Chapter 601

After he was ready, Hyeonu entered the elevator to return to his room. Just then, Kale appeared next to Hyeonu and the door of the elevator closed with only the two of them inside. 

“Mister Gang, do you know what has become a big issue in South Korea?” 

Hyeonu turned toward Kale, who was standing next to him. Hyeonu’s expression was very calm. It seemed as if he was talking about something he wasn’t interested in at all. 

“Are you talking about the prosecution summoning the director of Geumgang Investment Finance, Jung Cheolho?” 

“You know about it?” Kale asked with a surprised expression. He hadn’t expected Hyeonu to know about this. He didn’t think Hyeonu could act as usual if he knew.

“Yes, I heard about it in the morning. I was surprised at first... I don’t care because I think it has nothing to do with me,” Hyeonu said in a voice that hadn’t changed at all.

“Mister Gang, even if you say that it isn’t related to you... but other people won’t think so. In particular, those who enjoy gossip,” Kale spoke in a concerned voice.

His words were true. News of Jung Cheolho’s arrest had already spread from the Korean community to communities around the world. Questions related to it would definitely come out today at Arena Week. Of course, the host or broadcasters wouldn’t directly ask. It would be hard to handle the aftermath if they asked. 

‘The sensitive questions will come from the reporters.’ 

Such questions would clearly be asked by some reporters. 

‘There is no need to say anything more about this.’ 

Hyeonu felt this before and it was the same even after he heard about it from Kim Seokjung. 

“My thoughts haven’t changed. This has nothing to do with me. That is the end.” 

He thought it would be very strange to suddenly talk about this. Jung Cheolho was scheduled to fall even if Hyeonu didn’t dirty his hands. 

“If there are people who want to create a controversy, then Nike Management should take firm action.” 

Kale nodded. It was Nike Management’s natural duty to grant the request of its players. “I understand. I will write up a statement with that in mind.” 

“Kale, I believe you will do well.” 


The door of the elevator opened and the conversation was over. They arrived on the floor where Hyeonu’s room was located. 

“Then I will see you soon in the lobby. Mister Gang.” Kale bowed toward Hyeonu’s back as Hyeonu left the elevator. 


The players of Crescent Moon boarded the bus at the hotel’s front door one by one. Unlike the past few days, everyone had some luggage. 

‘Everybody is carrying a bag.’ 

Even Dwayne had brought something. 

‘I am the only one who didn’t bring anything...’ 

“What is all this?” Hyeonu saw it and asked the Crescent Moon players.

“This? It is just in case I need it.” 

“Maybe my fans will come to the fan meeting.” 

Lee Hoon and Mason smiled in an embarrassed manner at Hyeonu. The two of them felt ashamed for some reason. 


Ah, this is a gift for Jennifer. An event like this will be memorable for the rest of her life. I have to prepare well,” Dwayne replied with a big smile. His gifts were of a different type from Lee Hoon and Mason. Today was the day he had been waiting for over a month for. Dwayne had arranged a small but big event for his girlfriend, Jennifer. 

“Are you planning to do it at the last interview?” 

Hyeonu thought of the perfect moment to do an event. It was right before Arena Week ended. It was when the winning team was interviewed and the prize money given. That was the right time. It was the moment when everyone’s attention was focused on them. Dwayne would call Jennifer by her name. 

“Jennifer should like it.” 

“I hope so, but... it might be lucky if I don’t hear criticism.” Dwayne laughed. 

Hyeonu turned his head and looked around. 

‘This... Yuri has shopping bags?’ 

Large shopping bags entered Hyeonu’s vision. The shopping bags were piled on top of each other on the seat behind where Yuri was sitting. 

‘What is inside?’ 

Hyeonu moved to the seat next to Yuri. 

“Yuri, what are the shopping bags behind you?” 

Ah, that? They are cookies. I spent last night making them.” 

“All of that? Alone?” Hyeonu asked with a surprised expression. Based on the size and number of shopping bags, the amount of cookies in them wasn’t small. 

“It wasn’t that hard... Hoon and Mason helped me measure the ingredients,” Yuri replied with a shy smile.

After last night’s dinner ended and while Hyeonu was busy in the demon world, the three of them were busy baking. To be precise, they helped prepare the ingredients according to Yuri’s instructions. For the rest, Yuri finished everything alone under the guidance of the hotel staff. 

“It’s great... are you going to give it all out at today’s fan meeting?” 

Hyeonu really admired Yuri’s efforts. 

‘Yuri was preparing this while I was playing Arena...’ 

It was an act he could never do in his life. 

“Everyone will like it...” 

