Chapter 613

“How did you know?”

“What do you mean by how? It is worth knowing, so I knew.”

“Do you know that it won’t work twice?”

“Of course. I just wanted to hit you once because you were hateful.”

If he wanted to cause great damage, then he would’ve swung the Mysterious Sky Sword, not a fist. It would also be full of magic power.

“It is a pity. You weren’t cool-headed.”

Unlike his criticizing tone, Raccoon’s face had a faint smile on it.

“This guy... it isn’t real, right? I think it is made of magic power... it looks real. Truly real...”

Raccoon observed the magic spirit and couldn’t help admiring it. The reason why he stopped the axe was because the magic spirit really looked like a Marionette Bear. Obviously, the magic spirit was made of magic power and this made it feel very strong.

The Marionette Bear was also a species close to magic power. They felt strong in magic power. Thus, it was natural for Raccoon to be mistaken. On top of that, the magic spirit clearly looked terrified as Raccoon’s axe approached her. The remarkably vivid expression was the biggest factor in Raccoon stopping his axe.

“It is one of the skills I have learned. It is a technique that effectively uses magic power,” Hyeonu replied obediently. There was no need to hide it. It was because he knew not everyone could copy it just because they knew it.

‘I learned it because I am a player...’

Even Raccoon couldn’t summon the magic spirit unless John Blake taught him.

“It isn’t just a simple technique... well, it doesn’t matter. You can be strong enough without that.” Raccoon held the axe again and gave strength to his hand. 

All of Hyeonu’s wounds had now recovered.

‘It isn’t just a simple blow.’

Hyeonu’s attack seemed like a simple punch, but there was a high degree of magic power contained in it.

‘Leaving behind magic power to induce wounds.’

It was a skill that wasn’t possible without great magic power control.

“Then let’s play again.” Raccoon lifted the white axe above his head. Then green magic power started to swirl around Raccoon. At the same time, red fighting energy filled the air.

“You don’t seem to know how to use fighting energy yet. I don’t know who taught you, but the basics are solid...” Raccoon spoke with a regretful expression.

‘Basics? The thing I’m using is the basics?’

In other words, Hyeonu’s Fighting Energy Emission was likely to develop further.

‘I have to watch carefully.’

He had already obtained something. It might be useless in battles against players, but it wasn’t a bad thing to learn. However, learning was secondary. The priority was to not take damage from Raccoon’s attack. The pressure that he felt was extraordinary.

Hyeonu released fighting energy toward the red energy stretching toward him. It was right to confront fighting energy with fighting energy. There was nothing more efficient than this.

The fighting energies of Hyeonu and Raccoon met. Hyeonu’s fighting energy stabbed like a spear at Raccoon’s fighting energy that was expanded through the area. However, Raccoon’s fighting energy remained unchanged. It continued to move toward Hyeonu. It was like the sea. It accepted Hyeonu’s fighting energy.

‘It won’t work.’

Hyeonu moved his body directly while leaving behind the thought of using fighting energy any further. It was a quick abandonment.

‘I have to slow it down anyway. I can handle this much.’

Of course, in order to recover from the slow speed, he had to use more magic power for Mysterious Sky Steps than he currently did. Still, this was within the acceptable range. It was because his health or stats weren’t reduced. In the first place, Hyeonu’s movement speed was unusually high.

Hyeonu gently held the Mysterious Sky Sword and kicked off from the ground. Hyeonu’s body pushed away gently like he was moving on ice. The tip of the Mysterious Sky Sword naturally headed for Raccoon. The purple pure energy that was as thin as a thread shot out like a bullet from the tip of the Mysterious Sky Sword. It was Mysterious Sky Demonic Strength. It was an attack with amazing timing.

Even so, Raccoon casually lifted the axe and blocked like he had expected Hyeonu to carry out such an attack. The shining green axe was momentarily pushed back. Hyeonu didn’t miss this gap and clung to Raccoon.

Raccoon pulled the axe toward his body. Then he used an explosive speed to move the axe from top to bottom. This attack was different from Raccoon’s attacks so far. Rather than splitting the space apart, he literally crushed the space and moved forward.

‘What should I do?’

Hyeonu’s eyes shook when he felt the suction power from Raccoon’s axe. He was worried about how to stop such a powerful attack. It was clear that the axe would tear apart his body if he confronted such a heavy attack.

‘There is only Mysterious Sky Range.’

He had no choice. If Crescent Moon Cut was added to Mysterious Sky Range, the combination would be the strongest, but that wasn’t an option in the current situation.

‘I can’t control it at all with less magic power...’

For some reason, if he used less magic power, then he couldn’t combine the two skills at all. Mysterious Sky Range was Mysterious Sky Range, and Crescent Moon Cut was Crescent Moon Cut—he could only use one of them.

Hyeonu moved his magic power with great care. It wasn’t too much or too little. It was exactly enough to block Raccoon’s attack. He had to use only that much magic power.

Small stick-like pure energies poured out of the Mysterious Sky Sword. The number seemed to exceed 100 at the very least. All the pure energies flew toward one point. The goal was Raccoon’s axe. It was to prevent its advance.

