Chapter 208

‘Something big? What happened?’ Hyeonu was surprised that Gang Junggu had arrived earlier than the appointment time. Had something major occurred? If that was the case, why did he come to Hyeonu? He should’ve gone to fix things.

“Can you start the stream quickly? Do you have to turn it on at a certain time?” Gang Junggu asked.

‘Does he have something to do at night?’ Hyeonu wondered.

Then he told Gang Junggu, “It isn’t a big deal. You can appear on the stream on Monday or Friday. It doesn’t have to be today. You don’t have to overdo it, Brother.” 

Hyeonu had his own speculation about Gang Junggu’s words. Gang Junggu had a big problem, so he needed to stream as quickly as possible. This was what Hyeonu thought.

However, Gang Junggu’s words completely overturned Hyeonu’s expectations. “It isn’t like that. My older brother seems to have noticed. If we don’t do it properly, he might enter in the middle of the stream. I printed out the email you sent me, and I think he saw it. Let’s start streaming before he comes.”

“!!! This...” Hyeonu was flustered by Gang Junggu’s words.

It was a bit unexpected. Streaming with Kim Seokjung… Just imagining it was horrible. Kim Seokjung’s adlibs caused Gang Junggu to often sweat because he had to clean up the mess they produced.

“I will start the stream right now,” Hyeonu decided. It was an unavoidable choice.

Gang Junggu’s nod showed he agreed with Hyeonu’s choice. “Good, get started straight away. I will do as you said.”


[Alley Leader’s Emergency Announcement.]

Hyeonu used the title that would attract viewers the fastest. It was a title worth a visit because it aroused curiosity just seeing it while passing by. Today’s stream started without any waiting time, so viewers flocked to it even more quickly.

“Yes, hello. Welcome. It is nice to see you.” 

Unlike the urgent title, Hyeonu greeted the audience in a relaxed manner. So it was the viewers who were bewildered instead. It was because the atmosphere around Alley Leader was different from what they had expected.

-No, what is with the title?

-Looking at the title, I thought it was his pro debut announcement...

-I thought he was quitting Arena and came quickly. Why is he so calm?

-He said it was an urgent announcement, so I came into the cube while eating fried chicken. Yet there is no such thing?

‘Three million people... This is enough.’

Hyeonu saw that enough viewers had gathered and got to the point.

“I wrote that it is an emergency announcement in the title, but it isn’t that urgent.”

As a streamer deeply immersed in capitalism, he showed skills to receive gold coins.

-Don’t drag it out and just tell us!

-Are there not enough gold coins? Gold coins?

-Guys, the leader is asking for some gold coins.

-Give them. What are you doing? Don’t you want to watch today’s stream? Throw the gold coins!

Viewers had been hit by Hyeonu’s technique several times and were quick to notice. They understood what Hyeonu’s words meant and started to send the gold coins.

-Leader Big Fan has gifted you 11 gold coins.

-US Leader has gifted you 22 gold coins.

“Thank you for the gold coins. It really wasn’t my intention this time. I can’t see it even if you give gold coins. The chat window is going up so quickly that I can’t react even if you give gold coins.”

Hyeonu pretended not to know and brought out the real story.

“There are a few things to talk about. First, as you all know, I want to be a professional gamer. A specific debut time has been set. I will play in the Korean League next season. I am looking for the team members myself.”

-Wow, he’s really becoming a professional gamer.

-I thought it was just talk.

-There isn’t only a material desire; there is also a desire for fame.

-By the way, doesn’t he need to reveal his face to be a pro gamer? Pro gamers can’t cover their faces.

“I saw a very good question just now. If I go... Of course, I will take off my mask. You’ll probably be amazed. I assure you.”

It was natural. No one knew that Hyeonu was meleegod in the past because Hyeonu usually wore his mask in the village. However, if he made his debut as a professional gamer and his face appeared on the community posts, then people would find out and compare photos. Then it would be natural to be surprised. The fact that meleegod of the past was the current Alley Leader—there was no better material for gossip than this.

-Kyah... He hasn’t made his debut yet he is already bragging.

-Alley Leader is just a corpse if he doesn’t have confidence. It is natural.

-Then his face will be revealed in three to four months.

-As long as he isn’t handsome. 

-Right... Then it isn’t too unfair.

Hyeonu smiled as the number of viewers continued to grow. In fact, the talk about becoming a professional gamer was to consume time. He had to make an announcement one day, but it didn’t have to be today. In fact, it was the bridesmaid for the main story.

“The second one is really important. I have joined a guild.”

-Huh? What is this?

-A guild? Joined? Please join mine!

-Which guild is he going to?

-He is going to be a pro gamer, but he is joining a guild?

-Yes. Isn’t this strange?

It was a reasonable question. Usually, Arena’s professional teams operated guilds. Examples of these were JT Telecom and Mascherano’s Red Bulls. So for Alley Leader to enter a guild at this point...? It was breaking common sense.

“It is natural that you are curious. Why have I entered a guild at this time? Let me explain it slowly. Should I tell you about the guild I entered first? He is the executive of the guild I entered. Brother, come out.” Hyeonu turned his head back like he had agreed to do so in advance.

-Brother? Don’t tell me...

