Chapter 583

“The third day of Arena Week has begun. Today is the long-awaited siege.”

Just like the last two days, the host announced the beginning of the third day of Arena Week. However, the crowd’s response was quite different this time; they didn’t yell like they did before. An awkward atmosphere flowed throughout the stadium. The host clearly sensed this atmosphere as he was a bit uncomfortable right from the beginning. Truth be told, he felt very uncomfortable.

‘Both the player and parents are a problem...’ the host thought.

The personality of the player in question was very bad. This was the case even if only 10% of the articles posted on the community were true. The player’s father was even worse, making it unexpected that such a son would be produced in this family environment. After all, a cause was always followed by an effect.

‘Still, they told me to just go ahead.’

Even so, the host had to proceed because the operations committee had instructed him to do so.

“Today’s siege stage will have a total of seven matches. After each match, there will be 30 minutes of planning and a break. Zenith won the arm wrestling game, so they will play defense in the first match,” the host read from the cue cards with his usual energy.

Then a man’s voice burst out from somewhere in the stands, “I don’t want to see a match with trash!”

The atmosphere of New York Arena Stadium suddenly turned cold. The eyes of the people in the area surrounding the man focused on him. Nevertheless, no one rebuked the man or said anything to him. Rather, they nodded as if they were agreeing with the man’s words. The man kept shouting, “Get out of here. This isn’t the place for trash like you!” 

Moments later, burly men in black suits and white shirts who had communicators in their ears appeared and escorted the man out.

“We hope you enjoy Arena Week today. The operations committee has started carefully investigating this matter, which is already known to the audience. I would be grateful if you gave them a bit of time.” The host held the microphone as he read the announcement the operations committee had written. “Moving on, the first match will start soon. We will begin Zenith’s defense battle.”

Then the host sighed and put the microphone down on the table.


The captains of the seven teams playing the offensive role gathered together. They had only one purpose—to occupy the castle quickly.

“Zenith’s castle isn’t that developed. Their soldiers aren’t that strong.”

“Still, their troops number seven times higher than usual. We are given only half of ours.”

Since Arena Week’s siege was one team against seven, the defending team received preferential treatment and was given seven times their original number of NPC soldiers. As for the siege teams, they received a penalty and had their number of NPC soldiers halved.

“However, we are seven times more than them. We just have to avoid getting caught in the trap they’ve prepared, and the siege won’t last long.”

The players diligently shared their opinions, but the meeting was hollow. It was devoid of substance as each team’s detailed strategy had to be hidden. They continued to discuss fiercely while Hyeonu simply had a peaceful face. He looked like a man who was in a world far from them.

“Does Crescent Moon have a strategy? You are very quiet,” Ryan of Manchester said to Hyeonu.

Ryan had high hopes for Hyeonu as Crescent Moon had shown groundbreaking strategies every time. Hyeonu replied, “Us? We have come up with a strategy of fighting behind the backs of others.” 



Ryan asked in response as if he had misheard Hyeonu. Simultaneously, Reina burst out laughing at what Hyeonu said. Hyeonu’s words were so ridiculous; he was being too half-hearted. Of course, it was possible for him to be that way, but it was ridiculous to say so directly.

“Why are you laughing? This is also a clear strategy. Isn’t it true that the longer the match takes, the more advantageous it is for us?” Hyeonu said with a smile.

From the position of Crescent Moon who had to defend their city, they should avoid focusing on the beginning matches as much as possible. This would allow them to fight in the best condition when it was their turn to be in charge of defense.

“If the other teams’ defense records improve... Crescent Moon will have to last that long. Aren’t you considering that?” Ryan wondered.

“Let’s see... holding out for 20 minutes against seven teams in our current state or 20 minutes against seven teams after a few hours. Isn’t it obvious which is easier?” Hyeonu rebutted.

Ryan had nothing to say to that. After all, fatigue was bound to build up. There was no one who would be the same at the end as they were in the beginning. If that were possible, they would have to be machines, not humans.

“Then are you saying you’re not going to fight at all?” Ryan questioned.

“No, that’s not it. I mean I have no intention of running wildly in front. I will still do my best,” Hyeonu said. Then he summoned Tang-E and the magic spirit, one on each of his shoulders. “These two guys will fight hard on my behalf.” 

Ryan shut his mouth. He had nothing to say after hearing Hyeonu’s words. It was because he knew that Alley Leader’s pet was better than ordinary magicians.

“Look at the color of his fur. It’s so shiny.” Reina approached Hyeonu at this moment and patted Tang-E.

“It’s been a while, pretty human. Have you been well?” Tang-E recognized Reina and greeted her by waving his paws. The appearance of Tang-E meant the atmosphere became incompatible with Arena Week.