The pure energies flowed toward the axe like tiger moths. The explosions continued and the speed at which the space was crushed became faster and faster. Raccoon overcame the considerable repulsion felt at his fingertips and directly waved the axe. The land where Raccoon’s axe was embedded instantly collapsed. A huge crater was created like a bomb had gone off.

Hyeonu shuddered at the frightening sight, but he couldn’t stop moving. Stopping now was no different from giving up on the raid. Pure energy once again poured out from the Mysterious Sky Sword.

Raccoon also swung his axe, but this time, it was different from before. The fighting energy spread around him permeated his axe. Green pure energy was mixed with red. Raccoon’s axe smashed Hyeonu’s pure energy and quickly reached in front of Hyeonu.


Hyeonu swallowed his curse word and used Mysterious Sky Steps.

‘I can’t stand idly by.’

Hyeonu’s magic power wrapped around the Mysterious Sky Sword. Hyeonu stepped back and swung the purple-dyed Mysterious Sky Sword. A huge crescent moon appeared. The crescent moon that measured over a dozen meters seemed to hit Raccoon instantly, but Raccoon’s axe lived up to its name.

Hyeonu’s crescent moon was large and powerful, but it was lacking compared to Raccoon’s axe. In an instant, the red-green pure energy, that was as big as a small house, instantly overwhelmed Hyeonu’s crescent moon. Raccoon threw the axe that had been embedded in the ground. The axe that was over two meters large flew through the air, spinning horizontally like a boomerang.

‘Why did he throw it?’

Hyeonu had a frightened expression on his face and bent over so his body was close to the ground. It was an attack that he couldn’t even think of stopping. Raccoon had no intention of grabbing the axe. He ignored the axe flying far away and kicked off hard against the ground, shooting like an arrow toward Hyeonu.

‘He isn’t a person. He is an orc.’

Hyeonu saw it and felt like Raccoon was a moving truck. Then he quickly placed the Mysterious Sky Sword back in the sheath. He judged it would be better to fight in a different way than to use the Mysterious Sky Sword against Raccoon, who was rushing with his fist.

‘In any case, I can draw the Mysterious Sky Sword at any time.’

Rather than using his fists or magic power to create other weapons, it was better to pull out the Mysterious Sky Sword and swing it when necessary. Hyeonu stretched out a fist toward Raccoon, who was approaching him. Hyeonu’s fist was covered with a purple gauntlet. Raccoon also swung the fist covered with red-green pure energy. It was a blow without any embellishment.

Hyeonu’s fist collided with Raccoon’s. There were concentric circles of shockwaves, centered around the two people. It was a different combat pattern than when fighting with an axe and sword. Unlike the powerful and gorgeous blows, this super close combat led by fists was fast and concise. However, it was still dangerous to be hit.

In a way, the current battle was bloodier and fiercer than before.

Hyeonu tried to decrease the aftermath of the collision as much as possible. Nevertheless, Raccoon’s offense was unceasing. It was too much to decrease.

As Hyeonu took a step back and minimized the damage, Raccoon made his way toward Hyeonu. He had the lead in the collision, so he had to make maximum use of the advantage.

Raccoon stepped forward and threw another punch at Hyeonu. It was a blow that forced the space to collapse. Hyeonu put his hands together and interlocked his fingers to meet Raccoon’s fist that was strongly falling downward. There was no counterattack.

Raccoon’s one hand soared into the air, but he stepped forward like nothing happened and stretched out his fist to Hyeonu again. Hyeonu wasn’t able to properly deal with it in the aftermath of the strong blow. Yet even in this state, he sought out the best choice.

Hyeonu raised his body slightly, unlinked his hands, and gripped Raccoon’s fist with his palm. There was a loud sound like a drum and Hyeonu flew back quickly. In order to not miss out on this difficult opportunity, Raccoon kicked off against the ground. He had to drive in the wedge when it was possible.

Raccoon flew through the air with an explosive momentum.

Hyeonu, who had flown away, quickly took a posture. It was a posture that was only possible for Hyeonu, who could step on the air.

‘I almost died.’

Hyeonu sighed with relief. He received Raccoon’s attack through a gamble. Nevertheless, the result was successful and he prevented Raccoon’s attack with almost no decline in health.

‘By the way, where did the axe go?’

He couldn’t understand why Raccoon was punching when there was a good axe. However, this thought was a very brief one. It was useless in the current situation. For now, it was more important to deal with the monster in front of him.

Hyeonu bent his knees before straightening them and kicking strongly against the air. Hyeonu quickly flew toward Raccoon, pulled out the Mysterious Sky Sword, and swung it. He wasn’t confident in enduring Raccoon’s fist with just his fist. A huge purple pure energy shot toward Raccoon.

‘This can’t be blocked with his bare fist.’

It was pure energy with plenty of magic power. It would be hard to stop without any weapons, even for Raccoon.


Just then, Hyeonu’s eyes widened. At the same time, his mouth dropped open. Raccoon was holding an axe made of red-green pure energy in his hand. Raccoon swung the axe lightly, deflected Hyeonu’s pure energy, and spoke to Hyeonu, “Did you think you were the only one who could do it?”

Raccoon had a wide smile on his face.

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