Chapter 431

Hyeonu and Gang Junggu continued to see each other for several days. They were on the same quest, so it was natural.

“Hyung-nim, I’ve just reached the halfway point,” Hyeonu told Gang Junggu as he shook the blood off the Mysterious Sky Sword.

150 people—half of the attackers had been wiped out.

“This much is enough. Isn’t it half done?” Gang Junggu replied. Unlike the impatient Hyeonu, Gang Junggu was much calmer. He was relaxed and optimistic about the situation.

“If it were a normal situation, I would accept it. However, Hyung-nim and I will be gone all day tomorrow. What if something happens then?” Hyeonu was worried for a reason. In reality, tomorrow was Wednesday—the day when Arena League events were held. Hyeonu wouldn’t be able to log into Arena. Moreover, considering the time difference between reality and Arena, it wasn’t simply a day.

“We might be away, but others have decided to help.” Gang Junggu was still relaxed. He seemed to have gained pretty reliable helpers. Hyeonu was slightly relieved by this.

‘Then who are they? They aren’t from New World...’ 

Now he was curious about the identity of the helpers, who were clearly not from New World. After all, New World was already doing many things. This was obvious based on the way that Kim Seokjung didn’t come to the Balder Mountains.

“Who are they? Do I know them?”

“It’s Kowloon. They decided to help with the quest for a few days.”

“Kowloon? Isn’t Kowloon busy? What agreement did you make?” Hyeonu questioned it with a confused expression.

Kowloon was a guild that was as busy as New World. This wasn’t even Kowloon’s quest, yet the members of Kowloon came to help...? Hyeonu found it hard to understand why they would do that.

“I mentioned that I saw Tian Hu, then Liu Shei just said he would take care of it. He is probably a bit stung,” Gang Junggu replied.

Hyeonu made an expression that showed he understood. Tian Hu—it was understandable if he was Liu Shei’s reason.

‘He can’t shake off the past,’ Hyeonu remarked inwardly.

It was unlikely that Liu Shei would ally with Tian Hu again. In fact, it was literally impossible. There was no reason for him to do so once more. Logically speaking, it was Tian Hu against Hyeonu, Gang Junggu, and Kim Seokjung. The weight was deeply placed on one side. The possibility of Liu Shei shifting alliances was so low that it wasn’t even worth considering.

“If it is Liu Shei and Kowloon, I can trust them.”

Hyeonu became less worried. Now, he would be able to focus on the league on Wednesday.


“Half the NPCs have already been killed. What are your future plans?”

“This is a good thing. Let’s shake off the other half.”

“The NPCs are gradually becoming stronger. It won’t be as easy as you say.”

“Since when has it ever been easy? The fruit is sweeter when it is hard.”

The four men gathered at a round table exchanged their opinions. They were the ones Hyeonu saw not long ago—the players who participated in the attack, including Tian Hu.

“They can’t die too soon. I still need more time.”

All that was needed was time. It didn’t matter if the NPCs died. They just needed to take the money and items of the NPCs, and the NPCs could be replaced with players. No, that had been their purpose in the first place. They weren’t idiots. They wouldn’t be hostile to both empires, unlike what Hyeonu thought. They had planned the attacks with a purpose. The alliance had clung to the NPCs and driven them to a cliff. Then the players skillfully absorbed everything the NPCs had.

However, not long ago, Alley Leader appeared and started to interfere.

“By the way, why did Alley Leader show up and get in our way? Didn’t you say that he hasn’t been seen in a while?”

“It would be fortunate if it was just him. New World, Alley Leader’s guild, also appeared. I thought they were busy with work in the East Continent... Yet they mobilized the vice-leader, Gang Junggu.”

“It is all about the stupid NPCs. They know that the success in the raids is about the power of the NPCs. They don’t know that our strength is so great...”

The players, aside from Tian Hu, complained about the behavior of the NPCs. Previously, Tian Hu thought that the players attacked the merchant groups too frequently, so he suggested using NPCs. However, the suggestion wasn’t accepted, which resulted in the current situation.

“Tian Hu, when are you going to join in?”

The flow of conversation shifted to Tian Hu.

“Now there is only the class advancement quest left. It will be over tomorrow at the latest.”

“Then I’m glad. We will hit New World on Wednesday, South Korean time. There will be victory when there is no Alley Leader.”

Tian Hu nodded when he heard the man’s words. It was a situation where the ace called Alley Leader was absent. This was when they were most likely to win.

“I will try my best,” Tian Hu said.

The man talking to Tian Hu showed a slight smile. “From now on, we will plan how to fight New World. We can’t be beaten again this time. We have to exchange a blow for a blow.”

Alas, they were still unaware that there would be Kowloon as well as New World.


“Do we have to do this today? Is there time?” the fourth dragon—no, now the third dragon, Luo Taoping, snapped at Liu Shei.

He was dissatisfied. He had been dragged away from leveling up excitedly in the East Continent, so it was natural for him to be dissatisfied.

“Then you should’ve said you can’t do it straight away when I called you. However, you couldn’t say it. In addition, do you think I’m doing this because I like it?” Liu Shei calmed down Luo Taoping’s complaints. Luo Taoping couldn’t say anything in response. Neither did he dare go against Gang Junggu. After all, Liu Shei and Luo Taoping each only had one life.

