Chapter 405

A monster appeared behind Hyeonu’s back. This monster was the lowest on the food chain in the demon world.

“Kuoooooh!” The monster cried out.

The creature looked very familiar, and it was the worst of eyesores. This was the emergence of the lomelon, a low-grade demonic creature.

[You have been exposed to the spirit of the low-grade demonic creature, the lomelon.]

[The influence of fighting energy has allowed you to ignore the spirit of the low-grade lomelon.]

Um...” A groan flowed from Hyeonu’s mouth when he saw the lomelon. To be exact, they were lomelons. It wasn’t just one. This was why Hyeonu looked surprised.

[You have been exposed to the spirit of the low-grade demonic creature, the lomelon.]

[The influence of fighting energy has allowed you to ignore the spirit of the low-grade lomelon.]

[You have been exposed to the spirit of the low-grade demonic creature, the lomelon.]

[The influence of fighting energy has allowed you to ignore the spirit of the low-grade lomelon.]

More messages continued to appear. The number of lomelons that appeared in total was five.

‘Hasn’t this become slightly fun?’

Hyeonu’s expression quickly changed, and a smile appeared on his face. He always welcomed a rough greeting that would end with their death.

“Tang-E, buff me first and then support me with magic. Keep the lomelons in check using the small magic, not the big ones. Save your magic power.”

Hyeonu was thinking of fighting in close combat. It didn’t matter for Hyeonu, but Tang-E was restricted in this place to a certain extent. In situations where variables were unknown, it was best for Hyeonu—who was sure of his power—to fight at the front.

“I understand, Master dude. I will definitely help you.” Tang-E waved his paws at Hyeonu and backed away.

Hyeonu didn’t widen his distance with the lomelons. It was an approach he was familiar with using. Tang-E also knew this way of combat well, so much so that it was imprinted deep into his bones. Out of the many battles he had experienced with Hyeonu, more than half of them were like this.

Just then, the lomelons started to move. They seemed to be very familiar with group battles and moved like they were making a formation, instantly scattering and surrounding Hyeonu. Once Hyeonu’s movements were blocked off, a lomelon raised its fist to attack. The ground split open after being struck by the lomelon’s fist because Hyeonu was already gone from that spot.

Hyeonu had fully grasped the lomelons’ movements using his senses enhanced by Mysterious Sky. He wasn’t stupid enough to be hit by an obvious attack that wasn’t at all beyond recognition. While floating in the air, Hyeonu swung the Mysterious Sky Sword, which was burning with a dark red fire. The Mysterious Sky Sword gently cut through the arm of the lomelon right before him like it was a rotten tree, and the creature’s outstretched arm dropped straight down as it was.

‘Isn’t the effect of the fourth class advancement greater than expected?’

The all stats +200, the title effect of Preliminary Commander of the Knights of Keon, and the two newly acquired skills—these three things generated a tremendous synergy. Once he actually experienced it, he realized this was not the same.

‘I might’ve said there was nothing special in the video, but...’

The differences were very clear. He just didn’t feel it much because he didn’t get any immediately activated skills. Yet every time there was a battle, he felt the small changes. Such a change was better felt by Tang-E, who was watching Hyeonu fight from the sidelines rather than right by his side.

‘Master dude has become so strong.’

Hyeonu had been strong before, but he was stronger now. He had become stronger at a faster speed than that at which the level of the monsters he met rose.

‘In order to not become a burden... I should awaken quickly...’ Tang-E felt like his presence was a burden to Hyeonu, so he could only cast magic from behind.

For a moment, Hyeonu stopped in front of a lomelon. Seeing that, Tang-E mechanically threw a fireball, and it hit the lomelon’s face. The lomelon raised both arms and rubbed its face to get rid of the burning pain. It was impossible for Hyeonu to miss such a great opportunity. So he swung the Mysterious Sky Sword and slashed at the lomelon’s defenseless chest. The black-red pure energy pierced through the lomelon’s chest, leaving only blood behind in the spot where it passed through.

[The low-grade demonic creature, the lomelon, has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

“Tang-E, nice!” Hyeonu gave Tang-E a thumbs-up despite being busy. His praises caused Tang-E to twist his body and cover his cheeks with both paws.

‘Yes, this is enough,’ Tang-E thought.

After restoring his self-esteem, Tang-E pursued the lomelons more actively. He wanted to help Hyeonu a bit more.


Tang-E was sitting on Hyeonu’s shoulder. In this posture, he grabbed Hyeonu’s head by the temples and shook it.

“Master dude, how long are you going to walk? I’m bored, bored!”

Hyeonu was momentarily flustered by his suddenly shaking vision. Then he grabbed Tang-E’s paws with both hands.

“This is why I’m carrying you. As for your question, I don’t know. This is my first time coming here as well.”

Hyeonu was also frustrated. Since this was the demon world, he had been expecting to find something unique to this place, even if there weren’t great quests. However, there was nothing. It was just hunting.

‘What is different about this? It isn’t even comparable to the Balder Mountains.’

Hyeonu felt it wasn’t worth coming to the demon world merely for this. It was a pleasant hunting place, nothing more or nothing less.

‘My experience points are rising well, but...’

