A tiny spark of light was floating in the vast emptiness of space.

The spark was unnoticeable, existing between reality and nothingness.

Yet within this spark resided a consciousness—a divine consciousness.

Only this divine consciousness could roam the universe without facing the threat of destruction. It was searching for something as it moved in a singular direction.

Silently, he felt it all—a guiding and pulling force that appeared and disappeared.

Since the passing of his wife, his divine consciousness had faded. The only means for him to return to the real world was to be reborn.

In this world, there was no cure for the regret of things that might have been. Even though he was a God King and could reverse time for a short period, he could not change everything that had happened.

He had no choice but to find her, even if it meant abandoning the tens of thousands of years of cultivation and relinquishing his God King rank.

There was nothing more important than her. Without her, what was the point of being the king of the universe? Without her, it all would become meaningless.

With a clear mind, he chose to die alongside her, preserving a fragment of his divine consciousness solely for his quest to find his wife. He firmly believed he would discover the world where his wife had reincarnated.

Memories of their past together unfolded in his mind, from when they first met to the final seconds as she departed.

Even after tens of thousands of years, all his memories with her remained as vivid as if they had happened yesterday.

Please wait for me, Xiao Wu!

I am coming for you.

Even if you've lost your memory of our time together after you reincarnated, I must and I will keep seeking you out.

Your Tang San was reborn for you.

Bananachocopie's Thoughts

BananaChocoPie's thoughts: 

And finally, our beloved Tang San is back, and his story, alongside Xiao Wu's, will continue.

Also, to briefly introduce myself, I am BananaChocoPie, and this is my first novel translation. I have enjoyed the Soul Land series since the first book. I hope my translation will be a great way for us to return to the story and adventures that are bound to continue. Nice to meet you all!


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