Chapter 589

During the time when Hyeonu was playing the siege event at Arena Week, many things were happening on the other side of the planet in South Korea.

“Prosecutor General-nim, why are you saying no? This time, there is nothing lacking—neither power nor evidence. Everything is perfect. Why should I give up?” Kim Junsik asked the Seoul Central District Attorney—no, he was now Prosecutor General Kim Younggyun.

Kim Junsik had endured it for a long time. At the prosecutor general’s office, he was able to withstand it when he was asked to stop. However, once he met Kim Younggyun for drinks outside of work, he lost control of his incensed feelings.

“I didn’t tell you to give up, Junsik,” Kim Younggyun said as he poured alcohol into his empty soju cup.

The transparent liquid filled his cup in an instant. Then he filled Kim Junsik’s cup. Kim Junsik downed the alcohol in one breath. Ignoring the heat inside him, he opened his mouth to ask, “Do we have to just keep watching even though there is such a perfect opportunity, Prosecutor General-nim?”

Like Kim Junsik, Kim Younggyun emptied his cup instantly and replied, “Didn’t you say it last time? Yeouido’s money is all tied up. They won’t stay still.”

Kim Junsik persisted, “No matter how powerful those old people are, there is nothing they can do in the face of such perfect evidence. If you give me time...”

Kim Younggyun cut Kim Junsik off, “It's already over, Junsik.”

Then he took out his vibrating smartphone and answered the call.

“Yes, it’s me. I understand,” Kim Younggyun said briefly before hanging up. “You saw? I’ve already received a call, Junsik.”

“Prosecutor General-nim!” Kim Junsik shouted upon noticing what Kim Younggyun meant. “Why did you hand it over to that old man?”

“Hand over? Who is handing it over? Junsik, listen. We’ve caught their weakness.”

Unlike what Kim Junsik thought, Kim Younggyun had made a one-sided deal using the documents Kim Junsik brought him. Kim Younggyun tolerated their actions once in exchange for leashing them.

“Then what are the conditions...”

“Stop at just cutting the tail in moderation. In addition, don’t forget to look away.”

Kim Junsik considered Kim Younggyun’s words, ‘Cut the tail?’

He immediately thought of someone associated with Geumgang Investment Finance who could cut off the tail.

‘Jung Cheolho!’

It was a name that hadn’t gone down from the top internet search query rankings since yesterday. He was the former vice president of Damsu Construction and current director of Geumgang Investment Finance.

‘Can it be put together like this?’

“I understand, Prosecutor General-nim. Instead... I hope these materials can be used carefully this time.” Kim Junsik left with these words.

Kim Younggyun looked at Kim Junsik’s back and repeatedly drank soju from his cup until the bottle was empty.


Kim Junsik returned to the office and called Investigator Park: “Investigator-nim, please do one favor for me.”

“Yes, a request? Just give me your order. I’ll run around until my hair turns white.” Investigator Park didn’t know why he was called over, but he put on a pretense as he replied to Kim Junsik.

“Then I will have to trouble you, Investigator Park. Please investigate everything about Director Jung Cheolho of Geumgang Investment Finance. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Kim Junsik said.

“Director Jung Cheolho? Is it that Director Jung Cheolho?” Investigator Park asked with a faint smile appearing on his face.

“Yes, the Director Jung Cheolho who has yet to fall from the current top search term rankings.”

“Then I don’t think there’s a need to investigate? Please wait a moment, Prosecutor-nim.” Investigator Park bowed to Kim Junsik and then exited the latter’s office.

He returned around 10 minutes later, carrying a bunch of papers that were around one to two centimeters thick in his hands.

“I already have the materials. I think this is a pretty famous person,” Investigator Park said.

“Really?” Kim Junsik received the papers from Investigator Park and looked through them.

Kim Junsik’s expression changed subtly as he read the papers.

‘I’m not going after him for nothing then.’

He felt a bit relieved. Jung Cheolho definitely wasn’t a good man. He was a complete villain. For his own interests, Jung Cheolho sold out his friend of decades.

‘Of course, there must be a sense of inferiority at the core.’

This type of person felt a lot of jealousy and inferiority toward those who were better than him. They used it as the driving force to lead their lives.

“How can such a person still live well? I don’t think there is anything...” Kim Junsik asked questions as he continued turning the papers over. Based on these materials, there was nothing to say in his defense even if he were arrested immediately.

“It is a rumor, but... there is talk that there is a backer who is at least a manager in the Seoul District Prosecutor’s office. This was how he survived the bankruptcy of Damsu Construction...” Investigator Park whispered the small rumors he’d heard from inside the prosecution department.

“Really? So, there is such a rumor...” Kim Junsik dragged out his last words.

‘I don’t know who it is, but it doesn’t matter.’

In any case, Kim Junsik’s backing was stronger—the Prosecutor General. No one in the prosecution could win against this position.

“Then start applying for a warrant right away, Investigator Park. The charges are business embezzlement and breach of trust.”


