Chapter 399

“It might be the last time, so I will introduce myself first. I am Larenix, the last emperor of the Luos Empire. I am also the last human being with any giant blood flowing through them.” The man on the throne, Larenix, revealed his identity.

He was the last emperor—the last person to inherit the power of the giants.

‘Can I win this?’

In Hyeonu’s memory, Floyd, the last chieftain of the giant clan, had great strength. He gave off a pressure that could pierce the moon in one shot.

‘Is he weaker than that?’

Hyeonu had no answer for Larenix. As far as Hyeonu knew, Larenix should be at the same level as Lebron, the emperor, Raccoon, or dragons like Johannes and Leon Meyer.

‘I’m not at the level to mix with them yet.’

Having experienced Floyd’s situation previously, Hyeonu knew why Larenix was fighting before giving up the bracelet. Floyd had given Hyeonu the ring before disappearing. He said he had been maintaining his life using the power of the holy relic. Larenix probably had the same reason. He said that the bracelet was of no use, but it was just a matter of efficiency. This didn’t change that it was a source of life.

‘He won’t be in the best condition though?’

There was only one thing Hyeonu believed in. It was the vague expectation that Larenix’s physical condition would be inferior to when he was in his prime.

“Tang-E, give me buffs and then get back. Just cheer for me to win,” Hyeonu said. 

In the current situation, Tang-E was no different from a regular priest who gave buffs. It was better for Hyeonu to fight one-on-one against strong humanoid opponents. There would definitely be inconsistencies unless Hyeonu and Tang-E showed off perfect cooperation, which meant it would only be the beginning of destruction.

“Understood, Master dude.”

Perhaps Tang-E knew this too as he stepped back without expressing any dissatisfaction about Hyeonu’s words. It was only at this moment that Larenix discovered Tang-E.

Huh? You have a cute friend next to you...? It has been a long time since I’ve seen someone of this species. It reminds me of the past.” Larenix’s eyes were filled with complex emotions as he looked at Tang-E. Nostalgia, affection, sorrow, joy, and so on—all the emotions that humans could have were mixed together in his eyes.

“Human over there! Please take care of my cowardly Master dude.” Tang-E shook his short paws at Larenix. Larenix looked pleased while admiring Tang-E’s appearance.

“This is a cute friend’s request, so I have to listen. But I’m afraid today will be the last day,” Larenix murmured in a small voice as he stood up from the throne.

Then he approached Hyeonu little by little. “Come on. I’ll teach you the secrets of the giants.”

A spear of iridescent light appeared in Larenix’s hand. The moment the spear pointed at Hyeonu, he was caught in a suffocating illusion.


Hyeonu dared to say that Larenix was one of the strongest monsters he’d ever met. There were few people who could compare to Larenix.

‘Giant’s Power, Giant’s Nature, Giant’s Origin, One Who Yearns, Twilight Reproduction, and Tyrant’s Eye.’ Hyeonu used all the available item skills. Based on Larenix’s mood, it didn’t seem like a fight to the death. However, Hyeonu had to use these skills to match the rhythm. He had no intention of winning at all.

‘Why try so hard when he will give it to me as long as I hold on?’

It was a practical judgment. Nonetheless, that wasn’t the only reason. One of the big reasons for using all of the available item skills was that he was streaming right now. Hyeonu pulled out the Mysterious Sky Sword and focused, observing every one of Larenix’s movements. Looking at the opponent’s hands and feet was one of the fundamental basics.

Thrill shot through Hyeonu’s heart as his eyes moved, and he tried to figure out everything that the man named ‘Larenix’ did. Just then, Larenix’s figure disappeared from in front of Hyeonu. He literally disappeared. Simultaneously, there was an explosion. The floor of the building cracked, and stones scattered in all directions.


-What is this?

-What is going on now?

The viewers expressed doubts about what was going on. They didn’t see anything. Their eyes were open, but they couldn’t see it. They only heard the sound of an explosion. Unlike those viewers, Hyeonu was very focused. He wondered, ‘Why is he so fast?’

Larenix’s movements were simple, but simplicity was the most powerful thing. Fast movements and a strong and sharp spear—once these two things combined, it was a feat beyond imagination. If Hyeonu were absent-minded, he would be pierced by the spear and logged out.

‘Just seeing it makes me think it must be good.’

With one glance, he could see that the iridescent spear was filled with killing intent. It distorted the surrounding air, and he couldn’t help thinking about death. Larenix had been moving for a while only to stop suddenly. He stabbed the spear into the ground and looked at Hyeonu.

“You’re weaker than I thought? It isn’t enough strength to deal with them... Did someone help you?” Larenix asked while cocking his head.

‘Them’—it was referring to the dragon. Hyeonu’s current state wasn’t enough to take on the dragon that was Rondal’s first gateway, yet he had a guardian’s symbol. As such, Hyeonu knew who Larenix was referring to.

‘He means that dragon.’

Strictly speaking, Hyeonu didn’t kill the dragon. No, he hadn’t been able to do so. He’d managed to hold on when there were buffs, but once the buffs disappeared, the emperor killed the dragon. The reason for that was simple. It was because the dragon fired a Breath at him.

‘I don’t know who the real monster is.’

“I received unexpected help. I was accompanied by a monster… a monster who could ignore the rules there,” Hyeonu answered with the Mysterious Sky Sword on his shoulder.

