Chapter 373

“What does that mean...?” The man asked back as though he knew nothing. However, the sweat that flooded down his forehead proved he was nervous.

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear it. I am much better than you can imagine. An alliance—you obviously said you are an alliance.” Hyeonu stared at this man. Standing beside Hyeonu was Tang-E.

“I heard it as well. He clearly said the words ‘I think we need to withdraw from the alliance’,” Tang-E spoke and reproduced the whisper that the man sent to the guild master. He perfectly imitated the man’s urgent expression and gestures.

Even more sweat started to flow down the man’s forehead. It wasn’t just him. The players behind him had very similar expressions, which revealed they were upset.

“You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. However, you will have to be careful next time,” Hyeonu gave them a threat. It was a threat that said he wouldn’t let them go the next time they met. Although he didn’t say it outright, the nuance of his tone clearly implied it.

The man eventually succumbed and said, “I will... speak. Instead, promise that you won’t have any bad feelings toward our guild.”

He was willing to save his life and his guild. Hearing that, Hyeonu nodded. He had received no immediate damage after all. This condition was sufficient in exchange for receiving information.

‘The fewer, the better.’

Regardless of how strong Hyeonu was, it wasn’t good to have too many enemies. 

The man saw Hyeonu’s reaction and spoke carefully, “We’re the Sakura Guild.”

“Sakura? You mean the Sakura Guild from Japan?”

The Sakura Guild—it was a name Hyeonu knew well. It was a large guild that was acknowledged both in Japan and globally. In particular, its guild master, Yorishige, was one of the top three most popular streamers in Japan.

“Yes, it’s that Sakura Guild.”

Upon hearing the man’s answer, Hyeonu became even more curious about the identity of the alliance.

‘Based on this guild’s withdrawal, the alliance must be aiming for me...’

The Sakura Guild hadn’t had a single encounter with Hyeonu. In other words, there was no need for them to create an alliance to fight back.

“Then what is the alliance?” Hyeonu asked.

“It’s literally an alliance. It is a force of 17 large guilds. Their side is great. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that only the prominent guilds have gathered.”

“The purpose? What is the purpose of the alliance?”

“It is to keep you, Alley Leader, in check.”

“In check?” Hyeonu questioned like it was absurd.

“To be precise, it is to prevent you from doing the quest. The unusual thing is that it was intended to interfere peacefully, not with force.”

“Which guilds belong to the alliance?”

“Phoenix, Dujieng, Sakura...” The names of large guilds continued to flow from the man’s mouth.

There were 17 of them, and many were familiar names.

‘The people I met on the way here belong to these guilds.’ Hyeonu felt the puzzle pieces in his head aligning with the man’s words. The rankers who had rushed over when they saw him... ‘It wasn’t because of popularity.’

He was very pathetic an hour ago when he thought these rankers liked him.

‘Patient, be patient.’ Hyeonu took a deep breath.

‘Master dude is angry.’ Tang-E carefully left his spot when he saw Hyeonu’s deep breath. He walked to the surrounding trees and climbed a tree to avoid an unknown danger. However, it didn’t happen as Tang-E imagined. It was because Hyeonu controlled his heart well.

“I see. I understand now. I will just let you know that this conversation has been recorded. Go and tell them. Alley Leader’s time is really expensive. If it is a trivial matter, they’ll have to pay the price.” Hyeonu left with these words. Of course, there was no need to mention Tang-E on the tree who came down as if nothing had happened.


After learning about the alliance, Hyeonu felt deeply troubled. Should he participate in the quest to block them? Or...

Should he just ignore it and find Rondal as originally planned?


Hyeonu wanted to do both. He wanted to visit Rondal, and he wanted to deal a big blow to the alliance that destroyed his mood. There was just one problem. He couldn’t think of a way to do it.

“Tang-E, what should I do? I have many worries,” Hyeonu spoke while hugging Tang-E. Tang-E was the only one he could say these concerns to.

“Master dude, do what you can do. Revenge can be done by others, but isn’t there a place where only Master dude can go to at the moment?” Tang-E replied while brushing the dirt off his paws. He wasn’t worried at all. Tang-E just spoke what was on his mind.

It was only after hearing Tang-E’s words that Hyeonu realized he didn’t have to waste time getting revenge personally.

‘In any case, their purpose is the quest from the emperor.’

So all he had to do was prevent them from clearing it. There was no need for Hyeonu to do it. There were many people who would interfere on Hyeonu’s behalf.

‘First of all, they don’t know the way.’

Among the guilds belonging to the alliance, it was likely few had passed over to the East Continent. In fact, it was safe to assume there were none.

‘Their purpose is said to be disturbing me...’

In the end, they would each move for the benefit of their own guild, so there would naturally be no unity.

‘If I push it properly here, I can reverse it...’

The player in Arena who crossed the Balder Mountains the most was Hyeonu. He was unique as he had traveled between the West Continent and East Continent more than anyone.

