Chapter 299

“Those words... They aren’t a joke?” The true face of Chen Long showed up through his lazy surface appearance as his eyes emitted a cold light.

-He isn’t a drunkard but someone with hidden ambition?

-It is usually these kinds of people who sit on the throne.

-It seems that Alley Leader can insert himself in here.

-It was over from the moment the two of them joined forces.

Those who had a hard life usually became the final winner or a joker in movies or TV series. As such, the viewers naturally saw that the lowly guard leader would become the master of the secret department.

“I’m not someone who would lie about such an important issue. I definitely received that agreement. Will you acknowledge it when you see this?” Hyeonu pulled something out that was golden. It was the golden plaque that 3rd Imperial Prince Liu Yongyun had handed to Hyeonu. This was something that Chen Long knew well—an emblem representing a royal guest.

“It’s real...” The brightness in Chen Long’s eyes died down, and his eyes immediately became those of a sleeping devil. “It was an excellent choice to join hands with you.”

“I think so as well.” Hyeonu nodded at Chen Long’s words. Being with Hyeonu could be called a godsend for Chen Long.

-Sure enough, the timing of the bragging isn’t excessive.

-The king of self-PR.

-A natural bluffer.

The viewers shook their heads when they saw this scene. Alley Leader’s brazenness was still the same.

“Yes, that’s right. Then I will give you a job. That way, I will become the master of the Cheonryong Group again and then the Samsungga.” 

“My revenge will also be completed.”

“Revenge? That’s right, there was something like that. I had forgotten,” Chen Long said. Deftly seeing into Hyeonu’s mind, Chen Long thought, ‘He is an insidious person.’

Hyeonu spoke calmly like he wasn’t surprised by Chen Long’s words: “The reason I came to you is for revenge. It is a pity that you have forgotten that.”

He even acted like he was sad. Chen Long laughed loudly before throwing the small stick he held, which Hyeonu then received.

‘How do I use this? It isn’t a water vein detector...’ Hyeonu did everything from turning the stick around to crushing it.

Then Chen Long opened his mouth and explained, “The names and identities of the leaders of the secret camp are written on it. Few people know the true identity of the secret camp even within the Samsungga. As long as you kill all the leaders written here, it will be easy to occupy the secret camp.”

Hearing Chen Long’s words, Hyeonu felt like he was going to burst. He wanted Chen Long to teach him how to use the stick, but Chen Long only said these obvious words. Thus, Hyeonu’s annoyance soared.

‘No! That’s why I’m asking you how to see it!’ Hyeonu struggled to suppress his irritation, and he opened his mouth to say, “Where is the list of the secret camp members?”

“Break it. It’s inside. However, you have to break it with magic power,” Chen Long explained kindly. The way to use the stick was to personally break it in the palm of one’s hand with magic power. Chen Long concluded, “After cutting off their eyes and ears, you can take revenge.”

[A quest has been created.]

[Kill the Secret Camp Leaders]

[According to the information given by Chen Long, kill all the leaders of the Secret Camp and report the result to Chen Long.

Rating: S

Conditions: Leaders of the Secret Camp 0/50, Report to Chen Long 0/50

Rewards: Experience, Chen Long’s trust.]

‘Oh, yes!’ Hyeonu cheered at the quest that appeared. Then the feeling of piercing the sky changed, and it felt like he fell to the ground.

‘These are the rewards?’

There were no rewards at all. It was embarrassing to view it as an S-grade quest. Still, it wasn’t that bad. He just wasn’t happy.

‘I guess there’s the experience value?’ Hyeonu convinced himself this way and turned toward Kim Seokjung.

“Did you receive the quest?” Hyeonu whispered in a low voice.

“I got it, but the rewards make me feel awkward,” Kim Seokjung replied. He was also a top player, so he naturally couldn’t feel good about a quest with such poor rewards.

“There is still the experience,” Hyeonu said. It was an S-grade question, so if they were fortunate, it would give a lot of experience. Then he added, “It is a linked quest anyway. We shouldn’t be greedy. Won’t we get something big once we reach the end?”

“Yes, that is good as well. One big reward.” Kim Seokjung nodded with a smile.

Hyeonu turned his head to look at Chen Long again and asked, “So what should we do after dealing with the leaders?”

“What to do? Just come back when the task is done. I’ll take care of the rest,” Chen Long stated.

“I understand. I will do as you say.”


Hyeonu exited the Samsungga and talked to the viewers. 

“Everyone, did you hear it? I’ll just make a video. The intelligence materials should be shot properly.”

-I’m envious.

-This will be the best if Ellis edits it properly.

-A legendary video.

-Take some time to edit it properly!

The viewers were imagining it as a movie in their minds from the moment Chen Long told Hyeonu to kill the leaders of the secret camp.

-It will be the sect’s revenge!! 

-Before the destruction ㄱㄱ

The fall of the sect…

Holding hands with the enemy of an enemy to get revenge—it was a cliche, but it was a story that worked better than anything else.

“I hope so. One by one,” Hyeonu said, mischievously drawing his thumb over his neck. Then he asked, “Hyung-nim, what should we do? Do you want to go together or go separately?” 

