Chapter 621

“We... What do you want to do after eating?”

The question Hyeonu hesitantly brought up discouraged Reina. He seemed like he would ask a great question, but in the end, this was what he asked.

Reina replied, “Um... Would you like to visit the dormitory? There is nothing special to show you, but...”

Hyeonu shook his head. He didn’t want to see the dormitory. He had nothing to say, so he just threw out whatever came to mind.

Ah, it is clear I made a mistake...’ Hyeonu looked at Reina’s expression and felt that he had clearly made a mistake. However, he didn’t know what he should say to fix things.

‘What should I say?’

While Hyeonu was blaming himself, Reina got up from her seat and disappeared without saying anything.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ Hyeonu felt bad when he saw Reina disappear.

Nevertheless, she reappeared moments later with a large plate in her hand. On top of the plate were two steaming cups of coffee and cake. The moment Hyeonu saw her, he got up from his seat and took the plate. It was dangerous. Reina seemed like she would spill the plate at any moment.

‘Why did she bring so much?’

It wasn’t just one or two slices of cake but two boxes, which meant there were two types.

‘Is she using the cakes to get revenge?’

As Hyeonu put the plate down on the table, Reina said, “I don’t know if you like your coffee hot or cold, so I brought it as an espresso. How do you want to drink it?”

“I want it cold with lots of water and ice. I don’t like bitter stuff.” 

At Hyeonu’s answer, Reina opened the refrigerator on one side of the room. She scooped up a lot of ice and took out some bottled water.

“I like it iced as well,” Reina said and poured ice and water into a large cup.

Meanwhile, Hyeonu opened the boxes on the plate. ‘Cheesecake and strawberry cake...’

The cakes inside the boxes weren’t that large. One of them was Hyeonu’s favorite cheesecake, and the other was a strawberry cake that Hyeonu didn’t like very much.

‘There isn’t much to eat, but...’

Of course, Hyeonu didn’t originally enjoy desserts like bread and cake, so this was more than enough.

“Reina, how are you going to spend your time starting from tomorrow?” Hyeonu carefully continued the conversation again.

“I will take a break for two days. I have been focusing on Arena too much. I will also be leaving here. No one will come here for two months.” The New York Warriors were on formal leave for the next two months. It might seem like a long time, but it was pretty short considering that they spent most of the year preparing for the Arena League.

“Really? Indeed, people should rest.” Hyeonu nodded.

Rest was necessary. They were able to rest for a day or two during the league, but it wasn’t the same as resting comfortably between the leagues.

‘Honestly, just playing the game is a break for me.’

Hyeonu had no intention of relaxing. For him, playing Arena and streaming were breaks. He could have fun without any specific goals and without worrying. That was his break.

“Is there nothing that you find hard in Arena?”

“It isn’t like that. And hunting in the demon world isn’t as hard as you think...”

Reina cut the cakes in half and moved them to her plate.

“It doesn’t matter for the next two days. However, Reina, you must unconditionally gather a party in a week.” Hyeonu foreshadowed a change that might take place from tonight to Reina. It was something he hadn’t mentioned to anyone else. He hadn’t even told Kim Seokjung yet.

‘I will tell him when I go back to the hotel, but...’

Right now, Reina was the only one who knew.

“The main scenario? Did something happen?” Reina looked bewildered as she had a bite of cake.

In fact, Hyeonu was the one who knew the most about the main scenario right now. Everyone else had not even seen the main scenario yet. They couldn’t meet the demon kings or the emperor, so they couldn’t receive the quests.

“Nothing has happened, but I have a quest that I am working on. Once it is over, the war will begin straight away. It is a war where all players in the demon world will gather together.”

“War?” Reina’s expression became serious.

Hyeonu held back his smile when he saw it. Reina’s eyes and facial expression were serious, but her cheeks protruded because of the cake in her mouth. She was like a hamster.

Cough...” Hyeonu coughed once before drinking the iced Americano that Reina had given him. He succeeded in managing his facial expression with the bitter iced Americano and continued speaking.

“The emperor will wage war against the demon world. We must capture numerous castles and fight against the demons and demonic creatures.”

“It must be gorgeous.”

“It will be huge,” Hyeonu said.

Reina looked at him and smiled. At first, she was frustrated. Then she remembered that Hyeonu was originally such a person and decided to take things slow, which made her feel more at ease.

‘From now on...’

Two months...

Reina was thinking of seeing some results within the two months of vacation given to her. She absolutely had to.


Hyeonu eventually returned to the hotel after the meal with Reina. Reina didn’t let him go easily. It was only after they emptied three bottles of wine that she let him go.

Uwah...” Hyeonu felt that his body was a bit out of control and sat down on a chair in the hotel lobby. Then he pulled out his smartphone from his pocket like nothing happened and pressed hard against it with his fingers.

‘Kale... Is he still at the hotel?’

Hyeonu sent a message to Kale as he had something to ask the latter.

[Kale, are you at the hotel?]

The reply came quickly. Shortly after Hyeonu sent the message, his smartphone vibrated.

