Chapter 608

The giant purple sword fell toward the elemental hydra’s head without a single error. It happened in an instant. The hydra’s heads with black and red eyes were cut precisely.

“Kyaaaaaah!” A roar of anger burst out from those heads. The elemental hydra was basically in a rage. Among them, two heads were in a particularly severe state. They were the heads with the dark and fire attributes respectively. Neither head knew how to behave in moderation and just gave everything to their emotions.


Black and red lights flowed from both heads respectively, permeating the wounds the giant purple sword had created. The two-colored light swallowed up the giant sword. Then even the wounds started to be erased. It was as if nothing had happened.


One of the elemental hydra’s heads, covered in red flames, moved toward Hyeonu. Its neck was extended, and it moved quickly from side to side like a snake moving on the ground.

‘Has it flown into a rage?’

Hyeonu quickly charged forward in midair. He didn’t back down. After all, one head wasn’t scary.

‘It is nothing in my eyes.’

The thing that Hyeonu wanted to avoid was the nine heads moving at the same time. There was no better situation than when they came out one by one.

The Mysterious Sky Sword fired a bright light. Purple pure energy was generated at a crazy speed and shot at the approaching red-eyed elemental hydra head. The purple pure energies created by the Mysterious Sky Range were like obstacles as they blocked the elemental hydra’s way. The flames surrounding the elemental hydra’s head collided with Hyeonu’s pure energy.

The closer the elemental hydra got to Hyeonu, the more the flames faded. In addition, the speed slowed down.

The one that came over casually started to hesitate. It was due to the damage caused by the collision with the pure energy. Initially, the flames blocked the damage, but now there was nothing to prevent it except for its thick leather and scales.

However, Hyeonu’s defense penetration was too ridiculously high for the elemental hydra to block with just that. The defense penetration was well over 100%. There was 40% from the Mysterious Sky Sword, 36% from Introduction to Disassembling, and 75% from You and I in One Shot. These alone already added up to a total of 151%.

However, all of his stats, attack power, defense, and defense penetration were also increased by 60% in combat due to the effect of Master of Combat. In other words, Hyeonu’s defense penetration was actually 241.6%. He was able to deal an additional 141.6% damage if he completely ignored the opponent’s defense.

Of course, this didn't always apply. There might be monster-specific skills that reduced damage, and if magic power was used, the damage was decreased exponentially. The disappearance of the flames around the elemental hydra’s head meant the magic power was about to disappear. This meant it would be exposed to Hyeonu’s attack.

…Just like right now. Purple pure energy split the skin of the red-eyed elemental hydra head. It was cut so gently that a proper sound didn’t even emerge. Introduction to Disassembling wasn’t triggered, but a deep cut was formed on the elemental hydra’s skin. The leather opened wide like the elemental hydra was opening a closed eye.

Blood gushed like a fountain from the open wound. However, this was just the beginning. There were still many pure energies left. The purple pure energies slammed into the elemental hydra’s long neck, and blood continued to gush out. Moreover, the wounds that occurred little by little started to connect. Once the many wounds linked up, the head of the red-eyed elemental hydra was cut off without the intervention of Introduction to Disassembling.

Just then, red flames appeared around the elemental hydra’s neck where hot blood was still flowing. The flames quickly heated the elemental hydra’s wound like in welding.

“Nice!” Hyeonu turned his head toward Tang-E, who had created the flames, and gave a thumbs up.

‘It's perfect.’

Tang-E’s use of magic was truly without a single error. It was to the point where exclamations of admiration burst out of Hyeonu automatically.

‘All that is left is confirmation.’

All Hyeonu had to do now was observe. Would the elemental hydra be unable to regenerate its head when the wound was set on fire like the hydra in Greek mythology? Hyeonu had to confirm it.


However, there was no time to confirm it leisurely. The remaining eight heads were quickly firing at Hyeonu.

‘Now is the time to fight back rather than dodge.’

Even at this moment, the duration of his buffs was decreasing. He needed to deal a bigger blow, even if it didn’t kill the elemental hydra. Hyeonu moved freely through the air and jumped toward the elemental hydra’s heads. He turned left once. Then he turned to the right once.

Hyeonu moved as brilliantly as possible to prevent the elemental hydra from grasping his movements. Despite this, the eight heads ignored Mysterious Sky Steps. To be exact, they eliminated the space for Hyeonu to move. They attacked at the same time, surrounding him from all sides without the slightest error.

Hyeonu seemed like he would be chewed up by the elemental hydra that was arriving at any moment. Yet there was a hand that reached out to save Hyeonu. They were the players of Crescent Moon, his teammates.

Yuri immediately gave Hyeonu a shield while Sunny annoyed the elemental hydra with the death knights. Simultaneously, Sunny made bone armor and overlaid it over Hyeonu. Meanwhile, Mason didn’t provide direct help to Hyeonu because his class was a magician. However, he was able to help indirectly by preventing the elemental hydra’s attack.

