Chapter 607

Hyeonu’s surprise was nothing. Everyone who saw the series of processes was tens or even hundreds of times more surprised than Hyeonu. At least Hyeonu had already been aware that the elemental hydra’s head could be cut off thanks to Introduction to Disassembling, even though the probability was low.

Meanwhile, the others were different. In their view, Hyeonu had released a ridiculous number of pure energies. Then the heads of the elemental hydra were cut off, only to grow back. The others couldn’t help being shocked when they saw this bizarre process.

“Everyone, did you see it? Alley Leader cut off six of the elemental hydra’s heads.”

“However, the heads grew back. It is a very terrible sight.”

“It is a wonderful scene. A hero who cuts the throats of a monster and a monster with endless vitality. It is like seeing Hercules in Greek mythology.”

The commentators admired it. This was more amazing than when Alley Leader killed Clone in 2 minutes and 18 seconds. It had already passed, but they were thinking that if it was Alley Leader, he could win against Clone one-on-one. Nevertheless, they hadn’t expected to see the spectacle just now.

“Alley Leader is also flustered. He didn’t expect the elemental hydra to recover so quickly.”

“Alley Leader is moving again. He has recovered his mentality.” 

Just then, Hyeonu moved. He quickly attacked the elemental hydra who was about to go into a frenzy.

“Now he has strong supporters. The other players of Crescent Moon are fully participating in the raid.”

On the other side of Hyeonu, the Crescent Moon players participated in the raid in earnest. The death knights Sunny summoned rushed to the elemental hydra.

“I think it is the first time the death knights have ever looked so shabby. They are the same death knights who showed an imposing air during the siege.”

The death knights were very shabby in front of the elemental hydra. They were a bit taller than the average person, but they were three or four meters tall when they were riding ghost horses. This was meaningless in front of the elemental hydra, which was like a skyscraper with over 100 floors. The death knights were like small stones in comparison.

“Even so, they can’t just be ignored. It will hurt even if you are bitten by mosquitoes. If the death knights can disperse the hydra’s concentration, that's enough to be counted as having done their part.”

That was the role of the death knights. To be exact, that was the role of all the Crescent Moon players except for Hyeonu Just dealing a bit of damage and dispersing the aggro was enough.

“Mason and Alley Leader’s pet, Tang-E, are casting their magic.”

Just then, Tang-E and Mason simultaneously cast magic with the right timing. Mason created a huge fireball while Tang-E created a large purple cloud.

“Mason’s magic is powerful, but Tang-E’s magic is also very powerful. As far as I know, one spell from him is more powerful than that of any other ranker.” The commentator’s voice was full of expectations. It was the first time he was seeing Tang-E’s magic in front of him and not in an A-world video.

In A-World, Tang-E’s magic was more colorful and powerful than anyone else's. His fire magic was like summoning a small sun while his ice magic froze the world as if to demonstrate this was what the Ice Age would be like. In addition, his lightning magic that seemed to extinguish everything gave people goosebumps even though they were just watching it in a video.

Currently, sounds rang out from the speakers and spread throughout the entire New York Arena Stadium. On the screen, purple light was flashing from the purple cloud.

“This is Tang-E’s terrifying lightning magic. There is a reason why he is called the strongest pet.”

In an instant, hundreds of lightning bolts poured toward the elemental hydra.

“The players don’t know it, but if they look at the color of the elemental’s hydra’s eyes, they can tell its attribute. The audience can see that the heads with blue and green eyes have received more damage than the others.”

Blue and green were the water and poison attributes respectively. Both properties were weak to heat. Lightning had as much heat as the fire attribute, so it naturally had the upper hand against both attributes.

“The Crescent Moon players are looking at each other and exchanging words.”

Just then, the Crescent Moon players at the rear looked at the elemental hydra and smiled.

“I think they are probably talking about the attributes. Can’t they see the difference with their eyes? Some heads received a lot of damage, while other heads are fine. They have to calculate the hitting position, so it is very serious.”

“Maybe they are looking for heads that are favorable to player Gang Hyeonu’s attributes. After all, the main damage dealer of Crescent Moon is player Gang Hyeonu.”

“I think so as well.”

As the commentator said, Crescent Moon’s players were talking about the attributes. Of course, the content was different from what they expected.

“How many attributes have you identified?”

“I don’t know exactly. I can just roughly tell the difference.”

“As expected. Still, we just need to know that much.”

Lee Hoon and Mason chatted to each other. They didn’t identify the exact attributes of the heads, but they determined the degree of relationship between them. They hadn’t thought about the eyes. Of course, it wouldn’t change anything even if they knew. It was because they couldn’t see the color of the elemental hydra’s eyes in their field of view.

“By the way, it doesn’t matter to Hyung, right? Isn’t he just going to hit it?”

“Indeed, Hyung’s attribute isn’t ordinary.”

The Crescent Moon players knew that Hyeonu’s attribute was chaos. Therefore, they didn’t care much about it. The experimental results showed that Hyeonu’s damage wasn’t reduced regardless of the attribute. He was unceasingly strong from start to finish. The chaos attribute was matchless; there were no incompatibility issues.

Meanwhile, Hyeonu was busy thinking as he watched the death knights run to the elemental hydra.

‘There are two ways to kill it. Beat it ignorantly or stop the recovery...’

