Chapter 402

“It’s magic power training. Every time you use magic power, its power will increase slightly. The increase is just so minute that it is hard to feel. Then at some point in time, you will naturally find it, and you will become stronger,” Lebron said with a slight smile. Then in front of Hyeonu’s eyes, a message telling him about a skill creation appeared once again.

[A skill has been created.]

[Magic Power Training]

[It will train the body and magic power. It is a secret technique that is only passed on to the commander of the Knights of Keon.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Unique

Skill Proficiency: Stage 1 (Magic Power Training’s proficiency is displayed in stages, and there are 100 stages in total).

Effect: The power of magic power is increased by 16%.]

When Hyeonu first saw the skill, his expression wasn’t very good. It was a very brief moment, but his expression crumpled badly. However, it really was just for an instant. He smiled brightly when he saw the explanation that followed.

‘Isn’t this really good?’

Of course, he had to smile. Skills with this sort of growth potential were really rare. The beginning was weak, but in the end, it would work better than any other skill.

‘Even if it only rises by 1% at each stage, that’s still 115%...’

If the power of magic power rose by 115%... 

Arithmetically, it was more than twice as powerful.

‘If I use that with pure energy...’

It already seemed good just thinking about it. Magic power was part of the foundation of one’s offensive ability, just like the weapon’s attack power. The real damage dealer was a combination of all the materials of the weapon such as attack power, magic power, skills, and so on. Of course, the better the materials, the better the results would be.

“Right... I have one final thing to say to you,” Lebron spoke to Hyeonu while the latter was looking at the skill window with a happy expression.

“Yes, Master. Please say it. This disciple is ready to listen.”

Lebron laughed at Hyeonu’s excessive answer. “You don’t have to listen so seriously. I just thought it would be helpful if you knew.”

“Yes, say it, Master.” 

“If you meet my master Duke Blake, ask him to teach you anything, regardless of whether it requires you getting down on your knees or grabbing his pants. Bother him until you get something. He hates troublesome things more than dying, so he will probably teach you something.”

‘Is that Duke Blake’s secret technique?’ Hyeonu wondered.

Lebron’s words led Hyeonu to recall the quest.

[Duke Blake]

[Meet Duke Blake, the former commander of the Knights of Keon.

Rating: A+

Conditions: Meet Duke Blake 0/1

Rewards: Experience, Duke Blake’s secret technique.]

There were two rewards for finding Duke Blake—experience and Duke Blake’s secret technique. This must be what Lebron was referring to.

“Is he that strong?” Hyeonu asked.

Hearing that, Lebron burst out laughing. He couldn’t hide his absurd expression because Hyeonu’s question was so ridiculous.

“He is the former commander of the Knights of Keon. He can never be weak. His Majesty and I learned under him.”

“To what extent? Is he as strong as Master?” Hyeonu asked again. It was because the student could surpass the teacher. However, unexpected words came out of Lebron’s mouth.

“Me? Who knows? I think it is still a bit hard to beat him even now that I have learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art. Perhaps even His Majesty can’t do it yet. My master is a real monster, the strongest even among all the past Knights of Keon. This is why I’m not worried when there has been no contact from him. There isn’t anything that can threaten him unless all the power of the empire is utilized,” Lebron asserted.


A monster stronger than monsters—this was Duke Blake.

‘Then won’t he give me very good skills?’

Naturally, Hyeonu’s expectations also increased. Maybe he could get another epic-rated skill.

“I understand.” Hyeonu turned to descend the mountain.

Just then, Lebron called out to Hyeonu: “This is really the last matter... We will have to go to the imperial palace together sooner or later. The future generation of the Knights of Keon has been decided, so I need to speak to His Majesty.”

Hyeonu’s soaring mood instantly plummeted. “I understand...”


Another hot topic swept through Arena’s communities before the aftermath of Alley Leader’s remark about level 299 subsided. The topic was always constantly changing, but it took a while to transition to something else when the topic involved Alley Leader. This time, there was an article that buried Alley Leader’s remarks.

The opening words were definitely not good. It was an article title that was likely to be clickbait for anyone who saw it.

[The first level 300 in Arena]

Moreover, the author’s nickname was a strange group of letters. It was a mixture of I (capital i) and l (lowercase L), commonly referred to as a barcode. This was the first time an article by this author was seen, so the author’s credibility was low. Still, despite the possibility of it being a joke, many people clicked on it, and the number of views led to even more people clicking on it.

[Completed level 300, the fourth class advancement faster than anyone else. I will leave a short authentication photo and video. Have a fun time in Arena.]

In the article under the stimulating title, a short paragraph of text was written first. Just after that, there was a photo showing a status window.

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

[Level: 300 

Class: Preliminary Commander of the Knights of Keon]

They just had to look at this to know who the owner of the article was.

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu]

Alley Leader—his name was now more famous than anyone else.

-Desert Explorer: Somehow, I don’t think anyone would do this if it wasn’t Alley Leader.

