Chapter 617

Hyeonu got out of the car with a firm expression. He had been thinking about what to do all the way to the hotel, but there was nothing suitable.

‘No matter how I think about it, there is nothing I can do.’

He couldn’t give a gift to anyone, let alone all 200 people attending.

‘If I just go empty-handed, I will become a shameless person...’

Still, there was no other way.

‘I just have to be shameless.’

It was impossible to prepare anything now. Just taking photos and signing autographs was all Hyeonu could do for his fans.

‘Let’s relax my wrists.’

Hyeonu worked hard to stretch his right wrist, which was scheduled to be used excessively after a while. It was to warm up beforehand.

“How long is the fan meeting? It is late so don’t they have to return to their accommodations?” Hyeonu asked Kale in a low voice. The time was already quite late. It had ended sooner than before, but it was still 7 o’clock in the evening. It was not early.

Kale resolved Hyeonu’s curiosity, “Accommodations? The accommodations of the 200 people attending today’s fan meeting are here. The hotel has empty rooms. You don’t have to worry about this, Mister Gang.”

It didn’t matter when the fan meeting ended. They wouldn’t leave this hotel today.

“What about money...? Wouldn’t it be quite a lot?”

“It isn’t that costly. As you know, the son of the hotel owner is part of this fan meeting. The hotel has given us a lot of convenience.”

The place where Crescent Moon was staying was Mason’s hotel. To be exact, it was one that his family had huge shares in. Mason’s father was an idiot for his son and he actively helped his son’s fan meeting.

‘That’s right.’

Mason hardly showed off that he was the young master of a rich family, so Hyeonu had forgotten the hotel’s connection to Mason.

“Then let’s go up. The fans are already arriving,” Kale no longer allowed Hyeonu’s questions and urged him into the hotel’s elevator.

The Crescent Moon players quickly followed after Kale. The elevator rose quickly, stopped, and the doors opened. A luxurious hallway appeared between the open doors.

“Now, get off. There are 200 fans waiting for the six of you in there.” 

Kale pointed to the ornate door visible at the end of the corridor. Except for Dwayne, the remaining Crescent Moon players walked toward the door with nervous faces. Dwayne had a relaxed expression. He was one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. For him, a fan meeting with 200 people was a relaxed tea party. It was hard for him to become nervous.

“Everybody, relax. Fans are people who like us. You don’t have to be so nervous.” Dwayne tried to ease the tension of the players with a humorous explanation. 

The expressions of the players became more comfortable.

“Did all of you know that the fan meeting was being held at the hotel except for me?”

Yuri and Lee Hoon nodded.

“Then why did you take the gifts with you?”

Hyeonu had always been curious about this. Why did those who knew a fan meeting was taking place at the hotel carry their things to New York Arena Stadium?

“I couldn’t finish it. It isn’t easy to write 200 cards.”

There was one reason why Yuri brought the shopping bags full of cookies. They weren’t perfectly ready yet. Even if she prepared diligently, it was hard to make 200 cards containing simple greetings.

“I was too anxious...”

Sunny had been preparing the fan meeting gifts since South Korea. The thing she prepared was a clay doll based on her character in Arena. The quantity was very small because she made it herself. Of course, each one looked different. None of them looked exactly the same. Naturally, it took more than one or two days to make them. Originally, one of her hobbies was to make clay dolls. What she brought this time was everything she made before.

‘I shouldn’t have asked.’

Hyeonu sighed when he heard the answers from the two people. The more he listened, the more ashamed he felt. Why didn’t he prepare anything a month ago? No, why didn’t he remember about the fan meeting? He definitely must’ve heard it.

‘If it happens again next time... I will have to prepare properly then.’

Hyeonu made a firm resolution and pushed open the tightly closed door. The ornate door opened and the inside was revealed. The gorgeousness and neatness of a five star hotel co-existed. There were dozens of tables and dozens of times more chairs. The moment Hyeonu opened the door, people’s eyes focused on him. 

It wasn’t known when Kale wore it, but he spoke into a portable microphone inserted in his ear, “The players of Crescent Moon, whom you have been waiting for, have entered. Fans, please greet them with applause.”


Crescent Moon!

The 200 people shouted so loudly that the hall shook as if it was going to collapse. They called out six names alternately as if they had agreed upon it previously.

“Gang Hyeonu!”

“Lee Hoon!”





The Crescent Moon players in front of the fans had an 180 degree different appearance than before they entered the hall. Every time their names were called, they smiled and waved toward the entire hall.

“You can sit at the table prepared for you.”

Kale pointed to a long table located at the furthest point from the door. It was like a table used at press conferences. Starting with Hyeonu, the players of Crescent Moon filled the table.

