Chapter 89

[The weapon ogre has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[The quest has been updated.]

[Monster Wave → Suspicious Monster]

[Suspicious Monster]

[You have encountered a strange monster while investigating the cause of the monster wave. Report this monster to Herard.

Rating: B+

Conditions: Report to Herard 0/1

Rewards: Experience, imperial contribution, the emperor’s gift.] 

The weapon ogre didn’t drop any items, so Hyeonu failed to make a profit once again. However, this was an irrelevant matter to him. It was because he got a clue to the quest he had been unable to find a solution for. No, in fact, he had unraveled the quest.

“I need to return to Latus.”

Hyeonu finally escaped the Hejin Great Mountain Range.


Once Hyeonu returned, Herard was no longer in Fort Latus.

“Where did he go?”

“He went to the capital. He had something to report to His Majesty the Emperor.”

Groan...” Hyeonu touched his forehead upon hearing the guard’s words.

It felt like he had to go to Yusma.

“I understand. Then I’ll go and take a look.”

After being escorted by a guard, Hyeonu took out a return book from his inventory and tore it.


Duke Lebron, the bronze-skinned man sitting in the training hall, opened his eyes. “Herard, why are you here? I thought the next time I saw you again would be at your funeral...”

“You are now cursing me instead of just slandering me. Your personality is still the same.” Unlike what his words suggested, Herard was smiling.

In the past, he was part of the same knights’ division as Lebron. After they rose to a high position, they competed against each other as knight captains.

Bah, who told you to run away to that remote place? I thought you were going to die alone biding it out in that remote place.” Lebron got up from his spot and patted his back, which didn’t seem to hurt at all.

It was an unspoken demonstration to show that he had been struggling so much. Then he asked, “What is the reason you’ve come here? Aren’t you supposed to be stuck in Latus?”

“Some adventurers are looking for the origin of the monster wave in the great mountains. I came here with His Majesty’s support to pull out the roots in advance.”

Lebron touched his chin when he heard Herard’s words.

‘I guess this is enough to move his heavy ass.’

At this moment, Lebron recalled a man—a man who was cheap but possessed a monster-like talent. He was Lebron’s only disciple and an adventurer, Kang Hyeonu. “What about my disciple? Is he doing well?”

“Disciple? Ah, that adventurer? He is amazing. I can see why you accepted an adventurer as a disciple despite the many rising stars.”

There was a shallow smile on Lebron’s face. Which master wouldn’t feel happy when his disciple was praised?

“That guy...” Lebron was about to compliment Hyeonu when someone rushed in.

“Oh, Herard. Why did you leave for the capital without saying anything? Since you made a request, you should’ve stayed to receive the answer.” It was Hyeonu who rushed in and poured out words toward Herard.

“Why are you here?”

“I was told you went to see the emperor, so I was in a hurry. You asked me for something, and I now know the answer.”

“You? You found it?” Herard’s expression became strange at Hyeonu’s unexpected words. He hadn’t expected it at all. Hyeonu was the first adventurer he entrusted the investigation to, but Hyeonu was also the weakest. Additionally, crucially, he was alone. There was a limit to how much of the Hejin Great Mountain Range’s tough terrain could be explored.

‘Yet he finished the investigation? As expected of Duke Lebron’s disciple.’

“Tell me what you’ve learned. The rewards will be given afterward.”

“I found that...” Hyeonu was trying to tell Herard what he had been investigating when Lebron interrupted him.

“You put this person in charge of the investigation? Why did you believe in him…?” Lebron asked.

“He is the only disciple of the best knight and a duke of the empire. If I don’t leave the investigation to such a person, who will I leave it to?” Herard explained.

“That is true. Hum hum.

“Then can I speak now? Mas-ter!” Hyeonu said.

Lebron nodded.

[Report to Herard 1/1]

“I met an ogre covered in tattoos. He was also wearing a chest piece made with the same skill as the castle ones.”

Um... did he have a tattoo like this?” Lebron waved his hand. The ground of the training hall split apart in an instant, and the ogre’s tattoo was drawn on it.

“Yes, it looked like that. That ogre was contaminated by black magic.”

Upon hearing Hyeonu’s answer, Lebron and Herard glanced at each other.

“Sure enough, they aren’t over.”

“I thought I cut off the tail with the earl...”

“They are obviously targeting the empire. To be precise, they are aiming at the throne.”

“I think I have to go and see His Majesty quickly. Come along. Follow me.”

“R… Rew....” Hyeonu was unable to ask for the rewards as he followed Lebron and Herard into the imperial palace.


“So? You’re reporting in order to ask for support? Now?” The emperor, Alexander had buried himself deep on his throne. His eyes were filled with boredom, and he showed no interest in Lebron’s words.

“They are aiming for Your Majesty. Before they challenge the imperial power, we must remove the buds in order to maintain the peace of the empire. Think about it.” Herard’s tone was enthusiastic.

However, Alexander seemed uninterested. “Duke Lebron, do I have to pay attention to this?”

“Of course, Your Majesty is the pillar of the empire, the sun. Everything must be done according to Your Majesty’s will.”

