Chapter 85

“Hello, Dwayne Evans.”

“Alley Leader, it is a pleasure to meet you.” 

Hyeonu responded to Dwayne’s greeting. Then Dwayne reached out as a sign to shake hands. When Hyeonu saw it, he held out a hand. However, he flinched in an unnatural manner. Kale saw it and shook his head. ‘Why is he trembling like that? Did something happen privately with Dwayne?’

“Fortunately, I became your first student. I’m a really big fan. Can you take a photo with me? I want to post it on my social media.”

“A photo... I’ll take 10 with you.”

In contrast to his imposing words, Hyeonu’s face was full of tension.

‘Taking a photo with Dwayne...’

Hyeonu was in a dilemma. He wanted to reject it, but this was Dwayne Evans—one of Hollywood’s top stars. It was just that Hyeonu originally didn’t like to take photos. The same was true even if he was masked.

‘Still, it must be taken.’

Hyeonu shook his head. It wasn’t worth worrying about. He safely took a photo with Dwayne. Dwayne smiled brightly after he saw the photo he took with Hyeonu. “Now the number of things I can brag to my friends about has increased.”

“Then I’ll talk about the stream.”

“Yes, please do.”

“Three hours today and three hours next Monday. I will spend six hours teaching and practicing PvP with you.”

“I want to learn quickly. My body is already starting to itch.”

“I just have one question. Dwayne Evans, aren’t you know for being the best action star in Hollywood? Why is your arena ranking so low?”

Rank 67,342,332—it didn’t match Dwayne Evans, who was level 112 and had unique items.

“Let’s see... I don’t know either. PvP is especially tiring. It isn’t that I dislike it. It just doesn’t fit.”

“Then I’ll have to start with teaching the basics of PvP. What weapon do you mainly use?”

“I use this. It is my class.”

Dwayne took off his robe. Hyeonu was shocked when he saw it. Why was he taking off a robe to show his weapon?


Dwayne took off his robe to reveal that he was wearing a martial artist’s uniform. The uniform really suited his muscular body.

“My class is a close-range fighter. It was a class I got at level 30 when I stumbled across an NPC at a hunting ground. I use my entire body as a weapon. Let me show you my skills.”

He summoned a scarecrow and cast one skill. Seeing this scene, Hyeonu clicked his tongue. Dwayne rushed toward the scarecrow. He ran forward and literally struck the scarecrow with his shoulder. Then he beat the scarecrow using his body.

“This is why you’re weak at PvP.”

Dwayne’s problem was simple. It was his class. His class wasn’t a bad class. It was just too hard to use the skills. There were probably a handful of people who could make good use of the close-range fighter class in Arena.

“Originally, a class like a monk who punches has a hard job, let alone the close-range fighter that uses their entire body.”

‘There also seems to be one fatal problem.’

Hyeonu had definitely figured out the problem. If the talent of the class was well understood, then a combat style could be established with confidence. He called out to Dwayne, “Dwayne!! If you’ve used all your skills, come back.”

Dwayne used one or two more skills before he stopped hitting the scarecrow.

“I have figured out the problem. I’ll teach you more when I start the stream.”

“Already? Just by looking at my skills?” Dwayne sent a dark look to Hyeonu.

It might be Alley Leader, but wasn’t this too much? He only saw Dwayne using his skills against the scarecrow yet he had already identified the problem. Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “I’ll ask you one thing. The close-range fighter class—are the persistent skills good?”

Dwayne was speechless when he was questioned by Alley Leader, who stabbed like an awl.

“Y...Yes. If I don’t use a blade, my attack power will increase by 100% by default. Additionally, if I use an area other than my fists, I will receive 300% bonus damage.”

‘This is a scam!’ Hyeonu was frightened when he heard Dwayne’s words. It was truly a rare class. The answer that he received was a ridiculous scam. No matter how he looked at it, the class was overpowered. Obviously, it was better than any other class in PvP and melee.

“I...I see. To put it short, the close-range fighter is a high-risk, high-returns class like a magician. I will think about it. Then...” Hyeonu turned away to prepare for the stream. 

Dwayne was left alone and focused on Hyeonu’s last words. ‘High-risk, high-returns?’

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t find an answer.


[Alley Leader Academy is open!]

Even today, Hyeonu’s stream was filled with viewers. Now it started with one million people. As the stream progressed, the number of viewers would increase. Even so, the viewers didn’t call out about that. There was only one thing they were curious about—the student who would appear for the 1st episode of Alley Leader Academy.

-Who is the guest today?

-Make it public quickly.

-I like a woman!

-Woman up!

-Woman, woman!

Hyeonu appeared as the viewers were discussing today’s guest. “Hello, everyone. I am Alley Leader. Today is the beginning of Alley Leader Academy as I have promised. Are you all wondering about who will appear?”

-Make it public quickly.

-Stop talking nonsense and make it public.

-Guest up!

-Leader Groupie has gifted you 99 gold coins.

-Alley Leader is the Best Best Best has gifted you 99 gold coins.

Hyeonu frowned as the chat window only shouted about the guest, but then he soon saw the gold coins pouring out. “Oh, my. Thank you, Leader Groupie, for the 99 gold coins. Thank you, Alley Leader is the Best Best Best, for the 99 gold coins. I’ll use them well. Hahat!

