Chapter 370

[Streaming Alley Leader’s apology and a big announcement.]

The day after the opening match of the Arena Korean League was Thursday and originally not the day when Hyeonu was supposed to stream. Yet for some reason, Hyeonu turned on the streaming mode.


-What announcement?

-What happened?

-I’m somehow uneasy...

The viewers didn’t like seeing the sudden stream and reluctantly used ways to try and prevent it from happening. A masked Hyeonu appeared and started his streaming in a calm tone: “Hello, I am Alley Leader. Thank you for watching today’s stream even though it is a Thursday.” 

He bowed deeply and said, “I will apologize once again. I’m truly sorry that I didn’t finish yesterday’s interview and left first due to my personal matters.”

He folded his waist so that everyone could see his head full of rich and dense hair.

-This is the apology, so what is the big announcement?

-It must’ve been a sudden situation if it forced him to leave.

-It’s understandable. So I don’t want to listen to the big announcement.

The viewers accepted Hyeonu’s apology. In the first place, there weren’t many people who felt offended. After all, there weren’t many circumstances urgent enough to stop an interview where all the spotlights were focused on him. It was hard to throw away such a good opportunity unless it was really urgent.

“Thank you for thinking that way. As for the big announcement... In the future, I think I will only stream once a week.”


-Don’t mess around!

-This won’t work!!!

-Please tell me that it is a lie!!!

The viewers fiercely opposed Hyeonu’s words. This was a problem that wasn’t easy to resolve. The number of streams had been halved to only once a week.

“I will do this for exactly two months.”

Streaming twice a week had been too much of a burden. The streaming itself was fine, but it was too inconvenient for him to be tied up for these fixed periods of time. He didn’t know when and what would happen.

‘I’m not alone anymore.’

Hyeonu put his hands together and requested earnestly, “I am a person who keeps my word. I’m not bluffing. Please trust me this once.”

-Two months? Do you want to reduce it only when you’re a pro?

-It seems so? In two months, the Winter League will be over.

-Hmm... Just one...

-It is too few...

The viewers showed a negative reaction to Hyeonu’s words and expressed that one stream a week was too few. Just then, Hyeonu came up with words that the viewers would like to hear.

‘I have to make up for it...’

“Once the Winter League ends, I will come back with twice as much. After Arena Week is over, I will stream three times a week for a month.”

Hyeonu had already come up with an alternative. The streaming that couldn’t be done now would be made up after he retired as a pro gamer.

-It’s not four times...?

-Stupid, just say it’s good. Why do you want four times a week?

-Are you a newbie? Is today the first Alley Leader stream that you’re watching? Just accept what is given.

-There is a chance he will take it away if he becomes angry. Be quiet.

The viewers took care of removing those who wanted to oppose Hyeonu’s words. They eradicated them and ripped them up by the roots. In fact, they even poured out a huge amount of positive messages so that Hyeonu wouldn’t see the negative words at all.

“Starting from next week, I’ll turn on the stream the day after the league match. I will continue to prepare for the match and other content.”

Hyeonu smiled when he saw the messages such as ‘yes, yes’ and ‘please do that’.

“Then let’s talk about the match yesterday. Any explanation I give won’t be interesting, so I’ll answer any questions you are curious about.”

-Right. Why are you so handsome?

-Do you feel comfortable taking everything?!

-You look like that so you can get two skewers when buying one. I finally understand!!!

-The world isn’t fair.

The viewers didn’t talk about the match at all. There was no need to as they didn’t remember anything. All they remembered was that Hyeonu killed everyone, and it was over. Rather, what remained in their memory was Hyeonu’s appearance. He was tall and broad-shouldered with a really manly and handsome face. In addition, he had a low-pitched voice. Hyeonu seemed to be a perfect person with nothing lacking.

-You’re good at games as well.

-He also makes good money.

Hyeonu played well and made good money. His personality was rough, but it wasn’t bad. He was perfect. Well, no, he wasn’t perfect; he also had flaws.

-Still, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

-Stop attacking allies!!!

-Yes, let’s stop. He is on our side.

-Such a good Hyung is on our side... I’m not weird.

Alley Leader was single, much like the majority of viewers. Therefore, no further attacks were made. After that, only praise remained.

-As expected of our Hyung.

-I knew you would win.

-I also believed it.


After communicating pleasantly with the viewers, Hyeonu moved happily.

‘Streaming is now for healing.’

It would be like this until the day his pro-gamer life ended. The streaming would just be for talking. It was something that made him feel good without having to do anything.

‘Is this my vocation...?’

The place where Hyeonu was heading was the imperial palace. He received news that Lebron had returned. So, it was natural for Hyeonu to go back there too, or he might lose some profit. However, the imperial palace was different from normal. Unlike before, it was crowded. There were thousands of visible people, and they were mostly dressed in luxurious clothing.

