Chapter 338

The man who brought over the puppies also went over to Hyeonu with something. It was a small box. The moment it was handed to Hyeonu, a message appeared.

[You have cleared Destroy the Remnants of the Gucheon Secret Department]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Chen Long’s gift has been acquired.]

Hyeonu pointed at the box and asked, “What is this?”

“Why don’t you ask after opening it up? I think that is the normal thing to do,” Chen Long answered with a ridiculing expression. Usually, when a person was curious, it was normal for them to just open the box. They wouldn’t open their mouths to ask about it first.

“Did you always have a personality where you talked first before doing anything? You have changed so much,” Chen Long said with a laugh.

Hyeonu had indeed changed too much. He had transformed from an adventurer full of mystery and great skills into one of the local young men.

“My personality was originally like this. It hasn’t changed. This is the real me,” Hyeonu stated. There was no need for him to show restraint anymore. He had completed the quest and unraveled the knot in his heart. So, now he could just behave comfortably as himself.

After that, Hyeonu shook his head and opened the box with careful hands. All the eyes in the area were focused on him. 

“So... what is this?” Hyeonu asked. In the box was a piece of black cloth.

“Just check it, check it. Take it out and look at it,” Chen Long replied in an annoyed tone. In the end, Chen Long finally lost his dignity and showed his usual appearance. It was an incredibly casual appearance for the head of a group that would eventually dominate the East Continent.

At Chen Long’s words, Hyeonu lifted the black cloth and then uttered, “Eh?

The thing he thought was a piece of cloth turned out to be a piece of clothing. It had small buttons that made it reminiscent of a coat.

“This... What is this?” Hyeonu asked.

“I found it when I was organizing Chen Tai’s things,” Chen Long said. He didn’t get annoyed this time and continued speaking to Hyeonu with an uncertain expression on his face: “I gave it to you because it might be related to the Mysterious Sky Sect. The real reward is in the pocket.”

‘No wonder why it’s heavy.’ Hyeonu understood the slight weight he felt in his hands once he heard Chen Long’s words. When Hyeonu put his hands into the pockets, he touched something that was like a small circle. Hyeonu pulled out the object in his hand and closely examined it before throwing it straight to the ground. The small circular plaque collided with the dirt floor, and metal burst out.

“This is...!” Hyeonu shouted while pointing at Chen Long. “Who asked for something like this?”

Seeing Hyeonu rampage made Chen Long laugh. 

“Didn’t you ask me to take care of it? I gave you the best gift I could give. Don’t be upset. I’m treating you as a benefactor of the Samsungga. Isn’t this a special thing? You are now being defended by the force that rules the darkness of the continent. It is a great power!” Chen Long showed a proud attitude toward Hyeonu.

Of course, Hyeonu didn’t accept this. There was nothing tangible in Hyeonu’s possession, only intangible benefits.

“This thing....”

Just as Hyeonu was about to start screaming again, a message appeared in front of Hyeonu’s eyes, and he shut his mouth.

[The title ‘Benefactor of the Gucheon Secret Department’ has been created.]

[Benefactor of the Gucheon Secret Department]

[A title given to a player who is the benefactor of the Gucheon Secret Department.

Effect: All stats will increase by 10% in the East Continent. Movement speed is increased by 10%. Once a week, the facilities of the Gucheon Secret Department can be used for free.]

‘I’m satisfied with the title.’ Hyeonu smiled with satisfaction.

It was limited to the East Continent, but it was definitely a good title. The more stats, titles, and continuous skills he had, the better he would be.

“What are the advantages of being a benefactor?” Hyeonu asked in a more excited voice.

“There are a lot of benefits. You don’t have to pay for anything in Buncheonru whether you sleep, buy weapons, or eat. In addition, you can enjoy the same benefits anywhere as long as it belongs to the Gucheon Secret Department.”

Hyeonu couldn’t help shutting his mouth again after hearing the explanation. The power of Benefactor of the Gucheon Secret Department was greater than he thought.

‘Isn’t this good enough?’

It was very satisfying. Considering that the influence of the Gucheon Secret Department was spread all over the East Continent, Hyeonu wouldn’t have any trouble traveling around the East Continent even if he didn’t have one gold.

‘I have to go and grab drinks.’

Hyeonu had no intention of using this benefit elsewhere. He would only use it to obtain alcohol as gifts for the emperor and other NPCs.

“By the way, are there any good metals? I’m hoping for rare ones. Things that can be used for making weapons or armor,” Hyeonu asked when he suddenly recalled what Edchan had requested of him.

The quest to gain metals from the East Continent was a must.

“Metals? Are there some?” Chen Long cocked his head for a moment and then asked the man in black.

“Yes, there are three types of minerals that are considered rare. There are no problems in giving enough to make a sword,” the man poured out answers like a machine. It was a perfect answer like he had received the question in advance and prepared an answer.

“What? Why aren’t you bringing it then? Our benefactor says he wants it. If we have it, give it to him.”

The moment Chen Long’s words finished, the man ran like the wind.

“How is it? Good?” Chen Long questioned Hyeonu.