“The long-awaited players are here. We will start the fan meeting.”

Kale skillfully held the fan meeting like a professional MC.

“The first order of the fan meeting is the introduction of players.”

At Kale’s words, the Crescent Moon players looked at Kale with a puzzled expression. A self-introduction. Who would come to this place without knowing them?

“Of course, you might be alarmed because we didn’t tell you in advance. Still, you don’t have to worry too much. Before the players came, I have already made their profiles through voting.”

The players looked at Kale in an even more confused manner.

“Profile? What profile?”

“Is there anyone who doesn’t know Dwayne?”

“I don’t know. What profile?”

The players had no idea about the profiles that Kale was talking about. Just then, a screen descended with a loud sound from behind the players. At the same time, the lights at the place where the players were sitting were turned off and disappeared. The heads of the Crescent Moon players couldn’t help turning toward the wall where the screen came out.

Just then, Hyeonu’s picture appeared on the screen.

Ack!” Hyeonu screamed when he saw his face suddenly appearing. He was so surprised.

Then the photo rapidly became smaller. In the next place, information about Hyeonu started to appear. It was from his name, age, gender, height, weight, personality, etc. Many things were written on it.

‘By the way, there isn’t much that is right?’

However, few of them fit. Apart from the personality and values that could only be evaluated subjectively, his height and weight that had clear figures were also different. Even the age was wrong.

“Nothing is right.”

“Yes, Oppa.”

Yuri agreed with Hyeonu’s words. There were many things different from what she knew. The gap was quite big.

“Based on player Gang Hyeonu’s expression, there must be a big difference between your profile and what you think? This is a profile of player Gang Hyeonu that Hyeonu’s fans speculated. There are parts that are right and parts that are wrong. You can fix the wrong parts yourself.”

Kale revealed the reason for the gap that Hyeonu felt.

‘Then this is right.’

Hyeonu nodded and picked up the microphone on the table.

“Then let’s start with the name written at the top. Name: Gang Hyeonu. This is correct. My name is Gang Hyeonu. Nationality: South Korea. That's right. The character name is obvious, just like my name, and is naturally correct.”

Hyeonu looked at the information on the screen and distinguished between what was correct and what wasn’t.

Um... My height is 186 centimeters, not 190 centimeters. It isn’t that big a difference. Why is my personality like this? Shameless and pretentious? Sometimes, my whims are also severe?”

Hyeonu frowned when he saw the personality chosen by the fans. Nothing was right. Not at all.

“Not a single one is right. I am nice, conscientious, have a conscience, and can’t endure injustice. I am more humble than pretentious. This is also related to my life philosophy...”



As Hyeonu’s words continued, laughter burst out all over the place. They seemed to be trying to hold back but in the end, they couldn’t help bursting out laughing.

“I don’t know anything else, but I think shameless fits. Right, everyone?” Lee Hoon picked up the microphone and teased Hyeonu.

However, Hyeonu couldn’t say anything to refute Lee Hoon. It was because most of those gathered here were nodding.

Groan. Then let’s move on to the next part...”

Hyeonu continued to revise his profile after that. In the process, people kept laughing. This showed that Hyeonu enlivened the atmosphere very well. In this atmosphere, the other players comfortably modified their profiles. Yet in Dwayne’s case, there were many things known and there was no need to modify his profile. It was the Dwayne that all the fans knew.

“This is the end of the profile writing for the first fan meeting held with fans. The next step is to get autographs from the players and take photos. From the backmost table, you can stand in front of the player whom you want to receive them from. Of course, there are no restrictions. You can get them from all six people.”

The moment Kale’s words were over, around 20 people got up from their chairs and came forward to stand in front of the players. They stood evenly in front of six people as if they agreed upon it in advance. It was just a difference in order anyway. They were thinking of receiving all six autographs and photos.

“I really missed you.”

Hyeonu’s eyes widened when he saw the woman who suddenly said she missed him.


“I watched all of Arena Week at the stadium. You did better than on your streaming? You are really the best.”

Hyeonu barely nodded and smiled at the woman’s ensuing words.

“What should I write down for you?”

“Mary. Write ‘To my beloved Mary.’”

On the prepared paper, Hyeonu signed a nice autograph and wrote the woman’s words on it.

“Yes, here you go. Do you want to take a photo?”

“Yes, of course.”

Hyeonu took a photo with Mary and looked around. Yuri was handing the cards and cookies she had prepared to the fans in front of her. Sunny and the other players were talking about the gifts they would give through a draw after a while.

‘I have to do something too...’

Hyeonu’s troubles became deeper when he saw it.

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