-New World.

-There are only two people that Alley Leader calls ‘Brother’.

-Jin Sijong, Gang Junggu.

Viewers already roughly predicted who would appear based on the name Alley Leader used to call the person. ‘Brother’—there were only two people who were called this by Alley Leader.

-Then Gang Junggu will come out, right?

-If it were you, would you bring Jin Sijong? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I admit it. I praise Brother Junggu.

-It’s a time bomb. It is unknown when he will explode.

-There is the possibility that Jin Sijong will come out on the stream for fun.

-Yes, you’re delusional.

A very small number of viewers raised the possibility of Kim Seokjung appearing instead of Gang Junggu. However, it was soon ignored by other viewers. Everyone knew it was crazy to bring Kim Seokjung to a live stream.

-There have been a few accidents in New World’s streams. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

At this moment, there was a voice that overturned everyone’s expectations.

“Hey, Buroder! Your brother has come!!” Kim Seokjung appeared. It was an appearance that overturned everyone’s expectations.

-Kyah, this is Alley Leader’s big picture.

-It is Alley Leader who is pursuing something different.

-He brought Jin Sijong here. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The viewers were all amazed by Alley Leader. However, the most surprised one was Alley Leader, Hyeonu himself. Hyeonu’s eyes were trembling like he had seen an earthquake.

‘It isn’t Brother Junggu who is coming out. Why? Why is he here?’

Hyeonu barely grasped his sense of reason that was about to ascend to heaven and asked in a trembling voice, “Brother, why are you here...? No, how...”

“What? I was informed that my little brother has entered New World. Why wouldn’t I come?” Kim Seokjung put his arm around Hyeonu’s shoulder with a smile on his face.

Hyeonu then turned his head to look at Kim Seokjung. To be exact, he looked at Gang Junggu behind Kim Seokjung.

‘I’m sorry. He came like he knew.’ Gang Junggu didn’t make a sound, but he moved his mouth. Hyeonu saw it and gave such a quiet sigh that Kim Seokjung didn’t notice.

‘It’s all ruined...’ Hyeonu gave up.

The moment Kim Seokjung appeared, the plan Hyeonu had put together was rendered useless. Now everything was adlib. Miraculously, once he accepted the situation, his pounding heart returned to normal.

‘Yes, what is the problem?’

Perhaps he’d had a premonition after hearing Gang Junggu’s words earlier. Otherwise, his body wouldn’t have adapted so quickly.

“All of you should know the guild I’m in. It’s Arena’s best guild, New World.”

-You don’t have to say it. Today’s stream is a record-breaking one.

-I can expect today’s stream to be super fun.

-Guys, what are you doing? Brother Sijong has come. Congratulate by giving gold.

-The emperor of adlib, the maker of super fun streams—Jin Sijong has entered. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Viewers were already satisfied with the appearance of Jin Sijong. If there was Qing Feng in the East Continent who embarrassed Alley Leader, then there was Jin Sijong among the players. This was the moment when Alley Leader, who wasn’t weak against anyone, weakened. The viewers felt a sense of catharsis when they saw Alley Leader looking weak.

-It seems I have this taste...

The viewers were quick to find out their tastes for entertainment.


Due to Kim Seokjung’s surprise appearance, the stream was in a lull for a while. Nevertheless, the stream had to continue, so Hyeonu started talking again. “The reason why I entered New World is simple. It is because New World has established itself as the sponsor of the club I’m going to join.”

-What sponsor? New World is giving money?

-Or offer professional gamers?

-Jin Sijong and Gang Junggu are debuting as professional gamers?

-Is it the birth of the uncle gamers?

The viewers were once again questioning Hyeonu’s words. It was true that New World was Arena’s best guild. They did make a lot of money, but it wasn’t enough to support a professional team. That was due to their large size and complicated interests.

‘Of course, New World is different.’

New World transparently settled all income. The guild members who conducted the streams received all the gold coins given while they were streaming. The same went for the import of videos. There was only one reason New World could be operated like this.

It was because Kim Seokjung’s wealth was beyond imagination. He was actually a very rich man. He was the major shareholder of a global grain company and the owner of dozens of buildings in Hong Kong. In Arena, he was just playing around, and it became his lifelong hobby. It was also a window for him to communicate with others.

“Starting from the next league, it will be split into the first and second divisions. The standard is whether a team has a castle or not. New World will sponsor a castle for my team.”

Hyeonu’s words came as a shock to viewers. The Arena Pro League was going to be divided into first and second divisions. This was the first time they had heard of it.

-It’s real.

-First and second divisions... This is the first time I’ve heard of it.

-I understand Quency’s intentions. They mean that professional gamers should work hard in Arena and not just focus on the league.

-Don’t be too keen on PvP, pro gamers.

“Of course, I didn’t enter just because of the castle. I’m joining the guild due to my personal friendships, and the castle is just a gift. In addition, I didn’t just receive things. I brought a very big gift to them. It is give and take,” Hyeonu said.

The moment Hyeonu finished talking, Kim Seokjung opened his mouth and asked, “Do you know about the main scenario? He brought it with him. Isn’t it amazing?” 

Kim Seokjung’s prideful boast left the audience at a loss for words.

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