Chapter 464

The square window contained the same shapes and characters as the magic circle.

‘What do I do with this?’

Hyeonu couldn’t get a sense of it. He had experienced many of these types of things, but this wasn’t what he expected.

‘It is always like this...’

Thinking about it, he didn’t find this surprising. He had very few experiences of doing the same test. Then Hyeonu heard a beautiful female voice speak: -The shapes and characters shown in front of you have their own wavelengths. Activate the magic circle by injecting magic power that matches the wavelength. The magic power amplification rate changes depending on the clearance time. 

It sounded the same to the viewers.

“It isn’t a big deal? I think I can just do it casually.”

Hyeonu expected that the test wouldn’t be that difficult.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter if it is actually difficult.’

No, this was good. The more difficult the test, the better it was for Hyeonu. Thus, more people would inject magic power into the magic circle, and more gold would accumulate.

‘They will have to buy a lot of magic power potions.’

Naturally, Hyeonu would also gain great benefits.

‘Will anyone give up? I think it will take some time to clear this?’

Just because they were rankers didn’t mean that they had great magic power control. Of course, they all had above-average strength. It was just difficult to exceed the desired standard in a test like this.

‘To be honest, I can go through everything.’

“Everyone, I wonder if there will be anyone who gives up. I am fine, but there will be some people who won’t be able to clear it... They can’t just waste time, right?”

The viewers ridiculed Hyeonu’s words of concern. They were dumbfounded. Who was worried about whom? No, it wasn’t even a worry.

-Everyone, a cat is worrying about mice.

-He is a free pass anyway. It’s something like this.

-I’m sure he is worried... Doesn’t he sound very proud?

The viewers skillfully grasped the underlying meaning of Hyeonu’s words. Just then, the female voice entered Hyeonu’s ear again.

-If you shout ‘give up’, you can give up and just inject your magic power into the magic circle. If you want to start the test, just say ‘start.’

Hyeonu nodded at the voice’s explanation. There was no reason to give up. “I can’t use the magic circle, but... there is something like this. That is all you need to know. Start.”

Hyeonu started the test without hesitation. He judged that there was no reason to hesitate when he had to do it anyway.

-This is a tutorial to learn the wavelengths of each shape and character before entering the formal test. Press the shapes and characters that appear on the screen, and the corresponding wavelength will flow out. If you shout ‘exit’, the tutorial will end.

Hyeonu followed the instructions and pressed the first shape that was an upside-down clock.

Um... Is it strong, weak, medium, strong, weak?’

As the voice described, he felt the flow of magic power and figured out the way to move his magic power.

‘I can move it in that order...’

The test wasn’t just about injecting magic power. He had to adjust the magic power to a certain flow and move it along the corresponding shape. The process of filling the empty magic circle with magic power was like coloring.

Uh... It’s harder than you think. You have to remember all these wavelengths.”

-Yes. It is useless just knowing one or two.

-At just one glance, there seem to be dozens.

-You can’t inject magic power if you are ignorant. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Now you have to use your head...

Injecting magic power wasn’t difficult. He didn’t know about how it was for others, but this was the case for Hyeonu. The problem was memorizing them exactly without confusing the many patterns.

“I’ve memorized one, so let’s do it slowly.”

Hyeonu felt the waves of magic power while memorizing the shapes and characters. However, his concern was groundless. He remembered the dozens of wavelengths in 10 minutes. Although he didn’t memorize it all at once, he was able to release any wavelength smoothly after two or three repetitions.

-He has a good mind as well.

-What the hell is lacking?

-He is a person with everything...

-No, he might lack humor...

-I also think that is a bit lacking...

The viewers marveled and admired the abilities that Hyeonu showed. He was like an onion. More things kept being revealed.

“Exit.” Hyeonu finally thought he was perfectly prepared and ended the tutorial.

-The tutorial has ended. You will enter the formal test, the pleasant voice rang out.

Then the content of the square window changed again. The shapes and characters were mixed randomly. The top left side of the window had the number ‘100’ while the center and right side each had ‘0’.

‘Are there 100 of them?’

Hyeonu understood the meaning of the numbers as soon as he saw them.

‘100’ was the number of shapes and characters that would come out, and the ‘0’ numbers meant the number of successes and failures respectively.

-The leftmost number is the number of shapes and characters in the test. The higher the magic power stat, the greater the number. The number in the center is time. The number will go up until the test is finished. The number on the right side is the number of times you succeed in injecting the magic power.

Hyeonu’s guess was wrong. The number of failures didn’t come out.

‘There is no need for it to come out...’

In retrospect, there was no point in the number of failures to be stated. The important thing for this test was time. The accuracy meant nothing. If the first one wasn’t done correctly, the latter was meaningless.

