Chapter 551

Starting with Hyeonu’s match, the class change event continued. However, aside from Hyeonu, no one could use a magician class to win against a melee class. Everyone was the same, be it Aike or Mascherano. They managed to use magic a few times, but their accuracy and application of unfamiliar magic were very poor.

This was a surprise event. They had no time to prepare in advance, so they couldn’t show themselves in a good state. The more this happened, the higher Hyeonu’s status became. Hyeonu showed that this was due to a difference in talent—pure talent that others couldn’t compare to through practice. His combat ability was overwhelming beyond excellence.

Arena’s best were proving it at this gathering.

“At the end of the round of 64, only Player Gang Hyeonu has survived among the magician class.

“Some of the players who picked a priest class, such as Reina, showed a steadier force than expected and entered the top 32.”

“The reason they are able to do so is also associated with Player Gang Hyeonu. In his private stream, Player Gang Hyeonu showed how priests can win in the arena! Everyone is using it.”

Reina and the others who picked a priest class showed a fairly good match. In a way, it could be considered overwhelming. They didn’t give magicians or melee classes the slightest bit of breathing room and ended the match in an instant. However, such an active performance had Hyeonu’s contribution behind it. The players used the combat method he taught Yura in Alley Leader Academy. Thus, it was natural for the commentators to talk about it. The current situation wouldn’t have happened if Hyeonu hadn’t revealed his know-how in the past.

“The round of 32 will start without a break.” The announcer quickly progressed with the next match.

Originally, there would have been some interview time, but Hyeonu was in the first match of the round of 32, just like the round of 64. Everyone was waiting to see his match, so they couldn’t delay it.

“The first match of the round of 32 will be between Angel Protin and the only surviving magician at the moment, Gang Hyeonu!”

Hyeonu’s opponent was a priest player from Red Bull America, Protin. His nickname was Angel. He got the nickname because he silently took care of the players of his team, including Mascherano. Protin would always form a shield at the right time and constantly maintain buffs with perfectly timed calculations, and he had the ability to maintain a certain amount of health at all times. He could simply be called the perfect specimen of a priest.

‘This is the superior version of Yuri.’

Protin’s ability was good, but so were his specifications.

He was better than Yuri in all aspects, and he had many skills at a high proficiency.

‘The items are different.’

However, Yuri was much better when it came to items. All of Hyeonu’s priest items went to Yuri, while the magician items went to Sunny and Mason.

“Please take care of me.” Hyeonu approached Protin and bowed his head. There was no sense of unfamiliarity in his expression. Hyeonu was already very familiar with Protin.

“I should be asking that of you. I’m worried that I will only make Alley Leader’s eyes dizzy.” Protin also bowed to Hyeonu with a deep smile on his face. Protin belonged to the group of people who had seen quite a lot of Hyeonu’s battles. He had viewed many videos on A-World and actually watched quite a number of Hyeonu’s fights.

Each time, he marveled and admired Hyeonu’s ridiculous combat skills. Thus, he despaired when he heard that Hyeonu wanted to be a professional player. He instinctively knew that the biggest factor preventing Red Bull America from winning Arena Week was Hyeonu.

“How can that be? I saw you fighting well just now. I think you would’ve been better than Mascherano if you played a melee class,” Hyeonu spoke politely to Protin. He needed to maintain a strong relationship with Protin. Top priest players were always needed, even if he didn’t know when that would be.

“I’m glad then.” Protin pulled out his sword with a slight smile. Armed as a typical knight, his weapons were a sword and a shield. Protin rushed to Hyeonu because he knew that he shouldn’t give Hyeonu time.

‘He seems more like a melee class than a priest class?’ Hyeonu thought.

Protin had simply drawn his sword and run forward, but Hyeonu could sense a great deal of stability in these movements. It was like he was watching a melee-class ranker.

‘It will be tricky...’

If he were to compare Protin to Mason, it was like the difference between heaven and earth. Mason couldn’t erase his clumsiness, whereas Protin was different and seemed to have previously played Arena as a melee class, not a priest. Hyeonu created small pieces of ice in the air.

It was Ice Needle, a basic skill. This wasn’t a very powerful skill, but it had a low magic power consumption and a short skill cooldown, making it great to use in PvP.

“This time, Player Gang Hyeonu is focusing on containment.”

“In fact, this is the standard method. The problem is that it is a playing style not everyone can do as the first condition is that your magic casting must be fast and highly accurate.”

The commentators sighed and admired Hyeonu’s skills. The skill that Hyeonu showed might not seem great on the outside. It was just a quick use of magic, but there were some great things hidden in it. Many things were mixed together.

