Chapter 591

[Spirit of Chaos]

[The earring is made from one of the eyes of Fuca—a dragon of the demon world who stole some chaos from Callioraks, the master of Chaos. 

Rating: Epic

Restrictions: Chaos attribute

Effect: All stats +350, 35% additional chaos attribute damage.]

[Piece of Chaos]

[The earring is made from one of the eyes of Fuca—a dragon of the demon world who stole some chaos from Callioraks, the master of Chaos. 

Rating: Epic

Restrictions: Chaos attribute

Effect: All stats +350, 35% additional chaos attribute damage.]

‘Wow...’ Hyeonu’s mouth dropped open. He couldn’t help admiring the item effects. It could have been a bit disappointing if all he saw was the increase in stats. The increase was 100 lower than what he got from the epic items of the Mysterious Sky Sect set, and that difference would grow bigger over time. This was because the performance of items related to the Mysterious Sky Sect improved depending on the proficiency of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

‘This is only the case if there wasn’t the effect stated at the end.’

Nevertheless, there was another effect of 35% additional chaos attribute damage. The effect was applied separately for each earring, so it was 70% in total. 70% was actually a huge figure. It could be considered as dealing out nearly twice the damage when attacking with magic power of the chaos attribute.

‘I will wear it right away.’

Hyeonu put on the Spirit of Chaos and Piece of Chaos without hesitation and placed the Ghost Fragment and Twilight Memory he wore previously into his inventory.


The moment Hyeonu changed the earrings, a message window appeared in front of him.

[The Structure of Chaos (2/2) has been worn.]

[The two-part set effect is applied.]

[All stats +400.]

[Chaos Wave can be used.

Chaos Wave: Defense penetration will rise in proportion to the magic power used.]

The message was an announcement of the effect of the set items.

‘This is really amazing!’

Hyeonu felt that he couldn’t shut his mouth. He totally hadn’t expected there would also be a set effect.

‘Yes, I used a dragon as a material, so this is the kind of thing that should emerge.’

On the other hand, he thought it was natural. The materials that went into making these earrings were the eyes of a dragon. Taking that into consideration, the initial effects alone were actually a bit lacking.

“Thank you for making something so good, Edchan.” Hyeonu bowed gratefully to Edchan. 

Edchan waved his hand at Hyeonu. “It isn’t too late to give your thanks after you’ve confirmed everything else. In addition... I’ve said it before, but rather, I am the one who is grateful. When else can I handle such precious materials?”

In fact, Edchan had been really happy while making the equipment Hyeonu had requested for. It was because he was able to reproduce with his own hands the secrets of the tribe that had been passed through generations. His happiness wasn’t over yet though because there was still something left—Fuca’s head.

Edchan was happy because he had the materials to make a lifetime masterpiece.

“If I get something else good later, I will be sure to bring it to you,” Hyeonu said.

“Then I’ll make something better for you.” Edchan burst out laughing.

‘Now the armor...’ Hyeonu cleared away the small box and opened the larger box underneath it. Inside the box was black leather armor with a subtle purple color

‘I like it very much.’

First of all, he acknowledged the appearance. Hyeonu really liked it. It was a color that could look strange when done incorrectly, but this one gave off a very mysterious impression.

Edchan smiled when he saw Hyeonu’s expression and praised Tresha: “Do you like it? Tresha struggled day and night with this leather. If you get something good later, give it to him.” 

“I understand. I’ll be sure to give it to Tresha if there is something good.” Hyeonu nodded and checked the information of the leather armor.

‘Item Information.’

[Coat of Empty Desire]

[A coat made of the blood, bones, and skin of a dragon of the demon world who was pointlessly greedy.

Rating: Epic

Conditions: 3,000 agility, 2,000 physique.

Durability: 8,600/8,600

Defense: 4,900

Effect: All stats + 250, ‘Empty Desires’ is available.

Empty Desires: Attack power is increased by 30%. Defense is decreased by 15%.]

Huup...” Hyeonu exhaled after confirming the item information. The armor was better than expected. Of course, this single item wasn’t better than the earrings he checked earlier.

‘This is a set of five pieces...’

The difference between this and the items he wore earlier also played a role in Hyeonu’s surprise. In the case of Tyrant Caruso’s Shirt, all stats were increased by 75, but Coat of Empty Desire had an increase of 250. This alone was something that other players couldn’t dream about. The additional option of Empty Desires also had a great effect, so it was natural for Hyeonu to be surprised.

‘Item Information.’

Hyeonu also checked the information of the other items.

[Trousers of Desperate Regret]

[Trousers made of the blood, bones, and skin of a dragon of the demon world who felt desperate regret.

Rating: Epic

Conditions: 2,500 strength, 2,000 magic power.

Durability: 8,500/8,500

Defense: 4,600

Effect: All stats + 250, ‘Penance of the Regretful’ can be used.

Penance of the Regretful: All stats will increase by 35% against enemies you have fought more than once.]

[Belt of Grief]

[A belt made of the blood, bones, and skin of a sad dragon of the demon world who had no choice but to seal himself.

Rating: Epic

Conditions: 2,000 physique, 2,650 magic power.