The more he admired the other players’ preparations, the more burdened he felt. The pressure to give the fans something started weighing on Hyeonu’s heart. 


Upon arriving at New York Arena Stadium, the Crescent Moon players waved to the crowd at the entrance and entered the waiting room.

Huh? What is this?”

Mason entered the waiting room first and picked up a pile of leaflets placed in the waiting room.

“Why don’t you read it before asking what it is?” 

Lee Hoon took away the leaflets in Mason’s hand. 

Um... I think you should take a look at this.” 

Lee Hoon placed the leaflets in front of Hyeonu.

“What is it? You can tell me first.”

Hyeonu accepted the leaflets that Lee Hoon gave him. 

‘What does it say?’

Hyeonu slowly read the leaflets. The leaflets were printed in the Korean language. 

-Today’s raid time attack will take on three types of boss monsters, just like the Winter League. The types are humanoid, beasts, and special, respectively. There will be a 30 minute break between every raid time attack and the ranking is based on the average clear time. 

‘I can’t believe they are explaining it only before it starts...’ 

Hyeonu read the first part and shifted his gaze from it. The leaflets were copies containing information about today’s raid time attack. This wasn’t something to be seen alone, but to share with the other players. 

‘This is why they gave me the leaflets.’ 

Apart from what Mason and Lee Hoon held in their hands, Hyeonu had more than 10 pieces of leaflets. 

"Everybody, take a piece of leaflet each.” 

Hyeonu approached the players who didn’t have a leaflet and distributed it. 

“The leaflet contains information about today’s raid time attack. Please read it. Even if there is no time to practice, you have to know how it will take place.” 

Hyeonu handed out the leaflets to the rest of the players and started to read what he hadn’t read yet. 

-The humanoid boss monster is a boss monster created by mixing the usual data of the players who participated in Arena Week. The stats are approximately 50 to 100 levels higher compared to the Winter League. 

‘It is tricky from the beginning.’ 

It was very tricky from the first boss monster. A humanoid boss monster made from collecting data—it was like asking them to deal with a ranker with near infinite experience. Even the stats were higher than any player in existence. 

“Our Hyeonu hyung can deal with it.” 

“The other teams are going to suffer a lot.” 

“Won’t there be a lot of damage?” 

“I was wondering why they gave 30 minutes to rest... I don’t think 30 minutes will be enough?”

The players of Crescent Moon saw the description of the humanoid boss monster and offered their opinions. They had no worries. There was no burden. Rather, their minds were eased after reading the information. 

“Aren’t you fighting?” Hyeonu asked Mason with a dumbfounded expression. 

“They need to collect data to make it impossible for Alley Leader. What’s wrong with that?” Mason responded to Hyeonu with a big smile. 

“Additionally, how am I not fighting? I will keep it in check with magic.” 

Sigh...Hyeonu let out a small sigh, but he couldn’t refute it. The first thing Hyeonu thought when he saw the information of the humanoid boss monster was that he had to fight alone. 

‘It can be a burden.’ 

The boss monster created by gathering all types of data would definitely show a sophisticated combat style. In front of a boss monster with such great experience, the Crescent Moon players would quickly kneel down. He was more comfortable fighting alone. It was in both body and mind. 

-The beast type monster is called the elemental hydra. It has nine heads and handles nine attributes. Like a large boss monster, it has excellent physical strength and defense. 

The beast type boss monster was a hydra. It was the hydra in Greek mythology. 

“Did they make the attributes like this so that no team can benefit?” 

“I think it is balanced, but...” 

“They should’ve balanced it first, idiots.”

Crescent Moon’s players complained. Even if the boss monsters should be tricky, this was too tricky. Having nine attributes meant that the attributes were balanced. They couldn’t say that anyone had the advantage. However, this also meant it was difficult to attack.

“Still, Hyeonu hyung doesn’t have a common attribute, so it is fine.” 

“Yes, Hyung can kill it.” 

“We just need to keep it in check. Give rear support.” 

“Yes, that is our role. We are supporters.” 

Lee Hoon and Mason exchanged words. Hyeonu saw it and had to laugh. 

‘Don’t talk.’

Hyeonu shook his head several times and shifted his gaze back to the leaflet. There was still the description of the last boss monster.

-The last special boss monster hasn’t been determined yet. No one knows what will come out. The boss monster will be randomly summoned. It can be a humanoid or a large boss monster.

“What is this?” 

“Can they do this at Arena Week?” 

Hyeonu’s fake laughter burst out from all directions. It was understandable. The last special boss monster was literally random. No one knew what would come out. 

‘So why don’t I feel good?’ 

However, Hyeonu couldn’t laugh like the other players. Somehow, a chill went down his spine. 

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