Chapter 564

PvP was scheduled for the second day of Arena Week. The faces in the crowd looked more lively and vibrant than they were on the first day. In contrast, the faces of the players were stiff. Mascherano was the only player who smiled like he did on the first day. He even waved happily to the audience members who recognized him and called out his name.

The reason why most of the pro gamers had stiff expressions was Hyeonu. To be precise, it was the battle he had last night. His show of overwhelming power and skill spelled despair for the other pro gamers. The difference between them and Hyeonu was so great that they no longer had a burning desire for victory. They couldn’t even think of catching up to him because the difference in stats was too high.

It could be said that all professional gamers were hunting in the demon world. To be exact, they roamed near Etono and hunted the demons and demonic creatures that poured in endlessly. Of course, the professional gamers leveled up and raised their skill proficiency at a faster rate than usual as they did so. They knew how strong the demon nobles and senior demonic creatures were, so they fought barons and intermediate demonic creatures at most. It wasn’t hard to kill them, and most of them were defeated in a consistent manner. 

However, this only applied to killing barons and those even weaker. A demon king was different. If a baron was considered a slightly strong boss monster, then a demon king was a formidable boss monster. The difference between the two was like that between a lizard and dragon. There were hundreds—or thousands—of walls that couldn’t be exceeded.

However, despite thinking about all these, the players weren’t completely stiff and hopeless.

Today’s event wasn’t the siege or raid time attack. In the PvP arena, it didn’t matter how high Hyeonu’s stats were or how good his skills were. Everyone would fight under the same conditions. In other words, if they couldn’t win today, it would be even harder to win in the remaining two days.

“Spectators, welcome to the second day of Arena Week,” the host announced. Then while pretending he didn’t know what was on the minds of the players, he spoke to them cheerfully, “I don’t think the players have adapted to the time difference yet. Or perhaps yesterday’s class-change event was a big shock. I’ll try to interview some of the players who look like they’re in a better condition. Player Mascherano?”

The one the host chose was Mascherano, since Mascherano was the only one among the players who was smiling.

“Yes, please go ahead and ask,” Mascherano answered the host with a smile.

“The players don’t look so good today. Is there a reason for it?”

“I don’t know. I feel great. Everyone seems to find the New York winter strange. Perhaps they have a cold.”

“Is that so? Winter in New York is indeed cold. Player Gang Hyeonu also looks pretty good. Are you in good condition today?” The host directed the next question to Hyeonu.

Hyeonu was one of the players who had a normal expression like Mascherano.

“In winter, Seoul is as cold as New York, so I’m used to these cold temperatures. I’m done adapting to the time difference. The hotel bed is good, so I slept well,” Hyeonu answered the question smoothly.

“So can I expect a good performance today?”

“Of course. I will show you my good side today.” Hyeonu smiled brightly and finished the interview.

“The interview will end here. I would love to talk all day, but... there’s something else the audience wants,” the host said. Right after that, the lights of New York Arena Stadium went out, leaving the giant screen the only place where lights shone in New York Arena Stadium.

“It is the second day of Arena Week, and PvP will be played today. The match table will be made now in front of everyone!” 

On the screen, the names of the eight teams participating in Arena Week appeared one by one—Crescent Moon, Manchester, New York Warriors, Red Bull America, JT Telecom, PSG, Xuanhua, and Zenith. The names of the eight teams grew and decreased in size repeatedly on the screen. Suddenly, the screen flashed, and all the names disappeared. Then one after another, the names reappeared, with four being placed on the left and four on the right. This made four pairs.

“The first matches have been decided. Two matches will be run at the same time. After the first match-up has had their first game, the second match-up will play during the first match-up’s rest time. This means you can watch the PvP games without breaks in between.”

The PvP progression at Arena Week was simultaneous. Two matches were played in groups. Once a match ended, the next one would start straight away. There were many matches to be played, so it was an unavoidable choice.

“The first match is between Manchester and JT Telecom. The second match is between PSG and Xuanhua.”

Only the names that the host called out remained on the screen. The match-up was very exciting because two teams Teika had labelled as weak were in one match.

“Will they be the weakest in Arena Week if they lose here?

“Honestly, it is hard to see Manchester as the weakest. The new player might be a secret weapon.”

Crescent Moon’s players looked at the match table and discussed it. Coincidentally, Manchester and JT Telecom were Teika’s weak picks, which meant the team that lost here would be evaluated as the weakest.

“Why is that important? In any case, we won’t know until the end,” Hyeonu said to Lee Hoon and Mason.

The weakest team was only revealed after the event ended. This applied to each of the three events—PvP event, siege, and raid time attack. Hyeonu added, “Let’s pay attention to our opponent. Zenith isn’t an easy team to deal with.”

Crescent Moon’s first PvP opponent was Zenith. Zenith had Karelin, an expert in ultra-close combat.

