Chapter 469

The guild leaders finished chatting with their friends and gathered on the first floor of the coffee shop to talk about the magic circle.

“Which guild would like to use the magic circle first?” the master of a large guild asked the other masters sitting there.

“Why don’t we start with New World first? Alley Leader has already filled around 50,000 magic power. This means that even if another guild stepped in, New World already has a 20% share. I think it is better to just leave it to New World,” the man with red hair like burning sparks said in a moderately loud voice.

He thought, ‘In any case, New World is first with or without Alley Leader. The rest of the guilds are ranked after them.’

Right from the start, the man didn’t want to target New World. New World was an exception to the negotiations as it was the best and strongest amongst the many large guilds. It was originally like this, and the difference increased even more after a player as ridiculous as Alley Leader joined them.

“I agree with you. In the first place, it was Alley Leader of New World who made the magic circle public. I think New World should get the initial authority to use it.” Mascherano smiled brightly as if nothing had happened earlier and took New World’s side.

“We came here to enjoy the benefits, so we should be polite to the owner as long as we have a sense of shame,” Liu Shei said while sticking a fork into the cake in front of him. It seemed more like he was stabbing a knife into a person’s body. 

“Thank you to everyone for saying so. Then our New World will use the magic circle first. Thank you for the concession.” Gang Junggu seized the opportunity without missing it, accepting it the moment it was given.

Now, it was the beginning of a heated debate. They didn’t raise the swords, but it was actually a much more intense fight. Their words had the fates of hundreds of thousands of people at stake. They could attract the attention of many more audience members if they arrived in the demon world even five minutes in advance.

‘These guys are boring...’ Kim Seokjung was bored watching the endless debate and turned to look at his ‘son-in-law’. From the beginning to this moment, this type of occasion had always been boring. It seemed better to kill one more monster rather than be still like this.

Kim Seokjung saw Hyeonu making the same expression as him. ‘It will end soon.’

Based on Hyeonu’s expression, he was likely to leave his seat in a few minutes. No, it was clear he would. So far, Hyeonu had always left in the middle of the few meetings he'd attended.

‘The others...’ Kim Seokjung turned to look at the others. He made eye contact with another person who was peeping at Hyeonu.

Huhu... It is good,’ Kim Seokjung laughed inwardly before getting up. All eyes were on him.

Hyeonu also turned his head to look at Kim Seokjung.

“It is probably the end of the negotiations, so I should go... Is that okay?” Kim Seokjung smiled brightly as he glanced around the space. Everyone seemed to accept it. This had happened more than once or twice, so they didn’t find it strange.

“Jin Sijong, who can stop you from leaving? New World’s position in the order has been set anyway.”

“Really? Then I’ll believe in you.” Kim Seokjung knocked on the heads of Hyeonu and Gang Junggu and turned to exit the cafe with them.

“Hyung-nim, please tell us in advance. I was surprised and thought something was happening.”

“Right, Hyung-nim. There should be a minimum of rapport. Isn’t this too arbitrary?”

Gang Junggu and Hyeonu spoke one by one as they looked at Kim Seokjung’s back. No matter how willful his words were usually, they were a bit surprised this time. Kim Seokjung would’ve normally said something to them first, but today, he just left his seat.

“Did you want to stay in that place? I didn’t know that...”

The moment Kim Seokjung mentioned this, Hyeonu quickly waved both hands and refuted it: “How can that be? I naturally wanted to leave as well. I just didn’t expect Hyung-nim to move first. I pay my respects to Hyung-nim’s behavior.”

Kim Seokjung showed a subtle smile in reaction to Hyeonu’s exaggerated behavior. He couldn’t see it, but the two people following behind him were also smiling.

“Right. How many of us do we have?” Kim Seokjung asked.

“Around 50 people, Hyung-nim,” Gang Junggu answered.

50 people—they were the elites of New World. Most of them were naturally priests, monks, and paladins. They were all divine classes apart from a few magicians.

Kim Seokjung stopped walking and turned back to the two people. He said, “Then there should be quite a few available spaces?” 

“Right? I think the size of the magic circle can fit around 100 people,” Gang Junggu replied.

Kim Seokjung heard Gang Junggu’s answer and spoke with an expression of regret, “Right. Then it is a bit of a pity...”

“So what should we do? Should we take some miners?”

“There is no need for miners... Let’s go with other guilds.”

“Is that so? Which guild do you want to contact? There are no fools who will refuse. We just have to pick...”

Gang Junggu’s words weren’t wrong. There was no one who would be foolish enough to reject New World’s offer. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say it was a favor or an act of trust.

“New York Warriors!” The name of one guild popped out from Kim Seokjung’s mouth. “In addition, Red Bull America and Crescent Moon.” 