‘Nobles?’ Hyeonu looked at them with surprise. There were many nobles Hyeonu hadn’t met. They weren’t only civil servants or lords. There were also a number of military officers such as knight commanders and generals. No, it was okay to say they were mostly all military officers. It was biased to that extent.

Regardless, Hyeonu quickly started moving again. He just found it surprising. Forming relationships with them wouldn’t benefit him anyway.

‘Some of them must’ve spoken ill of me.’

Hyeonu had no good feelings toward them due to what he’d heard from the emperor the other day. The sediment had sunk deeply, but it wasn’t gone. He was just thinking about getting rid of it when he got the chance. Hyeonu naturally entered the emperor’s palace where the emperor was currently located. Inside the great hall, Hyeonu found that the emperor wasn’t the only one present. There were other people as well.

“You came at just the right time. I was just talking about you.”

“You’re here? Come this way.”

Among them, two people stood out. One was the emperor who buried himself in his throne, and the other was Lebron. The other nobles were overwhelmed by the pressure the two of them gave off and just trembled.

“I came after hearing that Master has returned... I guess I came at just the right time, Your Majesty.” The place Hyeonu joined wasn’t the frozen North Pole but a garden lit by warm sunlight.

“I would’ve summoned you forcefully if you hadn’t come today, so it’s good.” The emperor got up.

The bodies of the nobles flinched just because the emperor moved.

“Did the delegation come back with good results?” Hyeonu inquired.

“Why are you asking the obvious? I acted personally,” Lebron replied.

“What good result...? You are an idiot who only knows about yourself and the Knights of Keon. You can’t organize a delegation like that every time... You didn’t even know the right way,” the emperor reproached the smug Lebron.

‘The way?’ Hyeonu wondered before asking, “What way are you talking about?”

“This time, you and he crossed the mountains personally with the Knights of Keon. However, this can’t be done all the time. Nor does it mean I can leave it to unproven adventurers,” the emperor said.

His words caused some of the nobles to pout. They seemed to want to say something. Among them, a nobleman who had more courage than others opened his mouth and stated, “Your Majesty, other adventurers are also at a high standard. I know a few who have already crossed the mountain range.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty. Why not give other adventurers a chance? They are also nobles of the honorable empire.”

“It is clear that if given the opportunity, they will devote themselves to the empire.”

The nobles spoke desperately to the emperor, who in turn watched them with a heavy expression. He had no interest in their words.

“So? If they escort the delegation, will they be as stable as the Knights of Keon? Or as strong as Earl Gang Hyeonu? Even if they all jump in, I don’t think they are a match for one Earl. Is it just my illusion? It seems there’s something you are mistaken about. Loyalty to the empire isn’t important. The important thing is strength, strength,” the emperor pointed out.

Hearing those words, the nobles shut their mouths. They couldn’t refute what the emperor said. As long as the emperor and Lebron existed, the nobles couldn’t revolt with their moderate strength. Thus, they had extreme thoughts. Right then, the emperor added, “Still, out of fairness, I will give you a chance. Complete a map—a map containing the path to cross the mountains.”

The nobles’ eyes widened at the emperor’s words. It was unexpected. He was actually giving them a chance.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

It was an unexpected gift for the nobles as they hadn’t been expecting anything in the first place. They just gave it try, yet the emperor actually listened to them.

“Go back now. I want to have a conversation with these two people,” the emperor stated.

Hearing that, the nobles ran out like a tide. The emperor watched the nobles’ retreating backs and asked Hyeonu, “Are you upset?”

Hyeonu shook his head silently.

“Step on them blatantly, Disciple. It is their habit that they can’t say anything when they are suppressed by skills. Don’t you have a strong force behind you?” Lebron told Hyeonu the reality of the nobles. This was his advice for Hyeonu.

“I alone am sufficient. It is enough with just me, Master,” Hyeonu responded.

“Yes, my disciple should be this much.” Lebron laughed after hearing Hyeonu’s words. He really liked Hyeonu’s confidence.

The emperor said, “Just draw the route you took this time. I don’t think anything else is needed. It is enough to pass the mountain no matter how many people are gathered.”

The moment the emperor finished speaking, a question window appeared in front of Hyeonu’s eyes.

[A quest has been created.]

[Mountain Map Creation]

[Find a path for the delegations of both continents to pass through for an exchange between the east and west continents.

Rating: S

Conditions: Map creation 0/1

Rewards: Experience, imperial contribution.]

‘Why are the rewards so low?’

These days, the rewards of quests seemed to be getting worse. In particular, the quests that the emperor gave Hyeonu...

‘It is just an empty can.’

Hyeonu let out a small sigh. There was none of the profit that he had expected. As expected, a canned drink was the most popular at parties.

“I will complete the map as soon as possible,” Hyeonu replied.

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