Chapter 593

Hyeonu was moving smoothly when a rock suddenly appeared in his way. He had already changed the items he was wearing, so this rock became a terrible obstacle that consumed the only chance he had to use Caruso during this period.

The name of this obstacle was sage time. [1]

Once Hyeonu stopped, he was no longer willing to move. Hyeonu looked at Tang-E for no reason and asked, “Tang-E, do you want to take a break?”

Huh? No, I’m fine Master dude. I don’t have to rest.” Tang-E blinked with an innocent look. Of course, it wasn’t hard for him to continue. Sometimes, he moved in Hyeonu’s arms, and other times, he sat on Hyeonu’s shoulders. He only walked once in a while when he was really bored or uncomfortable. Therefore, it would be strange if he found it difficult to keep going.

“Really? You don’t want to eat meat?”

“Meat? Of course I will eat, Master dude. Do you have to ask?” Tang-E patted Hyeonu on the chest. Meat was always welcome.

“Then let’s take a little break.” Hyeonu stopped walking immediately. There was still a long way to go, so the most important thing was to take a rest right away.

‘I have to take care of my mental state first.’

The real problem came after that. Hyeonu was placing his hand in his inventory to prepare to cook meat when Tang-E called out to him. “Master dude.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t think we can eat meat right now?”

“What does that mean?”

“Something is coming from over there.” Tang-E raised his paw and pointed behind Hyeonu.

“What is behind me?” Hyeonu pulled his hand out from his inventory and focused his senses. Hyeonu concentrated on the sounds in the distance, not the ones around him. Then he heard a very small sound. It was of leaves being stepped on.

‘How did Tang-E hear this?’ Hyeonu felt suspicious about Tang-E, who had heard it, rather than the producer of the sound. Tang-E’s hearing was too keen.

‘I will kill this guy first before asking about it.’

However, it wasn’t possible for Hyeonu to question Tang-E now as the small sound was becoming louder and louder.

“Get ready to fight,” Hyeonu said.

After hearing that, Tang-E skillfully gave Hyeonu buffs before sticking to the latter’s back. Hyeonu placed his right hand on the Mysterious Sky Sword and jumped into the sky. He settled lightly on a tall tree and turned his head toward the side where he heard the sound.

“I don’t see anything,” Hyeonu muttered. However, there was nothing in sight.

‘It isn’t a demonic creature?’

Generally speaking, the stronger the demonic creatures, the larger they were. They used magic power based on powerful physical abilities.

‘If it is a demon...’

It wouldn’t matter if it were a demon or demonic creature; Hyeonu didn’t have to be afraid of anything except demon kings.

‘They look like people?’

A group of people appeared while Hyeonu was preparing for battle. Moreover, they were players, not NPCs.

‘Which guild are they from?’

Even so, Hyeonu didn’t appear hastily. It would be better to hide quietly and let them go by if they were unwelcome guests.

‘I don’t have to use my magic power for nothing.’

He was already exhausted; he had no intention to step out for a pointless reason. As the players got closer, Hyeonu started to see their appearance. They were familiar faces.


The Pioneer Guild—where Arena’s most eccentric people gathered—was originally a guild of only five people, but recently, this small number was deemed insufficient. Thus, three new members were added, making a total of eight. Amongst them, Ket—who was the guild leader—was acquainted with Hyeonu. This was because the biggest shareholder of Porsche, Hyeonu’s main sponsor, was Ket’s family.

‘These people...’

It was okay for Hyeonu to make an appearance. He’d always had a good relationship with the Pioneer Guild. Additionally, he found them interesting and had cleared several dungeons and quests with them. Hyeonu descended the tree and approached the Pioneer Guild while greeting them: “Hello? It has been a while since I’ve seen all of you. There are also people I’ve never seen before. Hello, I am Alley Leader.”

The existing Pioneer Guild members who spotted Hyeonu welcomed him.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in Arena. I am going to be in New York tomorrow. Should we meet up?”

“It’s been a while, Mister Gang.” 

There were people who felt strange in this atmosphere. The three newly recruited players looked at Hyeonu with curiosity.

Ket noticed the awkward atmosphere and introduced Hyeonu and the three newcomers: “Ah, they are Alan, Jitu, and Paul. They are new members of the Pioneer Guild. They joined late because of various circumstances, but we were close friends to begin with.” 


“Hello. It is nice to meet you.”

The four people greeted each other. Their conversation didn’t last long though as the existing Pioneer Guild members clung to Hyeonu and talked to him.

“Congratulations on winning Arena Week, Alley Leader.”

“Arena Week isn’t over yet. Is it okay to hunt like this? What if there is something wrong with your condition?”

“I hope you will be fantastic tomorrow.”

“Can I ask where you are going now?”

Hyeonu’s head throbbed because of the endless string of questions.

‘Why did I forget about this?’

Most of the Pioneer Guild members were very talkative—very much so.

“I’ll answer you one by one. So can you speak one by one?” Hyeonu had a hunch that the rest of his time here wouldn’t be peaceful.


In front of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, there was no room to move due to the reporters gathered like bees.

“Jung Cheolho-ssi! Please say something!”

“Are the rumors circulating true?!”

“Are you really directly related to the bankruptcy of Damsu Construction?”

Every reporter held out their microphones to Jung Cheolho, who tried to enter the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

‘How do these guys know?’ Jung Cheolho wondered inwardly. With his mouth closed, he entered the entrance of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. He was very flustered by the high number of reporters he had never seen before in his life, but he managed to keep a straight face.

