Chapter 507

Those who were enjoying the atmosphere started to clean up their seats only after a chill entered the workshop. After clearing the room, Edchan finally decided to ask Hyeonu why he’d come to visit. This question was lagging by at least five beats. Edchan said, “So why have you come here?”

For a moment, Hyeonu had also forgotten why he came to the workshop and simply enjoyed his time here like someone who came to eat alcohol and meat right from the very beginning.

“I have something to ask of you. Suped will tell you the details.” Hyeonu replied while glancing at Suped apologetically.

Edchan’s and Tresha’s gazes naturally turned to Suped.

“I need a one-meter wide building to engrave a magic circle. I think around 30 would be enough...” Suped spoke with a very serious expression, unlike his casual manner just before. He knew how to distinguish between work and rest.

“Does the appearance matter? You’re saying that anything is okay, right?” Edchan wondered.

Suped nodded in response. The important thing was the material of the building, not the appearance. It didn’t matter at all what it looked like.

Hyeonu took the chance to intervene and say, “Then can you make it look less awkward? The location of the installation can’t be revealed, so there shouldn’t be a strange feeling.” 

Unlike Suped, Hyeonu found the shape of the building to be very important. As the lord of Phinis, players shouldn’t find it strange. It was disposable, so they just had to ignore it once.

“That will naturally be so. Did you forget that a dwarf’s standards are extremely demanding? I have enough pride to protect, so I won’t give out something that doesn’t look good,” Edchan spoke confidently. He wasn’t joking. The scenery of Phinis was decent, but it wasn’t outstanding by a dwarf’s standards. It wasn’t very difficult for Edchan, a Golden Hammer, to match that level.

“Then I would like to install it in the square connecting to the west gate. I have to go now because something suddenly came up. You can charge the administrator of Phinis for the costs of setting up the magic circle.” Hyeonu expressed his intention to leave as soon as the conversation reached a certain extent.

Things were going along fine, so there was no point for him to stay. He would rather invest that time in something else.

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t know much about magic circles anyway. You are wasting your time here.” Suped knew it and didn’t stop Hyeonu. Strictly speaking, Hyeonu was a person who wasn’t helpful to this future work.

“Don’t worry too much. I’ll give you a piece that you will like. You will be satisfied like always.” Edchan grinned at Hyeonu. Then he extended a hand toward Hyeonu.

“I understand.” Hyeonu smiled and held Edchan’s hand.

“Why are you holding my hand? I meant to ask for a drink.”

It was Edchan asking for something in return from Hyeonu.


After leaving Phinis, Hyeonu went back to Etono by returning to the inner office. He didn’t intend to waste even a bit of time. Hyeonu would never stop while holding a treasure box called the main scenario. In fact, he planned to keep running in order to open it. This was the greed and desire of a man called Hyeonu.

‘I need to find Baler.’

Hyeonu’s direction was already in place—find Baler, persuade him, and ultimately, launch the war as the emperor intended.

‘By the way, where can I find Baler?’

Hyeonu didn’t know where Baler was. Apart from the first time when they met out of a coincidence, Baler had always visited Hyeonu instead.

‘I’ll go find John Blake.’

It was John Blake who had contact with Baler. No one else would know. Hyeonu thought it was better to visit John Blake who might be holding a small clue, rather than waiting for Baler to find him. 


[The Blanc Return Stone has been used.]

[Moving to Blanc.]

[Current number of uses remaining: 5/6]

[Remaining time to charge it once is 5 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.]

Hyeonu immediately headed to Blanc without hesitation. He pulled out the mask from the inventory and covered his face.

‘It is just in case.’

This was so they would consider Hyeonu as a demon because they couldn’t think a human would be in the demon world. Hyeonu might be being overly cautious, but it was better to be careful. It could prevent mishaps from happening unnecessarily. The streets were infested with demons and demonic creatures, but Hyeonu’s movement wasn’t affected at all. In fact, they made way for Hyeonu to pass. It was similar to what would happen if a car worth hundreds of millions of won were to appear on the road. A path that didn’t exist before was created, just like how Moses split the sea.

‘I think it is more than before...’

Hyeonu’s stats had increased by at least 200 since his last visit to Blanc. There was also his increased proficiency in the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art and the essence he absorbed from Chen Long. As a result, the atmosphere around Hyeonu became more intense to the demons and demonic creatures.

Hyeonu crossed the city comfortably and arrived at a castle surrounded by solid walls. Dozens of demons equipped with armor and weapons were guarding the castle gates. The demon in the most colorful armor stood in Hyeonu’s way and said, “This is the castle of John, demon king of sloth. Please state the purpose of your visit.”

