Chapter 462

“Week 6 of Arena’s Winter League has started!” The voice of the host, Jang Junhyung, echoed throughout Arena Stadium.

Then the commentators Lee Wanghoon and Chae Yunho followed.

“There is a very important match scheduled for today. It is the showdown between UK Heights and Crescent Moon.”

“The chance of one of these two teams becoming the winner of this Winter League is very high. Crescent Moon won first in the raid time attack and is in the favorable position, but they might take second place if they are defeated in today’s match by UK Heights.”

Today’s match was of great interest. It was a big match where the two teams closest to winning the Winter League, UK Heights and Crescent Moon, were scheduled to play.

“Of course, besides that, there is also great interest in Crescent Moon’s leader, Gang Hyeonu. In fact, the community is much more concerned about him, an individual player, than today’s competition.”

However, interest in the match was just a part of it. Most of the spectators, reporters, and players visiting Arena Stadium expected Crescent Moon to win. It was natural. No one in UK Heights could beat Alley Leader. In addition, it wasn’t just him. The other members played full roles in Crescent Moon. They were pro gamers now.

“The identity of the intense light that appeared in Phinis, Gang Hyeonu’s territory—everyone is curious about it. It is even guarded by NPCs, so no player can look inside. This is just amplifying the curiosity.”

People’s attention was focused on the light that appeared in Phinis. To be exact, it was a movement magic circle, but it was impossible for them to know this.

“I believe the truth will be found out in today’s interview.”

The audience laughed in response to the commentators’ words. They were all counting their chickens before they hatched.


Ah!!!” The commentators groaned. The match was over. The player’s head fell under Alley Leader’s sharp attack.

“UK Heights has collapsed. UK Height has knelt down without breaking through the wall of Alley Leader.”

“Alley Leader’s shield is too hard. The blunt spear of UK Heights can’t get through it.”

“The word ‘wall’ is a better fit for him than anyone else.”

The PvP score was 4 to 3. Looking at the numbers, it was a close battle. However, this wasn’t actually the case. UK Heights defeated Lee Hoon, Yuri, and Dwayne. The last player was naturally Alley Leader. In front of the giant called Alley Leader, the UK Heights players collapsed helplessly.

“The last match of today is over. We will soon start an interview with the winning team. Please wait a moment.”

The interview time naturally followed after the end of the match. The main focus was on the day’s distinguished players, but they generally asked questions about the players on the winning team. This was definitely a common case.

“We will take you to Gang Hyeonu, who is today’s MVP.” The host Jang Junhyung called out Hyeonu’s name.

Hyeonu, who was sitting on the sofa with his teammates, moved to a chair in front of the interviewers. “Yes, hello. I am Gang Hyeonu of Crescent Moon.”

The eyes of the interviewers were shining as they looked at Hyeonu’s face. There were many things they wanted to ask.

“You showed amazing skills today. They seem to be getting better every day... Is there a secret to your skill development?” The first one to talk was the commentator Lee Wanghoon. The question was extremely ordinary. Naturally, Hyeonu’s answer was also plain, but this was according to his standards.

“I just think that the more I adapt to the PvP character, the more my skills are revealed. Recently, there has been no rapid rise in skill or anything like that.”

The sentence was arrogant even beyond his usual self. Nevertheless, people didn’t condemn Hyeonu. They just treated it as a mischievous joke. There was only one reason why fans didn’t blame him. It was because Hyeonu deserved it. Hyeonu always beat other players in an overwhelming manner. He was undefeated. In other words, he always won. It was a perfect record within a single defeat.

“It is a ridiculous answer, but... you are saying it yourself, so I understand.” Lee Wanghoon ended his question with an absurd expression.

“I’ll go next. I’m going to ask what the viewers, who are here today and who are watching the Arena Winter League through other media, are wondering.” The next question was from the other commentator, Chae Yunho. He brought up what everyone was curious about: “I want to ask about the identity of the light that appeared in Phinis and why you are hiding it.”

He carefully observed Hyeonu as he asked the question.

It was impolite to ask personal questions in such a public place, but he was curious enough to take such a risk.

When Hyeonu heard the question, his expression was calm. There was no change in his expression at all. Upon seeing such a Hyeonu, everyone thought that Chae Yunho hadn’t made a mistake after all. Unlike everyone’s expectations, Hyeonu was actually holding back a laugh. ‘Everything is proceeding steadily with my plan.’

Chae Yunho’s question was very satisfying because it helped maximize interest in Phinis.

Ah, that... I couldn’t log into Arena today, so I had the NPCs temporarily stop people from accessing it. It doesn’t mean much.” Hyeonu just smiled.

