Chapter 594

Hyeonu and the Pioneer Guild’s noisy conversation continued endlessly. The Pioneer Guild clung to Hyeonu’s side without thinking of leaving. It was like they didn’t have a proper destination to head toward. As they were talking about various things, Ket suddenly talked to Hyeonu about Jung Hanbaek: “If this is the case, you should’ve told me earlier. I would’ve liked to help...” 

Like Kale, Ket was someone who had met Hyeonu very early on. He could tell what Hyeonu’s situation was like at the time just by looking at the posts on the community.

“No, the gifts and sponsorship agreements you gave me helped me enough,” Hyeonu responded to Ket with a light smile.

He was thankful just for those words Ket said.

‘I was already able to breathe easily when I signed the contract with Porsche.’

Before that, he was already making money through A-World. Additionally, his contract with Nike Management meant Hyeonu held a large sum of money back then. So, the contract with Porsche didn’t actually help Hyeonu much; it just saved him time.

Still, he was grateful. Ket had made a bold investment based solely on Hyeonu’s potential. It was common for streamers to shine before suddenly disappearing from the limelight. Investments placed on streamers were risky, and the absolute risk of failure was large.

Asu, the handsome man who gave off a cold impression, intervened, “Stop talking about such uninteresting things... Why don’t we talk about something else? Alley Leader, what will you do after Arena Week?”

“That’s right. I’m also curious about that.” The other guild members agreed with Asu. It was better to resolve their curiosity than to destroy the atmosphere.

“Once Arena Week is over? Um...” Hyeonu thought about it for a moment. He planned to retire as a pro gamer after Arena Week was over. He hadn’t thought much about the things that would follow.

‘First, I will focus on streaming.’

For now, streaming was his top priority. Once he quit being a pro gamer, Hyeonu’s job was a streamer, and a streamer’s main task was to stream.

“First of all, I think I’m going to focus on streaming. I will have to do it three or four times a week. I forgot to stream many times due to my life as a professional gamer,” Hyeonu answered.

Hearing that, one Pioneer Guild member asked another question, “So what content have you been thinking about? You always show a variety of things.”

It was a voice filled with expectations.

Hyeonu replied, “I don’t have anything in mind... First of all, I’m going to do Alley Leader Academy as I promised in the past. The response was good, and there are already quite a few people waiting.”

His first streaming content was going to be season two of Alley Leader Academy. He had already decided on his first lesson—a very suitable lesson that could arouse the curiosity of the audience and bring interest to them.

‘It will unconditionally be amazing.’

Hyeonu personally predicted that the guest this time might be more spectacular than Dwayne as a topic for discussion. Hyeonu’s answer about Alley Leader Academy caused the gazes of several Pioneer Guild members to change in expression.

“Will you allow applications this time as well?”

This was especially so for the melee classes. It was true that their arena rankings would rise only if Hyeonu’s guidance was given.

“I hope you don’t just accept applications from those around you.”

“Will it be like last time?”

These members of the Pioneer Guild were reminiscent of reporters. They persistently asked questions without giving Hyeonu time to answer.

“I have already decided who will be the student of the first lesson. I have to go back and start streaming right away. It will be too late if I start receiving applications for it when I return. However, for the second student, I will receive applications like last time. I have to carefully pick a person who doesn’t have any reason for disqualification,” Hyeonu said.

Sighs of relief burst out from the ones who asked the questions.

Upon seeing that, Asu clicked his tongue and commented, “You want to climb the rankings and brag... If you want to brag so much, just practice, you idiots.”

He was well aware of what was going on with them. They just wanted to show off at a gathering of their peers. There was no other reason as to why they wanted to take Hyeonu’s class.

‘Well, they are still young,’ Hyeonu thought.

He could certainly relate since all of his friends were like this. No, men were typically all like this. If it wasn’t Arena, it would be billiards, table tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, and so on. They always wanted to do better than their friends. The men would boast and show off.

“I can give you video feedback. I’ll teach you by email, so please send me around 10 videos of you in the arena. I’ll send you the feedback,” Hyeonu said.

Before Hyeonu finished talking, the melee class members of the Pioneer Guild flocked to him.

“I don’t know when they will grow up,” Asu remarked, clicking his tongue again.


There was a small desk and two chairs in a space that could be five or six pyeong.[1]

In this space that was lit up by a singular lightbulb, two men were seated in the chairs. On one side was a young man who seemed to have just passed 30, and on the other side was a middle-aged man who seemed to be 15 years older than him. The young man, Kim Hyeongon, sat in front of the middle-aged man, Jung Cheolho, and silently read a bunch of papers. He didn’t say anything.

The space was filled with a silence that didn’t match its name of ‘Interrogation Room’.

Eventually, Jung Cheolho couldn’t endure the silence and asked Kim Hyeongon, “Why aren’t you asking me questions, Prosecutor-nim?”

Kim Hyeongon looked up from his documents and stared at Jung Cheolho. Then he slowly opened his mouth.

“In a little while, the prosecutor who will do the investigation will come,” Kim Hyeongon said quietly—very quietly.