[Yes, the discussions with the Crescent Moon players have just ended. Mister Gang, where are you?]

Hyeonu tapped on his smartphone again. 

[I’m in the hotel lobby. Can we meet for a moment?]

This time, the reply came even sooner. The moment Hyeonu sent the message, Kale’s answer came back.

[I’m in the elevator now. I will come.]

Hyeonu saw Kale’s answer and placed his smartphone back in his coat pocket. Then he crossed his legs and closed his eyes.

“Mister Gang?” Kale suddenly appeared in front of Hyeonu.

Hyeonu opened his eyes and replied, “You came quickly, Kale.”

“How much did you drink? The smell is quite strong.”

“I just had a bit of wine. That isn’t why I called you here... Where is Jamie Moore? I would like to see him.”

“The boss? He is with Jin Sijong.”

“Hyung-nim? Where?” Hyeonu’s eyes widened after hearing that Jamie was with Kim Seokjung.

“You are close to their location. It is the hotel lounge.”

“Really? Then let’s go.” Hyeonu got up from his seat.

He felt a bit dizzy, but he soon regained his balance like nothing had happened and moved toward the elevator.

“I can’t go now...” Kale muttered in a small voice and quickly chased after Hyeonu.

‘I just got away...’ Kale lamented inwardly. After his meeting with Crescent Moon, Kale had ignored Jamie Moore’s call to come up to the lounge and tried to go home. Now, it had become impossible because of Hyeonu.


Hyeonu and Kale got back into the elevator that Kale had just gotten out of and headed up again.

“There was actually a place like this here...” Hyeonu marveled at the sight that spread out in front of him.

It was a very luxurious sight. From the tiles to the statues, wall decorations, and so on, there was nothing that wasn’t luxurious.

‘Maybe it is due to the high floor, but I can see the scenery outside very well.’

Even the night view looked good. He could really experience what the night view of New York was like.

“Come this way, Mister Gang,” Kale said. He had gotten out before Hyeonu and asked the hotel staff what lounge Jamie Moore was in. Jamie Moore and Kale had come to the hotel together several times. The hotel staff remembered him and informed Kale of Jamie Moore’s location.

“Let’s go.” Hyeonu walked after Kale.

The corridor they passed through wasn’t fancy, but it was neat and luxurious. Upon reaching the end, Kale stood in front of a door.

“Boss, it’s Kale. Can I come in?”

Knock knock knock. Kale knocked on the door. Instead of receiving an answer from the inside, the door was opened. The man who opened the door wasn’t Jamie Moore but Kim Seokjung, a man with wide shoulders.

“What? Brother? How did you know to come here?” Kim Seokjung welcomed Hyeonu.

“I’m here to meet Jamie Moore, Hyung-nim.” Hyeonu waved to Kim Seokjung.

“Jamie? Hey, Jamie! My dongsaeng wants to see you!” Kim Seokjung shouted as he turned his head.

Hyeonu smiled when he saw this. It was because he noticed the intentions in Kim Seokjung’s words. 

“I will go in, Hyung-nim.” Hyeonu moved past Kim Seokjung into the room.

The room was like a smaller version of the hall. The difference was that there was no bar, but there was a high table.

“Did you come to see me? What is going on, Mister Gang?” Jamie Moore greeted Hyeonu by waving a glass of whiskey.

“It isn’t work-related. I want to ask you for a favor,” Hyeonu replied.

“A favor?” Jamie Moore put down the cup on the table.

“Yes, a favor.”

Hmm...” Jamie Moore was momentarily burdened by Hyeonu’s words. It was a request made by a man who seemed to have everything. Such a request would never be easy.

“You must listen to this request as long as you are the CEO of Nike Management and I am a streamer of your company.” Hyeonu’s words took on even more weight. It was like he was asking for a tremendous favor.

“So... what are you asking for, Mister Gang?” Jamie Moore drank his whiskey with an irritated expression.

“Participate in Alley Leader Academy as the first student,” Hyeonu said with a serious expression.

Huh? Alley Leader Academy?” Jamie Moore muttered with a subtle expression. He found it difficult to understand why Hyeonu was making this request of him.

‘It is easy and difficult at the same time.’

It wasn’t an over-the-top request that Jamie Moor had thought it would be. Appearing on Hyeonu’s stream wasn’t a difficult thing to do. Rather, it was easy. However, Jamie Moor had a terrible character that was currently lower than level 10 in Arena. It was an inconvenience for him to go to Alley Leader Academy.

“I will appear. It is Alley Leader’s stream... How can I refuse?”

Nevertheless, Jamie Moore soon accepted Hyeonu’s request. He couldn’t refuse. There were so many things he had received from Hyeonu that it was beyond what he could describe with words.

“Others are concerned about not being able to appear... Meanwhile, you are so troubled about appearing...” Kim Seokjung clicked his tongue at Jamie Moore.

Yet, at the same time, his lips curved upward.

‘I have to appear as a special teacher.’

He was already thinking about hitting Jamie Moore’s body all over.

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