“I will finish it neatly.”

The moment Hyeonu’s words ended, the number in the center changed from 0 to 1.

‘This... Is it strong, weak, medium, strong, weak?’

Fortunately, Hyeonu remembered the first one very well. It was an upside-down clock shape. This was the first one he had memorized. Hyeonu naturally injected magic power into the colorless clock, instantly dying it black-red. Once the central time counter changed to ‘3’, the number on the right also changed from ‘0’ to ‘1’. He finished the first one in three seconds after the test began.

‘This one is weak, weak, strong, weak.’

Next was a letter resembling the alphabet ‘B’. Hyeonu moved his magic power without hesitation. This time as well, it was quickly colored black-red in just two seconds. The central number had changed to ‘5’ while the number on the right was a ‘2’. It was a ridiculous speed.

-Isn’t this actually easy?

-Is it a hidden camera prank?

-Are we being fooled right now?

-Won’t Tang-E come out from behind, dance, and call it a hidden camera prank?

It reached the point where they suspected it was a hidden camera prank. The sight before their eyes was too unbelievable. The shapes in the square window were being colored dark red so easily that it was like Hyeonu was painting. The number on the right quickly changed to ‘100’. Meanwhile, the central number showed 126.

-The test has ended. The duration is 126 seconds. After a while, the result will be announced.

[Result: 10 times]

The number ‘10’ appeared in the square window. It was a natural result. 100 magic power wavelengths were injected in 126 seconds, making it almost one per second.

[The magic power will be charged depending on the test results.]

[Current magic power: 47,460]

[Remaining magic power needed: 203,540]

-Wait? 47,460 magic power was charged?

-Times 10 means the original number is 4,746?

-Maybe his class is a magician rather than a knight?

-If his magic power stat is 4,746, what are his other stats?

-I’m a second advancement magician, and I just have over 1,000 magic power...

-That is high too. 1,000 at level 100...

The viewers’ interest went elsewhere. Hyeonu’s skills were amazing, but that was nothing new. He had amazing results every time he did this type of test on his streams. However, he had never released his status window while streaming. Hyeonu’s status window was now being revealed, even if it was just the magic power stat. It was also unintentional.

Uh... My magic power stat... Is it made public?”

Hyeonu was very flustered. No, he was pretending to be flustered. It was impossible for him not to have known, especially considering he had seen the message indicating the amount of magic power that was charged into the magic circle. He just pretended not to know.

‘Burn up.’

In recent years, interest in Hyeonu had waned. To be exact, it was maintained without being reduced. The flames that burned from his pro gamer debut had cooled down due to his one-sided winning results, and there was no fuel to increase it. Thus, he was going to ensure a generous burst today in order to attract the attention that had disappeared.

‘Interest is the lifeline...’

Streamers or pro gamers had no sense of existence without the attention of the masses. They were just invalids stuck in their rooms. No one would admit it.

-Kuek, I feel very comfortable seeing him look flustered.

-Then are the other stats not going to be disclosed?

-Wasn’t there a rumor that his strength stat is over 10,000?

-Don’t you want to show us your skills window?

The viewers didn’t know this and poured out messages to tease Hyeonu. They didn’t know who was making fun of whom.

‘Yes, do even more. Upload articles to the community.’

There was a strange smile behind Hyeonu’s mask.


Park Hyeonjun, the head of Quency’s general planning team, was smoking. One, two, three...

He smoked a few cigarettes without a break.

“How could he do such a thing? It’s clear that he isn’t a person but a demon. What type of grudge did we have in our past lives?” Park Hyeonjun muttered while gritting his teeth.

There was deep animosity in his eyes. meleegod, Alley Leader, Gang Hyeonu—he was the enemy. No, he had been causing problems since he first appeared. Since the opening of Arena, he had consistently given numerous jobs to Park Hyeonjun. Gang Hyeonu swallowed content like Beelzebub, the demon of gluttony. He was gluttony itself.

As a result, Park Hyeonjun suffered from overtime work every day without getting a proper rest. There was a large amount of the plan that was deleted without a doubt, so he suffered from overtime again and had to repeatedly make things that didn’t exist. The most comfortable time was the two years when Gang Hyeonu wasn’t seen.

‘Why again?!’

Why did Gang Hyeonu appear now to interrupt his break?

“Team Leader Park, you will collapse. Stop smoking.” Kim Jinyeong appeared and grabbed his hand as Park Hyeonjun was trying to light the fourth cigarette.

“Yes... I can’t collapse...” Park Hyeonjun bent the cigarette in his hand. Right now, he really wanted to see his family at home.

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