“Ignore the rules? At that level... it would be enough. This doesn’t mean that your skills aren’t good enough. It is just a bit lacking to be a guardian. Then let’s go again. It is a bit disappointing though. Since it’s the last time, shouldn’t I go flamboyantly?” Larenix started moving again with a bright smile.

While keeping pace with Larenix’s movements, Hyeonu complained inwardly and swung the Mysterious Sky Sword.

‘He is just saying what he wants to say.’

Larenix continued to attack regardless of whether he knew what Hyeonu felt. Sometimes he stabbed sharply, and sometimes he swung strongly.

‘It’s much easier than before?’ Hyeonu thought.

However, it was a much more comfortable fight than the previous battle. There was even a sense that Hyeonu could easily block or dodge Larenix’s attacks.

‘Did he lose strength?’

There were plenty of possibilities for the difference. One was that it was because Larenix’s life was being sustained with the holy relic. Nevertheless, after Hyeonu thought about it again for a moment, it didn’t seem like that was the reason why. The movement speed remained the same, but the attack trajectory had changed.


As Hyeonu was feeling troubled, Larenix opened his mouth: “A giant’s movements should never be light. Even if you move once, you need to move carefully. In addition, there should be no hesitation when moving.” At the end of the words, Larenix’s spear stabbed toward Hyeonu.

Part of the building exploded, and the view of the outside could clearly be seen now. Pierced by the spear, Hyeonu’s figure slowly disappeared. Yet it was actually an afterimage that was pierced by Larenix’s spear. The real Hyeonu disappeared and reappeared next to Larenix.

Hyeonu gritted his teeth and swung the Mysterious Sky Sword from left to right. Then a black-red pure energy blade that was over 10 meters wide appeared.

“A giant never dodges. Everything that stands in the way will be broken.” Larenix swung his iridescent spear at the black-red pure energy. As the iridescent spear shone, it repelled the black-red pure energy. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the end. The brilliant seven-colored spear flew toward Hyeonu. Similar to what Larenix had done, Hyeonu used his black-red pure energy to deflect Larenix’s power. No, he cut through Larenix’s pure energy and shot at him.

“The one who possesses the holy relics represents the giants. The owner of the holy relics doesn’t kneel to anyone, even if it is the Heavenly Father,” Larenix stated. 

Then he stomped his feet.


Something strange happened. Hyeonu’s pure energy that was flying toward Larenix came to a stop. At the next moment, it flew high into the sky as if caught in turbulence. Larenix continued, “I’m not trying to test anything. In any case, you are qualified as a guardian. I just want to teach you the value of the holy relics and the identity of the giants.” 

The spear in Larenix’s hand disappeared, and Larenix threw the white bracelet that was on his arm to Hyeonu. The bracelet slowly moved through the air and settled on Hyeonu’s palm.

“Remember. The giants are by your side.” Larenix gradually faded away with these words.

It was like when Floyd disappeared into the light. Once Larenix disappeared, many messages appeared in front of Hyeonu’s eyes. Hyeonu got rid of all of them without even checking them. Now wasn’t the time to look at the messages.

‘I should finish my stream.’

After a while, Hyeonu disappeared as well. It was because he had cleared the instance dungeon.


Hyeonu returned to Phinis and continued with the eating show with Tang-E, just as he had promised the viewers. However, Hyeonu couldn’t concentrate on the stream the entire time. His mind had already gone somewhere else. The bracelet sleeping in his inventory—he wanted to check its effects as soon as possible.

It was the same with Tang-E, who called out to Hyeonu all throughout the meal. He constantly asked for meat and the bracelet. Hyeonu gave Tang-E meat but not the bracelet. He had to confirm its effects first. If there was an effect he absolutely needed, he would wear it even if it meant enduring the curses from Tang-E.

“Then I’ll see you again next Thursday.” Hyeonu hastily ended the stream and immediately put his hand into the inventory.

His hand emerged from the inventory with a white bracelet that had a black pattern on it.

‘Item options.’ Hyeonu checked the bracelet with a nervous face.

[Wisdom of the Sky]

[‘Wisdom’, a holy relic held by the greatest shaman of the giants. It symbolizes the vast wisdom of the giants. It has fallen into the hands of another giant that isn’t the best shaman.

Rating: Epic

Restrictions: 950 physique, 2,650 magic power.

Effect: Magic power +15%, the effect of magic power-related skills by 100%. Generate the wisdom stat.

Wisdom: A stat that indirectly affects magic power. The amount of magic power used for magic will decrease and the strength of magic power will increase. Stat points can’t be added to it.]

“What?!!” Hyeonu uttered when he saw the item options. It was a series of absurd lines.

‘What are these ridiculous effects?’

There were two effects he was seeing for the first time—a stat increasing by percentage and the new stat, Wisdom. The item rating was also epic. Of course, it would be even stranger if it wasn’t epic-rated, considering the effects.

‘I can’t wear it...?’

Hyeonu gave up on his greed after seeing the details of the effects. It was much better to give this to Tang-E than for Hyeonu to wear it. In fact, it should be considered as an item for Tang-E. To be exact, it was an item for the magician class. The moment Hyeonu let go of his greed, his heart was relieved. Not only did it feel at ease, but it also made him feel better as a whole.

He thought of Tang-E’s happy smile, and his mouth involuntarily curved in a smile.

“Tang-E, give me your paw. I’ll put this on.” Hyeonu placed the white bracelet on Tang-E’s front paw. The bracelet matched well with Tang-E like it was made just for him. They complemented each other to that extent.

“Thank you, Master.”


Tang-E received the bracelet as a gift and also gave a gift to Hyeonu.

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