‘If I explain the oath well...’

“It’s possible.”

A plan emerged—one that would properly hit the back of the alliance.

“Oh, so pretty. So cute. How are you so cute...” Hyeonu hugged Tang-E tightly.

Tang-E who provided the clue was very cute. He couldn’t be better.

Ugh, I’m choking. Master dude, let go!”

Of course, Tang-E accepted it in a different manner.


Hyeonu immediately put his plan into action. There was no time to hesitate. From now on, it was a battle of speed.


-Alley Leader is calling me. I thought I was completely forgotten. 

Slowly spoken English was heard over the smartphone. The caller acted tough from the start.

“What’s wrong with you? I remember everything. Isn’t that why I’m contacting you now, Liu Shei?”

The person on the other end of the line was Liu Shei. He was part of Nike Management and the leader of the Kowloon Guild.

-So why did you contact me this time? I'm a bit busy right now. Of course, not as much as Alley Leader.

“Since you said this... I will ask you in a straightforward manner. Do you want to do a quest? It is a quest related to the Yusma Empire. It is also given by the emperor himself.”

Liu Shei was silent. He was thinking about Hyeonu’s sudden suggestion and wondered why Alley Leader was turning it over to Kowloon. This was the role of the First Dragon. Liu Shei had to make decisions carefully so the other eight dragons could act freely.

-Why are you giving this to us without doing it yourself? 

“I have something else to do. I can’t hold everything in my hand. I should share what has to be shared.”

-Then this quest... I know that other guilds have already started it.

When Hyeonu heard these words, he smiled.

“Can’t Kowloon defeat those guilds? Kowloon of the world?”

He gently scratched at Liu Shei’s pride.

-Of course, Kowloon is on a different level from them. I just wonder if there is a need to insert my hands in such a gutter when it is a hassle.

Liu Shei didn’t bite at Hyeonu’s bait. This was different from how it might have gone in the past. He was now the master of a large guild after all.

“Of course, it would be a gutter if it is Kowloon alone... What if you have companions to help you?”

Hyeonu threw the real bait he’d prepared. It was like throwing fish in front of a cat. A normal person would never miss this opportunity.

-If you’ve planned to this extent, there is no reason to refuse anymore. If that is all you have to say, let’s get started.

Liu Shei immediately accepted Hyeonu’s proposal. Under such conditions, he had to accept even if it meant kneeling down and begging.

“I’ve already emailed you a video that will be helpful for the quest. Your companions... They are the Mano Guild. If you go to Derek Castle, you’ll be able to meet them.”

The hand that Hyeonu prepared was the Mano Guild. Before exiting Arena, Hyeonu had sent a whisper to Patrick of the Mano Guild and finished the recruitment. The Mano Guild was currently stagnant, but it was only temporary. In the past, they were one of the best guilds.

-Mano... That’s fine. It is enough. We can take the quest. 

Liu Shei paused for a moment. Then he took a breath and spoke again.

-What is the reason you are really doing this?

“It is a secret, a secret.”

Hyeonu’s eyes curved in a smile.


‘Okay. It is over.’

After making an offer to Liu Shei, Hyeonu immediately returned to Arena and completed the boss monster hunt. He ran around the Balder Mountains like a madman and found the boss monsters. As a result, he was able to find a new boss monster. It was the cliff giant, the hokari.

The giant was very powerful and had orange stones lodged all over its body. However, it couldn’t withstand the cooperation between Hyeonu and Tang-E.

[The hokari, the cliff giant, has been defeated.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[The current rate of seal release: 100%.]

Hyeonu put the Mysterious Sky Sword back into his sheath. Orange stones were scattered in front of him.

[The item information has been updated.]

The moment Hyeonu saw the message, he took a map out of his inventory and opened it. The map had changed a lot. An image appeared on the parchment where nothing was visible previously.


“How can I find it if it’s drawn like this?”

The problem was that Hyeonu had no idea where the map was pointing at. The map had names of the past written on it, so it was logical that Hyeonu didn’t understand it.

‘If I can compare it, I will know.’

Hyeonu pulled a map of the West Continent from his inventory. Placing the two maps side by side on the ground, he started to compare them. Hyeonu’s eyes moved quickly. He was looking for a place similar to the terrain drawn on the parchment.

‘Over here!’

There was an exact match. However, Hyeonu didn’t like the location.

“Why... Yusma?”

Yusma, the capital of the Yusma Empire—the name ‘Rondal’ was written there. Hyeonu’s eyes narrowed as he alternated between looking at the map and the parchment. He repeated the action several times. Then his eyes widened like he couldn’t believe it.

“There... It looks like the imperial palace?”

The imperial palace was drawn in the same location as Rondal was on the parchment. Hyeonu put the map and parchment in his inventory and closed his eyes.

‘Please don’t let it be anywhere near the emperor’s palace,’ Hyeonu prayed eagerly as he collapsed to the ground.

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