-Blue Night Sky: He leveled up in the meantime?

-Emerald Sea: Leveling up isn’t important. Is his class advancement done?

At first, they were surprised that Hyeonu was level 300. Then their eyes gradually shifted to another place—his class, Preliminary Commander of the Knights of Keon. The name was different from Alley Leader’s previously known class. Obviously, the class stated in the status window wasn’t this name. It was True Knight of Keon. It was definitely a name like this. Those who noticed it had questions.

-Patu from Engineering School: Why is the class different? Has he changed classes?

-Cheolsu from Music School: It isn’t a class change but the fourth class advancement. The third class advancement is at level 200, so the fourth class advancement is at level 300.

-Fried Chicken: Wow, so in a few days, he leveled up and finished the class advancement? This speed is really different...

-Half Truth: Is the fourth class advancement easy? The third class advancement was really difficult.

People noticed that Hyeonu had done his fourth class advancement, changing from a knight to the knight commander.

It was labeled as ‘preliminary’, but it still meant a promotion to anyone who saw it. The surprise was temporary. Hyeonu’s achievements were so gorgeous that it soon subsided, with curiosity and wonder taking its place. They now wanted to know what had changed due to the fourth class advancement?

Hyeonu knew this very well due to his long experience in streaming and his natural senses. It was pointed out in the video following the photo.

-In my case, there is not much difference before and after the fourth class advancement. There are no specific skills just for the fourth class advancement. Instead, it is clear that the overall stats have risen and become much stronger than before.

In the video, Hyeonu shared his feelings about the fourth class advancement. It was just what he felt.

-My fourth class advancement quest wasn’t very complicated. It was just a bit hard.

Hyeonu said most of the things that people watching this video might be curious about—the difficulty of and the changes caused by the fourth class advancement.

-However, this is due to the nature of my class. Other people might get very good skills.

Currently, Hyeonu was the only one who had completed his fourth class advancement. In other words, his words were the only thing people could come across when looking for information about the fourth class advancement. Therefore, Hyeonu spoke as objectively as possible so the information that people got from him wasn’t distorted.

-One thing is for certain. There is a stark difference between before and after the fourth class advancement. It is like receiving the fourth class advancement and failing it. The difference exists.

There were certain parts that could be affirmed, namely the difference. There was a great difference before and after the fourth class advancement—this was the only point that could be made clear.


“Do I really have to go? Really?” There was a really unhappy expression on Hyeonu’s face. He looked like a child being dragged to the hospital, and his tone was almost that of a begging voice.

“Yes. The Knights of Keon isn’t the knight division for just some noble family. It is essential to report to Your Majesty.” Lebron nodded. It was an expression of his strong will.

“Then let’s go now. It will be harder once some time passes.” Hyeonu decided that it would be better to go quickly if he couldn’t avoid it.

‘If I’m going to be hit anyway...’

It was better to hit first. Even if he pushed it off now, he still had to go in the end. So delaying it would just give him more stress. There were no benefits at all.

“Really? That’s good... Well, I’ve had enough to drink. Let’s go. I can’t be gone for too long.” Lebron had no regrets about leaving Phinis. He had enjoyed the food and drink of the East Continent and taken as much as he could. A number of wagons containing alcohol were already moving to his mansion in the capital.

Hyeonu replied, “I understand. Let’s go now.”


Sigh...” Hyeonu stood in front of the great hall and sighed. It felt like he was vomiting out his soul.

Seeing that, Lebron clicked his tongue. “Don’t hate it so much. Isn’t he nice to you?”

“It has nothing to do with that. I just instinctively feel a sense of rejection? Of course, it isn’t His Majesty but this place.” Hyeonu shook his head, unable to say it right away. He didn’t openly say he was scared of the emperor.

‘I don’t know if he will be listening again.’ 

Hyeonu thought it was best to avoid voicing it out loud, just in case.

“Really? Well... if you say so... Go in.” Lebron shook his head slightly and soon moved into the great hall.

Hyeonu walked in after Lebron. They moved through a long passageway and arrived in the space where the emperor was located. As always, the emperor had his eyes closed as he buried himself in the throne.

“What’s going on? People who hate the imperial palace are coming in at the same time,” the emperor said as he slowly opened his eyes.

“I came because I have something to tell you. I would like to appoint Earl Gang Hyeonu as the next commander of the Knights of Keon.” Lebron ignored the emperor’s words and just said what he wanted to say. He didn’t care at all.

‘Is this because they’ve known each other for decades...?’ Hyeonu admired Lebron’s courage. This was something he could never do.

“Is that so? Well... the last time I saw him, he seemed well qualified. It was like looking at you in your early years, Duke.” The emperor nodded slightly. It was a gesture of recognition.

‘There is nothing special...?’ Hyeonu was relieved by the conversation that passed without any conflict.

It went by more comfortably than he had expected. There were no problems at all. That was… until something happened at this moment. The emperor stared at Lebron and said, “However, I got a strange report. In the duke’s mansion...”

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