“Karelin is strong, and the other players can’t be ignored. Honestly, none of them are inferior to us.” Hyeonu said ‘us’, but the other players of Crescent Moon knew he didn’t include himself in that.

In fact, it was right for him to say ‘you guys’, not ‘us’.

“There are Zenith analysis videos on the laptops and tablets, so take another look.”

After listening to Hyeonu’s words, the players started to use the laptops in front of them to check the prepared information. Despite what Hyeonu told the others, he actually felt good about the match-up.

‘Zenith... It was picked well.’

Hyeonu had wanted Red Bull America or Zenith as Crescent Moon’s first opponent. This was because both teams had publicly revealed most of their power. Additionally, they had players who used fists as the main weapon, and these players were the team captains.

‘Dwayne can create variables.’

Crescent Moon had Dwayne, who was also a player that used his fists. It didn’t matter if he lost, but it would be a jackpot if he won.

‘Now I can know about Manchester’s secret weapon.’

Hyeonu had to watch the first match closely. It was clear that Luke, Ryan’s secret weapon, would be representing the team. Luke was wrapped in a veil of mystery; nobody knew him. This meant that his information was being thoroughly controlled.

“The first match will start with PvP between Manchester and JT Telecom. Players from each team should come on the stage,” the host announced.

The match began at this moment. One player from Manchester and one player from JT Telecom went onto the stage.

“From JT Telecom, Yoo Bin has come out to represent his team. He’s one of the flagship players of JT Telecom. He can’t be called the ace, but he is definitely a main player.”

JT Telecom had sent out Yoo Bin. Although he wasn’t their ace, he was still a fairly strong starter player. After Jung Hanbaek, JT Telecom’s second highest performing team member was Yoo Bin.

“Player Yoo Bin will be facing Player Luke. Luke is a new face in Manchester. He didn’t play in the regular league, so Arena Week is the first professional stage he has ever been on.”

The player that Manchester sent to face Yoo Bin was Luke. It was Luke’s first public appearance. He hadn’t played in the regular league in Europe, so there were no videos of him. Additionally, he was one of the rare rankers who didn’t do regular streams and didn’t have A-World channel.

“I don’t have any information about Player Luke. Do you know anything?” a commentator asked the host.

Of course, the host didn’t know either. There was no information provided to the host. Then another commentator opened his mouth with a triumphant expression and said, “I personally asked Player Ryan about Player Luke.” 

This commentator was known for being fairly friendly with the players, and Ryan was one of them. It was through their friendship that the commentator managed to collect information about Luke.

“Player Luke once used a sword. I also heard that the specs of his Arena character aren’t that great, but when it comes to PvP, he is no weaker than the other players in his team. In fact, I’ve heard that Player Ryan got a higher win rate after practicing PvP with him. Player Luke has the number one PvP winning percentage in the team.”

Hyeonu heard the commentator’s words and drank some water that was on the table.

‘Uses a sword and is number one in the team...’

The information the commentator gave was very useful. Hyeonu would be able to see it with his own eyes in a moment, but it was better to have this information.

‘So how good is he?’

Hyeonu’s eyes focused on the screen.


Yoo Bin felt very tense.

‘Why isn’t it working out?’

There was only one reason—the battle didn’t flow the way he wanted. He hit a block in the battle, and so did his mood.

‘It feels like he already knows what I’m going to do...’

Luke, the man Yoo Bin was fighting, seemed to be able to read Yoo Bin’s thoughts. No matter what way Yoo Bin moved, Luke followed tenaciously and easily resisted the attacks. On the other hand, Luke’s attacks easily succeeded.

‘I have around half my health remaining...’

Yoo Bin had gotten too many wounds. None of them were severe, but they consumed too much health. Every time Yoo Bin thought of this, his heart grew anxious. He knew he would lose if he let Luke take the lead like this. Such a mindset was reflected in Yoo Bin’s movements.

His movements accelerated and became rushed. He pushed forward actively regardless of the consequences. Yoo Bin’s sword was covered in blue flames as it cut through the air. Luke gently deflected Yoo Bin’s sword with his own sword, which was covered in red flames.

Yoo Bin took another step forward and lunged with his sword. He tried to lead the battle with super close combat. Luke saw that and took a big step forward before swinging his sword. Luke’s sword and Yoo Bin’s sword collided in midair.

Then Yoo Bin’s sword stopped moving. Luke had pressed his sword against Yoo Bin’s sword with perfect timing. Rough flames burst out from Yoo Bin’s sword, but Luke’s sword scratched Yoo Bin’s sword and moved forward. Finally, Luke’s sword reached the crossguard of Yoo Bin’s sword, which protected his hand.

Luke’s sword eventually broke through the guard and cut at Yoo Bin’s body. After losing power, Yoo Bin’s body fell to the ground.

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