Chapter 439

After the third awakening, Tang-E’s appearance changed quite a lot. His fur had turned black. The first thing Hyeonu saw was Tang-E’s ears. The fur covering those round ears had been dyed black. In addition, there were small black circles on both of Tang-E’s cheeks.

“Tang-E... You...” Hyeonu stared at Tang-E with a serious expression, looking like someone who had noticed a big problem.

Of course, Tang-E reacted with a trembling voice while his two eyes were busy looking all around him: “What’s going on, Master dude... What is the problem? Is something there?”

He quickly approached Hyeonu, grabbed his hand, and shook him.

‘It’s so fun even if it is the third time...’ Hyeonu held back the laugh that wanted to burst out. Tang-E’s appearance didn’t look strange. If there was a problem, it was that he was too cute.

“Yes, there is a problem. What should I do?” Hyeonu didn’t stop joking though. No, he couldn’t do so. It was very fun to see Tang-E’s constantly changing expression. This was better than watching any of the interesting videos available in the world.

“What problem? Huh? Master...” Tang-E grabbed both of his ears with his paws and started banging them. He turned around with his back to Hyeonu. It was then that Hyeonu saw that Tang-E’s tail, which was the size of a fist, was also black now.

Pfft!” Hyeonu laughed. It was up to here; he could no longer endure it. He fell for Tang-E’s new charming point.

“The problem is that you’re so cute, Tang-E. How can you be so cute?” Hyeonu tucked his hands under Tang-E’s armpits and lifted him up. Then he rubbed his face against Tang-E’s face.

“Let me go, damn Master dude. Is it good to make such a joke?” Tang-E worked hard to escape from Hyeonu’s arms. However, Hyeonu used the giant buffs to ignore Tang-E’s struggle. Tang-E pouted, but Hyeonu was inwardly sighing with relief.

‘There is nothing wrong,’ Hyeonu thought. If there were a problem with the third awakening, it would be hard for Hyeonu to face Tang-E’s parents.

Thinking what could have happened, Tang-E felt even angrier toward Hyeonu. Yet Hyeonu didn’t know Tang-E’s heart and played such a joke on him.

“Damn Master dude!” Tang-E sincerely struck Hyeonu’s chest with his paw.


Hyeonu and Tang-E rolled around, play-fighting, for a long time. There was even a slight change in the surrounding terrain, but they were obviously joking around. When Hyeonu finally released Tang-E, the latter returned to Bung Bung Island slightly angry. Of course, before he left, Hyeonu promised to call him within a short period of time.

‘I need to check the skills and stats.’ Hyeonu finally remembered the message windows that had appeared after Tang-E’s third awakening. ‘Should I start with the skill first?’

Honestly, Hyeonu was much more curious about the new skill than the status window. Stats could increase by leveling up, so they rose a lot more frequently than skills were created.

‘Tang-E’s skill window.’ Hyeonu opened Tang-E’s skill window and found a skill with a strange name. The new skill was kindly at the top of the list.

[Dancing with a Bear]

[The Marionette clan has been with their partners from generation to generation. A partnership is a sincere relationship, regardless of whether they are a master or friend. 

Type: Continuous

Rating: Epic

Skill Proficiency: F

Effect: All stats will rise by 30% when the user and caster confirm each other’s locations. The partner will get the same effect.]

The skill that Tang-E gained through the third awakening had a different rating—epic. The epic-rated skill also had a very good effect. If Hyeonu and Tang-E were in the same space, all of their stats would increase by a huge 30%. The condition of use was very simple. He really wanted to grab onto Tang-E and dance like the skill name suggested.

‘I just have to summon him, and I will get a 30% stats increase.’

The third awakening had a direct effect not only on Tang-E but also on Hyeonu. Hyeonu closed Tang-E’s skill window with a bright smile. Then he summoned the status window straight away.

‘Tang-E’s status window.’

[Status Window]

[Name: Tang-E

Level: 300 

Species: Marionette Bear (Third awakening)

Title: Bung Bung Island’s Heir

Stats: Strength: 2,559  Agility: 2,583  Physique: 2,997  Magic Power: 5,743 (+861)  Wisdom: 1,785

The heir of Bung Bung Island. Bear-like physical abilities and high magic power are racial characteristics. He is very affectionate, unlike his prideful tone. After the third awakening in the demon world, there is the dark attribute.

Intimacy: 100

Skills Possessed: Bear’s Momentum, Forest’s Blessing, Magic Power Affinity, Lightning, Giant Transformation, Roar, Ice, Fire, Subspace, Burning Magic Power, Breath of the Wind, Wish Bead Transmutation, Dancing with a Bear

Retained Attributes: Dark]

The stats had also changed significantly. Except for the newly earned wisdom stat, all the stats were over 2,000. In particular, the magic power stat was over 6,000.

‘I’m envious, envious...’

Hyeonu wondered if he could even achieve these stats before Arena’s service ended. There were no big changes apart from that. The corruption attribute had disappeared, and the dark attribute took its place.

‘I wish the corruption attribute had been left as well, but... that is just being greedy.’

