a juicy prize like the one we've just thrown down to him. How could he possibly pass up the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body? When a man is thirsty enough, he’ll gulp down even poisoned wine.”

“Junior Superintendent, sir!” an executor said from outside. “It’s just as you predicted! The Wretch God Apostle offered to work with Yang Qi, only to use some sort of wretch-god energy art on him at the last minute, to try to possess him. Now the two of them are fighting. At the moment, the Wretch God Apostle has the upper hand, but it doesn't seem like he has what it takes to completely subdue Yang Qi.”

The junior superintendent nodded knowingly. “Things are going exactly as I thought they would. The Wretch God Apostle really is a dog that can't stop himself from eating excrement.”

“You have the foresight of a god, Junior Superintendent!” Ghost Ace said. “However, if the Wretch God Apostle actually manages to defeat Yang Qi, then devours him, his energy arts would reach a terrifying level.”

“Nah,” the junior superintendent said. “Even if he did try to devour Yang Qi, he would definitely experience cultivation deviation. Besides, beating Yang Qi isn't going to be that easy. Is the Three Lives Stone here yet?”

“It’s here, sir. We forged a royal order that got us into the treasure storehouse. Hopefully, you’ll back us up if any trouble results from that.” The executor outside held up a fist-sized stone, irregularly shaped and composed of three different colors. Apparently, that stone could absorb just about anything and convert it into immense power.

“Amazing,” the junior superintendent said, taking the stone. “I won't be able to keep this for long, before I have to return it to the storehouse. But with it, I’ll definitely be able to cultivate the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body. Of course, I have to subdue Yang Qi first. Let him continue fighting with the Wretch God Apostle. Once the two of them weaken each other, I’ll assimilate both of them.”

Laughing heartily, he sent some true energy into the Three Lives Stone.

“Keep watching them, and notify me of any developments. Once I get that technique, I’ll make sure all of you are well-rewarded.”

“Yes sir!”

Meanwhile, none of them had any idea that the “fight” going on between Yang Qi and the Wretch God Apostle was all just an act. In fact, he was actually helping the Wretch God Apostle to cultivate the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body.

At a certain point, when Yang Qi could see that the Wretch God Apostle had entered a state of deep cultivation, he used a powerful illusion technique and slipped into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

The immortal-slaying clone immediately ceased his cultivation and rose to his feet, looking out to see how things were progressing in the prison. The place looked almost like a beehive, with the cells being the countless sections of the hive.

“Look there,” Sectlord Will Manifestation said, pointing at one of the cells. “That's the sectlord of the Magic Saber Sect. Years ago, the sect was destroyed by the executors and he was locked up here.”

The prisoner he indicated looked almost like the embodiment of a saber, and he was chained to the ground in a similar fashion as the Wretch God Apostle. His eyes were fierce and radiated a sensation of the Terrifying level.

“Don’t tell me that he's a friend of yours, Sectlord?” the clone said. “If so, we could rescue him.”

“He’s no friend. In fact, I used to consider him a big enemy. Our two sects had many fights, and he killed a lot of our disciples. But I can’t help but feel bad seeing him like this. As they say, if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves. In any case, definitely don’t free him. Use psychic enslavement to turn him into a servant of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect instead.”

From his last two statements it was possible to see how ruthless and decisive Sectlord Will Manifestation could be.


The moment the words left his mouth, an opening appeared in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and Yang Qi led him and the two peaklords into the prison. Although the cell was protected by numerous warding spells, Yang Qi’s Life-Death Void-Destruction God-Lightning could easily negate them and make sure that everything looked normal from the outside.

Using the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and the Unspoiled Body together made it possible to create illusions that could deceive anyone. And the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was something that only gods could possibly detect.

“Who goes there?” The chained Sectlord Magic Saber looked Yang Qi up and down, clearly confused. Then he saw Sectlord Will Manifestation, and his eyes flickered with surprise. He chuckled. “Sectlord Will Manifestation. So, you’ve been captured as well. How very unexpected. The two of us are going to be cellmates, I take it?”

“Like hell we are. Start the psychic enslavement!”

Psychic fluctuations rolled out as Yang Qi walked forward and reached his hand out toward Sectlord Magic Saber’s head.

Instantly realizing that something was off, Sectlord Magic Saber said, “You’re not a prisoner. What are you doing?” He twitched, sending out a blast of saber energy that slammed into Yang Qi’s palm. Shifting tactics, Yang Qi fought back and forth with him for nearly a thousand moves. The saber energy was powerful, and this was Yang Qi’s first time drawing on his newfound abilities. Considering that this was a sectlord from what had once been a very powerful organization, it was a good chance to get some experience.

Plus, he had other powerful experts there to back him up.

Sectlord Magic Saber didn't last for long. The backlash he experienced when trying to attack Yang Qi was strong enough that his meridians were severely damaged. The fight was intense, and Sectlord Magic Saber was soon driven mad with frustration.

In the end, Yang Qi tapped his forehead and sent a psychic pulse into his sea of consciousness.

A moment later, he was sealed and bound.

“How did you people get in here?” he shouted. “Don’t enslave me!”

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