-Where is the guest? ㅠㅠㅠ

-I want to see the guest.


-A woman!

Hyeonu decided to quickly reveal the guest or the atmosphere would become strange. “Then I’ll bring in the guest as you want me to. Now, can the guest please come out!”

Once Hyeonu finished speaking, the 190-centimeter tall giant approached Hyeonu’s side. “Hello, I am Dwayne Evans.”

-Wow! Amazing!! Dwayne!!!

-Dwayne Evans is in the stream?

-Crazy! The guest is boss level.

-The quality is different compared to other people’s streams. 

-It is different from those who bring in weird idols.

The viewers were thrilled with Dwayne’s appearance. Hyeonu announced that he would bring a celebrity, but people thought he would bring an idol or other streamers. However, contrary to such expectations, the celebrity was a true celebrity. Dwayne Evans had appeared. Then viewers started to question it one by one.

-Then does Dwayne Evans not have a bronze medal?

-He can win a bronze medal just based on his items.

-Based on the appearance, they are unique items...

-Then shouldn’t his control not be like ours?

“Dwayne, please share your arena ranking. No one will be able to believe it.”

“Of course, it is unbelievable that I can’t even get a bronze medal. I find it weird, so the viewers will obviously find it weird.”

Dwayne Evans revealed his ranking—rank 67,342,332. The viewers were shocked. It wasn’t even within 10 million. Instead, it was a long way down. Considering Dwayne’s level and items, this was a ridiculous ranking. “Do the viewers find it weird as well? I thought it was strange. However, I saw his skills in advance before this stream, so I know the reason for his low ranking.”

-The reason? Is it his class?

-Is he a magician?

-How can he be a magician?

-Dwayne Evans is a magician? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ A magician is a magician ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“Dwayne Evans’ class is a close-range fighter. It literally requires fighting with the whole body. It is like the mixed martial artists of the past. He can use his shoulder and kicks as well. Ah! There is also a headbutt.”

-Doesn’t it fit precisely with his image?

-If he is a mixed martial arts fighter, shouldn’t he be ranked first?

-Then why is he 67,342,332?

-This is factual violence. We have to fight against incitement and hoaxes.

-Yes, we have to fight against incitement and hoaxes. Isn’t it cowardly to attack with facts?

None of the viewers accepted Hyeonu’s words. There was a widespread perception that fighting was a class specialized for PvP. Based on Dwayne’s items, he should be able to get a silver medal that was beyond a bronze medal. “However, there is a problem. Everyone, who will win in a duel between a swordsman and a fighter?”

-The swordsman.

-Does this question even need to be asked?

-Alley Leader is running around with a single-edged sword. How can he ask this?

-The fighter will be killed.

“Yes. The fighter will be killed. Why?”

-The difference in reach is too big.

-The sword means it will be hard to get close even with skills.

-Once you climb the rankings, sword energy can be used so the gap in reach is too big.

“Yes, that is why. However, doesn’t a fighter have ranged skills? The price is high, but they are available.”

-Power Energy Emission.

-There is also Long Wind.

-There is Dragon Fear.

-They are weak, but there are many.

The viewers discussed all the ranged skills they knew.

“However, I have only ever seen Dwayne use close-range skills. So I think there must be a penalty. Isn’t that right, Dwayne?”

“Amazing. This is a secret I haven’t told anyone. In fact, a close-range fighter doesn’t have magic power. I can learn Magic Power Control and Power Energy Emission. However, as soon as magic power leaves my hand, it gets scattered. This is the penalty of the close-range fighter.”

Hyeonu started to explain to the audience and Dwayne, “It is clear that in all virtual reality games, not just Arena, classes have different levels of difficulty. Isn’t that right?”

Dwayne nodded. It was similar to reality. A spear was easier to handle than a sword, and a bow was more comfortable than a spear. Meanwhile, magic was easier to use than a bow. The longer the range, the lower the difficulty would be.

“The shorter the reach, the harder it is. However, a close-range fighter has a shorter reach than other fighters. Now do you understand why Dwayne’s ranking is a mess?” 

-In the end, Dwayne’s control is the answer.

-It is an uncle’s physique.

-Look at this personality. Why bother applying for the academy?

-Dissing him after receiving gold coins.

“I think some people don’t understand. It is the same with Dwayne here. Let’s give a demonstration. Dwayne? Fight with me first.” Hyeonu suggested to Dwayne.

“Alley Leader and me? A fight?” Dwayne looked reluctant upon hearing Hyeonu’s suggestion.

No matter how he thought about it, fighting with Alley Leader made no sense. Hyeonu told him, “I will fight with my fists. I’m going to show you the difference between a close-range fighter and a general fighter.”

-Kuk. Hitting first. Alley Leader’s personality has come out.

-How is this teaching?

-Speak with the body. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“In five minutes, everyone will know the answers to these questions. What is the difference between a general fighter and a close-range fighter? How good is the close-range fighter class?”

Hyeonu pulled out red gloves, Memories of Murderer, from his inventory and wore them. His appearance was similar to a doctor preparing for surgery.

“Now, come at once.”

Dwayne Evans’ humiliation started with Hyeonu’s cry.

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