The introduction to Chen Long was one of the biggest reasons why they met up, and now it was over. They had met Chen Long and shared the quest, so there was no need to move together. All Hyeonu had to do later was share information about the leaders of the secret camp through whispers or photos.

“I don’t think today is a good time. I will be boarding a flight to South Korea soon. Can you spend one day with me?” Kim Seokjung winked at Hyeonu.

Hyeonu shook Kim Seokjung’s hand and spoke in a caring manner, “If it isn’t a streaming day, I will meet you at the airport. Then I’ll take you sightseeing around Seoul.” 

“That’s good. I have to go and see Seoul with my dongsaeng.”

“Wait a minute. You have to listen to the information.” Hyeonu grabbed Kim Seokjung who was about to move.

He had to give out the information before this person left so he wouldn’t have to do it twice.

“Then I’ll break this now, everyone.”

- ㄱㄱㄱ.

-Break this.

-Will it just break if magic power is inserted?

-No way. There is a pattern.

‘Pattern? Was there something like that?’

Hyeonu glanced at the viewers’ words and injected magic power into the stick that Chen Long gave him.

Um... There is a pattern. It’s quite complicated...”

It was true. The stick wasn’t just a wooden stick; it was elaborately carved. It seemed like the stick would only separate with the injection of magic power, much like putting a key in a lock. After a while, the stick separated into two parts. Only the lower part that Hyeonu was holding remained, while the upper part fell to the ground.

“Still, it isn’t that difficult. It’s easy.”

It was really complicated to figure out at first, but that was it. The level of magic power control required was like a joke for Hyeonu.

“Here it is.”

Inside the separated stick was a rolled-up piece of white paper. Hyeonu took it out and opened it. There were black words written on the white paper.

[-1st group leader of Secret Camp, Hu An. Disguised as the General Official of Namju in Mujang Seong. His specialty is brilliant swordsmanship.

-2nd group leader of Secret Camp...

-3rd group leader of Secret Camp......]

The names, disguised identities, and even the weapons of up to 50 leaders were listed.

Hmm... Is 20 okay?’

Now there was only one thing remaining. How should he divide these 50 people? It would never be easy because it was an S-grade quest.

‘Yang Sucang...’

There were those who disguised themselves as mountain bandits. They were members of the Secret Camp and dealt with pure energy. In other words, their minimum level was 200.

‘The group leaders must have a higher level...’

It was obvious who would be stronger without even looking. The leaders—Hyeonu and New World needed to show superior force to kill them.

‘They should be able to do it if six people form a raid party...’

However, New World was New World—Arena’s best guild. They had enough experience against the most challenging humanoid monsters.

‘Yes, let’s give them 20.’

After making a decision, Hyeonu immediately tore the paper and handed it to Kim Seokjung. On the torn piece of paper that Hyeonu handed out were 20 names numbered from 31 to 50.

Hyung-nim, there are 20 people. Just kill the people listed here. The standard of the ordinary Secret Camp members is around the same as the low to mid level-200 players. You can think of the leaders as named monsters.” Hyeonu explained in detail what he knew right to the end and even told them the expected level of the Secret Camp leaders.

Then he even offered gifts: “These are return amulets that allow you to move between the big cities of the East Continent. It will probably be hard to get until the stores are officially open.”

It was a small box containing return amulets. Hyeonu had forcibly acquired them from the emperor, and now he distributed them to Kim Seokjung.

“All these things are given to me? I thought just a carriage would be okay...” Kim Seokjung was impressed.

However, it wasn’t because of the return amulets. He was impressed that Hyeonu was taking care of him and even gave him a gift.

“It is what my dongsaeng gave me, so I will use it well. I understand. Then I will go do the quest first.” Kim Seokjung waved and disappeared with New World.

“They are very nice people. Isn’t that right, everyone?”

-Sijong hyung-nim is a good man.

-There is no limit to his good nature.


Hyeonu separated from New World and appeared in Namju in Mujang Seong. He had come to see Hu An, the name at the top of the list.

“Everyone, I have to kill them all anyway. Wouldn’t it be smoother to start from a stronger one?”

-Then won’t it be boring later?

-In my opinion, it might be nice right from the beginning?

-Expectations are futile. He is the one who killed a dragon alone...

The viewers had already forgotten words like ‘fierce’ and ‘hardship’. A humanoid monster might be tricky, but the story was different when it came to Alley Leader. Absolute strength in PVP, the master of the arena, the pinnacle of players—Alley Leader was a man with all sorts of titles. He wasn’t a streamer with such poor skills that he would fall into a crisis because of a humanoid monster.

-There isn’t anyone he is inferior to in PvP.

-He is almost a human hunter. Is there anyone else who will be more comfortable?

-He can win against Rain with his bare hands.

“You guys know it well already. I am so strong. Then I should think about how to get to the man called the General Official. I will receive some ideas from everyone. Let’s collectively share information. Please show me the level of my viewers.”

Hyeonu was grabbing at the viewers with his sweet talk. It was a lure called ‘viewers’ participation’.

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