Mason’s staff shook, and so did the ground. The name of his magic was Rolling Land. It overturned the ground in proportion to the magic power used. This wasn’t a magic that Mason often used because its power was lower than the consumed magic power. Nevertheless, he had dramatically increased the skill proficiency of this magic while preparing for the siege. Rolling Land's power was low, but it had a great advantage in PvP because it could disrupt the opponent’s center of gravity.

“Fortunately, the rank was increased due to the siege.” Mason sighed with relief when he saw the magic shaking the entire ground where the elemental hydra’s body was located. “However, I used half my magic power in one blow... It is a big deal.”

His relief soon turned into a sigh. Mason had used his magic power in a hurry, so he hadn’t controlled it. He just hit hard.

“Still, it is better than Hyung dying. Look, the snake is completely ruined.” Lee Hoon comforted Mason by gesturing to Hyeonu with his chin. In the place where Lee Hoon pointed, the aggressive attacks of the elemental hydra had stopped, and there was only a snake dancing on the shaking ground.

‘I have to prepare,’ Mason thought. 

He had no time to be happy. The fact that the elemental hydra showed gaps meant that it wasn’t known when Hyeonu would attack the elemental hydra. So, Mason didn’t know when he would need to use magic on the elemental hydra’s wounds. Mason’s thoughts were right.

Hyeonu immediately swung the Mysterious Sky Sword and fired numerous pure energies again, resulting in another head being cut off.

‘Fire Phoenix!’

In an instant, a giant firebird rushed toward the elemental hydra’s wound.


The elemental hydra let out a scream.

‘It is the same as Greek mythology.’ Hyeonu smiled when he saw that the elemental hydra’s heads no longer recovered after the earthquake.

With the way the situation was flowing, he was confident he could end the raid quickly.

‘Attack unconditionally.’

There was nothing to worry about now that he knew that recovery was impossible for the elemental hydra. Hyeonu would eventually have the advantage if he used his recovered magic power to engage in a battle of attrition. He injected a lot of magic power into the Mysterious Sky Sword and then quickly cut vertically through the air.

Huge purple crescent moons were formed along the trajectory of the Mysterious Sky Sword. It was the combination of Mysterious Sky Range and Crescent Moon Cut—the same attack that had previously destroyed the nine patterns of the elemental hydra.

The purple crescent moons flew with a terrifying pressure and instantly scattered. They flew uniformly toward the remaining seven heads of the elemental hydra.


Facing the formidable attack, the elemental hydra also fought back. Each head created attacks that matched their attributes. Lightning struck while water and ice covered the air.

The purple crescent moons started to fight against nature. They moved forward by burning and breaking their bodies. Little by little, they rushed forward constantly, heading toward their goal—the elemental hydra. Eventually, the dozens of crescent moons succeeded in reaching the elemental hydra.

The power of the combined attack of Crescent Moon Cut and Mysterious Sky Range was so different that it was pitiful to compare it with Mysterious Sky Range alone. It was like the difference between an adult's fist and a child’s fist. The elemental hydra’s head burst like a firecracker.

Introduction to Disassembling still wasn’t triggered, but the degree of damage to the elemental hydra was so great that it didn’t matter. In order to concentrate on its attack magic, the elemental hydra had weakened its body defense magic. Thus, the magic power it used to block Hyeonu’s attack was far from enough. It was no different from being naked.

Before the elemental hydra could recover, Hyeonu drove a wedge into it. He used Mysterious Sky Steps and quickly approached the elemental hydra. Hyeonu swung the Mysterious Sky Sword, and pure energies that were over dozens of meters long were formed. They sliced the thick neck of the elemental hydra smoothly like it was tofu. 

Just then, golden thunderbolts fell from the black clouds that had appeared at an unknown time. Thick thunderbolts struck precisely three times at the necks of the elemental hydra where the heads had been cut off.


Only four heads remained now as there were already five heads that couldn’t be regenerated. Hyeonu turned to look at where Tang-E and Mason were. It was with the hope of finishing off the remaining four heads.


If he hadn’t gained the chaos attribute, Hyeonu could’ve solved everything on his own. The dark and fire attributes—he had these two attributes previously.

‘In exchange, I would’ve just increased the time it took to kill it.’

Nonetheless, even with two attributes, he wouldn't have been able to completely ignore the issue of compatibility like he was doing now. In that case, it would’ve taken too long to just hit the elemental hydra’s necks. Mason and Tang-E were in charge of two of the remaining four heads. As if they had made an appointment, they both created huge fireballs and threw them at the elemental hydra’s heads.

The elemental hydra had lost most of its heads and was now helpless. There was no way for it to stop the incoming attacks. It couldn't feel the rapidly flying fireballs reaching its neck.

All the heads were cut off. The elemental hydra was unable to recover and collapsed to the ground. Even before the duration of Hyeonu’s buffs was up, the second raid time attack came to an end in the short time of 4 minutes and 39 seconds. 

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