Durability: 7,900/7,900

Defense: 3,500

Effect: All stats +250, ‘Seal’ can be used (Cooldown time: 24 hours.)

Seal: Seal 30% of the opponent’s stats for 30 minutes. Sealed stats will be restored by 1% per minute after 30 minutes.]

[Helmet of a Young and Ambitious Spirit]

[A helmet reminiscent of the young days of a dragon of the demon world.

Rating: Epic

Conditions: 2,300 strength, 2,000 physique

Durability: 8,000/8,000

Defense: 3,800

Effect: All stats + 250, ‘Reasonable Bluff’ can be used.

Reasonable Bluff: All stats will increase by 20% in combat.]

[Shoes of Limited Freedom]

[Shoes made of the blood, bones, and skin of a dragon of the demon world who was once freer than anyone else.

Rating: Epic

Conditions: 2,800 agility, 1,900 physique.

Durability: 7,800/7,800

Defense: 3,600

Effect: All stats + 250, ‘Limited Freedom’ can be used.

Limited Freedom: Movement speed will increase by 40%. You can walk in the air up to 10 times. The number of times will be reset when touching the ground.]

‘This is a jackpot, a jackpot!’

Hyeonu looked at the effects of the items one by one. There was no need to talk about the increase in stats. The additional included skills were already very satisfying. A number of them increased stats, and none of the other skills were useless either.

Hyeonu took off the Tyrant Caruso set and immediately changed into the new leather armor.

[The Empty Dragon (5/5) has been worn.]

[The five-part set effect is applied.]

[All stats +400.]

[Increase the effect of magic-power-related skills by 250%.]

[The skill ‘Dragon Fear’ can be used.]

[The skill ‘Empty Willpower’ can be used.]

[Dragon Fear: Mimics a dragon’s pressure and reduces the opponent’s stats by 20%.]

[Empty Willpower: Always absorb the surrounding magic power to create a barrier that prevents the opponent from attacking.]

‘It is unbelievable. Unbelievable.’

Hyeonu burst out laughing at the messages that filled his eyes. Now he wasn’t at all surprised that it was so good. He felt a sense of wonder; this was simply phenomenal. The amount of stats that increased after putting on the items he received from Edchan today was well over 1,500.

‘Tomorrow’s match should be worth watching?’

Hyeonu was raising a character that was different yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday, he got the chaos attributes from Callioraks and increased the specifications of his magic power, and today, it was the items.

‘It is really interesting.’

He imagined what would happen tomorrow and laughter burst out of his mouth. Hyeonu was extremely happy.

“I’m glad you like it.” Edchan accepted Hyeonu’s laughter as satisfaction with the items. That was natural since he couldn’t read Hyeonu’s thoughts.

“I’m so grateful that I have nothing to say. I feel like I need to do more for you,” Hyeonu said.

“You just have to bring us more things like these. I don’t need anything else. Ah, alcohol is always welcome,” Edchan replied. He picked up the box that had fallen to the ground and waved to Hyeonu. “I still have a lot to worry about, so goodbye.”

Hyeonu happily left the workshop as Edchan drove him away.


Hyeonu left Edchan’s workshop and immediately returned to Etono, his territory in the demon world. He sat in the inner office and confirmed the status window.

‘Status window.’

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 342

Class: Preliminary Commander of the Knights of Keon

Title: Bognet Extermination and 39 others.

Stats: Strength: 1,150 (+6,400)  Agility: 1,682 (+6,350)  Physique: 901 (+6,350)  Magic Power: 1,901 (+6,600)  Fighting Energy: 1,239 (+6,150)  Dignity: 852 (+6,150)  Killing Intent: 743 (+6,150)

Remaining stat points: 0

Retained Attributes: Chaos]

“Good, good. It is so good.”

Hyeonu admired the numbers in the status window. He had roughly guessed how much his stats had climbed, but it was different to see it with his own eyes.

‘All that is left now...’

Hyeonu closed the status window. Then he remembered what he needed to do. There were two things he thought of right away—the Arena Week raid time attack tomorrow and the demon world conquest. The former wasn’t very much of a concern since the result was already set.

Crescent Moon was unconditionally number one no matter what boss emerged. Hyeonu had the confidence not to lose to any team with his current specs.

‘The second one will take a while...’

He wasn’t particularly worried if it was simply killing the demons and fighting massive battles. After all, Hyeonu was already used to such things. It wasn’t like he’d only experienced a big battle once or twice. The thing that concerned him was that the emperor was like a ball bouncing on an unpredictable path. Hyeonu didn’t feel comfortable knowing what type of incidents the emperor could cause.

‘Will he provoke a demon king like last time?’

Right when Hyeonu’s distressed deepened, he sensed huge waves of magic power in the distance.

‘What is going on?’

He hurriedly pushed open the door of the inner office and ran out of the castle. Once outside, Hyeonu rushed to the source of the waves of magic power. It was closer than he expected—not far away from the castle. Hyeonu stopped walking and said hesitantly, “This place...?”

In front of him was a large building reminiscent of a palace. This building was where the emperor stayed.

Ah...” A deep sigh emerged from Hyeonu’s mouth.

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