Hyeonu had been anticipating that the corruption attribute wouldn’t disappear but instead combine like in Hyeonu’s situation. However, those expectations were broken. All that remained now was the dark attribute. Still, he wasn’t disappointed. Expectations were nothing more than expectations. Hyeonu hadn’t thought it would go as he expected anyway. He had been merely keeping the possibilities open.

‘Now, it is my time to grow...’

Tang-E’s advancement period was over, so Hyeonu turned to thinking about his own growth. The goal was 8 stars for the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art. It was a step toward the bigger goal that was just around the corner.


Hyeonu completely forgot about Garcia. Due to Tang-E’s third awakening and his concentration on reaching 8 stars in the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art, he didn’t consider Garcia at all. This was immediately reflected in Hyeonu’s movements. He left Penn and headed to another city. This time, he didn’t move blindly. Hyeonu had a set destination.

‘Viscount Ergal.’

He was heading to Viscount Ergal’s home. Last time, he had to run away due to an unexpected accident, but this time would be different. He had many reasons for targeting Viscount Ergal. Vengeance was just one of them, but the biggest reason was something else.

‘There is a magic power stone in Ergal’s castle.’

Hyeonu wanted the magic power stone. To be exact, it was to absorb magic power using the magic power stone—this was the goal. Of course, the fact that Ergal’s territory was a good hunting ground only played a large part in it. Hyeonu had personally experienced that there were many demons and demonic creatures there.

‘Tang-E’s presence is above that of a demon baron.’

In addition, Tang-E would show off a greater presence in group battles. The more opponents there were, the better as he could use three types of magic.

‘It is a good combination with my debuffs.’

Hyeonu didn’t expect his debuffs to have a huge role in the demon world. After all, they couldn’t cause any abnormal statuses because most demons had the fighting energy and killing intent stats. There was only the level difference, which led to a slight stats reduction effect. He didn’t know about how it would have been before, but it was enough now.

Tang-E, who was now stronger, would take care of everything.

“Tang-E, do you want to go and get revenge?” Hyeonu asked Tang-E, who was enjoying a meat skewer in Hyeonu’s arms.

“Revenge? Who are you going to get revenge on, Master dude?” 

Tang-E didn’t care much about the previous escape. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so forgetful.

“Don’t you remember the guy who asked me to hand you over?” Hyeonu pulled out the topic that Tang-E hated the most. There were many ways to describe Viscount Ergal, but this explanation was the best one to induce a dramatic reaction from Tang-E.

“That’s right. That strange fellow! He treated me as a thing! He tried to separate me from Master dude!” Tang-E responded like Hyeonu intended. Tang-E was furious. He placed the rest of the meat in his mouth in an instant and threw the wooden skewer on the ground, embedding it deeply in the ground like it had been there in the first place.

“Then what should I do?” Hyeonu wondered in a quiet voice.

“What else, Master dude? Only a violent beating can relieve my anger.”

The smile on Hyeonu’s face deepened at Tang-E’s decisive answer.


Hyeonu stood at the checkpoint at the entrance of Viscount Ergal’s territory. He was confident even if he couldn’t use the identity of Argon. In fact, he didn’t even wear a mask. He just stood there with his face revealed.

“Thank you very much for visiting the territory of Viscount Ergal under the command of Damanos, the demon king of iron blood. However, there is still a set process. You have to tell me the purpose of your visit.” The guard trembled as he finished what he was saying.

The reason why he was shaking was simple. Hyeonu was emitting a lot of pressure, and it wasn’t even spread out. He focused it only on the guard.

“Are you asking about my identity now? A mere guard?” Hyeonu growled in a low voice like a beast. Hyeonu’s momentum became tangible and turned into a black-red mist.

“I-I’m sorry. I was impolite. Please show mercy just once...” The guard knelt down and asked Hyeonu for forgiveness.

Bah, I’ll let it go today, but next time, I’ll pull that useless eye straight out, you know?” Hyeonu left a strong threat and leisurely walked into the city.

There was a faint smile on Hyeonu’s face.

‘Indeed... I thought it would work.’

Hyeonu devised the strategy he used at the checkpoint. Through his experience with the demon world, he had become well aware of the behavior of the nobles in the demon world. Viscount Garcia wasn’t like that, but the ordinary nobles, including Viscount Ergal, were very arrogant. They treated the ordinary demons and demonic creatures like they were cattle. Only the demons who exceeded their standards were given the right treatment.

‘I got the idea from there.’

Hyeonu’s first visit to Ergal’s city had been a great help in anticipating the success rate of this strategy. At that time, he had seen the guards. They clearly had a posture that was filled with fear. Hyeonu had been confident that this strategy would work unconditionally. As he expected, it resulted in his current success.

Then Hyeonu used the Mysterious Sky Steps to move through the streets. His movements were like a ghost, and the demons and demonic creatures couldn’t see him. They couldn’t recognize him at all, let alone attack. Hyeonu soon reached his destination and came to a stop. There was a huge building in front of him—the Colosseum.

‘The probability of him being here is the highest.’

Hyeonu chose to cut him from the head.

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