“The first match of the siege with Zenith defending will start right now!” The host’s loud voice filled New York Arena Stadium.

“Zenith, fighting!” the crowd shouted.

The atmosphere of New York Arena Stadium came back to life. The moment the match started in earnest, the people forgot about Jung Hanbaek and focused on the teams they were cheering for.

“Just do as we’ve prepared. The goal is to buy as much time as possible. Don’t feel too burdened.”

“It will all be broken anyway. It is impossible to stop the teams. We just have to break through faster.”

The two pillars of Zenith, Karelin and Sergei, looked at their fellow pro gamers.

‘This number can last quite a while,’ Sergei thought as he looked at the NPC soldiers who had been lined up behind the walls for a long while now. In their own way, Zenith had prepared many things. The hardest preparation was to raise the level of the NPCs.

‘No one knows that we have added priests and magicians.’

Zenith had the opportunity to get acquainted with the NPCs of the magic towers and temples when they were commissioned to complete a quest. Upon completing that quest, priests and magicians were added to the class of their soldiers.

‘In particular, the addition of priests is a big factor in the rise of power.’

The magicians were largely useless. The containment or attack magic they used couldn’t damage pro gamers or limit their movements. There was a great difference between the two. Meanwhile, the priests were different. The health recovery skills and small buffs were unconditionally beneficial.

Just then, a group of NPC soldiers ran frantically on the walls.

“My lord! The enemy is approaching from all directions!”

“Really? Everyone, get ready for battle. Don’t overdo it. Hide behind the rocks and just shoot arrows. The moment those in fancy armor climb onto the walls, evacuate into the castle and take up formation lines,” Sergei instantly gave orders to the NPC soldiers.

“I understand, My Lord.” The NPC soldiers nodded and returned to their positions.

“Karelin, I will now go to the other side.”

“Understood. I will protect the opposite gates.”

It was time to split the team into two. Having the whole team on one side was a very bad choice. The crowded gate would be protected, but the other three gates would be broken. If that happened, they wouldn’t be able to get the benefits of having the walls. They would be caught in the front and rear by the enemies and get almost wiped out in an instant.

‘I have to hold the fort as much as possible,’ Sergei thought.

Due to his uneasiness, Sergei spoke to Karelin again, “Absolutely don’t run out. If the walls are in danger, escape to the inner castle. You can hold the fort there again. Our purpose isn’t to win but to buy as much time as possible.”

Karelin just waved his fist without even turning back. Sergei shivered with an unknown anxiety while staring at Karelin, who was walking further away.


“Tang-E, don’t bother her and come back.” Hyeonu beckoned when he saw Tang-E in Reina’s arms.

“It’s okay. He is cute and nice,” Reina responded by stroking Tang-E’s round ears.

“Then I’m glad.” Hyeonu shot a laser-like glare toward Tang-E, who was trying to avoid his eyes.

Tang-E simply buried his face in Reina’s shoulder and completely evaded Hyeonu’s gaze. Unable to watch this scene, Mason said to Hyeonu, “Do you have time to be doing this now?” 

They were almost near the walls. It wouldn’t be strange for Zenith’s forces to be everywhere.

“There’s Sergei on the wall. Just catch him, and it will be over,” Hyeonu answered calmly.

Hearing that, Lee Hoon muttered, “Sergei isn’t the name of a fish in some fish tank. Are you leaving it to me?”

However, no one could hear Lee Hoon’s mutter. Everyone here was listening to someone else.

“Tang-E, cast some magic with plenty of your love. Of course, leave enough for the buffs,” Hyeonu said.

The moment Hyeonu finished talking, Tang-E moved from Reina’s arms to Hyeonu’s head. He jumped and settled down lightly before saying, “Understood, Master dude.”

As Tang-E held out a small bead, there was a black glow around Tang-E’s small body. The black light permeated the bead little by little. When the bead blackened completely, a small dark cloud appeared in the sky.

Reina turned her head and asked Hyeonu, “Don’t tell me... this?” 

Hyeonu nodded very slightly as he raised his index finger to his lips. Right then, a flash of light that was both white and black emerged from the cloud and struck Zenith’s wall. The New York Warriors and Crescent Moon players instinctually closed their eyes to protect their eyes from the intense light.

Thunder rang out belatedly, and the players covered their ears too. By the time the players opened their eyes again, the wall in front of them had disappeared, replaced with a gaping passageway that was larger than the gate.

“Tang-E, you should’ve fired it at the people. What are you doing only breaking stones?”

“No, Master dude, I did it intentionally. Stupid Master dude.” Tang-E pouted, hit Hyeonu’s head, and went back to Reina’s arms.

“What is this?”

“What are they saying?”

The players couldn’t shut their mouths at the sight.

Hyeonu and Tang-E were bickering with each other while crossing the destroyed wall.

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