Two more names followed.

“Hyung-nim...?” Hyeonu didn’t care about the two guilds mentioned first. He only cared about Crescent Moon, which came out last, and focused on that.

‘I forgot about the kids.’ Hyeonu had forgotten about his own team, Crescent Moon, because he had been too concerned about other things.

“Won’t the other guilds say something?” Hyeonu asked with a worried face.

Gang Junggu firmly shook his head. “It is up to us if 50, 60, or even 100 people use it. They won’t get angry, but they will ask to use it together. Of course, we don’t have the intention to do that at all.”

“Then I’m glad, Hyung-nim.”

“I’ll call Reina and Mascherano. We can’t just keep waiting when we don’t know when the meeting will end.” Gang Junggu turned around again and disappeared into the cafe.

Once Gang Junggu disappeared, Kim Seokjung approached Hyeonu and placed an arm around his shoulder. He whispered in Hyeonu’s ear, “Dongsaeng, trust me. I’ll take care of it.”

The moment Kim Seokjung finished talking, he patted Hyeonu’s shoulder a few times before walking forward again.

‘What is he talking about? Ever since before...’ Hyeonu shook his head and followed Kim Seokjung.


“Really? I still can’t believe it... We are going to the demon world!!! Moreover, we’re the first group going!” Mason, a blond man who was still closer to a teenager than a man, stomped his feet with joy.

“Yes, so can you please go quietly? It’s embarrassing.” Lee Hoon blocked Mason’s mouth and pushed his back. Lee Hoon was embarrassed as he felt like everyone was looking at them.

Mason removed Lee Hoon’s hand blocking his mouth and said to the other four people, “Everyone likes it. So why is it only me?”

“Liking it is different from how you’re being embarrassing,” Yuri coolly refuted Mason’s words. She was equally embarrassed, so she quietly quickened her pace.

“Honestly, I feel better now that we’ve leveled up to an extent where we aren’t going to be a burden to Hyung. I feel recognized.” Mason shrugged. He was happy about going to the demon world, but he was more pleased that he was recognized by Hyeonu. Now they could see the same place together. It was like saying that the five of them had developed this much.

With proud expressions, they continued walking toward the central square of Phinis where Hyeonu was waiting. A number of people entered the eyes of the Crescent Moon players. There were so many people present, but there were only a handful of faces that they knew.

“By the way… aren’t there a lot of people? It isn’t just us. Mascherano and... Reina.”

“Hyung is next to them. The ahjussis are also with them.”

Of course, Hyeonu was included in the faces of people they knew. The movements of the Crescent Moon players quickened. They got closer, and the conversations in the area became clearer to their ears. Among them was a conversation involving Hyeonu and Kim Seokjung.

“Thank you for including me, Jin Sijong.”

“I’m grateful for the favor.”

Mascherano and Reina bowed toward Kim Seokjung. It was a great goodwill and gift that was no different from nepotism.

“What is the thanks for? I'm just helping the people I know live.” Kim Seokjung showed a warm smile that didn’t match his sharp appearance.

“Did you all prepare well?” Hyeonu cut into the dialogue before Kim Seokjung could say anything else. Hyeonu took over and led the conversation. When Kim Seokjung saw this, a subtle smile appeared on his face.

“I am prepared to open a new field, Alley Leader.”

“We are similarly prepared. I think it will be enough.”

Mascherano and Reina gave usual answers. They didn’t seem to have prepared much more for the demon world. No, there was nothing more to prepare. This was the best way to prepare for the development of unexplored lands.

Hyeonu told them, “If you have a bit of free space, I would unconditionally recommend to take more magic power potions with you. You will need a lot of magic power in the demon world.”

“Is that so? Then I will go to the integrated auction house to buy some.”

The moment they heard Hyeonu’s words, they called their companions standing at the back and gave some instructions. The guild members who received the instruction quickly ran in the direction of the integrated auction house.

“The price of magic power recovery potions will probably rise soon. I recommend that you buy it now.”

“I feel like I’ve received too much. Giving us so much advanced information... I don’t know what to do.” Mascherano nodded at Hyeonu’s continued suggestions. Hyeonu’s favor was burdensome, but he never refused it. It was enough to pay back the favor even if he couldn’t do it right now.

“So before the potions come, should we decide the order to inject magic power into the magic circle? There are around 200,000 remaining, so each guild needs to fill in 70,000.” Hyeonu led the conversation naturally. There were guilds waiting behind them, so he planned to use the magic circle to go to Etono as soon as possible.

“Okay, that...” Reina tried to say something, but it didn’t work out as she intended. It was because she was interrupted by an uninvited guest.

“I’ll do it.” The uninvited guest was a man with light brown hair. Duke Lebron, the number one knight of the empire, had appeared.

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