Upon hearing Lebron’s answer, Alexander’s face crumpled. “Shit, let me take a break as well. Herard! How about you take the throne? I will assume the position of commander at Latus. I want to rest in that remote mountain valley.”

“Your Majesty, those words are unfair. How can I rise to the throne?”

“This guy, all you’re thinking about is playing around.” Alexander was heated up for a long time when he turned his head toward Hyeonu. “Gang Hyeonu, completely solve this matter in your capacity as Duke Lebron’s disciple.”

“What do you mean?” Hyeonu was puzzled by Alexander’s sudden words.

“That’s right. You also have the merit of discovering this matter, so you will be compensated accordingly.”

[Suspicious Monster has been cleared.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[3,000 imperial contributions have been acquired.]

[The emperor’s gift has been acquired.]

Alexander threw something small at Hyeonu. Hyeonu caught Alexander’s object.

‘What is this?’

“A gem?”

Hyeonu was cocking his head when Alexander said to him, “Go to the imperial library. Then you will be rewarded.”

[Imperial Library]

[Visit the imperial library with the red jewel given to you by Emperor Alexander.

Rating: F

Conditions: Deliver the gem to the imperial librarian 0/1

Rewards: One skill book of your choice.]

‘Skill book?’ Hyeonu smiled brightly when he checked the quest window. It was clear that if it was a skill book obtained from the imperial library, it must be a unique rated skill book. There was no better reward for Hyeonu, who lacked skills.

‘I received 3,000 contribution points and leveled up.’

“The hard work paid off.”

Hyeonu said farewell to Alexander and exited the palace.

“Then I’ll go there.”

Hyeonu was leaving the palace when he heard a voice in his head.

-Stop at my mansion before leaving the capital. I have something to say.

Hyeonu nodded his head slightly at Lebron’s words.


Just like the empire that ruled the continent, the imperial palace was gorgeous and spacious. Every time he entered the imperial palace, he had been directed to the emperor’s great hall. This was the first time he had gone to another place.

Uwah... I finally found it.” Hyeonu was able to find the imperial library only after a long time. “Is there really no one here?”

There were no guards at the entrance of the imperial library. Hyeonu stood with the red gem in his hand and stepped inside.

“Who are you?”

Just then, Hyeonu heard a sound behind him and turned around. He was shocked and almost drew out his single-edged sword. ‘Phew, I was shocked.’

It was an old man with a white beard who appeared in front of Hyeonu. “I’m the old man who cleans the imperial library. This is a place that only the imperial family can access. I don’t think you are royalty.”

“I’m Gang Hyeonu. I am also the disciple of Duke Lebron. I came to visit the library...” Hyeonu responded to the old man and held out the red gem in his hand. “The emperor said that if I showed this to the imperial library, I would receive a skill book.”

The old man, the librarian, received the red gem from Hyeonu. Then he examined it carefully. “Yes, this is real. You are an adventurer yet you have received the confidence of His Majesty.”

The old man dragged Hyeonu to one side of the library. “Since you are Lebron’s disciple, do you use a sword as well? This is a bookshelf with a collection of skills related to it. It ranges from the secret techniques of the temples to the techniques of the far East Continent,” the old man said with a proud expression.

“Can I take a look before choosing?”

“Do what you want. You can only choose one book anyway. It is a good idea to choose carefully,” the old man kindly answered Hyeonu’s question.

Hyeonu approached the bookshelf and started to scan the titles on the covers.

[Crescent Moon Cut]

[Splitting the Earth]

[Dragon Piercing]

[Seven Stars]

[Throw an Awl]

[Magic Power Fusion]

[Flame Spear]

There were many good skills. It ranged from the Crescent Moon Cut that Hyeonu was familiar with to what seemed to be rare skills, even if only the name was mentioned.

Um... What should I choose?”

Hyeonu realized that the choosing disorder, which he thought he only got when ordering chicken, had returned to him.

‘I don’t know what to choose.’

They all looked good, so his agony naturally grew. Then Hyeonu’s eyes fell on a skill book. The name didn’t match Arena, which had a fantasy backdrop.

[Mysterious Sky Demonic Art]

“What is that?”

“Didn’t you listen to me? I said there were techniques from the East Continent.”

Hyeonu’s experience of reading numerous genre novels during the military was ringing. This was a jackpot. If he had to choose one, then he should choose this.

“Then I’ll take this.”

Hyeonu’s choice was the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

[Skill Book - Mysterious Sky Demonic Art has been acquired.]

“Then leave the imperial library.”

Once Hyeonu picked a skill book, the librarian firmly kicked him out of the library. After getting kicked out, Hyeonu squatted on the stairs of the library.

“Shall I start with the item information?” Hyeonu opened the skill book that he had sandwiched between his armpits.

[Mysterious Sky Demonic Art]

[-A martial art mastered by a sect on the East Continent.]

Its name alone seemed very powerful.

“A good name!” A frivolous voice erupted from Hyeonu’s mouth that didn’t match the imperial palace. He had picked it out with instinct, but it was clearly a good skill.

[Mysterious Sky Demonic Art has been used.]

[A skill has been created.]

“Now, let’s see how it works.”

A question mark appeared above Hyeonu’s head.

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