Chae Yunho felt like Hyeonu’s answer was lacking. ‘I asked two questions, so why did he only answer one?’

Obviously, Chae Yunho had two questions. One was the identity of the light, and the second was why Hyeonu was hiding it.

“Then is it okay to ask about the identity of the light? Many people are curious.”

Ah, that...” Hyeonu didn’t immediately give an answer like before. His words were vague and indecisive this time.

“Can’t you tell us?” Chae Yunho asked cautiously. There was a great possibility he would be blown away by the wind that would occur after uncovering the secret he wanted. He didn’t want to see his name go up and down in various communities.

“The identity of the light... will be released on my stream tonight. Bbeong!” Hyeonu had a playful expression on his face.

Chae Yunho gave a fake smile and responded to Hyeonu’s words: “I see. Then the identity of the black light will be disclosed on Alley Leader’s stream tonight! If you are curious about the identity of the light, be sure to watch the stream.”

The interview ended in an amusing manner.


“Hyung, you really aren’t going to tell us?”

“Oppa, I don’t think it should be kept a secret from us. Can’t you tell us a few minutes earlier?”

“Yes, Hyung. You will turn on the stream as soon as you go home. You are just telling us in between.”

Lee Hoon, Yuri, and Mason left Arena Stadium and surrounded Hyeonu on the bus back to the dormitory.

“I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you. You should all be my viewers.” Hyeonu shook his head and covered his ears with both hands, ignoring the three people’s words.

‘Today is the day to update the viewing record.’

He had no intention of telling them. Once the five people here watched the stream, the number of viewers would increase by five.

“Watch it if you are curious. Please look at it twice.” Hyeonu leaned back against the seat and closed both eyes.


[What is the identity of the black light that appeared in Phinis?]

Hyeonu started streaming with a stimulating title.

“Hello, everyone. I am Alley Leader. It has been a week, so it’s great to see you.”

-I wanted to see you!

-I’ve only been looking at your A-World channel for a week, really.

-Hi, hi.

The viewers welcomed Hyeonu. His streams were one week apart.

“There are already close to a million people. It seems everyone is curious about the identity of the black light that I’m hiding?”

Hyeonu smiled when he saw the ‘one million viewers’ written in one corner. The interview he did a few hours ago had done its part. The number of his viewers was rising at a faster rate than usual.

-No, I came because I wanted to see Alley Leader.

-That’s right. I came to see Alley Leader. I’m not curious about the black light at all.

-??? Didn’t you all come to see the black light?

-Be quiet, tactless brat. This is the place where you come to see Alley Leader.

The viewers found the hidden meaning in Hyeonu’s words. It had happened so many times now that the response was fast and accurate, but there was always someone who liked to create a splash. This behavior was quickly buried due to the messages of other viewers.

“Everyone came to see me. I am really moved. So let me show you what the black light is.”

Hyeonu stopped speaking and started to move. The destination was the square in the center of Phinis.

“I greet the lord.”


Hyeonu arrived at the center of the square, and the knights who found him started to kneel one by one. The impact against the ground was so hard that there was a thump.

“Stand up. Why are you all kneeling? Just bow lightly next time.” Hyeonu grabbed the shoulders of the knight and pulled them up one by one. It had been a few months in Arena time since he became lord of Phinis, but this etiquette was still burdensome.

“I understand, My Lord. I will tell the other knights to do the same,” a knight answered while bowing.

“And... has anyone come from the capital?” Hyeonu patted the knight on the shoulder a few times.

“Yes, my lord. He arrived the day before yesterday. He should probably be inside now.” The knight looked around the area and then turned his head back to Hyeonu.

“Really? Then please do this for a few more days.” Hyeonu left the knight behind, broke through the barrier, and headed to the center of the square.

-Uh? What the? A mystery circle?

-The grass has all been mowed.

-What is this?

-Looking at it, I can see strange patterns and characters.

The viewers saw the center of the square and questioned it.

“The black light is the effect produced in the process of the magic circle being engraved. It is quite important and very strong,” Hyeonu explained what the black light was.

-Magic circle?

-Alley Leader can use magic?

-What magic circle?

The viewers couldn’t understand Hyeonu’s explanation. Everyone knew that Hyeonu had a melee class, which had little connection with magic. Nonetheless, Hyeonu didn’t care about the questions of the viewers. In any case, all doubts would disappear after they heard what he would say.

“The identity of the magic circle is a movement magic circle. The destination is the demon world. It is a new field.”

A bomb once again exploded in Hyeonu’s hands.

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