Chapter 437

-Stage 2 is Random Circle Hero. Use magic power to attack the circle that randomly appears on the screen. The circle will grow larger over time. If the circle grows above a certain size, the test will fail.

The square window in front of Hyeonu became four times larger than the original size, and a random circle was generated inside it. At first, the circle was small enough to be more like a dot. The small dot soon grew larger. In the blink of an eye, it became the size of a bean. Then it grew to the size of a child’s fist. After that, the number ‘3’ was displayed above it, and this number decreased every second. Three seconds later, the number reached zero, and the circle the size of a fist disappeared.

‘This is when it is over.’ Hyeonu didn’t receive the system’s explanation, but he instinctively noticed that the test was over once the number reached ‘0’.

-The test is starting. The total number of circles is 10.

‘This time it is still divided into stages...’

Hyeonu’s eyes narrowed at the relatively slow appearance of the first circle. The speed at which the dots appeared was just average. It wasn’t that slow, but it wasn’t fast either. The dots were now growing more slowly than before.

Hyeonu acted leisurely. He didn’t have to focus. In fact, he wasn’t even nervous. Hyeonu injected magic power roughly into the magic power stone. Even so, the dots burst quickly, before they even grew properly. 10 explosions occurred the moment that 10 dots appeared. In other words, the dots exploded the very moment they appeared.

-You have passed the test. I will proceed with the next test. The total number of circles is 20.

Hyeonu had no time to rest as this was when the next test started. This time, he had to explode 20 circles, which were 10 more than before. Still, there was nothing to worry about. The result was the same.

‘This is the speed I saw initially.’

The dots that appeared were a bit faster than before. They grew at a similar rate to the demonstration that was shown to Hyeonu, but it wasn’t that hard. The magic power control that Hyeonu had built up while playing Arena wasn’t only this little. With the current Mysterious Sky Range, he had to split his magic power dozens of times. What about Mysterious Sky Steps? He had to spread his magic power evenly over his body. He could only use the right skills when he distributed magic power properly. It was truly atrocious.

Due to the Book of Random Luck Enhancement, the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art transformed into a skill with an extremely heinous level of difficulty. So the current test was really nothing for him.

Hyeonu continued exploding the dots like nothing had happened. They exploded again and again the moment they appeared and didn’t even reach the size of a bean.

-You have passed the test. I will proceed with the next test. The total number of circles is 50.

The level of the test rose sharply, jumping from 20 to 50. It was an increase of more than double the levels. In fact, it became more difficult than just the number of dots. At the end of every test, the speed of the dots increased. Naturally, this test would be faster than the one where 20 dots appeared. In other words, the time for which Hyeonu had to maintain his concentration had become longer. There was a clear time difference between destroying 20 dots and 50 dots.

‘This... isn’t a big deal?’

The dots quickly increased in size the moment they appeared in the square window. It would be a big problem for other players. The dots grew continuously at a crazy rate. In order to explode them without missing any, he had to quickly release magic power. However, it was good for Hyeonu. He was able to handle magic power faster and more accurately than any other player. Hyeonu just had to inject magic power rhythmically.

After a while, the last dot exploded, and no more dots appeared in the rectangular window. Seeing no additional dots had appeared, Hyeonu started to pray earnestly, ‘Please, this time...’

It didn’t matter who he prayed to. He just wanted to stop doing this thing that wasn’t fun. Hyeonu would never have wanted to do this if it wasn’t for the fact that it would raise his stat.

-You have passed the stage 2 test. The test has ended.

As if Hyeonu’s eager wish reached someone, the test finally ended here. Now was the time for the reward.

-The test result has determined that your magic power control is the best. You will absorb 20% of the current magic power.

‘20%?’ Hyeonu cheered when he heard the voice of the system. The reward was worth the suffering. No, he was even willing to do it again and again if he were given the opportunity.

‘It’s wild.’

Hyeonu’s current magic power was 840. 20% meant 168 points. It was a huge number. The increased stat was calibrated with various skills and increased his power by several times.

Suddenly, an intense violet light leaked from the magic power stone. Hyeonu felt he was going to be blinded by the light and closed his eyes. The light from the magic power stone was sucked into Hyeonu’s body.

[The magic power stat has increased by 168 points.]

Once all the light was absorbed into Hyeonu, Viscount Garcia started speaking to him. From Garcia’s perspective, Hyeonu had been engulfed in light since the moment he shouted ‘Magic Power Absorption’.

“Your magic power has increased by a lot, Baron Argon.” Garcia’s eyes were filled with admiration. His father had never absorbed as much magic power as Hyeonu even though his father had been an earl. This showed how talented the baron was.