“So everyone should shut up like children eating dumplings?”

Instead, the target was shifted. They started provoking fellow Kowloon members.

“Aren’t your words a bit harsh? It is the same for me... If you don’t want to do it, go and say it, just like what our first dragon mentioned,” the fifth dragon, Xiao Bao sneered at Luo Taoping.

“This jerk...” Luo Taoping’s face was red due to agitation. Before Luo Taoping could speak again, Liu Shei ended the situation. Now was the time to act again.

He said, “Hey, can you be quiet before we go? It’s nearing the time we agreed upon with New World.”

The appointment location was the slope where Hyeonu and Gang Junggu met previously—the place where the rock created a path. After Liu Shei’s words, the members of Kowloon began making their way quietly without much noise. They moved diligently and soon arrived at the appointment place. The members of the New World Guild, who had arrived there first, greeted Kowloon. 

“You’re here, Liu Shei.” Jang Hoon, one of the executives whom Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu trusted, bowed to Liu Shei.

“We’re not late, are we?” Liu Shei received Jang Hoon’s greeting with a smile.

After Liu Shei’s greeting, the others approached Jang Hoon and also greeted him.

“Jang Hoon, hasn’t it been a while?”

“Your skin has become hot to touch as you’ve grown stronger.”

“We can’t be strong alone. We should share if there is anything good.”

There was one reason why they respected Jang Hoon. He had Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu behind him, and behind those two, there was Alley Leader. So their respect was out of fear of these three people.

“You’re not late. Isn’t there still an hour until we have to meet? We can’t do this here, so let’s go over there,” Jang Hoon said. 

He took the nine players with him and moved to the end of the slope. This was the only place where they could see the rock that the attackers were using as a passageway. Jang Hoon pointed to the rock and explained, “The rock over there will split apart, and a passage will appear. It is a bit like the entrance of a dungeon. Once the attackers pop out, chase them quietly and kill them. It’s simple, right?”

“So we just have to wait until they come out?” Liu Shei questioned Jang Hoon.

“Yes, that’s right. It isn’t that hard to do. I think it’s even easier now though. Two of our people are absent, but nine more have joined us,” Jang Hoon said with a smile at the Kowloon members.

His words caused the atmosphere to become harmonious between the two groups. As the others in Kowloon observed the rock, Liu Shei led Jang Hoon elsewhere and asked him, “Did you really see Tian Hu?”

“Alley Leader said he saw Tian Hu himself. Tian Hu doesn’t seem to be involved directly in the raids,” Jang Hoon answered.

Hearing that, Liu Shei’s face stiffened. He never imagined that Tian Hu would return. Initially, he had thought Gang Junggu was just joking.

‘However, he has really returned...’

It might be different if it were just Gang Junggu, but Liu Shei had full trust in Hyeonu.

‘I hope we meet today,’ Liu Shei expressed a small hope. He really wanted to meet Tian Hu today and kill him personally. Liu Shei would make it an event where he could leave behind the past.

‘No matter how high it is, he can’t be over level 250. There is no threat.’

Liu Shei calmly predicted Tian Hu’s specs. Even if Tian Hu’s character was created immediately after it was deleted, its level couldn’t exceed 250. Why? It was because Tian Hu wasn’t Alley Leader. Alley Leader was the only one who could have such a monstrous growth rate. This was something that couldn’t be bought with money.

‘The limits of this guy are clear.’

Tian Hu had only been a gold medal in the arena and had many shortcomings when compared to Liu Shei, let alone Hyeonu.

‘I don’t have to worry too much.’

With these thoughts, Liu Shei felt a bit more comfortable accepting the situation. He would be the first to attack today.


How much time had passed by? The players of Kowloon and New World were scratching at the floor with boredom when the rock finally cracked open. More than 100 people emerged from between the rock.

“They came out!” Xiao Bao, the fifth dragon, called out when he saw that.

“Quiet, you stupid bastard!!!” Luo Taoping, the third dragon, exclaimed while hurriedly blocking Xiao Bao’s mouth. 

“You should be quiet first, you thoughtless moron. You should think before speaking.” Liu Shei struck Luo Taoping’s back.

The three people snapped at each other. This wasn’t a sitcom, so Jang Hoon tried to hold back his laughter.

“Cough. We should go after them quickly. It will be a big problem if we miss them.” Jang Hoon finished speaking and quickly kicked off from the ground, leaving the slope.


There were eyes that watched New World and Kowloon disappear.

“As expected, they were waiting.”

“They’re just like leeches. They don’t let go once they bite.”

The alliance had persuaded the NPCs to increase the number of people going on the raid. Of course, the number of NPCs didn’t increase significantly. Instead, they had an overwhelming increase in the number of players. NPCs who couldn’t be controlled were useless in a battle against New World after all.

“Then we should start.”

“Strike them in the back! Depart!”

A great number of attackers, similar to that of the group that just left for the raid, followed behind New World and Kowloon. It was a variable that Hyeonu didn’t expect.

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