Hyeonu silently gave a thumbs up to Chen Long.


After receiving three chunks of rare metals from Chen Long, Hyeonu took Reina and Mascherano to Taeyang, the capital of the Yuxin Empire.

“The reason you want a territory is due to the next pro league?” Hyeonu asked the two people as they walked toward the imperial palace.

“Of course. If there is a possibility, why not challenge it?” Mascherano replied. According to the current trend, it wasn’t possible to gain a territory in the West Continent before the Winter League began. Now that he had been given an extra opportunity, there was no reason to give up.

“Indeed. It’s good to save the imperial contributions if possible. I don’t know when there will be more content that requires it.”

“Even just acquiring a noble title will have a considerable effect. The title effect is quite powerful in PVP,” Mascherano added to Hyeonu’s words.

Hyeonu nodded.

‘That is correct.’

A noble title had a decent effect in PVP even if it wasn’t the ‘first’ title like Hyeonu.

“I came to see His Majesty the Emperor,” Hyeonu stated as he approached the imperial guards.

One of the guards was about to say something when a familiar figure appeared from inside. It was Shin Xianzhe, the captain of the guards. He said, “I will guide you, Earl.” 

Mascherano and Reina looked fascinated when they saw this scene. It was their first time seeing an NPC, who was also the captain of the imperial guards, treat someone with such extreme hospitality.

“As expected of Alley Leader...” Mascherano whispered in a very small voice to Reina. It was almost as quiet as silence.

“His Majesty is in a good mood. He often talks about you,” Shin Xianzhe spoke to Hyeonu on the way to the emperor.

“It seems I’ve done something satisfactory for His Majesty,” Hyeonu replied with a smile.

Simultaneously, he naturally removed the mask and put it in his inventory.

“Maybe today will be my last visit,” Hyeonu said.

“You don’t mean to come again?” Shin Xianzhe was surprised to hear that this would be Hyeonu’s last visit.

“It is because my job here is done. It doesn’t mean I will never come back. I might return. Won’t I have to come again if I take on the role of the emperor of the West Continent’s messenger?” Hyeonu replied with a smile.

Soon, the group arrived in front of the emperor’s residence, and Shin Xianzhe disappeared into the emperor’s palace. He reappeared some time later and delivered the emperor’s words to Hyeonu: “His Majesty said to go in.”

Hyeonu, Mascherano, and Reina heard Shin Xianzhe’s words and entered the emperor’s palace.

“It is really gorgeous. I want it!” Mascherano let out a sound of admiration.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t been to imperial palaces in other VR games, but Arena’s imperial palace was a bit more gorgeous and elegant than the other palaces he’d seen. There was something about it that appealed to their aesthetics.

“Then Mascherano, would you like to ask for one of the decorations as a reward?” Hyeonu wondered with a smile.

Mascherano shook his head intensely and said, “No, I might die if I do that. The players on my team are so fierce...”

“You are the fiercest once, Mascherano,” Reina countered Mascherano's words. She was well aware that the players weren’t hot-tempered. Rather, it was Mascherano who provoked their anger.

“The emperor is beyond that door. The door opens automatically, so don’t be surprised,” Hyeonu said. 

As the three people talked, they quickly arrived in front of the emperor’s space. Just like before, the door automatically opened and revealed the emperor.

“You’re here.” The emperor had already raised his back from the chair and straightened himself. He was waiting to talk to Hyeonu.

Hyeonu bowed to the emperor before getting straight to the point: “The master of the Gucheon Secret Department has changed. It went according to what I said last time.” 

After hearing Hyeonu’s words, the emperor’s face brightened. He said, “Send a messenger to Southern Star. Invite the new master to work out our different views.” It was a rare emotional change. Hyeonu’s words were half-expected by the emperor, but there was a difference between speculation and direct confirmation.

“You came and fulfilled the imperial family’s long-cherished wish. It is a great achievement. Let me know if there is anything you want. It is the same for the adventurers behind you.”

Filled with joy, the old emperor behaved like a vigorous young man.

[Overthrow the Gucheon Secret Department has been cleared.]

[Experience has been acquired.] 

Hyeonu also smiled. He wasn’t tired of seeing the messages that appeared constantly in front of him. Rather, he felt good every time.

“These two want to get a territory. It doesn’t have to be a developed city. Just a place with big potential. I hope you can do that.” Hyeonu spoke up about Reina and Mascherano’s reward instead of his.

It was because he planned to keep his reward a secret from both of them. To do that, he had to get them what they wanted and then have them leave.

“A city? There are some places left.”

Originally, the Yuxin Empire didn’t have any cities without lords. However, many cities had lost their lords in recent years. Ultimately, the emperor said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t give it to them right now. It is because they haven’t done anything for the empire. Do you understand?”

Hyeonu nodded at the old emperor’s words. The Gucheon Secret Department always worked in the darkness, so a legitimate reason was needed to give out a territory.

“Then you will make up a reason at the right time.”

“That’s it,” the emperor affirmed. He smiled before continuing to say, “So what do you want? Do you want a city as well? If it is you, I can give you one right now...”

The smile on Hyeonu’s face deepened.


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