-What did I do? It’s all thanks to the team.

The screen showed Hyeonu and the other players of Crescent Moon. The short match time of the siege made the interview relatively long. So, they spoke about everything from the process of preparing for the siege to the identity of the black smoke.

Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu watched Hyeonu with happy smiles. At this moment, Gang Junggu put his hand in his pocket. “What about the job?”

Kim Seokjung heard Gang Junggu’s words and turned to look at him. Upon making eye contact with Kim Seokjung, Gang Junggu nodded.

-I did as you told me, a reply came through Gang Junggu’s phone.

“So the job is done... The result?”

-I disguised as a courier and handed the materials over to the prosecutor you mentioned. He probably ran straight to his superior, the prosecutor general. Rumors are already circling around Yeouido.


-The prosecutor general seems to be hiding it for the future rather than doing anything about it right now. He revealed a portion of it and negotiated with Yeouido.

“So?” Gang Junggu continued to speak with just one word. No one listening to him alone could guess what the conversation was about.

-I think it will flow as you want it to. The Yeouido side wants to finish it quietly, while the prosecutor general wants to show a plausible result. I think some executives of Geumgang Investment Finance will be caught. However, the press will only mention the name of the first person detained for investigation.

Gang Junggu showed a satisfied smile. This was a very satisfactory day of work. It was worth the astronomical amount of money they invested every year. “Okay, very good. This is a satisfactory outcome for Hyung-nim. I’ll contact you again when I go back to South Korea.”

-I understand, Hyung-nim.

Gang Junggu ended the call. Then he briefly whispered the contents of the call in Kim Seokjung’s ear: “The matter has been resolved as Hyung-nim wanted. Maybe by tomorrow morning, New York will be in an uproar.”

Confirming what Gang Junggu told the other person on the call, Kim Seokjung looked satisfied. He said, “Is that so? Then cut all the strings, Junggu. Make him suffer like Hyeonu did.”

“I understand, Hyung-nim.” Gang Junggu nodded and left New York Arena Stadium.

“No one stabbed you in the back, so you stabbed a friend in the back...” Kim Seokjung took a bottle of water and drank it.


“Congratulations on winning Arena Week.”

“You know it’s a win, right? My sincere congratulations.”

Reina and Mascherano approached Hyeonu and congratulated him as he headed to the waiting room. Amongst all the players in the teams participating in Arena Week, these two were the closest to Hyeonu.

“I haven’t really won yet... But thank you for the congratulations.” Hyeonu was a bit burdened by the words, but he didn’t quite refute it because it was true.

“I truly felt it today. I won’t be able to get first place tomorrow in the raid time attack no matter what,” Mascherano said with a smile.

His bright expression was in complete contrast to his negative words. To be honest, Mascherano had already realized it as he prepared for Arena Week. It was simply impossible to win Arena Week as long as Hyeonu was participating. After acknowledging that, Mascherano’s heart finally felt at ease.

‘In addition, his retirement is tomorrow. There is no need to despair,’ Mascherano thought.

Arena Week was Hyeonu’s coronation and retirement stage. It was a legend that was acknowledged by everyone. Nevertheless, it also meant that Hyeonu would no longer be active as a professional gamer. Mascherano wasn’t stupid enough to feel competitive with an inactive pro gamer.

“To tell the truth, I didn’t know Tang-E was so powerful. I only realized it today,” Reina expressed what she felt in today’s match.

In fact, Tang-E had always been on the same side as Reina. No matter what quest they were on or where they fought, he had always been a strong ally for her as he had good buffs and excellent magic skills.

Reina had a vague impression that Tang-E was strong and good, but she managed to see his true face during the siege today. Everything was perfect—his magic, buffs, and melee. If there were to be a ranking for fraudulent things in Arena, first place had to be given to Tang-E. It was to that extent.

‘Of course, the master is worse.’

The master and the pet were both extraordinary. Birds of a feather flocked together, and this was why they shone even more.

Hyeonu listened to their words and once again felt that Arena Week was almost over. He said, “It is already the end of Arena Week tomorrow. There isn’t much time left for our stay in New York.”

Then he remembered something else. 

‘Come to think of it...’

The New York Warriors’ party—that was it.

“By the way, Reina... When exactly is your party? I have a set return date, so it has to be before that...” Hyeonu recalled that he hadn’t heard the date of the party, so he asked Reina about it.

Uh... That...” Reina couldn’t respond to Hyeonu’s sudden words and blushed.

‘Party?’ Mascherano wondered inwardly.

“Party? Was there something like that? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Mascherano’s eyes widened at the mention of a party that he was hearing about for the first time.

‘What is this?’

He’d never heard any mention about Reina’s party before. He felt even stranger because it wasn’t her personality.


“Ah, I remember. That’s what you’re talking about. I can't go because I have a situation. Alley Leader, go. Listen to Reina for the detailed explanation.”

Mascherano smiled and left the two people behind.

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