This wasn’t what Hyeonu wanted. After reaching level 300 and doing his fourth class advancement, experience didn’t really mean much to him. Of course, it was good to be ahead of other players, but he was already too far ahead. Taking one step further wouldn’t change much. To get ahead, he needed quests with big rewards.

‘It would be nice if it were an item or skill.’

In fact, anything but experience would be good. It would be even better if Tang-E’s essence came out.

‘What is this?’

“Tang-E, what do you think is over there?”

Just then, something huge appeared in Hyeonu’s field of view. This was different from before when only plains were seen. It was important when different terrains appeared, be it a cliff or a mountain. Tang-E narrowed his eyes and looked at the white thing in the distance.

“It is a white wall, Master dude. White city walls.” This was the conclusion that Tang-E came to after staring closely at it for a long time.

It was a white wall—a city wall, to be precise.

“That doesn’t mean there is a city. Let’s go, Tang-E.”

Hyeonu heard the word ‘wall’ and just ran, disregarding everything else. He had no thoughts on it. If it was a city of the demon world, then it would naturally be a place filled with demonic creatures and demons. However, now he was just running without a plan.

‘Is this okay?’ Tang-E momentarily had this thought. Could they go to that place? Then he put away these thoughts when he saw Hyeonu run with such a bright smile.

‘It’s fine as long as Master dude likes it.’

These were two stupid people—the master without any thoughts and his pet who just followed.


Hyeonu’s steps stopped in an instant. Instead of running like the wind, he now stood still, as if stuck on the road like a piece of gum.

Um... There must be many demons in there...’

The thought that Tang-E had previously passed through Hyeonu’s mind. The problem occurred after reaching the city walls. There were many demons in human form near Hyeonu, but none of them cared about him. All of the demons just stood in line to pass through the gate. It wasn’t much different from the middle world.

‘Why are they ignoring me?’

Hyeonu was relieved that the demons weren’t aiming for him, but he also felt it was strange. None of them took Hyeonu as a human being. The reason for that soon emerged. Hyeonu’s question was answered by a message window that appeared in front of him.

[The hidden effect of the ‘First Person to Enter the Demon World’ title has been revealed.]

[First Person to Enter the Demon World]

[A title given to the first player to enter the demon world.

Effect: The demon world’s penalty isn’t applied. As long as the race isn’t directly indicated, the demons will recognize the player as a demon.]

‘This title wasn’t rubbish after all.’

Hyeonu reflected on his past thoughts and took back his dismissal of the new title as trash. It was a very good title and incomparable to anything else in the demon world. His question was resolved. In that case, his actions could become bold again.

Hyeonu went and stood behind the demons lined up at the city gate. He decided to go inside. No matter how much he hunted outside, it seemed hard to get quests. He was thinking of looking for a quest inside the city. Before long, the demons disappeared into the city one by one, and Hyeonu’s turn was soon about to arrive. He carefully observed the demons in front of him to see how they got through the checkpoint.

“This is the territory of Viscount Ergal under the command of Damanos, the demon king of iron blood. Please reveal your identity and the purpose of your visit,” a demon guard wearing an impressive helmet with fierce horns requested from a demon.

“I’m here to participate in the Colosseum in Ergal’s territory. Here is my identification.” The demon pulled out a small bead at the guard’s words. The bead seemed to be a type of ID.

‘Is that an ID? I don’t have that. Should I say I lost it?’ Many thoughts crossed Hyeonu’s mind when he saw it. However, an answer didn’t appear no matter how hard he thought.

‘What should I do?’

Hyeonu was nervous. He didn’t have an identity bead. There seemed to be no way for him to get through the checkpoint. Meanwhile, the demon in front of Hyeonu entered the city, and Hyeonu’s turn came. Then the guard said something strange, “Thank you very much for visiting the territory of Viscount Ergal under the command of Damanos, the demon king of iron blood.” 

It was subtly different from what he’d said to the preceding demons.

Huh?’ Hyeonu momentarily frowned.

Then his original expression returned, and he lowered his voice as he said, “Yes, you’ve worked hard.”

He didn’t know what was going on, but things seemed to be working out. Hyeonu tried to enter naturally. Just then, the demon guard stopped him. “There is still a set process. You have to tell me the purpose of your visit.”

Hyeonu’s brain moved quickly. The purpose of his visit was necessary, but he had no information about the city. Then he recalled the Colosseum being mentioned by the previous demon.

‘Yes, the Colosseum.’

“I am Baron Argon under Carpe—earl of the seventh demon king, Rubolle. I came to visit Viscount Ergal’s territory after hearing there were many things to see at the Colosseum.” Hyeonu gave his identity as well as his purpose for visiting.

Rubolle was the name mentioned by Carpe, the demon earl who died under the emperor’s fist not long ago. Meanwhile, Argon was Yeongchan’s ID.

‘As expected, it is right to use ‘Argon’ for fake identities.’

Hyeonu nodded slightly. Upon hearing Hyeonu’s response, the demon guard bowed with a slightly flustered expression, which attracted the eyes of the surrounding demons. 

“I’m sorry, Baron Argon. I’ve offended you...”

Hyeonu didn’t want the attention of others to be focused on him and the guard, so he then interrupted the demon guard’s words.

“No, this is your job. I can understand. I’ll be going now.” He naturally patted the guard’s shoulder with his right hand and passed through the gate.


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