There was a simple reason why these reporters were gathered in front of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. It was because Kim Seokjung had given them the information. A warrant had been issued for Jung Cheolho, and he would soon appear at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

The reporters who heard about it naturally flocked over.

The biggest event in recent days was Arena Week. The story of Locke (Jung Hanbaek) and Alley Leader (Gang Hyeonu) was so famous that there was no one in South Korea who didn’t know about it. It was clear Jung Cheolho had a direct or indirect relationship with the two people, so he was tied to the topic.

The reporters worked hard to get some answers about it.

“Please say one last word before you go in!”

“Is it true that you intentionally aggravated the finances of Damsu Construction?”

“Is it true that you betrayed a friend of decades for money?!”

The reporters continued to scream at Jung Cheolho’s disappearing back. Unfortunately, there was no answer from him. Jung Cheolho had already completely hidden himself from their sight.

The reporters slowly prepared to withdraw after that. After all, the weather was terrifyingly cold in January.

“His mouth is so heavy. Reporter Gang, let’s go eat.” Yoo Jungwook, a reporter for one of the nation’s top newspapers, called out to Gang Jonghyeon, a reporter from another newspaper whom he was close to.

“Hyung, did you bring your wallet?” Gang Jonghyeon looked at Yoo Jungwook with a sour expression.

Yoo Jungwook usually never called Gang Jonghyeon as ‘Reporter Gang’; it was always ‘Kkang’ or ‘Jonghyeon’. The only time he called Gang Jonghyeon ‘Reporter Gang’ was to get a meal or a drink. Naturally, Gang Jonghyeon had no choice but to react in a sullen manner.

“What are you saying? Reporter Gang, is that the only thing between us? It’s sad.” Yoo Jungwook placed an arm around Gang Jonghyeon’s shoulder. “I have a good source today. Look forward to it.” 

Gang Jonghyeon, who was trying to shake off Yoo Jungwook’s arm, instantly changed his expression and placed a hand on Yoo Jungwook’s shoulder. “Don’t do this here. Let’s go somewhere quiet and nice.” 

Then he dragged Yoo Jungwook to his car.

“What? Is this a nice and quiet place? Come on, this isn’t it!” Yoo Jungwook shouted at Gang Jonghyeon, who was pulling him into the car.

“Do you want to walk? Just get in, Hyung.” Gang Jonghyeon pushed the rebellious Yoo Jungwook into his car and closed the door.

He started the car and drove off.

“I’m taking you to a good place, so tell me. What do you know?” Gang Jonghyeon kept his eyes fixed in front of him and only moved his mouth. He didn’t even glance at Yoo Jungwook in the passenger seat.

“What do you think will happen to Jung Cheolho who appeared today?” Yoo Jungwook opened and closed the storage box in front of the passenger seat, distracting Gang Jonghyeon.

“What will happen? It will be over after a rough investigation. There is a 50% chance there is a lack of evidence, 30% chance of a fine, and 20% chance of suspension,” Gang Jonghyeon answered.

Yoo Jungwook nodded after hearing that. It wasn’t just Gang Jonghyeon; most people were probably thinking in a similar way. Many corporate-related crimes received light punishments, especially if the case involved active businessmen and those who were considered influential.

Gang Jonghyeon continued, “Of course, if the prosecution finds clear evidence, there is the possibility... he will be sentenced to prison, and it’ll be for a long time.”

It was only at this moment that Yoo Jungwook spoke: “This time, I think that possibility is right.”

Gang Jonghyeon’s car stopped abruptly before they even left the parking lot. Then Gang Jonghyeon turned the car around again and parked it in an empty spot in the parking lot. He turned to Yoo Jungwook and asked, “What does that mean?” 

“Do you know what charges Jung Cheolho is being investigated for?”

“Business embezzlement and breach of trust.”

“Which company?”

“Damsu Con... Eh?” Gang Jonghyeon’s words stopped. Come to think of it, it didn’t make sense for Jung Cheolho to be arrested for Damsu Construction. The South Korean prosecutors he knew weren’t part of such a righteous group.

“Geumgang Investment Finance. It isn’t Damsu Construction. There is only one reason why Jung Cheolho is being investigated this time. He is the tail. It will unconditionally be a prison sentence, and it will be quite a long one. Deputy Chief Park won’t be able to handle it.”

“Is there a bigshot that Deputy Chief Park can’t go against?” Gang Jonghyeon looked surprised. Deputy Chief Park was the backer behind Jung Cheolho, and he had one of the highest powers in the prosecution.

Gang Jonghyeon asked, “Who is it? There’s no one in the central district with the power to do so...”

“The warrant was reportedly filed by the first division of the advanced criminal investigation department, but in fact, it was done by the anti-corruption department of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office,” Yoo Jungwook explained.

“How do you know this?” Gang Jonghyeon suddenly wondered how Yoo Jungwook knew such advanced information. Yoo Jungwook always did this. He brought information that no one else knew and handed it to Gang Jonghyeon.

“Just know that I have a good source of information within the prosecution. You don’t need to know anything else, right? Just get the articles ready.” Yoo Jungwook smiled at Gang Jonghyeon.

Gang Jonghyeon couldn’t smile. It was because Yoo Jungwook wasn’t really smiling.

“Then let’s go somewhere good.” Yoo Jungwook leaned back in the car seat and closed his eyes.

1. In games, sage time can be the cooldown period after using all skills or it can mean the time to take a break

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