He shut his mouth again after these brief words and focused on the documents. Jung Cheolho was calm while he waited silently for the prosecutor Kim Hyeongon mentioned. There were some problems in the process of making his appearance at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, but he felt comfortable once he was inside. It was because Deputy Chief Park had promised to be behind him.

‘Three or four hours will be enough,’ Jung Cheolho thought.

Jung Cheolho expected the duration of the interrogation to be a maximum of six hours, which included both mealtimes and breaks. Just then, someone opened the door of the interrogation room and entered. It was a young man who had no significant difference in age to Kim Hyeongon. Seeing the newly arrived young man, Kim Hyeongon showed a contrary attitude to before.

“Department Head-nim, you came!” He quickly put the documents on the desk, got up from the chair, and bowed.

“Why is the prosecutor in charge bowing to me? I’m just here to cheer you on. Don’t worry about me,” Kim Junsik said as he handed Kim Hyeongon the coffee in his hand. “I’ll be going now. Please work hard. We ask for your active cooperation.”

Kim Junsik smiled and exited the interrogation room. Kim Hyeongon raised the cup of coffee to his mouth in a very natural manner like it was second nature. He was practically a caffeine addict; he couldn’t work without regular caffeine intake.

Um...?’ Kim Hyeongon’s eyes shook as he was putting down the coffee.

He had only just discovered something was written on his coffee cup. There were exactly three words—’Five minutes, outside’. Even a three-year-old child would know what this meant.

‘Come out in five minutes?’

Kim Hyeongon once again held the papers in his hand. It was the best thing he could do now since he didn’t know what Kim Junsik’s intentions were. Exactly five minutes later, Kim Hyeongon opened the door of the interrogation room and went out with the documents.

“Department Head-nim.” Kim Hyeongon stood in front of Kim Junsik, who was waiting outside the door.

“Yes, Prosecutor Kim. I just wanted to say one thing. Today’s investigation... Don’t overdo it. If you are feeling suppressed, just let him go,” Kim Junsik said.

“I understand, Department Head-nim.”

“Instead, just figure out who suppressed it. Then don’t forget to contact me.”

Today’s investigation was just a ceremony anyway. They had already found enough evidence. Geumgang Investment Finance wasn’t a clean company. It was so full of dust that would be shaken out with just a slight touch. Naturally, there was no need to talk about Jung Cheolho, the director of Geumgang Investment Finance. In particular, he had one weakness—Damsu Construction. The information on the prosecution’s side was sufficient.

Ah, by the way, you know that you shouldn’t make it obvious, right? Let’s have a drink after this.” Kim Junsik waved his hand and disappeared.

Kim Hyeongon, who was left alone, reflected on Kim Junsik’s words with wide eyes.

‘That’s it... I have to figure out who is behind him.’

“Let’s grab the golden rope once, Hyeongon.”


“You can’t go in there now. The suspect is under investigation.” The investigator on Kim Hyeongon’s team stopped a middle-aged man who was about to open the door of the investigation room.

“Don’t you know me? I am Park Gangcheol! The Third Deputy Chief! I want to meet the prosecutor below me. Is that so hard?!”

The moment Park Gangcheol introduced himself as the Third Deputy Chief and made a strong move using his position, the investigator stepped back like he couldn’t help it. Kim Hyeongon had already spoken to him about Park Changcheol, so the investigator showed no hesitation in stepping back. “I’m sorry. Go in then.”

Cough... Next time, use better caution. I’ll forget about it today.” Park Gangcheol stared at the investigator before entering the investigation room.

He didn’t mean to blame the investigator because he knew this was due to his role as an investigator.

“Deputy Chief-nim, what are you doing here?”


Park Gangcheol’s appearance inside the investigation room produced very contradictory reactions. Kim Hyeongon looked very surprised while Jung Cheolho looked relaxed as he thought it was over.

“Our Prosecutor Kim is working very hard. All the other prosecutors should emulate Prosecutor Kim...” Park Gang Cheol said.

Kim Hyeongon was puzzled by the sight of Park Gangcheol complimenting him for the first time.

Park Gangcheol continued to talk to Kim Hyeongon, “Prosecutor Kim, why don’t you stop here? Go and rest. I heard you haven’t rested properly these days? Go somewhere good and rest for a few days. I’ll take care of the cost.” Park Gangcheol pushed Kim Hyeongon out of the investigation room in a semi-forceful manner.

“Go home for today. If there is a need for further investigation, I’ll call you back next time,” Park Gangcheol spoke like he didn’t know Jung Cheolho. It was the same for Jung Cheolho.

“I understand. I look forward to hearing from you,” Kim Hyeongn said.


Kim Junsik’s smartphone, which was sitting on a bunch of papers, vibrated loudly. A line of text appeared on its screen.

-Third Deputy Chief Park Gangcheol.

It was a short text message, but this alone was enough. Kim Hyeongon had done his part.

“Park Gangcheol... I will have to buy Hyeongon a drink,” Kim Junsik muttered. Then he erased the text message and called someone.

“Yes, Prosecutor General-nim. It’s me. The backer is confirmed to be Park Gangcheol, Third Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Seoul Central District.”

Jung Cheolho was tightening his leash.

1. 1 pyeong = 3.3 square meters

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