“Player Protin is also great. There is a rumor that he played all sorts of classes before playing in Arena. He created a tricky trajectory to eliminate all the flying magic.”

Currently, Protin had just succeeded in blocking all the ice needles flying. He momentarily raised his speed and appeared before Hyeonu.

“Player Gang Hyeonu is in a crisis. Player Protin succeeded in approaching faster than expected. Once attacked at a close distance, the probability of defeat will increase significantly,” a commentator expressed his concern about Hyeonu.

It was Alley Leader’s crisis. If a melee class were attached to a magician’s side, the magician would die unconditionally.

“However, it’s Player Gang Hyeonu, so I think he can show something else. He chose a magician class for a reason,” the other commentator revealed expectations, not concerns. If it was Hyeonu, something would be different. There must be a reason why he picked the magician class.

‘He’s caught!’ Protin thought that he had won. It was the end for a magician once access for close combat was allowed. This was a truth that everyone in Arena knew. It wasn’t something that could be escaped just by being Alley Leader.

Just then, flames appeared at Protin’s feet. The burning pain he felt in his feet caused him to retreat involuntarily.

‘What?’ Protin couldn’t see the situation clearly from his field of view. It was natural since no one had eyes on the soles of their feet. However, other people could observe what happened from beginning to end from the perspective of the third party, including the commentators.

“He is really calm. His focus isn’t distracted at all despite a sharp sword approaching him.”

“I don’t think he has a heart at all. He is a machine. A machine! Gang Hyeonu only has strategies on how to win in his head.”

As the commentators watched in admiration, the battle between Hyeonu and Protin became more dynamic. Protin stepped carefully toward Hyeonu. He didn’t act recklessly just because he was in a hurry.

‘In any case, it will be over with just one cut.’

A magician didn’t have enough health to hold on. Protin just needed to deal one adequate attack with magic power. When he saw the opportunity he was waiting for, he swung his sword quickly and attacked before Hyeonu could move his magic power to use magic. 

Hyeonu’s body shook. He didn’t move quickly like Protin. The movement was small, but it was enough. Protin’s sword brushed by Hyeonu’s body and went downward to the ground. Protin’s eyes widened. He hadn’t expected for his attack to be avoided. Even so, Protin resumed the movement of his sword immediately.

He lifted the sword and once again wielded it, moving at an angle that was impossible to avoid this time. A small flame exploded from Protin’s sword, and the end of the sword quivered. The sword that was swinging toward Hyeonu’s chest ended up soaring toward the sky.

At this moment, a chill filled the air, and small ice arrows were revealed. The ice arrows flew at Protin’s feet. Protin frowned and focused magic power on his feet, breaking the ice arrows. His feet regained their freedom, but it was inevitable for him to have wounds. There were small holes in Protin’s feet, and these wounds were covered with white frost.

‘The magic utilization is outrageous.’

Protin was dumbfounded. The Alley Leader he was fighting in person was stronger than he had expected. He felt sorry for his teammates who would have to fight this opponent.

‘The problem is that I’m the one fighting now...’

Currently, Protin was the one who was dealing with such a monster; it wasn’t the time for him to worry about others. Protin’s sword moved sharply. This time, it was an effective blow. He succeeded in cutting Hyeonu’s skin and seeing blood. However, Hyeonu also dealt a blow to Protin. Protin’s two feet froze quickly. Ice pillars instantly rose through the holes in his feet and pierced both of Protin’s shoulders.

Keok—” The sword and shield fell from Protin’s hands. Then just like the items that dropped to the ground, Putin’s head fell off as well. The match ended like this. The announcer informed the crowd about the outcome of the match: “In the round of 32, the first match between Player Gang Hyeonu of Crescent Moon and Player Protin of Red Bull America is a victory for Player Gang Hyeonu!”

Right after that, the two commentators added their review of the match.

“It is really amazing. I’ve always wanted such a fight. The unfortunate thing is that Alley Leader is actually a melee class, so it won’t be possible to see a match like this again after today.”

“Many magician players will practice a lot after today. Many people, including me, have seen Alley Leader’s match today. Our standards are quite high. The viewers won’t be satisfied with the usual level of PvP now. Player Gang Hyeonu is really great. He is amazing!”

The commentators praised Hyeonu’s battle and continued praising him until their saliva dried up. It was the first time they had seen such a battle. No one had expected a magician to show such spectacular combat in melee combat. However, this would all end after today. Hyeonu was a melee class, and no player would be able to see this type of battle in PvP in the future.

“It is really a pity for such a player to retire after Arena Week,” the announcer finally pointed this out.

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