The first method was to decrease the elemental hydra’s health and magic power until its heads no longer regenerated. The second method was to burn the wounds to prevent regeneration, just like in Greek mythology.

Hyeonu was troubled. Which method should he choose?

‘It is unconditionally that one.’

However, his indecision was brief. Hyeonu decided firmly on the latter—damaging the wound when the effect of disassembly burst out.

‘This is a time attack.’

If it were an ordinary raid, he would’ve chosen the first—the more comfortable—method. Now, it was fine to wait for the effect of disassembly that was triggered at an unknown time, but that was only if it was Hyeonu. Hyeonu just had to attack like he had been doing so far. The problem was Tang-E and Mason, who couldn’t let go of their concentration in order to use the magic at the exact time.

However, Hyeonu couldn’t afford to be considerate of the two people right now. Every minute and every second that passed was a pity.

‘I can’t explain it to them myself.’

The risk of his plan failing was high if he were to leave the elemental hydra behind him and return to the players. Hyeonu didn’t want to take this risk. Thankfully, he had a way to communicate without moving personally.


At Hyeonu’s order, the purple bear floating in the air moved quickly. It was the magic spirit. In an instant, the magic spirit arrived at the Crescent Moon players.

Huh? Why is the magic spirit here?”

“Did Hyung send it?”

Yuri and Mason muttered when they saw the sudden appearance of the magic spirit. The magic spirit didn’t give any answers because it couldn’t speak, so it explained with its body instead. It raised its paw with the pad facing the sky. Then a small purple shape appeared above the magic spirit’s paw.

“The elemental hydra?”

It was a serpent monster with nine heads—the elemental hydra. The magic spirit heard Yuri’s murmur and nodded fiercely. It raised a paw and cut off one of the elemental hydra’s heads. Then the magic spirit looked at Yuri again.

“Cut off the head? Us?”

This time, the magic spirit shook its head.

“Then Oppa will cut off the elemental hydra’s head?”

The magic spirit smiled and nodded. Flames appeared at the end of one of its paws. It brought the flames to the neck of the elemental hydra that had been cut off.

Ah! Hurt it with fire?”

The magic spirit nodded at Yuri’s answer and turned away.

Yuri looked at Mason and ordered, “Did you hear? Use magic at the right timing, be it lightning or fire. Once Oppa cuts off its head, injure its neck before it recovers again.” 

Mason was suppressed by the pressure Yuri gave off and quickly nodded.

Tang-E peeked at Mason and struck in advance: “Tang-E will use magic at the right moment. I've done it before, and I’m good at it.” 

“Really? Can I trust you?”

“Yes, you can trust me.” Tang-E smiled widely at Mason.


‘The explanation went better than I expected?’

Hyeonu observed the Crescent Moon players at the same time as he watched the return of the magic spirit. The explanation seemed to go well based on the way Mason and Tang-E were nodding.

‘I explained it well.’

All Hyeonu did was manipulate the magic spirit to form the elemental hydra and show what he wanted.

‘Indeed, they aren’t idiots.”

Hyeonu confirmed he was ready and ran for the elemental hydra again with the Mysterious Sky Sword. He was aiming for the disassembly skill to be triggered, but it was also important to reduce the elemental hydra’s health.

‘My magic power is infinite anyway... I have to use my skills every time it is available.’

It was impossible for the huge elemental hydra to escape Hyeonu’s attack, but perhaps it could block it. Nevertheless, it was advantageous for Hyeonu regardless of whether the elemental hydra could block Hyeonu’s attack or was going to get hit, so he just had to attack. If he avoided the pattern attacks well, it would be just like hitting a sandbag.

However, the elemental hydra was a raid boss monster. It didn’t let Hyeonu continue attacking.


The moment the huge body moved, the ground shook, and dust flew. It was a bonus that the ground was broken. The elemental hydra was so big that the distance between it and Hyeonu would be greatly reduced by just taking one or two steps. As such, the elemental hydra instantly appeared in front of Hyeonu.

The nine heads stretched out frantically toward the running Hyeonu.

‘Crazy!’ Hyeonu’s eyes shook at the elemental hydra’s unexpected attack. Despite that, Hyeonu was already using Mysterious Sky Steps, so he moved in the air and swiftly avoided the heads of the elemental hydra.

‘How did they not get twisted?’

He didn’t just avoid them. He moved while intending to make the necks of the elemental hydra collide and wrap around each other. However, the elemental hydra moved its heads in a ridiculous trajectory like it knew Hyeonu’s intentions.

‘It can’t stay like this.’

Of course, if he wanted to avoid them, he would be able to avoid them until he ran out of magic power. Still, Hyeonu’s movements changed. He avoided the attacks of the elemental hydra, but the distance from the attacks was shortened. Hyeonu avoided the attacks at a minimal distance and swung the Mysterious Sky Sword.


Red blood poured like a waterfall from the place where the purple pure energy passed.


The elemental hydra suffered a stinging wound and was furious. It attacked twice as fast as before. At the same time, one or two heads stopped moving and used attribute magic. Countless pillars of ice and fire soared in the air.

‘What is this pattern that comes out when I only hit it once?’

Hyeonu clicked his tongue at the ridiculous reaction. He injected magic power into the Mysterious Sky Sword and quickly descended to the ground. A giant purple sword appeared over the elemental hydra.

"Kyaaaak!" The nine heads stared at the sky at the same time questioningly.

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