“I have come to see Sir John. You can tell him that Argon has come.” Hyeonu released killing intent and fighting energy toward the demon in front of him. The answer was always to go strong against the demons. It was a problem if he broke the method somehow, but if it wasn’t broken, it was simpler and more effective than any other method.

“I understand. I would appreciate it if you wait a moment.” The demon guard bowed in a very polite manner and quickly disappeared into the castle.

He returned quickly too. Less than five minutes had passed since he disappeared. The demon guard said, “The demon king told me to bring you in. I will be happy to guide you.”

Hyeonu gestured to the gate with his chin and ordered in a low voice, “Take the lead. I’ll follow you from behind.”

“I understand.”

Hyeonu walked while looking at the demon guard’s back. Until now, Hyeonu had used Baler’s space movement or crossed the wall with Lebron to enter the castle. This was his first time entering by the proper way.

“The demon king is on the third floor of this place. Then I’ll be going,” the demon guard said.

The place where John Blake was situated wasn’t too far from the gate. No, it was actually rather close. The building wasn’t very big and didn’t look spacious. This was where John Blake was.

“Then go ahead. I will go in alone.” Hyeonu didn’t stop the demon guard from leaving. Rather, he waved and sent the guard off. Then he entered the building without looking back.

‘I came here out of the blue... Even if I don’t get any information about Baler, I need to at least obtain something.’

At the very least, he shouldn’t go back empty-handed. Hyeonu firmly climbed the stairs. John Blake was sitting upright on the neatly decorated floor.

“I haven’t seen you in a while. Yes, how is everything?” John Blake greeted Hyeonu with a peaceful face. Hyeonu saw it and got a familiar feeling. It felt like he had seen the current situation somewhere before.

‘Did Lebron see this and copy it?’ Hyeonu realized where it came from. Lebron’s appearance was very similar to John Blake’s.

“It isn’t a big deal that His Majesty came to the demon world... I think I can tell you that everything is fine,” Hyeonu replied.

“You’ve suffered. It is hard to be responsible for someone.”

“It’s fine. In any case, I’m not the one taking care of him. It’s Master. I’m just running errands.”

Upon hearing Hyeonu’s pleasant answer, a smile flashed on John Blake’s face. “If they are together, that must be a sight to behold. It is a shame that I can’t leave here.”

Hyeonu cocked his head doubtfully. ‘Why can’t he leave here?’

“Did you gain some restrictions after becoming a demon king? Why can’t you leave the castle?”

John Blake started to explain the reason why to Hyeonu in a relaxed voice, like a grandfather telling an old story to his grandson: “Where can I go when there are so many eyes watching? Most of the people who know me as a demon are nobles below an earl or ordinary demons and demonic creatures. Everyone above a marquis knows who I really am.”

Ah, is that so?’ 

Despite only hearing a part of John Blake’s explanation, Hyeonu realized that the demon kings were keeping John Blake in check. To be exact, it was Baler. It was clear Baler was preventing John Blake from going to Etono and meeting the emperor.

‘He must’ve seen the emperor somewhere. That is why he is blocking John Blake.’

Hyeonu didn’t know precisely how capable the emperor was. He only had a rough guess from hearing comparisons. In Lebron’s words, the emperor was weaker than John Blake. Hyeonu asked, “Sir Blake, what level is Master in the demon world? Can he beat a duke?”

John Blake’s expression changed upon hearing the question that Hyeonu put forth out of the blue. He looked dumbfounded. “Duke? Lebron? He can beat Rubolle if there isn’t the help of the magic power stone. He might be lacking in pure magic power, but his techniques are excellent. Why the question?”

“If I know this... I asked you because I thought I would be able to find out why you couldn’t leave here.”

“Really? So you know why now?”

“Yes. I’m not certain, but I think I roughly know.”

Hearing Hyeonu’s words, John Blake nodded and requested, “Then tell me.” 

His kind smile was a bonus.

Hyeonu replied, “Isn’t Baler the one blocking you? He must’ve felt a bit of a crisis after watching the battle between you and Master. There is also the emperor who is as strong as Master. He must think that the demon world won’t know what to do if the three of you are gathered.”

John Blake burst out into wild laughter.

‘Is my answer wrong?’ Hyeonu cocked his head. He couldn’t figure out what the look on John Blake’s face meant.

“Yes, he is blocking me,” John Blake said. “There is just one thing he doesn’t know. Alexander who ascended the throne is like this, and so am I. We have no interest in power or wealth.”

John Blake laughed louder.

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