‘I have to maintain a friendly relationship even if I can’t accept him as a subordinate,’ Garcia thought.

Of course, their relationship was now close to an alliance. However, this type of relationship was easily broken in the demon world. It was so light that it could be thrown away at any time.

‘I have to be sufficiently kind to him in order to maintain a good relationship...’ Garcia decided. Baron Argon was a demon with a bright future. His magic power talent was so great that he could quickly become a viscount. With time, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to become a senior noble like an earl or above.

‘I have to take him.’ Viscount Garcia had the desire to take Hyeonu as his subordinate. Then he would own one of the best armed forces in the demon world. The baron might not be the demon god, but even the demon god wouldn’t be able to ignore him. Baron Argon was that powerful.

‘I don’t know where such a monster appeared from...’

He must be a variant. He used magic power that had no attributes in the demon world, where most of the magic was of the dark attribute.

Garcia’s thoughts stopped there. They couldn’t continue.

Looking at Garcia, Hyeonu said, “Thank you, Viscount. I got a great opportunity thanks to you.”

Hyeonu bowed to Garcia and expressed his gratitude. From Hyeonu’s point of view, Garcia was a pretty steady rope to hold onto. Viscount Garcia would ensure Hyeoniu’s incomplete status as a demon while bringing him many benefits at the same time.

‘I should stick to his side in the future,’ Hyeonu thought. He had now found a lord to ally with, so he would be fine here to some extent. The stat increase that he just obtained was only the beginning. He could also accept various quests and items. With that...

‘That’s right! I’ve forgotten!’

Hyeonu felt like he had been hit in the back of the head. There was something he had forgotten about this entire time.


Due to the matter with Garcia, Hyeonu had forgotten about Tang-E’s third awakening. If he hadn’t met Garcia, he wouldn’t have forgotten Tang-E.

Ah, Tang-E must be pouting... How can I resolve this?’

Hyeonu could no longer see Viscount Garcia in front of him. All his nerves were focused on how to defuse the twisted situation with Tang-E.

“Baron Argon? Baron?” Viscount Garcia called out to Hyeonu several times, but there was no answer. “Argon...”

“I’m sorry, Viscount. I have an urgent personal situation, and I think I have to go. I’m really sorry.” Hyeonu quickly bowed and left the castle of Penn’s lord.

He moved so fast that Viscount Garcia couldn’t stop him. Left alone, Viscount Garcia murmured to himself as he looked in Hyeonu’s direction: “Next time, I’ll have to speak next time.”

The meeting with him would be left for later. However, it shouldn’t be too long before they met again.

“I’ll see you next time.”


“Tang-E, it isn’t like that... Hey? Listen to me.” Hyeonu stomped his feet as he looked at Tang-E, who chose to isolate himself from the world with his head stuck between his legs.

Tang-E had kept this posture since he was summoned. He never looked up or showed his face. He didn’t say anything. He just kept doing this. Naturally, Hyeonu felt anxious. He couldn’t be angry. It would be crazy if he became angry. It was like a criminal getting angry at the victim. Hyeonu was the one who made the mistake and made Tang-E act like this. So there was nothing he could say.

“Hey? I’ve prepared a lot of meat here. What else do you want, Tang-E...” Hyeonu pitifully called out Tang-E’s name.

Did Hyeonu’s efforts work? Tang-E finally raised his head. His eyes were red because he had just cried.

“How could you not call me, Master dude?” Tang-E jumped into Hyeonu’s arms and hit Hyeonu’s chest roughly.

Ugh... I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Tang-E.” Hyeonu endured the pain from his chest and hugged Tang-E gently. Feeling Hyeonu’s strength, Tang-E relaxed in his arms.

“Shall we talk while eating, Tang-E? All the delicious meat will become cold.” Hyeonu stroked Tang-E’s head gently. He stared up at the sky and sighed lightly so that Tang-E didn’t feel it.

‘I somehow passed over it.’

Hyeonu managed to pass through the most dangerous part. In the future, he would have to work with Tang-E for everything.

“I understand, Master dude. Let’s eat first.”

Tang-E emerged from Hyeonu’s arms and moved toward the table of meat Hyeonu had prepared. Then he started to eat everything he could grab with no hesitationTang-E’s mouth was like a black hole. It sucked everything in without leaving a trace.

Hyeonu smiled while watching Tang-E eat. Just looking at Tang-E made Hyeonu feel better.

‘It could’ve been bad...’

Hyeonu imagined the worst situation where Tang-E just went back like this, and his body trembled. Merely imagining it was terrible.

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